Dora And The Water god! Episode 36 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams

Dora And The Water god! - Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Dora And The Water god!

Episode 36
(The End)

… Neni’s grandmother turned and looked around to see if there was someone else around that Neni was referring to but when she found no one, she looked back at Neni.

“How do you mean?” She quizzed staring at Neni.

“I said, enough is enough. Enough of all your ev!l deeds, enough of how you have manipulated me since childhood till now, enough of you turning me into your slave so I can always do whatever you please. You never taught me anything about good deeds or kindness, all you taught me was from one form of ev!l to another. Other children’s lives have beautiful meanings but look at mine, I wake up each day thinking of one ev!l or another. I am tired of this kind of life and I need my parents now. Enough of all you’ve done to ruin people’s lives grandmother, you should take a break now” Neni yelled but I found it so difficult to believe that it was actually Neni who was standing before me challenging her grandmother. My mouth was wide open for a few seconds before I finally closed it when I realized it.

“You dare challenge me after all I have done for you?” Her grandmother r@ged in @nger.

“You’ve done no meaningful thing in my life grandma. I am fed up at this point, I don’t want to live this kind of life anymore”

“Oh, I can see that you have grown wings. You are just like your f00lish and ungrateful parents. If I knew that one day you would turn against me after all I have done for you, I would have since sacrificed you in exchange for more powers” Said the grandmother, now biting her lower lip.

“Grandma please, let these ones go” Neni pleaded but the old woman looked directly at her, sc0rnfully.

“I am not your grandmother!!!” The old woman yelled pointing at Neni and suddenly, Neni fell directly to the ground with bl00d dripping from eyes but since we were in water, the bl00d kept dissolving so fast as soon as it came out.
“I cease to be your grandmother, Neni!” R@ged the old woman.

I was so sh0cked at what I was beholding, and then I screamed. The little girl ran to me and covered my mouth, preventing me from screaming but I was there visibly shaking.

“I have already wasted my own granddaughter, so who the hell are you both to be left alive? I think I should just get rid of you both too.”

As soon as I heard that, I grabbed the little girl and dragged her to myself, hugging her so tight.

The old woman turned swiftly now facing the east and began to lament in tears, speaking in a language that I didn’t understand.

Suddenly, I saw Neni’s hand move but I didn’t say anything. I don’t know how it happened but the normal me wouldn’t see a thing like that and decide to keep calm the way I did that particular day. I sat there with arms around the little girl and with eyes glued to Neni, I just wanted to see what she was up to.

The hand moved again and again, and the head also started moving but I still kept my cool while the old woman was still there speaking whatever it was that she was speaking.

All of a sudden, Neni disappeared while lying on the ground, and then reappeared after just a few seconds carrying a white calabash, and now staring at the old woman who was still facing east and speaking to herself, while bl00d dripped from Neni’s eyes.

The old woman already noticed that something wasn’t right. She turned swiftly and as soon as she saw Neni and what she was carrying, she started waving her both hands with popped eyes.

“No! No!! Don’t you dare!!!” She said waving her hands but Neni then turned and looked at the little girl and I.

“Get up and go home” She said and immediately, I stood up.

“You’re going nowhere!” Thundered the old woman.

Neni pointed at a direction and immediately, the water parted, showing us a straight road still inside the water.

“That will lead you home” She said and just as I was about running out of there, the old woman roared in @nger and immediately, I paused.

By Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrite’s.

Neni raised the white calabash up above her head and then looked at the little girl and I.

“Go, you will have all your powers back, little one!” She said, and we immediately ran into the road but I paused again.

To do what? You may ask.

Well, I wanted Neni to see her parents. I knew that the calabash she was carrying wasn’t an ordinary one so I wanted to see what she would do with it, and how it would affect her grandmother. I was willing to take that risk just for Neni. She already helped me, so I felt it was time to reciprocate too.

Neni smashed the calabash and immediately, her grandmother fell to the ground holding her chest but she managed to look up, stretched forth her arm towards us and a thick cloud emerged and started rolling like a ball towards me but Neni again dived, and the ball hit her chest and immediately, she fell l!feless to the ground.

“Nooo!!!” I screamed and ran to her.

I quickly carried her in my arms and when the old woman sent another ball, the little girl hit in and sent it back to her. I turned and looked at the little girl and what I saw sent chills down my spine. Flames was coming out of her and she smiled looking back at me.

“My power is back” She said with a grin and I smiled back.

Well, I was still carrying Neni in my arms while the old woman was still there b@ttling with her life. The little girl grabbed my shoulder and immediately, we appeared before the river god and the other people present before I left.

I was told to quickly go back into my b0dy which I did after dropping Neni before her parents.

Well, Neni didn’t die and she reunited with her parents, and Neon and Neni later got married after I turned down his proposal.

Neon’s father didn’t go back, he started living in the river again and I was always going to visit all of them sometimes.

And, the little girl became mine. People come from far and wide to seek solutions to their problems from her as well as bringing sick people to her and she cures them all. She’s highly respected around here and ever since she came around, it’s been from one gift to another.

Remember Dale? Well, we got married and there’s nothing in life that I lack anymore. From rest of mind, to money, to good life, etc.

Indeed, there’s no gain in ev!l.

The End.

Do not copy without giving credit to the writer.

©️ Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites


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16 days ago

Wow, such a good ending, we reap what we sow either good or bad. The fast is gone only the future exist.
More wisdom and knowledge

16 days ago

what a nice story, hope to see more of this again