Janet sighed countlessly as she walked through the hallway of Betty’s family house, a cup of red wine in her hand,
She took one last sip from her wine and tossed the cup away,
She was having headaches and needed to rest.

‘This must be a room!’ she thought as she stood in front of a closed door.
‘Hope it has a bed’ she hoped as she turned the door knob and pushed the door open.

She suddenly stopped, when she saw Thelma and Zane making out in the room.
Thelma and Zane quickly stopped and turned to see Janet looking surprised and standing at the door.!

“Uh… Hey!” Zane said breathlessly.
“Seriously, you guys have been kissing for hours, aren’t you tired!” Janet rolled her eyes acting like she was offended, but never forget she’s a great actress.
“It’s not your lips so…
Thelma smirked at her.
“Whatever, I want to rest a bit, can you guys go out?” Janet asked.
“Sorry we came here first, and it’s first come first serve!” Thelma shrugged, while Janet rolled her eyes and walked out of the room, slamming the door really hard…
Janet rested her back on the door breathing heavily, she was holding back something, some thing she couldn’t believe she was holding,
‘It’s just Zane! It’s not like someone important!’ she reminded her self.
‘But it is Zane!’ she reminded herself again. And her breath hitched.

“for God’s sake Janet, get a hold of yourself!” Janet Lashed to herself and quickly walk away.
Thelma moved back from Zane breaking their kiss.
“What’s wrong!” Zane asked.
“Nothing!” Thelma said biting her bottom lip.
“Something is definitely wrong! You do that when you have a lot to say!” Zane said referring to her bit lips.
“Oh.” she giggled. “Everyone does this!”.
“Not me… Now spill,” Zane said sitting on the bed and pulling her to sit down too.

“Uhm okay…” Thelma moved her head back as she sat on the bed and faced Zane.
“Okay…?” Zane leaned forward.

“What is this… Now between us.” Thelma said pointing back and forth between them around the ‘this’.
“I don’t understand your ‘this…’..” Zane said copying her gesture and she laughed.. “It’s not time for joke Zane! I’m serious!”.
“I wasn’t joking but you were the one who laughed!” Zane shrugged…
“Okay so… I want to ask! Where are we going?” Thelma asks.

“Yeah… I mean after coming clean about liking you, I kissed you, you kissed back… So What does that mean?”
“Uhm sincerely… I don’t know” Zane said rubbing his neck.
“what?” Thelma stood up.
“What do you mean you don’t know.”

“I… I..” Zane didn’t know what to say. So he sighed and gave up.
“Okay so you were just craving for a kiss since Janet didn’t give you one and when I did, you reciprocated cause it was what you were craving for!” Thelma said folding her hands.
“That’s not true!” Zane protested.
“Then why did you kiss me back if you don’t like me!” Thelma asked.
“Well… I do like you… But…
“But… But what?” Thelma glared at him.
“I don’t know!” He said.
“You don’t know?” Thelma asked.
He looked at Thelma. “I don’t know!”
“You know, well, you shouldn’t have kissed me back!” Thelma stated picking her fingers.
“Thelm…why are you saying all these…” Zane asked.
“Cause..! I want us to be a ‘thing’ get it?” Thelma said walking towards the door. “And I’ll give you time to think about it.” she said lastly before walking out of the room…
Zane looked around and sighed before sitting down on the bed again.
“Damn it!” he muttered lowly and ruffled his hair.

Rebecca was taken aback when kissed by Mark, she hadn’t expect and it happened so quickly, she did not reciprocate which made mark stop and move back to look at her surprised face.
“I.. I’m sorry!” Mark apologized.
Rebecca gulped and her gaze went to the floor.
She began “That was…
“weird?” Mark completed but she slowly shook her head.
“Unexpected!” she said.
“Sorry!” Mark apologized…
She wanted to tell him it was okay, but she couldn’t say that, not when she suddenly got curious.
Does Mark like her?
Of course, he does, but she doubted it and turned to him.
“Do you… Do You want to go inside It’s a bit cold!” she said rubbing her shoulder.
“Yeah… Yeah… you can have my jacket if you want though,” Mark said trying to remove his jacket but Rebecca stopped him

“It’s okay we’re going inside already!”.
“Oh okay” Mark said leaving his jacket.
“Yeah..” Rebecca said and they both head inside.

“See it’s warm here!” Rebecca smiled at Mark.
“Yeah!” he glanced at her and looked away.
Her charming dimples shooting an arrow at him.
Well he had always thought her dimples were charming.

Mark started “Do you want to have–
“Isn’t that Thelma?” Thelma interrupted.
“Yeah… I think so” Mark said.
“I think something is wrong with her, she looks sad. And I thought she was kissing Zane a while ago, where’d he go?” Rebecca asked.
Mark shrugged at her.
“Well I’ll be back!” Rebecca said at Mark walking towards Thelma.

Mark sighed as he watched her go, He didn’t want to leave her side, She was being Rebecca for just tonight and it will be great to talk to her all night.
“Hey!” Rebecca said to Thelma .
“Oh… Becca. Hey!” Thelma said watching her come close.
Rebecca smiled even more seeing how Thelma looked pretty up close.
“Wow your dress is pretty!” Thelma complimented.
“Thanks” Rebecca smiled.
Shrugging at the thought of Delilah’s fashion sense.
“You know we haven’t really talked since we arrived at the party!” Thelma said.
“Oh really?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah” Thelma said.
“Well you look gorgeous!” Rebecca smiled.

Rebecca sat beside Thelma on the small foamy bench, that was placed under the stairs.
“Huh.? You want to sit with me? Has Mark gone home?” Thelma teased.
“What do you mean by that?” Rebecca laughed.
“I mean you and Mark are always together, anyone barely talks to any of you!” Thelma said.
“Oh!… Really?”
“Yeah, you’re always clinging next to him at school like glue, and some people just thinks you’re both dating” Thelma said and Rebecca laughed nervously.
She suddenly wished she could fight Delilah face to face and pull out all her hair for giving her a reputation like that.
Not that dating Mark is a bad thing, just that she’s living her life and dating who she wants with her body.

“So why are you alone?” Rebecca asked changing the subject wisely.
“What do you mean?” Thelma asked.
“Everyone saw you okay! You and Zane kissing at that corner!” Rebecca said pointing to the place…
“oh!” Thelma bit her lip.
“And I was wondering where your suitor had gone to?” Rebecca smiled.
“Oh Zane… I don’t know what’s wrong with him… Or me!” Thelma sighed.

“Why, what happened!” Rebecca suddenly got curious.

“Actually… everyone knows Zane’s cuckoo for Janet, and I’ve had feelings for him, feelings I doubted, feelings I pushed aside, not wanting them to get to me cause i thought it would be weird falling for Zane!” Thelma sighed.
“What? Zane’s cute!” Rebecca smiled.
Thelma glanced at her. “I know”.
“It’s just that, we grew up together and see… Well… fought about a lot of things, liked a lot of things together, seen weird things about our… Well I shouldn’t talk about that” Thelma laughed..
“okay!” Rebecca shrugged. “Tell me whatever you like I won’t judge but just listen!” Rebecca assured, easing the tense that was building in Thelma’s body.

Thelma licked her lips and smiled, and she continued “Okay, so when Zane and I talk about our past, we don’t talk about it in front of others, cause thinking about then, now, is kind of embarrassing, cause we we’re pretty bad kids and we’ve… well just push that aside.. I’m just trying to say, I’ve always thought falling for Zane is like falling for your own brother but then again, I think it’s different, but I couldn’t stop those feelings, the more Zane grew, the more handsome he became and Gosh I felt so weird keeping to myself that I am falling for Zane, Zane Cosmo, my childhood, friend, who used to be once my Lackey, I was devasted but I did a pretty good job hiding it, and then he started to act really crazy around Janet and then one day I got pissed and kissed him! I apologized for it and declined that I didn’t have feelings for him when he asked me and now at this party, I kissed him and he asked me if I have feelings for him I came clean and kissed him again, he kissed me back, and he didn’t seem to offended or surprised that, I, Thelma, said I like him. I mean I’m happy about it but I just want to know why he kissed me back cause, You can kiss someone back you don’t like right?” Thelma looked at Rebecca for answers.

“Uhm… Yeah…Yeah I think so, cause you can’t kiss someone you don’t like!” Rebecca said remembering Mark’s kiss from earlier.
“Really…? So That means Zane likes me but doesn’t want to admit it?” Thelma asks.
“Yep…” Rebecca nodded. “Or maybe he’s not so sure of his feelings, give him time, and trust me he’ll come clean about whether or not he likes you!” Rebecca advised.
“Thanks Becca! You’re right… and I’ll give him time, thanks for listening!” Thelma breathed a sigh of relief.
“Glad I could help” Rebecca smiled.
“What are you doing drinking alone and didn’t invite your best buddy!” Zane said from no where taking the fruit punch from Mark from Mark’s hand.
Mark sighed as he watched Zane drink the juice and spits it back.
“What the hell! Why are you having this instead, vodka or something more mature!” Zane whined.
“Thanks but I’ll be driving tonight, and thanks for ruining my drink!” Mark rolled his eyes angrily.
“Yeah, it was worth ruining!” Zane Said sitting down on a sofa opposite Mark.

“What are you even doing here anyways, where’s your girlfriend!” Mark rolled his eyes..
“Where is Becca?” Zane fired back.
“Becca isn’t my girlfriend you moron”
“And Thelma isn’t my girlfriend!” Zane snarled.

Mark smirked, “I didn’t mention if it was Thelma, so how come you’re mentioning Thelma.”

“Well I know you would be talking about her!” Zane said

“I could be talking about Janet or Thelma, but still yet you chose to mention Thelma, now tell me, how is she not your girlfriend?” Mark asked still keeping his creepy and scary smirk.

“She’s not! You pathetic loser!” Zane barked.

“I saw you two swallowing each other moments ago, what was that for?” Mark asked.
“I didn’t know you talk nasty, why do you pretend to be this gentle guy who knows nothing, but suddenly becomes nosy around me!” Zane huffed.
“Cause I’m just helping build a better you, you’re dumb to understand some things!” Mark said making Zane sigh.

“You’re seriously crazy!”

“Thanks” Mark said.

“So…” Zane started. “you were kind of right!” .
“Right about what?” Mark asked knowing what he was about to say.
“Thelma do have feelings for me, she told me tonight!” Zane said staring at the floor…
“And then what happened… You kissed her like a maniac and took her upstairs to do what? Have se–
The plastic cup Zane threw at Mark’s face prevented him from completing his words and Mark laughed.
“You psychopath” Zane barked.
“Was I wrong? Weren’t you two planning to have Sex?” Mark eyes looked dark and sinful as he looked at Zane.
“Okay… You’re not sounding like Mark at all!” Zane said.
“How do you want me to sound? Like you?” Mark smiled.
“Okay, if you’re going to talk nasty I’m outta here!” Zane said standing up, but Mark was fast, as he walked up to Zane and pulled him by the collar of his jacket and push him back on the sofa.
“Like you don’t talk nasty! Everyone talks nasty especially guys, now sit and let’s talk!” Mark barked.
“Talk about what?” Zane asked.
“You know!” Mark said sitting down.
“Thelma?” Zane asked.
“You are catching up… that’s good” Mark said and Zane rolled his eyes.
“what’s there to talk about, she said she likes me, we kissed, game over.” Zane said.
“Really? And you think it’s game over? Dude that’s just the starting point of the freaking game you’re mentioning!” Mark huffed.
“What do you mean?”.
“You don’t understand girls do you!” Mark rolled his eyes.
“Like you understand them? Girls are different, and no body understands girls!” Zane said.
“Well… I agree girls are different but for a girl like Thelma, you can’t seem to understand her.” Mark said.
“And you do? I’m the only guy who understands Thelma! You’ve known her for only a year or two and you’re babbling rubbish about understand her, I’m the only guy who understand Thelma, I’ve known her all my life.” Zane boasted
“Shut up, you understand other parts of her, but you don’t understand the… Let’s say her love life,” Mark said.
“And so what?” Zane scoffed.
Mark shook his head. “You’re seriously dumb! Okay when girls like Thelma confesses to you, they pretend they don’t want you to acknowledge it but just want to let you know, but deep inside they really want you to accept that confession and be in a relationship with her.” Mark explained.
“Well…” Zane paused. “She did say she wanted us to be a thing!”.
“Really!?” Mark smiled.
Zane looked up at him. “I don’t get why you want me and Thelma together so badly!”
“Cause Janet’s too stupid… And I think Thelma’s pretty hot and she’s smart too!” Mark smirked.
“Then go date her then!” Zane stood up.
“Should I?” Mark asked strangely.
“what?” Zane turned to him.
“Yeah,” Mark stood up “I’m asking if it’s okay for me to date Thelma, if you’re okay with it!”.
“Are you crazy?” Zane scoffed.
“I’m not I’m being serious here” Mark said his eyes piercing into Zane’s eyes.
“A simple yes or no would do the trick, can I date her?” Mark asked with the most serious expression on earth.
Zane was speechless seeing the seriousness from his friend, He doesn’t understand the Mark he’s talking to.
“No” Zane said sharply.
“And why is that?” Mark asked.
“You must be kidding me”
“I’m not… Why shouldn’t I?” Mark asked again.
“Because you have Rebecca, now stop with the Thelma stuff”.
“But who says I can’t date two girls at once!” Mark smirked.
“Seriously you’re a psychopath”. Zane said.
“I know why you can’t say yes, cause you like Thelma but you’re not sure and you’re afraid to keep her but still afraid to let her go,” Mark explained.
“Just….. get lost” Zane said before walking away…
. .

As the day grew darker, the party went on and on till it was finally coming to an end, the night was getting old and people started to leave.
The house was now filled with people less than fifteen and as Rebecca talked to Mark and shayne, she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Vera!” Rebecca called as she turned.
“Yeah, I think it’s about time we start to leave, Betty’s asleep too she drank again and ended up falling asleep” Vera said looking tired…
“Oh okay, I’ll go look for my bag.!” Rebecca said walking away.
“Betty’s asleep?” Mark asked Vera.
“Yeah, I better go tell that deejay to wrap things up and end it for tonight” Vera said and walked away.
“So… Looks like we’ll be leaving soon! Well it was a fun party, and it’s weird I haven’t seen Felicia since we both dared ourselves to finish a bottle of beer,” shayne scoffed.
Mark remembered the Jessica event and turned to him.
“She’s sleeping… In Betty’s room!” Mark said.
“Really!.. Well I better go get her!” shayne said before walking away, the slow song that was playing stopped playing and the people around groaned.
Vera came out of the kitchen with a drink and turn to Mark.
“Where’s Becca?”
“I’m over here!” Rebecca said walking towards her.
“Okay! Let’s head home, I’m feeling a little tired and sleepy!” Vera said.

~ ° ~

“Felicia! Hey Felicia!” Mark said lightly tapping Felicia on the arm.
Felicia groaned in her sleep till she slowly open her eyes.
“Sh..shayne.” She called.
“Yeah, I see you’ve had a good night sleep, come on, we have to go home so you can sleep well” shayne said and she sighed heavily and slowly came down from the bed.
She tried to stand but almost fell down, shayne caught her and smiled.
“Don’t worry, I’ll walk you downstairs!” he said as he held Felicia and led her to the door, they both walked out and as he closed the door. It sounded really loud and woke Betty up. Who found herself comfortable sleeping on the floor and had let Felicia take the bed.
Betty woke up and moved the blanket covering her body away, a blanket Vera has taken from her closet and put over her so she won’t get cold sleeping on the concrete floor. But Betty didn’t know that.
Betty stood up and slowly walked out of the door and down the stairs, she saw that everyone had start to leave and she immediately yelled Vera’s name when she saw Vera and Rebecca wanting to go out the door.
Vera and Rebecca turned while the others walked out the door.

Betty slowly walked up to them…
“You’re leaving?” Betty asked.
“Yeah party’s over!” Vera chucked.
“What? do you want a sleepover now?” Rebecca scoffed.
“That would be nice!” Betty said scratching her head letting her black hair fall to her face.
“Becca was being sarcastic and we have a home too you know, and thanks for party and everything it was fun!” Vera said.
“Glad it was, I enjoyed it too” Betty smiled with tired eyes.
Vera looked around. “Sure you can clean this place by yourself it looks pretty messy!” Vera said.
“want to come by and help me clean tomorrow?” Betty asked.
“one thing I hate most is doing chores and seriously no!” Vera shook her head.
“Okay… we’ll get going now!” Rebecca said linking her hand with her sister’s.
“Okay and Vera you and Mark should come over tomorrow not for cleaning but for what I saw, and Rebecca I’m glad I can bring you back tonight and don’t give up you’ll have your body back!” Betty said and Rebecca nodded with a smile.
“Cause if you give up then where’s all our effort going, don’t give and we won’t to” Betty added making vera smile.
“Okay then goodnight!” Vera said once more before they both walked out of Betty’s house.

“Finally! What took you girls so long?” Mark asked as he revved up the engine as Vera and Rebecca walked into his rented car and then he starts to drive.


Greg stopped his car in front of Zane’s house and Zane and Thelma walked out of the car.
They both waved goodbye to, shayne, sleeping Felicia and Greg.
Greg nodded and starts to drive again.
Zane started to walk inside, while Thelma trailed behind him.

Zane stopped! And turned.
“Why… Are you following me aren’t you going home?” He asked slowly.
“I dropped my jacket here remember?” she replied calmly and he nodded as they both starts to walk towards his door.
Zane opened the door to his house, he quickly grabbed the jacket behind the door and immediately gave it to Thelma, Thelma removed his jacket before taking hers and handing his jacket to him.
She quickly wrapped the jacket around her body.
“So…” Zane started,
“So?” she raised a brow.
“Goodnight!” He added.
“Yeah sure, goodnight!” she rolled her eyes wanting to walk away when she heard.

“Zane… Who are you talking to?”
She looked inside to see Zane’s mom coming towards them.
“Uhm…hey mom.. it’s Thelma…” Zane said.
“Thelma?” Mrs Vanessa shouted and opened the door quickly, she gasped seeing Thelma and called her name again.
“Hey Mrs. Van” Thelma smiled.
“Are.. You… Oh My God it’s so good to see you, look how mature you’ve grown,” Mrs Vanessa said hugging Thelma.
She turned to Zane, “Zane, Thelma’s here and you didn’t tell me!”.
“I tried to tell you but see we were in a hurry to attend the party!” Zane replied.
“But still, it’s Thelma, it’s been three months since I saw them last,” Mrs Vanessa said.
“Well she’s here now, why don’t you make the best out of it!” Zane said before walking inside.

“Oh goodness, Thelma, I’ve been contacting your parents, we’ve been talking, but anytime I ask of you, you’re always at school, and when I ask Zane about you, he just says you’re fine like he doesn’t care how you’re doing, oh it’s so good to see you again, why don’t you come in for tea!” Mrs Vanessa smiled. (This story is written by ruthie lee.
“Uhm… It’s eleven pm and I really have to go, you know my house is a bit far from here Mrs…
“Thelma stop acting like we’re strangers and don’t worry Ben’s going to drive you home!” Mrs Vanessa said pulling Thelma inside.
Thelma sighed seeing she had no choice, she really liked Zane’s family and she really liked to have tea with them but she actually doesn’t want to.
Thelma walked into the familiar house and she smiled at the familiar smell. She glanced at the stairs and suddenly when she fell from there and broke her left arm, she shook her head and followed Vanessa to the kitchen.
There met Zane helping himself with a glass of water and Zane paused and looked at her.
“I thought you’d have gone home by now!” Zane said.
“Oh she’ll be having tea first!” Vanessa smiled…
Zane looked at Thelma again and she shrugged.
As Vanessa brew the tea humming to her favorite, Zane and Thelma glanced at each other occasion not knowing what to say until they heard grumbling from the sky outside.
“Uh oh” Thelma mumbled.
“Well Rainal isn’t named Rainal for nothing…” Mrs Vanessa said smiling back at Thelma.
“But I have to go back, it’ll be pouring soon, and night rains here are hectic!” Thelma said..
“dear, I don’t see why you’re treating us like strangers, Just wait a little bit for the tea!” Vanessa said.
“Mom I think she should go, you know how windy night rains are” Zane chimed in.
“Shut it” Vanessa snapped.
“But it’ll rain anytime soon and–
Thelma stopped talking when she heard someone close the door and heavy boots that starts to walk towards the kitchen.

“Oh Dad, you’re back!” Zane smiled.
“Yeah,” Benjamin replied, his deep husky voice shaking the whole house.
He looked up to see Thelma and his tired face curved up into a happy.
“jesus Thelma.” he smiled.
“is this you?” he added.

“Yep!” Thelma forced a smile knowing there was no escape now, she’s really going to have that tea and maybe coffee too.
“Wow! I can’t believe my little Thelma had grown so big! Look at you, you can get married anytime soon.!” Benjamin joked.
“What?” Thelma laughed.
“Sincerely, ever since you guys moved, I got lonely, no one played with me like you did!” Benjamin said.
“Mr Ben, that was like four years ago!” Thelma smiled.
“And you’re also talking mature too,” Benjamin said pretending to be offended.
“Since you guys moved, I kept myself so busy, so that I won’t miss any of you!” Benjamin joked.
“What? That’s rude!” Thelma laughed.
“Not to me…” Benjamin said and Vanessa flinched when something slammed on the kitchen window…

“Looks like it’s starting to get windy, good thing I came home in time,” Benjamin said.

“And here’s your tea!” Vanessa handed the small cup of tea to Thelma and in one gulp, she finished the whole thing.

“Okay I’m done, thanks for the tea Mrs Van, I’ll be heading home now!” Thelma rushed her words standing up.
“Home.? Don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous to go home.!” Benjamin added.
“No dad you can give her a ride in your car!” Zane added and Thelma nodded.
“Actually I can’t I took the bus home, my car’s at Jeffery being repaired I don’t know what has been its problem lately though!”.
“what?” Thelma gasped.
“Yeah sorry Thelma.” Benjamin said
“Looks like you’ll be staying over for tonight…!” Vanessa smiled.
“But… I.. Don’t..
“Don’t want to stay over?” Benjamin helped her.
“C’mon thelma, remember those days when you would climb the small ladder at the back of the house and sneak into Zane’s room to sleepover at the middle of night, you hate staying at your place. Wow you kids change so much when growing up” Benjamin scoffed
“That’s the part of growing up, dad!” Zane added giving his father a blank stare.
“Well… it’s not that I don’t want to stay over, it’s just that my parents will be worried…
“What in world are you saying I’m calling them right now.” Vanessa smiled placing the phone on her ear and walking away, thelma sighed as she and Zane both glance at each other, she rolled her eyes, moved over to the counter Vanessa had brew her tea, and starts to make another one.
She felt so awkward.
“Thank God we’re home it will be raining anytime soon, God I hate this town!” Vera said walking out of Mark’s rented car and making Rebecca laugh.
“Looks like I’m not the only one!” Rebecca added as she walked out of the car too.
Vera removed her heels and handed them to Rebecca, “Hold this” she said and Rebecca blankly took it.
Vera shoved her head into the driver’s window and her head bumped into Mark’s temple making him groan silently and moved a bit so space would be in between their heads.
“You know… We’re still going over to Betty’s tomorrow right?” Vera said, her eyes half way open and half way closed, she was still a little hit drunk because of the recent drink she took and she was also tired.
“Yeah I know, you should go rest you look tired.!” Mark said and she nodded carefully moved her hair back.
“Goodbye” Vera waved and walk over to Rebecca.
“C’mon let’s go in” Vera said.
“You go, I’ll come meet you inside” Rebecca said handing her shoes back to her. Vera shrugged as she took her shoes and she starts to walk inside…

Rebecca rushed to Mark’s car and she knocked lightly on the door.
“Can you come out for a while.?” she said and Mark looked at her carefully before saying “Sure.”
Rebecca moved away from the door letting him open it and walk out.
“I’m out!” he announced as he dipped his hands in his pockets, it was starting to get cold and windy.
“So…” Rebecca tucked her hair behind her ear, “I want to thank you for tonight!”.
“Really what for?” Mark shrugged.
“For… You know everything!” Rebecca stuttered.
“Everything like what?” Mark asked understanding the situation. And it made him smile.
“How do you expect me to explain when I mean everything!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
Mark smiled and leaned down and kissed her, she was surprised but she reciprocated immediately. And yes Mark understood the situation pretty well and had took charge.
He kissed her earlier, she stopped him, and now in a way she kind of felt bad she missed that chance and wanted to kiss him back.
Rebecca’s cold body starts to radiate heat as she and Mark kissed, it was a feeling they both shared at that moment.
But the moment ended too soon when they heard heavy thunder striked with some sort of wicked force.
They had both flinched and then fell out laughing.

“Okay… I have to go in now” Rebecca smiled.
“You really do!” Mark said glancing at the sky.
“I hope to see you again soon!” Rebecca became sad at her words knowing before sunrise Delilah would be back.
“Don’t worry, we’ll see each other pretty soon!” Mark assured her before entering the car, Rebecca walked to her front door, waved goodbye to him before entering inside and Mark quickly drove away knowing the rain would be one hell of a rain.

“What happened to my daughter?” Kimberly, Felicia’s mom gasped when she saw Felicia in shayne’s hand, in a bridal style way,
“nothing! She’s just tired and asleep,” shayne laughed nervously knowing he would be buried alive if his parents or Felicia’s parent finds out they both went to party and Felicia got drunk.
“I’m not asleep” Felicia mumbled making shayne laugh nervously.
“I think she’s just sleep talking, if you don’t mind I’ll go drop her in her room” shayne said and Kimberly opened the door for him to walk in with her daughter.
Shayne carefully place Felicia on her bed and and breathed out a heavy sigh, Felicia groaned and turned.
“You’re never drinking again. Not going to let that happen cause I’m the one who’s going to suffer it after all” shayne gritted and Felicia’s eyes slowly open.
“Take of my shoes!” she ordered.
“What? I got you here and that’s enough” shayne barked…
“Take off my shoes!” Felicia whined wanting to cry but shayne consoled her and took off her shoes.
“Okay, now go to sleep” shayne said and covered her body with her thick blanket.
“Okay…” Felicia mumbled as she closed her eyes and said no more.
“Such a pest!” shayne mumbled and walked out of her room closing the door.
Immediately shayne walked out of the house it started to rain heavily, he sighed but just glad his house is next door.

“Are you comfortable?” Vanessa asked Thelma, as Thelma adjusted the pajama pants on her waist.
“Yeah I guess!” Thelma said.
“I didn’t know you had such a small waist, and it’s one of my old pajamas, I used to wear it when I was tiny but looks like you’re more tiner” Vanessa laughed.
“I’m not tiny,” Thelma mumbled crawling on Vanessa’s bed and sighing heavily.

Her parents had agreed for her to stay at the cosmo’s tonight, and she had taken a shower and Vanessa had given her, her old pajamas and they had agreed to sleep together since she disagreed to stay with Zane when she was asked… like why in the world will she stay with Zane, Vanessa and Benjamin still sees them as kids and she disliked it.
“Are you going to sleep now?” Vanessa asked…
“Yeah! I mean it’s nice listening to the sound of pouring rain before falling asleep” Thelma replied.
“And I thought we should have a little late night snack before going to bed!” Vanessa pouted.
“Snacks! I have no problem with that!” Thelma said standing up.
“Oh I know you always had something for sugar!” Vanessa said.
“of course!”.
“Okay so, I made muffins, strawberry your favorite, did it so quick when you were taking your long bath and also I made it secretly, it’s in the oven, I want you to go get it and prevent Zane and Ben from seeing it unless it’ll be empty before you come back up! ” Vanessa and Thelma giggled.
“Don’t worry, no body will be touching a single one!” Thelma said sharply as she hurried out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

The kitchen was empty and Thelma smiled as she walked to the oven, open it and brought out the tray that contained six muffins.
She smiled and turned to see Zane immediately dressed in black and black pajamas.

“Uh… Muffins?” Zane asked his eyes never leaving the tray.
“Yeah… And what’s it to you!” Thelma snapped making Zane look up at her.
“I’m sorry… I.. Didn’t mean to pry on your food!” Zane said and Thelma rolled her eyes about to walk away but stopped at the entrance of the kitchen…
She turned and called Zane.
Zane turn to her immediately.
“Here… You can have these two” she sighed and she shoved the tray closer to him.
“Really” Zane smiled grabbing two muffins. “Thanks.”.
“Yeah sure, whatever!” Thelma said walking out of the kitchen.
“Why is there four muffins instead of six?” Vanessa asked as Thelma placed the tray on the bed.
“Did any of the boys see you!” Vanessa asked.
“No! It’s just, I met Zane and I gave him two myself.”
“Why.?” Vanessa sighed.
“I.. I don’t know?” Thelma said, “But we can both have two each and it’s more than enough!” Thelma said taking one.
“Oh Thelma.” Vanessa smiled as she sat beside her and they both ate their muffins.
It was fifteen passed eleven pm, the cosmos house was quiet because everyone was fast asleep, and only the heavy sound of pouring rain could be heard.
Well at least most of everyone was asleep,

Zane couldn’t sleep he was awake doing nothing but staring at his phone. He was also in deep thought thinking about Thelma, a lot of things about her danced in his head and he would either smile, get angry or sighed. He was confused.
Thelma on the other hand was awake too, her eyes were closed but she was still awake, thinking about Zane, replaying the moment they had kissed hours ago, she replayed it over and over again and sighed, she stopped herself from sighing too much cause she knew she would wake Vanessa who was a light sleeper.
Thelma flinched and her eyes fluttered open when she felt something tap her arm.
“shhh…” Zane said lightly to her with his index finger on his mouth,
“What are you doing?” Thelma whispered.
“Come on” Zane said holding her hand and slowly leading her out of the bed and out of the room…

“Why are we here?” Thelma asked folding her hand as Zane closed the door to his room.
“Cause… I… Can we talk?” Zane asked shyly.
“Talk about what exactly!” Thelma narrowed her eyes at him.
“Uhm… you?” Zane Said.
“What did I do this time?” Thelma rolled her eyes, “Whatever you have to say, be quick about it I have to sleep in early to wake up on time and go home!” Thelma said as she moved over to the drawer on his bed and shoved her hand in between his bed and the drawer and she smiled when her hand touched what she was looking for…
She turned back and smiled at him
“You still keep this here!” she laughed when she brought out a jar of different coloured gummy bears.
“Yeah, I kind of grew fond of having it before going to bed!” Zane said….
“Well that’s bad, you can’t ever grow up!” Thelma said opening the jar lid.
“I can’t grow up but yet you still fell for the childish me!” Zane said making Thelma look at him as she slowly put the sweetened candy in her mouth.

“What now!” Thelma scoffed, “You’re going to tease me for liking you?” Her voice sounded angry but she wasn’t.
“No.. No… I did not say that! I’m just saying… You…
“I what?” Thelma rolled her eyes as she walked to his bed and sat down. She grabbed a handful of gummy bears and shoved them in her mouth,
She Turned to Zane mouthful and said. “You weren’t supposed to bring me here if you know you wouldn’t say anything!”.

“Well… Thelma, I’ve thought about what you said at the party and I—
“It’s okay!” Thelma interrupted dropping the jar of gummy bears. “You don’t have to think about it, I know you really like Janet and it’ll will be disturbing for you if i… force you, to like me!” Thelma said closing the jar.
“You’re not forcing me, And I don’t mind being in a relationship with you!” Zane said, making Thelma look up at him bewilderedly.
“Really?” she scoffed.
“Yeah,” he said and walked up to his bed and sat down, his back facing her.
He was shy, but she couldn’t tell, she thought he was being cool.
“Thelma… you’re really amazing and you know, I just couldn’t get that kiss out of my head.”
“So you don’t like me, but you like my kiss! I think it’s best if we end this conversation” Thelma laughed nervously.
“No! Listen! It’s not just about the kiss, I mean… how would I like a kiss from the person I don’t like, you get to like someone’s kisses because you like that person!” Zane said looking at the floor.
“So you mean you like me?” Thelma asked.
“What else would that mean?” Zane smiled to himself. “I never realised, but maybe–

Zane stopped talking when he felt Thelma’s hand around his neck and her head on his shoulder.
“That’s enough to hear Zane!” she sighed, glad they had this short conversation.
“Really? So what are we saying?” Zane asked.
“We?” Thelma asked. “Or you mean, what are you saying?”.

“I’m saying… Yes!” Zane said.
“What do you mean by yes!” Thelma laughed, “I’m not proposing to you or anything!”.

“I know, what else do you want me to say!” Zane laughed as he Turned his head to see Thelma smiling at him…
He suddenly starts to kiss her and immediately she reciprocated.
They both smiled and kissed each other at the same time, that ecstasy they felt was like no other.
Zane turned to be in a better position, he placed his hand around Thelma’s waist as he took Thelma in and slowly push her back to the bed making her giggle, Zane straddled over her body and her hand tightened over his shoulder pulling him closer to her.
The rain helped the moment as they both made out, they were perfect for each other, they knew everything about each other, knew the deep and darkest secret no one knew about them and they were just too good to happen.


T. B. C

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