The Real Suspect Episode 25 Guess Who?


The Real Suspect Episode 25

Clara starred at Delight for a very long time
”I’m talking to you Lady” Delight siad hitting her hands on the table
”Sorry, I remembered something” Clara said
”What is that??” Delight asked
”I think the best person that is to be here is Mrs. Adesua and not me” Clara said
”How do you mean?” Delight asked her
”Kehinde her husband is having an affair with Betty and she does not like it. She must have killed her to put her out of the way” Clara said looking directly into the eyes of Delight
”What??!!” Delight exclaimed starring at Clara
”Alright, but where did you go that night?” Delight asked Clara again
”I went to a night show and came back early that morning to behold her dead” Clara said and Delight the police officer was confused..
”You can go..” Richard said walking into the room. Clara immediately stood up, fixed her head phone and walked out..
”This is really a big one” Richard said to Delight
”The more we dig into it, the more confused it becomes” Delight said concurring to Richard’s statement
”We don’t have to give up.. We have limited time to secure this investigation” Richard said, picked up the car keys on the table and walked out.
”Good Morning Madam” Richard and Delight greeted Mrs. Adesua at the same time as she opened the door
”Yes, good morning” She replied
”Can we come in?” Richard asked
”How can you come in when I don’t know you?” Adesua asked as a reply
”Well, we are officers investigating the case of Betty and Mr. Kole who is said to be your father in – law” Richard said and Adesua hit her hand on her head
”Oooh.. Sorry, I forgot your face so easily, please come in” Adesua said
”Thank you madam” Richard said and they entered
”Please sit down” Adesua offered them a sit
”We learnt your husband had an affair with Betty” Delight began
”Yes, that”s true” Adesua replied
”And you were not happy with it and swore to deal with her” Richard said and Adesua starred at Richard
”That I didn’t like the affair of her and my husband doesn’t make me a killer” Adesua began
”I didn’t kill her. Actually right, I said I will deal with her but I never killed her!” Adesua said
”You are lying madam.. You killed her” Richard said harshly at Adesua but Adesua was not moved by his harsh words
”Mr. Officer, you cannot come into my house and call me a liar!!” Adesua barked at Richard standing up
”Now Officers, you have to leave” Adesua said angrily opening the door
”Madam, you are asking us to leave” Delight asked
”Didn’t you hear me insult me” Adesua asked Delight
”Now leave or I will call my lawyer and sue you to court for private Harrassment” Adesua said. On hearing that, they respected themselves and went out
”But, when will you husband be at home?” Delight asked as they left
”Come back by evening” Adesua replied and banged the door
”Gosh!!!! Imagine!! Insulting me in my own house. What a rubbish” Adesua said breathing angrily and went upstairs..
”Mr. Lance, Good Morning” Richard greeted as they were in Lance’s office
”Good day Officer, please have a sit” Lance offered them a sit and they sat down.
”I will leave now Sir” Jasmine who brought them in said but Richard insisted
”Sit down my dear” Richard said and Jasmine sat down
”You were among the people competiting for the multi billion dollars contract held by Mr. Kole” Delight said
”Yes, I was” Lance agreed with her statement
”How can you deny not killing Mr. Kole as he never agreed giving you the contract?” Richard Querried
”I never and didn’t do such at all” Lance said
”I tried all I could but I didn’t get the contract so I relaxed” Lance added
”But you sent Jasmine here to meet him in his office” Richard said
”Yes, I went on behalf of the contract and nothing else” Jasmine said trying to take herself out of the case
”I see, then what were you doing with Mr. Kole is Siverline Hotels on the 13th of November by 3:32 pm?” Richard asked and Lance was surprised because Jasmine never told him that
”He wanted to have sex with me before signing the contract but I refused, but initially, I seduced him which made him sign the first document” Jasmine said
”Jasmine??!!” Lance yelled her name
”I never knew that?” Lance added
”That’s too poor for a lady like you to do my dear” Delight said and Jasmine was ashamed
”We can’t tell what else happened between you and Mr. Kole on that day so, you are a high personnel in this case my dear” Richard said and stood up
”It was nice speaking with you Sir” Richard said and shook hands with Lance. As the officers left, Lance starred at Jasmine with a pitiable face for a very long time. Jasmine was so ashamed of herself
”I did it for the company” Jasmine said to defend her actions
”But I never sent you to do it my dear” Lance said walking up to her
”Thank your starts he didn’t force and rape you” Lance said and held Jasmine..



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1 year ago

Anita is the culprit

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1 year ago

I don’t even know who to suspect sef