AMARACHI THE BEAUTIFUL POOR CHILD Episode 18 By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor


AMARACHI THE BEAUTIFUL POOR CHILD (And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery) By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor


Out of the blue, Dave who was gone for almost two weeks suddenly showed up with a group of soldiers, policemen, DSS, EFCC, and some other security agencies.
It was surprising that they stormed the government quarters of Awka, went straight to Ozo Odenjinji’s house and arrested him.

The news went sporadic like wildfire to the point that even the media covered the story, making headlines of national dailies that a great cartel has been exposed including its members.

There was turmoil everywhere and an upheaval. Politicians involved took to hiding and running helter-skelter for a safe haven but no one could escape the wisdom eyes of the eagle and its sharp claws.
Nobody knew that Dave went straight to Abuja to report the nefarious activities of the cartel, using Ozo Odenjinji as the main pivot that was meant to reveal the secret identities of other members in that treacherous circle of the rich. It took Dave some time to secure the attention of the presidency, using her dad’s influence as one time political head of the traditional leaders in the South Eastern region.

Ozo Odenjinji was arrested and taken to Abuja for questioning and subsequently would be charged to court for trial. It was obvious that lawyers couldn’t save him this time because many testifiers already declared interest to be witnesses even when they hadn’t been approached with such request. It was almost impossible for Ozo Odenjinji to get away with it as he was used to.
There was jubilation in Awka as well as other states in the country because the strong cartel, one of the strongest in the country had almost been brought down.



Amarachi, Uremma, and Akunna were so happy about the arrest. For the meantime, serenity was restored in the city and people jubilated.
Amy checked on Dave’s house, his hotel and everywhere in school but he wasn’t seen yet. She was too eager to congratulate him in any way she could. At that point of being close to knowing more about her mom through Ozo Odenjinji, she was too happy and eager to allow Dave into her secret world and let him do with her whatever he wished but Dave was nowhere to be found.

Amarachi threw a party for her friends, inviting just a few friends of hers; especially those in the circle of events that knew about her proposed fight against Ozo Odenjinji. It was a mini party but characterised by a rich and luxurious meal, sumptuous edibles and rich banquet.

The music was playing in the background in Amy’s apartment as she waited for the invitees to show up.
Uremma who was still staying in the same abode with Amy was inside the room preparing when Akunna suddenly showed up looking so cute, robust, and fleshed, unlike the haggard girl that woke up from a coma shivering as if she wouldn’t survive the next minute.
The doorbell buzzed but no one attended to her because the two girls inside were still preparing. The door wasn’t locked.

After the third buzz, Akunna pushed the door open and saw how decorated and kempt the room was. She was baffled with the beautiful environment.
“Who do we have here, girls?” she shouted as the music towered in the background, “can someone hear me?” she said and took the remote control and switched on the cable TV.
As she remained in the parlour without seeing anyone yet, she stood and started checking out Amarachi’s pictures on the walls, including the ones she snapped with her truck at the motor park. Even her pictures in her apron as she attended to her customers at her Akara spot was there too.

Akunna was amazed and happy.
“Wow, who do we have here?” Uremma yelled amid the noise of the music for her to be heard, “you look like an angel and I can’t imagine the transfor…”
“Holy Jeez!” Amy hollered with unexplainable joy and rushed towards Akunna and embraced her.
“Who’s the stylist that fixed this hair you’re wearing, even your perfume smells like Opium perfume,”
“You haven’t checked out her sexy evening gown and Versace handbags,” Uremma said and started observing the beauty of the erstwhile bedridden girl that just came back alive, “What’s the secret of this transformation?”

“You ask a lot,” Amy intervened so that Akunna wouldn’t reveal that she was the one that took her for shopping for her makeover, “maybe her boyfriend did,” she added and dragged Akunna to the seat to make her comfortable.

Akunna wanted to express how grateful she was to Amy but Amarachi shushed her and changed the topic of the discussion just to keep the vote of thanks perpetually buried.
As the pleasantries were going on, Osisioma entered. Seeing Uremma for the first time after many months, the entire feelings of disgust and hatred returned to her in full, especially seeing how happy Uremma was at the moment.

It was as if cold water was poured on them all and they became iced and frozen emotionally.
The entire cheers that overtook them went sour because they knew that there could be a fight or an open confrontation.
Osisioma sighed and turned to leave but Uremma rushed at her and held her. Oma raised her right hand to slap her but the girl she expected to get ready for an open fight or confrontation went on all fours and began to cry holding her by the foot.

That gesture got Osisioma shocked, making her remember how tattered and haggard Uremma looked the day she saw her coming out from her dad’s car. She also remembered her promise to Amarachi that she’d help her rescue Uremma. Even though she made that promise, she was still opinionated that Uremma could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But the humbleness shown by Uremma got her shedding tears.
“Please, get up, my friend,” Osisioma said and helped her up, “I think I took it too far and I wish to apologise for all the fights and competitions,”


“Youthful exuberance and stupidity took the better part of us,” Uremma said and embraced her.
Akunna and Amarachi were so shocked and pushed to tears as they watched the erstwhile enemies in that emotional moment.
Lumps of tears got many eyes busy and vague while handkerchiefs were bedraggled in that emotional moment among the four girls.

“I hope you guys won’t fight again or display wealth to impress or compete,” Amarachi said and took them to the couch.
They all burst into prolonged laughter in reaction to the statement.
“Do I still have money to spend?” Uremma said with feelings of hilarity and sadness, “Only if I’d known that I was just suffering from the parentage of someone who shouldn’t be my dad,”
“Can we all now enjoy the food before us?” Akunna said and started going to the dining table while others followed.

The table was inviting with lots of dishes begging for the attention of the girls.
They were surprised that Chibunna suddenly entered, even though Amy thought that he wasn’t coming anymore.
“The intelligent guy comes,” Amarachi yelled and rushed on her high-heeled shoes to welcome him, “you’re so cute today,” she said and hugged him.
“Thank God he remembered to change that old blue jeans and yellow shirt,” Akunna jeered.
“The guy wey sabi book pass his personal life (Some who likes reading more than his personal life),” Amarachi said and giggled.

“Hey, you guys should leave my man alone…ooo,” Osisioma said cheerily, “before he changes his mind and stops teaching me Econometrics that makes me feel like dropping out from school,”
They all laughed as they welcome him to the table.
Chibunna was always the quiet guy whose speeches are always related to books. Amid his handsomeness, he had no time for girls.

Notwithstanding that his parents were rich; he only wears a particular set of cloth because he wasn’t the materialistic kind of guy. Most of his funds are channelled to buying books and reading novels, especially the ones written by Erasmus, his favourite author.

“Do I have to defend myself?” Chibunna said and sat down, “I haven’t eaten since one month as I prepared for this day,” he jested making them all laugh, “Can food start coming now, jare (Please)?”
“I’m glad you survived that divertive bold method you adopted for my rescue,” Uremma said appreciatively and started laughing, “Those akpuobi (macho) guys would have squeezed your intelligent head into that of a dunce,”
“Omo eh!” Chibunna exclaimed, “That guy almost killed me, to the extent that I wished that Amy slapped me when I told her my strategies of creating a diversion. At least it would have helped me have a rethink before going into such suicidal mission,”

There was prolonged laughter among them until a buzz of the bell got the laughter abated.
Amarachi was surprised because no other person was invited except the five people already seated at the dining table.


“Did anyone invite any other person aside from us that are present?” Amy asked and rolled her eyes.
They all looked at each other shrugging, indicating that they invited no other person.
“You may wish to check out the person,” Chibunna suggested without directing the question to anybody.
“Aren’t you the man here?” Osisioma asked, suggesting he does that.

“Not when macho men are involved to beat me up again,” he said and they started laughing, but this time in a controlled way as they remained uncertain about the person at the door.
Amarachi went straight to the door and opened it. She was wowed that it was Dave who was at the door, kneeling and waiting for her; with the ring of engagement firmly held between his fingers.
Being that the door was wide open, every other person in the sitting room saw the bold moves by Dave and were all wowed.

Uremma couldn’t believe that Dave who was her boyfriend a couple of months ago was proposing to the same girl she believed to be her blood sister when the truth is revealed.
“I’ve waited long ago for this,” Dave said as Amarachi remained uncertain and bashful; covering her face with her soft palm “Many times we’d wanted to see this day pass but it never worked, but today is the perfect day,” Dave said and remained in that genuflecting position.

The audience was thrilled as they watched them. Every activity came to a halt as they waited for a ‘yes’ from Amy.
Uremma knew that Amy was being uncertain because of her presence, so she went closer but still maintained some yards away.

Amarachi looked back at them all with shame and saw that they were all looking and waiting.
When her eyes met Uremma’s charming eyes, she became daunted, feeling as if she was trying to take away her guy from her.
Uremma with smiles all over her, nodded in approval, suggesting that Amy should accept the proposal.
“But you haven’t said ‘will you marry me’?” Amarachi said to Dave smilingly and presented her left finger in such a sexy way that got every other person around clapping for her gesture even when she was yet to accept the proposal.

“Will you marry me, Amy?” Dave finally said and grabbed her middle finger without waiting for a yes and slipped the ring into it and kissed the golden ring.

Amarachi pulled him up and jump on him as kissing ensued. Dave took her into the parlour to meet others as the engagement kiss lingered and claps overtook the moment.
Coming to the couch, Dave quietly dropped Amy there and tapped her on the cheek.
“I bless the day I found you,” Amarachi said but still shy because of other girls around, “but I hope you’ve changed from that skirt pursuer you’ve been,” she whispered into his ears and nibbled it, making Dave grin.
“I even have a surprise for you,” he said as a reply.

“Tell me about it,” she said gleefully feeling as if they were all alone in the parlour while others weren’t.
The other girls with Chibunna continued with the celebration while the love birds continued whispering into each other’s ears and laughing out loudly.

“I have denounced the fraternity,” Dave announced with joy.
Amarachi’s happiness at that moment knew no bounds. She was exhilarated and thoroughly satisfied with that news. She couldn’t just hold her emotions back, so she started kissing him and even tried to drag him into the room but Dave knew what the privacy could lead to, so he just carried her like a baby into the kitchen and made her sit on the worktop and then kissed her engagement finger the second time.

“I think the news of your denouncement is sweeter and more encompassing to me than that of the engagement because I already knew you’ve been carrying the ring about for ages,” she mocked him and they started laughing.
A lot was left to the imagination of the visitors at the dining table who kept imagining how hot and romantic it would be in the room without knowing that the love birds were just having a normal heart to heart conversation in the kitchen.

“I couldn’t imagine the embarrassment when the ring fell off my pocket the day I came to propose,” Dave reminded him and the laughter continued.
“But wait,” Amy said with smiles all over her, “why are you always result-oriented kind of guy who does things secretly without seeking the help of others,”

“How did you mean?” Dave asked to seek more explanation, even though he knew exactly what she meant.
Amarachi pushed him away a bit and got down from the worktop, went to the pot and got a fried chicken lap and came back to him, and then fed him with it.
“Take a bite,” she said and forced a wholesome of it but it was too big for his mouth to wrap it up, so she nibbled his mouth.

“You want to kill me?” he asked and took a bit, “this is okay for now,”
“No, take more,” Amy said insistently.
Dave took another bite but Amy pulled his lips closed and began to kiss him, and then collected the meat from his mouth and ate.
The two lovers had fun in the kitchen but didn’t go beyond fondles and romance, and then went back to join others.
Throughout the day, they were busy eating and drinking while Dave and Chibunna stole the show with their numerous jokes and jests, making everyone happy and thoroughly satisfied for the day.


To be continued…

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