CHASE Chapter 2 – Tim’s Stories

CHASE Chapter 1 - Tim's Stories

CHASE Chapter 2 – Tim’s Stories

As soon as the information got to my boss, he rallied the rest of the force and we swung into action immediately. We decided to begin monitoring the forgers’ headquarters all day and all night. In order for us to be able to do that we needed to place men at strategic corners of the place. Our aim was to get the real mean involved in the business. If we wanted to catch the smaller fish, we would have done that immediately.

Placing men at strategic corners of the building all day and all night was very time, money and energy consuming. Also, we could not determine if they also had their own men on the lookout for anyone trying to watch them. We had to be as discreet as possible. One mistake, and they would find out that they were being watched, and the whole operation would be jeopardized. We took all these into consideration and decided that we would change strategy.

Directly opposite the building used by the forgers, was a government-owned two-story building. The government was giving it out for rents to people who could afford it. My boss decided that we had to get an apartment in the building and take possession of it. It would be easier to watch and monitor things from there. However, we had a small problem. All the apartments were occupied, especially the one that was directly opposite the entrance to the building. What were we going to do?

We were the police, and the police was the government. So, we decided to take action against the occupants of the apartment. It was occupied by an elderly widower whose children were abroad. He lived there with his grandchildren and some other relatives. We decided that his elderliness wasn’t going to save him. We had to evacuate him. So, early the following morning, we knocked on his door violently. He answered from within, and we could feel the fear in his voice.

“Who is there?” He asked in his trembling voice.

“The police; open immediately.”

A few minutes later, he opened the door and in fright, asked us what we wanted. We were all masked. So, he couldn’t even see our faces.

“I am sorry, grandpa, but we have orders to remove you from this place.”

“Why?” He asked. “I have paid all my rents in full. I am not owing anything, and I have never owed before. What is my crime? You are removing me on which offence?” He asked, trembling.

“On any offence the government choses.” I spoke firmly.

“Okay, can I see a quit notice?”

“No, we are the police and we do not need a quit notice. You and your family are to evacuate this premises within the next forty-eight hours.”

“Where do you want us to go to, my son?” He asked, sadly.

“Don’t worry, grandpa. That has already been taken care off. We have arranged an apartment for you at another government complex around Bonamoussadi. So, calm down and relax.”

Three days later, I moved into the old man’s apartment and began my surveillance. I was passing for a newly graduated student from the university who had just moved into town and was looking for a job. That was the character I portrayed to my neighbours and everyone around. I dressed casually, and interacted freely with my neighbours. If only they knew who I really was.

I was given all the necessary gadgets that were necessary for my job. However, amongst them all, my most favourite was my gun. I always carried it, but in a concealed manner, just in case of any eventuality. But I had to be careful so that no one knew who or what I really was.

It had been two weeks now, and up until now, no one had, of course, still realized who I was. During this period, I had been able to find out and gather some very useful information about some of the people who were running the illegal forging business. However, I still hadn’t gotten to the top bosses. The top men were my focus. So, my work continued until such a time that I would be given the go ahead to move in and make arrests.

LaBelle was surprised when I told her that I had moved in the neighbourhood opposite the doki house. She had resumed her waitress job at the Chateaux after presenting her fake certificate. However, it is always said that what one doesn’t know is darker than night. Since she didn’t know anything about my profession, she decided not to ask too much questions. She visited me every now and then, but I never allowed her to sleepover because that was against my work ethics. However, sometimes she insisted on spending the night with me, and we had no option but to sleep in her house.

My investigations were moving smoothly when something happened that altered my whole course of action in a very spectacular was way. One day, I was drinking casually with other neighbours in an off license around my neighbourhood when I noticed a gang of about four guys talking to a girl. The way they looked and dressed made me suspect that they were up to no good. However, I decided that for the moment, I would mind my own business, and at the same time, stay alert just in case.

Every now and then, I spied them with the corner of my eyes, just to make sure that the lady was okay. That was when I noticed it. They seemed to be harassing the lady. So, I got off my chair, quickly finished my drink in one big gulp and moved towards them.

“What do you want with the lady?” I asked the one who looked like their leader.

“It is none of your business. So, be on your way.” He replied rudely.

“She’s just a lady.” I persisted. “So, whatever it is that you have with her, I am sure you can solve it amicably. You cannot set yourselves, all four of you, against her.”

“I said, stay away from this. Do not get involved in something that you know nothing about.” Their leader replied, and by the corner of my eyes, I noticed that his men were maneuvering and taking positions around me.

Casually, I felt mine gun just to make sure it was still in its holster and thankfully, it was. I had no intention of killing anyone. In fact, I had no intentions whatsoever of being distracted from my assignment. However, I had seen a young lady in distress, and like every young man would do, especially one who was a cop like me, I had to do something.

“Is it money?” I asked. “How much is it? I can pay you guys if you would just let her go.” I continued trying to negotiate with them.

“You seem to want trouble.” Their leader spoke. “Now, you have thirty seconds to leave or we will teach you a lesson in minding one’s own business.”

“I plan to leave, bro, but not without the lady.”

“I see you want trouble. Now, teach him a lesson.” He ordered his men.

Now, all that while, they had figured me to be just a random guy who was trying to play “Knight in shiny amour”. They hadn’t figured that my amour might not be shiny because I was undercover, however, I was indeed a knight. That was their mistake. The first guy rushed me head on and was going to give me a hard punch on the face. I was ready for him. I quickly sidestepped and as he went past me, gave him a kick on his back that made him lose his balance and flew into a ditch.

The rest of them, seeing what had happened, all rushed to me at once, but I was busy. With a flying kick there and a karate chop there, I made a short work of all of them, including their rugged looking leader.

By now, a small crowd had gathered and were cheering me. Since it was four against one, the crowd easily saw me as the underdog. Little did they know that I was up to the task. The gang, haven been dealt with in full view of everyone present, felt humiliated and decided to change tactics.

The leader removed his gun, and as he did so, the crowd which had up until now been excited about the whole thing, now realized that the game had changed, fun was over and it had now become deadly. He fired two shots at me, but I was quicker than him and ducked just in time by quickly diving on the ground. As I did so, I removed my gun and fired twice. Both bullets got him in his head and he dropped dead.

The remaining three thugs couldn’t believe that they had just lost their leader. With anger and consternation on their faces, they pulled their guns and fired randomly. I ran very fast away from the hail of bullets that trailed me, firing back at them at the same time, and took cover behind a shop.

I thought I was safe behind the shop, but I wasn’t. The shop was made with thin steel. As a result, their bullets were able to cut clean through the steel. One bullet went through my jacket, missing my stomach by just an inch. Another grazed the side of my head.

Realizing how close I was to being killed. I laid flat on the ground and returned fire. I couldn’t see them because I was still behind the shop. However, I was able to judge their location from the sound of their guns. I fired two shots blindly in one direction, and heard a man cried out aloud in pain. Then, he stopped crying. He was dead.

Two of them were now dead and there were two remaining. They had stopped shooting, but when I looked through a hole that had been made by a bullet, I realized that they were approaching where I was hiding with their guns drawn. Perfect opportunity, I thought. They could see me but I couldn’t see them. I raised my gun, pointed at them and was going to send them to their maker, but my gun clicked. I tried again and the same thing happened.

In horror, I realized that I was out of bullets. What was I going to do? I realized that I was going to die if I remain crouched in my hiding place. I also realized that I would most certainly die if I abandoned my hiding place and made a run for it. Making a run for it meant that I would be exposing myself to the hail of bullets that would come out from the two guns the goons were holding.

I looked around me desperately, but there was no way to hide. I was faced with two evils: stay down and die or run and most likely get hit by a volley of bullets. What was I going to do? A man can’t remain pinned down forever. So, I had to make the difficult decision of choosing the lesser of the two evils. I had to make a run for it, and that was exactly what I did. Making a run for it gave me slim hope of survival.

By skill and by sheer luck or grace, I might be able to get to safety without any bullets touching me. There was no time for procrastination. I had to act now or pay for it in the grave.

With a bolt faster that lightning, I left my hiding place and ran with all the strength in me to the building where my apartment was. At that very same moment, my assailants reached the place where I was hiding. They, of course, didn’t find me. Vexed and disappointed, they opened fire on me as I ran to safety, but they were too late. I was already in the building.

I ran into my apartment and locked the steel door behind me. I hurriedly went to my mini armory and reloaded my gun. I also took a second loaded gun and place it in a holster then, I took extra ammunition with me. I was a one-man army. So, I needed all the help I could get.

Cautiously, I approached my front window, shifted the drapes and peeked outside. I was shocked by what I saw. I had been expecting two assailants. Now, a quick count proved that they were about six of them. Others had added. They had obviously called for backup.

Like a supercomputer, my mind raced non-stop for a solution, and then, I found one. I decided I would have to call my boss. I wanted him to send backup. I was on a covert mission, no doubts about that. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I needed all the help I could get. I got my phone and called my boss. He picked immediately.

“Rayim, what is wrong with you? What is happening to you?” He asked urgently.

“Sir, I am under attacked by some gunmen. I needed backup.”

“What? What happened? You were supposed to be as discreet as possible until your assignment was over. How did you get yourself involved with gunmen?” He was furious.

“There is no time for explanations, boss. I already killed some of their men. There were four men in total. I got two, figured I had them. Then, some crazy joker called back up and now their number has swollen to six.” I explained.

“So, what do you want me to do now?”

“I need backup, Sir. I need you to send me some men. Send a full squad. The situation is dire.”

“Alright, right away. I am sending a jeep load of men right away. Just be careful.”

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you very, very much.”

I ended the call because the six assailants had already reached my door and were trying to force it open. However, the door was made of steel. So, they were having a hard time breaking it down.

Frustrated, they decided to use bullets. They opened fire directly into the door and the hail of bullets from the Aks they were using cut through the door and missed me by inches. I dived behind my refrigerator and returned fire. I am sure I got about two of them.

The firefight had been going on now for almost forty-five minutes. Still, I had not got any backup from headquarters. I wondered what could be happening. Vexed, it dawned on me that I might have to do the fighting myself as backup wasn’t forthcoming.

I looked at my door and realized that it needed just a little more pressure for it to give way. If it gave way and the assailants got into my house, I would be a dead man. I had to do something.

I ran into my kitchen, and thankfully, the kitchen was made in such a way it had a back balcony. I figured that that was my only means of escape. I put my gun in its holster and went over the balcony.

At that same moment, the assailants succeeded to get into my house. I realized that there were just three of them left. That meant I might have taken out the other three. In spite of the tense situation, I smiled to myself.

They saw me hanging from the balcony and opened fire, but they were late. I jumped from the second floor where my apartment was located and onto the ground. They ran to the balcony and opened fire randomly.

None of the bullets got me because hitherto unknown to them, I was sheltering under the had concrete of the balcony floor. Believing that I was escaping, they ran out of my apartment in the hope of catching me outside before I could escape.

They might have got me, but at that same moment, the afternoon train was passing. It was a locomotive train and it was old and moved very slowly. I decided that I would make a run for it. Thank God my building was close to the rail tracks.

With all my energy, I ran towards the train and hung on it, but I didn’t hold it quite comfortably because it was in motion. In fact, I was literally being dragged by the train, and it was beginning to increase speed.

My hand was tired, and I realized that I was sadly going to lose my hold on the train. I had to do that or I might end up finding myself under the tracks. That would mean a sad, painful and agonizing death for me. I had to let go.

As the last of my energy was being sapped, I let go of the train, but surprisingly, I didn’t fall off. Someone had grabbed my hand and was pulling me onto the train. When I finally got in, sweating and exhausting, I looked at the person and with a mix of feelings, realized that it was the lady that I had tried to save, and which had ultimately led me to my present predicament.

“Welcome aboard.” She spoke. “It’s going to be an interesting ride.”


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