I stare at the wall happily. Laying on a king-sized bed and grinning from ear to ear, I was enjoying the cool freezing breeze that was coming out of the air condition and also the ticking sound of the clock. .

Tomorrow’s my wedding day, I sang in my head and squeaked when the word wedding echoed in my head, I was nervous, yet excited.. I’m gonna get married to Richard and we’ll live in holy matrimony.. I’m going to get my married to Richard, Richard Wayne, the love of my life.

How we met wasn’t actually romantic but the past four years has been the romantic moments of my life.. He’s just so kind, handsome, caring and loving and I’m just so lucky. He’s 6’4ft inches tall, blonde hair chestnut eyes, body built and has an awesome personality..

Thinking about him is making me drool, he’s just so perfect, and I can’t wait for tomorrow I’m not allowed to see him even though we’re both at the same hotel, cause it’s kind of bad luck if you get to see your bride the night before your wedding, but his room is just two doors away and anything could happen like me sneaking up to meet him.

Just as I was thinking about sneaking up on my soon to be husband, the door of my room clicked opened and someone walked in.. “Richard?” my eyes widen at him and he quietly close the door.

“what the hell are you doing here? It’s bad luck for us to see each other tonight” I said even though I don’t kind of believe In all those stuff.

“you believe that?” he scoffed and I falsely nod

“well I do not, and I just can’t help it, I want to see you” he stated while I rolled my eyes.

“I’m missing you already Pen” he said and I smiled a bit, while he moved closer to me and started to kiss me, I was about to reciprocate but I stopped my self and slowly push him away.

“stop Richard we can’t,” I said and he sighed.

“C’mon Penelope” he groaned.

“what If someone catches us, you know how your mom reacts when a rule is broken” I said and he huffed .. “everyone who came here with us is asleep, the only one awake is Kirana and she might be busy or feeling sleepy” Richard stated and I paused and I stared at him for a minute before saying.

“Kirana’s awake and you’re still here” I said dryly and he laughed.

“C’mon Pen, okay just one kiss and I’ll be gone” he begged and I rolled my he before agreeing..


He kissed me, which I reciprocated and after that he kissed my cheeks and said “goodnight”.

“goodnight” I replied with a smile.

He walked out of the door smirking at me whine I just gave him a hard stare.. He finally closed the door and I walked to the bed, isn’t he sweet,.. He misses me so much, and so do I. I’m missing him already.

The door clicked open again and I huffed and turned.

“Richard what are yo– oh it’s you” I said as Kirana closed the door and walked in looking at me suspiciously… “was Richard in here just now?” she asked.

“no” I lied.

“yes” I said when she gave me one of her hard glare.

“seriously, you know it’s bad luck, for you guys to see each other the night before your wedding” she said and I fold my arms and breathe heavily.

“there is no such thing as bad luck and Richard and I love each other so much and he just came here because he misses me.” I explained and she rolled her eyes.

“whatever” she scoffed .

“I just came here to talk cause I can’t seem to fall asleep, you’re the one getting married and I’m the one getting the butterflies” she said and we both laughed,

Kirana is my best friend, she’s like my other half, my partner is crime, I can’t go a day without her, we grew up together. So we’re like twin sisters.

That night we talked about this and that, about our first crush.. Mine was Richard it was five years ago he was an assistant manger in the same company where I worked as a waitress.

He accidentally splashed pea soup on me.. Or should I say he did it on purpose cause he asked for napkin so he could be able to put his phone on it on the table, I disagreed and he got kind of angry and “accidentally” splashed pea soup on me, I gave him a slap and well we both created a big commotion in the cafeteria and I got fired.

I hated him after that day, I got another job at a super mart as the cashier and it turns out his best friend dad owns the place and after work he comes there to hang out with his friend Mason, everyday, he comes there receiving numerous glares from me.. But he just smiled in return. That how it kept going until he finally apologize and said he kind of did it on purpose, splashing that soup on me. I accepted his apology and we kind of became friends, and then I started having this huge monster crush on him.

But kept it a secret, except from Mason and Kirana cause me and Mason were like friends before Richard came in but he later found out cause I told Mason and Mason told him.. Well that’s just how it all started and now I’m getting married to him.

That’s what kept playing in my head until I felt sleepy and turned off the light before getting into the bed with Kirana and then I slept off waiting for the big day tomorrow..


Finally tomorrow was here, and nobody had to wake me cause I immediately sprung out of the bed like a sprouted flower, and I couldn’t move cause the butterflies in my stomach was too much, I’m just so excited..

Finally I was dressed in my beautiful wedding dress, my red hair was tied up in a beautiful bun and my Veil was placed at the bun, I was given a makeover and after putting on my shoes, I was done.

Kirana was dressed too, as my brides maid ‘of honor’.. And Kirana, my mom, Richard’s mom and I want to the huge church with a limousine, yeah. Richard’s parent are stinkin’ rich. I think he named after wealth, Rich-ard. Maybe his real name is just ard.

Finally we got to the church and I was told to wait in a room behind the church until I hear the bridal chorus playing.. My dad would come pick me up so we could walk down the isle together.

Kirana and I waited in the room together, and I couldn’t count how many times she complimented me of how I look.

We both waited for minutes till we heard the bridal chorus and I smiled and held my flower tightly waiting for my dad to walk in.. But unfortunately Mason, Richard best friend and best man, walked in looking smoking hot in a tuxedo. His golden brown hair was pushed back with jell and his grey-blue eyes gave his broad face a perfect highlight that went with his manly chin and pointed nose.

“Mason what are you doing here, aren’t you like supposed to be in front of the church standing behind Richard.” Kirana asked and Mason wore a frown and sighed.

“what’s wrong” I asked.

“it’s Richard, we can’t find him anywhere” Mason said and my heart skipped.

“what? What do you mean you can’t find him anywhere, I saw him this morning” Kirana said moving towards him.

“he came to the church with us but after everyone walked into the church he was nowhere to be found” Mason explained and I just stood still not knowing what to do.

“have you called him?” I suddenly asked.

“I called him nine times but he didn’t pick up” Mason said showing me his phone.

Richard where are you?!? I’m starting to panic..

“everyone’s busy looking for him and the guests are getting worried” Mason said

“that son of a bitch” Kirana seethe and walked out..

I started to breathe in and out heavily, Richard is going to show up.. I tell myself but myself still fails to believe..

“hey, hey.. Pen… Penelope.. It’s okay..” Mason said coming closer to me..

But I was still in my panic state, I started to look around quickly not looking what to do.. I could swear I almost passed, if Mason hadn’t come to me and place his hands on my cheeks.

“Penelope.. Stay with me. He’s going to be here, I know Richard, he’s going to be here” he said and I nod.. I might look tough and all with my stern looks and all but I’m actually pretty fragile..

Yes he’s going to be here, I tell my self, and nod again and Mason let’s go of my cheeks and smiled.. “it’s okay” he said and I nod.

We both stayed like that for a few minutes not saying anything, waiting for any body to barge in the door and tell us Richard is here..

Seconds later Mason’s phone beeped and he brought it out from his pocket and peeked at it.

“it’s Richard” he said and I breathed a sigh of relief. Mason passed the phone to me with a strange look he wore on his face and I took the phone from him and peeked at the message slowly.

**Pen. It’s me Richard, I know you must be worried sick knowing I’m not at the church, but I am, and I’m okay, but can you please See Me at the church’s fountain, alone?**

I read the message and dropped my flower. Richard. I hope you’re not up to something stupid.

“do you want me to come with you?” Mason asked when I start to walk away.

“no it’s okay, it’s just Richard right?” I said dryly, not looking back at him and I held on to my dress and walked out.. I made my way to the church’s fountain without anyone seeing me and there I saw Richard, dressed in casual clothes, and I frowned, he’s not in his suit.

“wow you look beautiful” he said but I didn’t react to his compliment I just gave him a stern look.

“why aren’t you in a tuxedo, and where were you” I asked my voice low and shaky.

“look Pen. There’s something I need to tell you” he said and I bit my lips and gave him a “go-on” look and he sighed and started.

“I don’t think we’re doing the right thing, I mean are we even ready for marriage..”

I moved back a bit and huffed.

“what the hell are you saying” I said my hand shaking… Which I have no idea why it was shaking.

“look I love you, you love me but I don’t think we’re ready for marriage yet, I wanted a marriage with you but I’ve put a lot of thinking in it and I don’t think we’re ready for marriage” he said and a tear pricked my eyes.

“so you’re calling off the wedding?” I said and he sighed and moved closer to me.

“I’m sorry Penny,” he said.

“we’ve been dating for four years Richard, how far do you want us to go before getting married, you love me, and I do too, isn’t marriage the next thing” I said, tears had already start to pour down my eyes..

“I know, and I’m scared, we can’t get married now, I don’t think we are ready, I mean look us” he said gesturing his hand back and forth between us and I gave him a slap.

“you are not doing this Richard, you will not do this to me” I yelled, but he just stared at him holding mixed expression.

“you are going to inside, put on your suit and we’re going to get married,” I said threateningly

“marriage is a big deal Pen, and I can’t deal with that right now, let’s just wait and be pati–

A flying shoe came from no where and stumbled on Richard’s face and I turned to see Kirana walking towards us angrily..

“YOU BASTARD!!” Kirana yelled at Richard who seemed a little bit frightened by her.

“how could you say those junk to Pen, she’s been a lot because of today, everyone’s been waiting for this day and here you are saying non-sense, you son of a bitch” Kirana yelled and Richard sighed.

“look Kira, you don’t yell at me, I love Penelope but I’m just saying now’s not the right time to get married” Richard said again and I lost it, full tears burst out of my eyes and I grabbed my dress, took my heels and walked away crying.

He just broke us.

Today is the worst day of my life.


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Oh no this part got me emotional..kudos authoress