WHAT LIES BENEATH Episode 44 – Amah’s Heart





Our wedding was great and we had a beautiful moment dancing and getting congratulated.
The traditional marriage went so well and ofcourse I saw Oby among the crowd and she did absolutely nothing.

She stood there with a pitiful sorry face but she doesn’t deserve any pity at all.

I saw her parents seated among the villagers looking loss and haggard.
The only person I pity among them was Oby’s mother. She is a wise woman and hard-working mother.

I know someday one of her children will make her proud.
I can’t say Oby or the second daughter who got pregnant and already living with the father of her child as husband and wife but not withstanding anything can happen.
I can’t write them all off because the future is unpredictable.
Life changing transformation may come from anyone which includes Oby or her sisters.
Life is deep. Oby may decide to change her ways and things will start working out for her.
She is beautiful, well endowed and smart and can still make a better name for herself. She may even get to meet a nice man who she will value, love and respect like it should. A man who may change her life for good.

I’m just here hoping things turn out well for them because I do want her mother to be truly happy. Let one or two of the children she suffered to bore greet her face with a smile that comes deep within.
She deserves it and I know it will happen someday.
That’s my wish and prayer for them.

I got married to Eziaku traditionally, she automatically became my wife and I sometimes can’t still believe that “I Austin is a married man”

Our first night together, was… hahahaha!
I look back today and laugh real hard because it seems like a fairy tale, like in a movie or fiction.
Eziaku is golden, she was God’sgift to me.
I sometimes calls her that without mincing word, it is what it is. “,My Godsgift”.
I’m still in shock and speechless at the discovery.
Ezi, my lovely wife blew me off. It seems God gave me double blessings for all my troubles.

I remember that first night with her, I kssed her passionately like I have never done before. I poured out my emotions into her and caressed her entire body without fear.
She belongs to me just like I belongs to only her.
She freely submitted her body to me without withdrawal.
There was no fear or worries in her anymore. She felt free and happy.
For the first time I did not see her shaking or pulling back from me like she used to do before.
It was one night that is boldly written in my memory for life.

At first I couldn’t believe what I was getting as feedback during our intimacy.
But I forcefully pushed forward and she winced in serious pain.
A strong unbroken layer, tight and impenetrable.
She was in pain each time I forced myself to get pass.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it can’t be true that Ezi was truly a virgin like she said.
She was already twenty nine after her birthday.

“Please be gentle, it hurts seriously…”

She cried out and I was dumbfounded when I realized that Ezi, my God’sgift was truly a vrgin.
A vrgin, a real… original vrgin with real prove.
I almost jumped off the bed with a scream. I couldn’t just believe it. I sat down and stare at her without word.

“…Did I do or say something wrong… what happened? You keep staring at me strangely”?
She said confused.

“I…I can’t believe it. You are truly a virgin? How… how come…I mean how did you do it? Ohh… Ezi… this is too good to be true.
I rubbed a hand on my head roughly still trying to stabilize my emotions.

It was indeed too good to be real.
what adjective Can I really use to qualify what was going on in my mind.
I did try to go gentle on her the second time but while everything was going in it was still a shock to me.

I carried her to the bathroom like a baby treated her to a warm bath and massage.
She was in slite pain but it fades off after few days.
All through this our sweet honey moon period, I served her breakfast in bed, pampered her sweetly. Did not allow her pick a pin.
I did not want to go into much details on how our first night went because Ezi may feel embarrassed but how will you understand the sweet magic of one night that got me deeply and even after three years I can still remember every details.
I’m overwhelmed with happiness having Eziaku as my wife.

Saying that I’m the happiest man alive is understatement.
I loves my wife very much not just because Ezi kept herself undefiled but because she was real to the core.
She never hide who she truly was.

She was quick to take correction, ready to learn. Ezi wanted to be a better version of herself and strive towards that. She was truthful right from time and never hide anything about herself.
She was loving and forgiving, very accommodating with interesting personalities.
Ezi despite having boyfriends in the past, despite how ladies of her age will want to do anything to keep a promising young man riped for marriage. Despite many other things surrounding her that could make her throw caution to the wind and do as she pleases with herself and body but Ezi chosed not to.
She disciplined herself in a world that hardly acknowledges or give a second thought to ladies of her caliber.

She made it known that she was neither after my money or after what I got.
Eziaku loves me for who I am and even if I got nothing she will still love me, that’s certain because she was never moved or carried away by my personality.

I love my wife for many reasons and even if she was not a virgin my love for her will neither change or grow cold. I love and respect her because Eziaku was too real and open minded.

I got one of the best among women and I can only thank God for that.

Is been three years and counting and everything still feels new.
I bought another bigger apartment and we moved in two years ago when she was pregnant for our first son.

Being a sharp shooter, I think I scored on the second week of our honey moon and she became pregnant.
We journey together all through the pregnancy until she had our first child.
My Mom came over to spend time and also assist in nursing the baby.
Her Dad, Mr Benson also visited with lots of gift for both Ezi and the baby.
And after a year plus I scored another goal and she became pregnant again.

Well, you wouldn’t blame me for my sharp shooting. I’m too blessed like that.

Three years later, I’m a husband to the most industrious, beautiful woman on earth and a father of two kids. I feel fulfilled and blessed.
Eziaku also completed her schooling and applied for a higher degree.
She plan to own a school later in future and I’m ready to support her dream to the very end.

Angela got married last year to another man entirely and she is heavily pregnant and I had to give her a maternity leave.

I employed three more staff after expanding my company.
My elder brother is inviting I and my family for the next summer holiday and we will be leaving the country for that purpose and will be back ones the vacation is over.
Stella who is based in England is so eager to see us, we will also meet her fiance. They plan getting married next year.
we will be using that opportunity to also meet with Eziaku’s step brothers abroad who had been communicating with her.

Chuka is now a family friend, Jerome finally settled down early this year.
I hope and pray he remains a faithful husband because that is very much required.

I really don’t know what becomes of Oby or other exs. I hope they all progress and become a better version of theirselves.

My Dad never stopped praising me for indirectly following the lead of God to pick Eziaku as my wife because through our meeting alot of hidden things have been revealed and many incredible things have happened in our lives.

But the actual facts is that Eziaku is the one that followed the leading of God to stick with me.
There are situation that our relationship could have ended without a second thought yet she stayed and loved me despite how foolish I can be sometimes.

I’m a happy man because of the woman God finally gift to me, my God’sgift and I hope this happiness continues in our lives and family.

I can hear my wife calling me from the kitchen where she is making dinner.
she wants me to check up on the kids that are watching animation in the sitting room.

“They’re fine honey… we’re all waiting for dinner. Do you need help in there? I can suspend what I’m doing on the laptop to take over while you watch the kids…

I heard her laughing.

“I’m almost through darlin… dinner will soon be served. Please, help and set the table…”

I told her that I have already done that ten minutes ago.

This my wife is intoxicating me like alcohol. While in the office, I’m watching the time so that I can come home to her and the kids.

Life is making a big sense and I can no longer remember the days of old. My loss, my pain, fear, tears and sad days because God had indeed blessed me with double blessings for every trouble.

I will stop here, my wife is coming with dinner. Let me round up and shut down my laptop so that i can help her.

We are a team and she is my helpmate not a slave, I will assist her in running the house to make it a loving home.
I’m not just going to be making the money, my family’s happiness matters a whole lot.

Is been a very long journey and we finally arrived here peacefully.
Is been only God our pioneer who upholds us in his mercies.
I’m not scared of the future because I know for a truth that God is always in charge.

I have many reasons to be forever grateful to Him.

For as long as I have breath, i and my family will serve the Lord.



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5 months ago

Such a wonderful story…I love it….thnks amah 🫂

5 months ago

What a great piece🥲

I enjoyed every chapter
Thank you so much Amah’s Heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

5 months ago

Keep it up 👍.
This was really a good story and I learnt many valuable lessons.
Thank you for this good story AMAH 🤝😊

5 months ago

what a beautiful ending i loved this story i can’t believe i waited all night to read it finished ♥ ♥

5 months ago

Oh my goodness
This is wow
God really works in mysterious ways n his ways are not the ways of man, thanks to the author of this wonderful story and God bless you.

4 months ago

Well done Amah

4 months ago
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