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A Wish Episode Final Episode 🧜🏻‍♂


Episode 30

Final Episode

Theme: Goodbye


She sat up all cuddled in his arms by the sea. It was time to say goodbye to Harry Jones. She’d erased James,Gideon and Isobel’s Memory the day she got discharged.

“There must be a way to be a full Human” He murmured

Ephyra nodded negatively

“Let’s give up” she whispered

“No,I’ll be right here waiting for you”

“Please don’t wait..”

“I can’t love another woman. And I can’t bear the thought of living without you”

He held her closely

That’s the main reason she wanted to erase his memory. So he would move on and love another.

“Please find a way to come back. I’ll wait for you even if its 10years..or 20 years” he said

She chuckled

“You’d be old by then..”

“Then we’ll grow old together til death do us apart”

No she didn’t want that for him.

“I love you” he said

She pulled him closely,her mouth covered his and he opened up to her. She pulled his lower lip into her mouth,holding it between her teeth before sucking on it. He coaxed her tongue into his mouth,licking and kissing. A groan released from his chest as his hold on her grew impossibly tight. She didn’t know how long she was locked in his embrace. Time stood stil as they said everything they’d to say,words,emotions and thoughts were expressed in this kiss. He finally released her. Ephyra breathe heavily as Harry stood up. He reached out to her and helped her up.

He stepped back and spoke quietly.

“You can leave now”

Harry was only holding back.

Ephyra stifled a sob

“Thank You”

They both stared at each other for a long moment. His fist were clenched in restraint. This was it. Finally he nodded,his eyes tight.

“Good bye”

And he said nothing else,his jaw locked. She stepped backward and walked to the Sea. And she realized that walking away from him had been harder than she thought it would be. They’d grown together, closer than expected. She never could have imagined that he could be her lover and caregiver. Her heart would still belong to him. She loved Harry – that fact was irreversible. She looked at Harry,his back turned at her.

“Good bye Harry” she murmured

And she focused on the Sea and began to sing.


Beneath the Sea,

My Father lies,

My kingdom made of Coral and pearl

I would return now to the Sea Hall

In the Sea wolds on the crimson shell

Whose silvery spikes are nighest the Sea”

She sang and slowly she disappeared.

She reappeared under the sea with her golden tail clear and bright. Suddenly she heard it.

“Scylla is Alive!” A thunderous roar from the Cave.

She was in her kingdom. She made her way towards the secret cave leading to the Sea Hall since the main gate was locked.

Harry reopened his eyes. And like a dream he couldn’t remember anything. He touched his wet face and wondered why he was crying. He felt something was missing within him but he couldn’t tell. And slowly he walked to his home.

“Ephyra?” Someone called behind her

She turned to see Azizi standing In the hallway.

“Azizi” she muttered

He went to her and hugged her tightly

“You came back!’ He gasped

“Yes Brother”

“Oh My Sea!” He drew back to look at her

“What happened in that world?” He pointed to her half healed wound on her abdomen. Her gaze fell on it and she covered it with her palms.

“It a long story”

Then he carried her up in his arms and made his way to the throne hall. And they all gasped in shock when they saw Ephyra in his arms.

“Almeta!’ Tethys screamed

And she went to her. She hugged her tightly and Ephyra groaned.

“Careful Mother she has a wound”

Azizi said

Tethys drew back.

Ephyra embraced the rest of her family except her father who sat on the throne anger burning in his eyes. She placed her hand in her abdomen and went to him.

“Forgive me Father” she said

He didn’t respond

“I have committed a grievous sin against the throne, so punish me according to law” she said with her head bowed.

Oceanus eyes examined her intently. He sensed that she was in pain.

“Go to your room” he said finally

She nodded

Azizi and Colbert went to Ephyra and helped her to her chamber.

“Get Kenan” Oceanus said to no one In particular

“No I’ll heal Almeta” Tethys said

“No its different. Let Kenan heal her completely”

“I can heal her completely with my powers too”

“Can you bear it?”


she gave him a slight bow

“Okay” Tethys said

She moved out of the room.


“Oh Scylla you’re ever merry

Your bones as coral made

With pearls in your eyes

Nothing of you that is awful

The sea nymph ring  at your kneel!

Hark! Now hear me sing Scylla!”

Ephyra sang the powerful spell song to put Scylla back to sleep. She hid her scent with a paint waxed over her body.

Scylla paraded the Sea. He heard her beautiful voice. He searched but he couldn’t find her.

He withdrew in defeat and entered his cave.

Suddenly he felt sleepy and lay his head down. He couldn’t resist it.

“Lean into comfort and rest forever”

She completed the spell song

Scylla closed his eyes and slept. Six princes came out of hiding from sea rocks and sealed up the entrance of the cave. And Colbert tightened the locks with his powers.

They swim back to the main street of Merillia Kingdom with smiles on their faces. Shouts of joy erupted from the citizens of Merillia.

“Long Live our Princess who has put Scylla back to sleep!”

Chantae screamed

“Long Live the Royal Family!”

They shouted in unison. Song of Sea echoed in the Sea. Song of Victory! They sang merrily and danced for long moments.

Suddenly Ephyra felt a sharp pain in her belly. Neifion came off her wrist and Azizi grabbed it. She felt light and dizzy. She staggered a little,her vision getting blurry by second.

“Almeta..are you okay?”

Azizi lifted his hands to her side. She couldn’t breath

“Almeta” someone called but soon the voice faded off as her eyes rolled to the back of her head,darkness claiming her as its own.


She could hear hushed voices as she lay on bed. She pry open her eyes before closing them again.

“She’s awake” Tethys said,coming next to Ephyra. She opened her eyes again,blinking rapidly to clear her vision. She saw Marianna the Royal physician,her father and Azizi.

“Almeta, you’re awake” Tethys said gratefully

She tried to get up but Marianna stopped her.

What was she doing in the Royal Infirmary?

“You shouldn’t move yet”

She pushed her back down lightly. Ephyra frowned in confusion.

“What happened?” She said in a rasp

She looked at her father. He gave her a concerned look.

“Why am I here Mother”

“You don’t know?” Oceanus asked

“Know what? What should I know?” She asked

They all exchanged glances.

Tethys shut her eye as Marianna cleared her throat.

“My princess, you’re -“

She hesitated


“You’re expecting”

“I’m what?”

“You’re carrying a baby in your womb” Marianna said


Her mind went blank,not comprehending what she had just said.

“You’re pregnant Almeta” Azizi said

The words echoed in her head. Her hands caressed her belly.

There was a life in it. Harry’s baby was growing in her womb. No doubt about that cause they’d made love.

******* FLASHBACK *******

Rated (+18)

So back off if you aren’t up to this age!


“Maybe you just thought that was what I was thinking because that’s what you were thinking” he said

He was right! She’d pictured them making love in her mind’s eye.

“I..I think..I’ll just say goodnight”

She found a smile on his face and before she could think,he came close and kissed her. His hand went to her hair,spreading his fingers,letting it slide,silken through, around over his hand. A fine tremor ran through her and her hand slide up inside the back of his top,feeling the smoothness of his skin. The tightness of his hands behind her,unzipping her dress while they kissed into the bedroom. Pleasure swimming over her. He broke away for a moment to remove his top, pulling it off over his head,dropping it to the floor. Her dress dropped and he unhooked the straps covering her breasts. His hand covered her breast. She began to tremble.

“You’re beautiful” he said with his eyes on her,studying her. She couldn’t move.


“Do you want me to stop?”

She stared at him

Her nipples going hard,her belly quivering.

“Why do..you want.. to do this?” She asked shakily

“I want you to have a desire to comeback here when you return to your world”


He brushed his mouth against hers. His hands gently cupping her breasts.

“This is your first right? Or am I wrong?”

“No..no.I haven’t..done it”

She shook her head

“Same here My love” he coaxed

His mouth on her ear,throat and the side of her neck. She felt so frightened watching him caress her breasts,telling her words of love. He pressed his mouth on her belly and she felt it twitched. His kisses everywhere,on her body,hand moving up and down her thighs. He inched down her flimsy panties. He swooped down,spread her legs with the palms of his hand flat at the apex of her thighs. He opened his mouth on her,his tongue curdling against her.

She felt strange and different making love with a human. And he was connecting to her. He wasn’t forcing,gently kissing. The muscles in her belly became tight. He looked at her and their eyes locked.

I love you..I don’t know I could. She thought

His kisses breaking her bones creating an ache inside her. He covered her again. She closed her legs to hold him there,moving against his head, the pressure building inside her. He lifted his head to look at her and he closed over her nipple gently. Her body convulsed. He moved to her lips and she kissed him feverishly,her hand gliding up and down his back.

It was a fantastic dream being in bed with her.

Pleasure rose…something none of them had ever done. The sensation so strong.

She secured his mouth to hers. Lifting close and extending her legs and he held her down. And she knew he wanted to come into her. And she went down,holding still to take him in.

So glad to hold her,watch her face as he moved in her,ripping away her virginity. She felt the sharp pain as Harry covered her mouth. She felt it…Love in his mouth. He held her moving slowly into her. Moment passed and they moved the faster dance with his mouth on hers. They both exploded

Then he lay at her side making patterns on her belly,kissing her. At last he sat up,smiling, to kiss her mouth,his lips so cool.

“I love you” he murmured

She dragged air into her lungs before saying to him.

“I love you too”

Then they’d slept until she had the nightmares,he held her. And they’d made love again in the morning before he went to the agency.


“How did you end up having a baby?” Oceanus questioned with a frown

“Actually, I fell in love with Human”


They gasped in shock

“Well i think we should be more concerned about the baby” Marianna placed her hands on Ephyra’s belly with her eyes closed.

“What do you mean?” Azizi asked

Marianna shuddered hard. She opened her eyes and looked at Ephyra.

“He was your first?” She asked

Ephyra nodded

“This child can’t survive in this world” she grounded

“Why?” Tethys said

“It’s a full Human” she replied

“I don’t understand” Oceanus said with another deep frown on his face

“The First mating between our kind produces another. Same thing applies to mating between a human and mermaid if it’s a first” Marianna explained

“What kind?”

“A Human”

“Why not our kind?” Azizi questioned frantically

“Her first mating was with a full human”

Ephyra was lost in thought. She was trying to think of the possibilities. Oceanus eyes were on her with his lips pressed together.

Mating was a sacred thing in the MERWORLD.

“You can’t have the baby!” Oceanus blurted

Ephyra snapped out of thought

“I can’t let you raise a monster in my kingdom!” He spat

He knew that accepting that child would be a pass for her to leave their world.


He silenced her

“My lord,you have to take heart and accept the baby”

Marianna gave out consequences attached to keeping the baby in their world.

“She has to leave” she advised and concluded

She was carrying Harry’s child! This wasn’t how she expected things to turn out for her!

Tears gathered in her eyes. Even though her father agreed to let her go back to the human world

Who would she turn to for help?

How was she going to explain her identity to Harry?when she’d erased his memory.

She rubbed her belly In circles. She has to be strong to her baby.



“She would start having complications if you keep her here” Tethys persuaded Oceanus when they got to his chambers.

“You Want her to leave too?” He asked

“I don’t have a choice since it the only way to save our grandchild” Tethys said

“She would be gone forever!”

“She doesn’t belong her anymore”

“So we let her go?” He asked again

“She loves that world. And the one she loved dwells in that world”

She embraced Oceanus

Even though it hurts that she won’t get to Ephyra again,but she had to accept it. It was the only option to save the baby. And Tethys was willing and ready to save the baby.

“So what do you say My Lord?”

Oceanus was silent

“My Lord..”

“She can leave if the sea grants it”

He muttered


She pulled away from him and went to Ephyra’s chamber

“Please mother save my child” Ephyra begged

Tethys went to her bed.

“Almeta,my child,you know I love you and I want the best for you”

Tethys squeezed her hands gently and she nodded

“I want to back to the human world” she said

Tethys smile

“You can go back to your dreamworld”

Her jaw dropped slightly

“What about Father?”

“He agreed as long as the Sea grants it” Tethys replied

“Your happiness is in that world so we can’t hold you back anymore. Go and be with the one you love and be happy forever” Tethys said

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she embraced her mother.

“Thank You Mother”

Tears of joy. Familiar tinge of happiness welled up inside her at thought of meeting Harry Jones again.





Wow! I can’t believe this!

We’ve come to the final episode of A Wish!

At first it seams like it wasn’t going to end but it did anyways!

And I’m so happy to inform you that there’s an Epilogue to it. You know my stories do have an epilogue to draw the final curtains of the story!

Thanks for Reading Ademide stories.



A WISH 🧜‍♀



Ephyra pressed the doorbell outside Harry’s home. The door opened and a lady with a blond hair smiled at her.

“Who are you?” The lady asked

Ephyra stared at her

Am I In the wrong place? She wondered

She was confused

Is he married now?

Fear filled her when she saw the ring on the lady’s finger.

“Hey who do you wanna see?” The lady asked again

Ephyra couldn’t speak

Tears set at the corners of her eyes.

Harry was Married!

“Mandy what’s going -“

He stopped behind Mandy. His gaze falling on Ephyra. She wore a free gown which covered her little bump that was starting to form slightly. No one could notice the bump because the gown was carefree and she wore a sweater on it too.

“I think she needs help” Mandy murmured to him

He reached a finger out to her and touched Ephyra. She couldn’t move but he could touch her. He withdrew quickly and slammed the door at her face.

Mandy was stunned by the swift movement.

“Why did you -“

He placye a finger on his lips to silence her.

“Do you know her?” She asked

“Well she looks like that lady in my dreams”

“Oh that lady’s picture on your phone!” She clapped

He nodded

Slowly,Ephyra moved away and strode towards the sea and broke down in tears.

“He doesn’t remember me” she cried

“What do I do?”

She ran her hand in her hair

“I…I..shouldn’t have erased his memory” she cried

“Now Harry’s married and I’m carrying his child. Its all my fault!” She blamed

Harry sat in his study. He read the diary in his hand again and looked at the images on his laptop. The lady outside was the same in the images on his laptop and in his dreams too.

“I fell in love..I never believed in love until I met Ephyra” he read from his own diary on his system.

“She’s mermaid and now she has to return to her world to save her people. I hope she comes back to me so we can be together forever”

He read the last few lines again and everything suddenly made sense to him.

She came back!

The words straight in his head. He stood up and rushed out of the room.

“Hey where are you off to?”

Mandy stopped him

“That lady..is my missing piece”

He stormed out of the house

His eyes searched the dark area.

“Ephyra!” He screamed

He ran towards the beach and he saw a figure in the dark.

She heard her name again. Harry was calling her. She stood up and turned towards the direction she’d heard the voice.

Harry was there.

He stared intensely at her. Her Face was swollen and wet from tears.

“Harry..” She called


He closed the distance between them and embraced her.

“Ephyra, you came back” he said softly

Then the tears set down again,she couldn’t hold it back.

“I waited for so..long” he said

“I’m..so sorry” she sobbed in his chest

“Why did you erase my memory?”

“Please forgive me. I’m So sorry” she cried

“You erased it but I had other things.. So many things that kept you alive in my mind. Your diary, mine and images of our outings on my laptop. You didn’t take that away”

She cried loudly

“I missed you so much”

He muttered

“And I’m happy to see you again” he said with a bright smile. He pulled away to look in her eyes.

“Let’s go in” he said

She withdrew her hands

“You’re married now..I can’t go in”

Harry chuckled

“Well that Lady..”

“I’m not married. Remember I said that I was going to wait”

She avoided his gaze

“Mandy is my cousin”

“Harry!” A voice screamed

They turned to see Mandy with her handbag.

“Hey Harry! I’m sorry i have to leave! Jason got into a fight at school! We’ll talk later!” She said loudly before rushing to her car in the driveway. And she drove away.

“Jason is Mandy’s child”

He explained

Can he see me properly? Ephyra wondered

She was thinking about her baby bump. Maybe it not so obvious.

Harry was so carried away,he didn’t even noticed the swell.

They moved to his house. Nothing has changed.

“I thought you said that you were going to move to town” she said

“Yes,but I didn’t because this house holds memories of us”

They stood staring at each other

“Um..we need to talk”

She said looking away from him

“Yes we have a lot of catching ups to do”

She nodded

“Don’t..I look different?”

She asked

“You’re beautiful”

He said

Then she realized Harry would never tell because of her big dress.

“Are you still going back there?”


“Are you..”

“I’m a full human now” she said

“How?..” He said in a surprised tone

She drew in a deep breath

“I became a human because..”

She paused and swallowed hard

“I’m pregnant” she said

His mouth dropped completely



He covered the inch between them

“Oh well…remember we..had sex before.. I left” she stuttered

He nodded impatiently

“Since my first mating was with a human so my baby and I can’t survive under water”

“You’re carrying my child?”

“Yes” she nodded

“Marry me! No Ephyra will you marry me?”

He didn’t want any explanation. He was only happy about the news of his child. His hands went to her belly and he felt her bump.

He would definitely be a father in few months time.

“Be my wife” he said

His smile broader and he could almost burst of too Much happiness.


“Yes marry me Ephyra! Or do you think when I asked you to return,I wanted you to be a boarder here? No I wanted us to be together forever” he rushed out his words.

She leaned close to him and found his lips.

Her arms wrapping around his neck.

“You want a life with me don’t you?” He said amidst kisses

“Yes..yes..I’ll marry you Harry!”

“I love you so much”

He said

And they kissed for several moments until she pulled back and said

“Any news about James?”

“Yes I searched for him when I saw his name in your diary. And the last time I checked on him..I think he’s married to his colleague at work”

“Doctor May?”

“I supposed so”

And he kissed her lips again


The wedding took place on the first day of the following month. They had agreed that it was a good time as any to begin their new adventure.

She wore a cream colored knee length dress designed by Ria. The dress framed a modest amount of cleavages and floated softly over her tummy,which was beginning to expand. Ephyra and Harry mingled happily with their guests. Though it hadn’t been easy to keep the event small,considering Harry’s famous status and extended family members and Friends. They’d managed to convince people that they would celebrate with a big party in few months time,after the baby is born.

They exchanged their vows in the church Isobel had attended all her life,followed  by a small reception at the beach house.

Isobel had welcomed Ephyra with warm approval even though she doesn’t have anyone to call her Family. They’d said that Ephyra was an orphan and she’d left home to survive on her own. She went far from her relatives after her parents death.

“I knew you and Harry would make a great couple” Isobel said giving Ephyra an enthusiastic hug. He grinned at her. Isobel went ahead to greet their guests.

“Looks like we’re about to embark on a new great adventure” He said

“Are you up to it boss?” She said

“I think i can be up to it” he quipped a laugh in his eyes.


“Bring it on”

She laughed

Harry kissed her cheeks

A New Adventure with a baby. She thought

She reached up and kissed his mouth.

A New love,A new Family,Happiness.. All In all. It’d be a very promising beginning. Encouraged by love that grew stronger with each passing day together. She concluded

“I love you” he said

“I love you too”

She kissed his cheeks.

A Wish Episode Final Episode 30

°°°°°°°°   THE END °°°°°°°°°°




So my amazing readers this is the epilogue of this book. It was fun writing A Wish and I hope you all enjoyed reading it as well. Thank you so much for letting me and my Stories into your heart. I love to hear from my readers via comment.

Read Her Other Fantastic Story HERE

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