The Game Changer Episode 13 – 14 by Tisa Phiri

The Game Changer Episode 1 by Tisa Phiri

The Game Changer Episode 13

© Tisa Phiri

Days later…

” i have been held here for days. When are you going to let me go?” The woman I had kidnapped from the general asked. I came to know her name was Sandra, however, i was not paying attention to her which I had not done since the day i brought her in, infact I barely went to her room.

We had moved out from the lodge and i took the entire crew to rent a house in Mumbwa. I needed to operate from a distance and finding a large house there, came in handy.

” will you answer me please i beg you. I have not done anything to offend you and I don’t even know what is going on, so help me get back to my life i beg you” she cried kneeling down before me as i worked on some staff from a notebook.

” Steve!” She called my name again since i kept quiet all the time as she spoke. I was trying so hard to work on the programme Chama had designed to hack into the government systems and i insisted I learnt so that i too would work on things without entirely replying on one man. Even though I knew i could only end on basics.

” i know you can hear me please answer me” her crying voice came again and this time i looked up at her.

” woman, am trying to concentrate here. Go back to your room and the boys will give you anything you want don’t worry” i sighed looking down at the screen

Did you hear a thing of what said?” She stood straight staring at me i could feel her eyes on me.

” okey okey, ” i responded deeply, trying to stay calm.

” come on lets talk from your room. Is that cool with you?” I stood.

” yeah thank you ” she responded and walked ahead of me.

” so whats up? ” i asked standing in the door way of the room we had given her.

” i was asking why you still keeping me here. It’s been days and you barely look at me. Why won’t you let me go since am no use held in here?” She responded standing next to the bed.

” well” i cleared my throat looking at her seriously for the first time. She had a t-shirt and a Jean trousers I felt for her, the tastes of the guy who went to get her something to change like i told them was really bad. He got a very cheap fadded jeans and shirts I bet he spent part of the money on himself.

Her round light face was accurately appealing for a man. her figure well defined i nodded my head inside to acknowledge why the General was hooked by her.

” yeah yeah!” I rubbed my forehead realising I had gone mute all of a sudden.

” i will let you go soon enough, i don’t just know what role you will play in all this but yeah, i will let you go when am satisfied things are convenient for me” I smiled at her.

” where are We?” She asked looking around.

” well, that is not your problem. Be sure that when i decide it, you will get home safe, my boys will not hurt you. Just that your husband…”

” he’s not my husband I already told you.” She cut me sharply I wondered why she wouldn’t find pleasure in being called a wife to a General.

I laughed a bit and sighed.

” well, whatever the case, he did and still doing some pretty bad staff with other guys and i want to stop him” i said it blankly she looked up my face.

” you are serious?” She responded frowning.

” yep I am” i folded my hands.

” i have known that man for almost 2 years now and believe me he is involved in some deep shoddy staff. The people he deals with are ruthless and i sometimes feared to leave him not knowing how he would take the news and scared someone might hunt me down and kill me” she spoke with a sense of sincerity in her voice.

” mmmhmhmh I see, you stuck with a man cause you fear to leave him not because of the stories of love i hear around?” I giggled

” something like that” she nodded casually.

” well, unlike You, i don’t operate with fear, i make decisions for what i feel is right and i never let fear get the best of me. Consider doing the same and you will have a free mind” I told her and turned to walk away.

” i have work to finish” I added.

” wait!” She called out making me stop in my steps.

” now what?” I asked shifting around to face her.

She walked up closer to me and looked into my eyes, her mouth curved in a smile. I remained stationed not sure why though.

” you seem to be a tough guy and even though I know nothing much about You, i know you are a good man.” She whispered getting on to me her seductive moves making my sense get loose a bit.

” what are you doing Sandra?” I asked her almost in a whisper as she drew herself close to me her hand finding its way to my zip.

It had been long since i had a taste of a woman and i would confess I had forgotten there was such feelings at all.

” let me go!” I warned her as she lifted herself to meet my neck with her mouth breathing softly.

I pushed her away and she drew back instantly.

” what was that?” I asked her smiling face.

” am sorry i thought”

” what? I would sleep with you so that you can trick me and ecsape. You got it wrong woman, there are men surrounding this place and you will not go past the door out. Now this is the last time you try this or i will not honour my word of sending you back to your husband..” I snapped stressing the word husband knowing so well how she hated it. .

” am sorry i didn’t mean it that way.. I just..”

” don’t do that again!” I raised my finger at her and left closing the door on my way out.

“Make sure she doesn’t leave that door again” I instructed the guy by the door.

” what? But you said she can move about inside ” he argued.

” well, i changed my mind, you have a problem with that huh?” I asked him staring straight at him and he stepped back

” no sir” he responded

” good then do as i say” i walked away.

I had received the money I ordered Jacob and the two others. Like expected the money was in the account the morning after i got to them.

I had no idea how it went after i escaped their attack but i knew they were still safe and well.

At first I had doubted they would send it but I was happy when Chama announced that the transfers were made. Now that I had something to get my crew going, things were getting in place.

” Steve! Steve! Chama says there is something you need to see!” A guy rushed to me, i was standing in the back yard trying to calm myself after the encounter with Sandra.

” what’s going on?” I asked immediately i got to the room Chama was.

” it’s Jacob come and see” he spoke showing me the monitor.

” this is from an last night” he announced rewinding the video clip.

I watched as a two men dressed in what seemed to be expensive suites walk into his office. Unfortunately they had their backs to the camera I couldn’t get a glimpse of their faces.

” did you get him?” Came of voice of one of them.

” no sir, but we will I can assure you of that” Jacob answered.

” well some people are not happy with this development you should know that. You had strict orders to eliminate anyone who would put this mission in jeopardy and you have to correct your mistake. Don’t tell me one man can create all this fuss for us. Take care of it as soon as possible Jacob!” I heard the man speak with a commanding voice.

” that’s another way to him. Get it done and concentrate on winning the elections” the man added throwing an envelope on Jacob’s table.

” zoom in I want to see what’s in there” i told Chama looking at him and back at the screen.

I looked on as Jacob took out something from the envelop and looked at it.

” do it again at that angle man” I pointed out.

” yeah sure there you go” he sighed giving me a clear view of a photo.

” son of a bi*ch ! Thats Queen. How did they get to Her?” I stood up worried.

” who is she ?” Chama asked

” someone important cause she saved my life in the jungle. I need to get her out of their immedaitely! ” i frowned walking away towards the door.

” get in touch with the boys inside, let them tell you what the hell is going on there and keep my briefed. ” i indicated to him.

” of course sir.”

I trotted to the vehicle putting on a t-shirt as i only had a vest on. I quickly got to the car and in seconds i was by the road heading to Lusaka.

” hope am not too late for you lady” I spoke to myself accelerating the car engine.

In less than an hour I was driving through the city without reducing much of the speed.

” i will get her out and create a diversion while you take her away in case of anything okey?” I asked The guy I was going with.

” sure where to?” He looked at me

” back at our hide out and make sure she’ s safe” I added.

We came to halt in from front of the house which I had rented for Queen and it was quiet.

” where is she?” I asked myself after going round not seeing her anywhere and her door was locked.

” dammit how could I forget, she probably is at the shop, come on lets go!” I screamed running back to the car my heart racing.

Just as we got to the corner heading to her shop in city market, i saw two strange looking guys head inside the market dressed in dark clothes there was no mistaking their mission.

” i will get through the other entrance, stay here and keep watch!” I spoke getting out of the car and running inside.

” Queen let’s go now!” I pulled her hand immedaitely I got to her shop.

” Steve! What’s going on she asked as i pulled her away seeing the guys taking a turn towards us.

” i will explain later just come with me” i told her as she tried to pull herself back.

” no stop it! I want to know what’s going on someone came here asking questions about you and your whereabouts and today you come pulling me God knows to where” she shouted.

” please let’s move now i will tell you when i get you somewhere safe” I pulled her the more seeing the guys approaching. They looked towards us and started running to us I knew they had seen us.

Without another word I lifted her up and started running towards the exit as people watched surprised.

The two men run after us and i increased speed dodging some people in a clouded market. Luckily my boy was there outside I placed Queen in his hands like she was a baby and he ran outside while I went the other direction ensuring the guys saw me heading there. They bought my trick and came after me as i went back in the market going in circles.

” are you out of here?” I asked The the guy taking Queen.

” yes boss we heading out now” he responded i could hear him speeding up.

I was just placing my phone in the pocket when i felt a sharp hit to my head i held it feeling dizzy or a moment.

” what the…?” I tried to ask but they got to me again this time covering my nose and i instantly went dark.

” i woke up some time later i wasn’t sure how long I had been off. Looking around I was tied to a chair in an empty room. It was silent and cold. I looked at myself and realised I was completely nude which explained the cold i was feeling.

I tilted my eyes around trying to find my escape point but the people who put me in really knew what they were doing.

I stayed there for almost an hour with no one coming in or going out. I looked up again and this time i noticed a small device planted in the corner of the room aimed at me, i knew someone was watching me.

” come and face me now you cowards!” I screamed getting irrited with their silence and lack of action.

” i will kill you when i get out of here you idiots!” I yelled again feeling stupid as I was the one tied up and yet throwing threats at people out.

A man walked in looked at me with an expressionless face. He sighed walking around the room i kept my eyes at him.

” so you are the man? Steven Banda, former Captain special ops Zambian army. Reported dead after betraying his own country” he went through my profile with a teasing smile.

” and the man who will not rest until he makes sure you don’t push this beautiful country into ruins” I added for him with a smile too.

” i like that you are a dreamer captain Banda. Men like you make me laugh, you are like a cockroach that has been hunted by an army of black ants and being lead to the feasting place but keeps his struggles to get itself free” he smiled. I looked up at his face.

” well, by the time am done you will know that am not an ordinary cockroach but one that can just gain momentum and fly away instead of allowing himself to be pulled to his death ” I nodded at him and he laughed exposing his strong white teeth as he adjusted his neat suite loosening his neck tie I knew what his aim was before he got to it.

I winced in pain as he hit me several times in my face making my mouth bleed. I smiled exposing my bloody mouth. He asked again ans again who was working with me but i I gave him no results. Getting a belt, he continuously slashed me around my body.

” you hit like a woman you b******!” I yelled at him whilst laughing. I saw him get pissed and hit me harder.

” you will die you fool!” He screamed wincing at the pain in his knuckles, I smiled again.

” not before i send you and your friends to hell!” I looked at him with pride even when He had disarranged my face i could feel it was swollen but i gave him no pleasure to intimidate me.

” say your last prayers Captain, will see you in hell” he responded and held his hands and walked out as a man opened the door for him i took a quick glance at the long corridor outside my room.

” you know what your mistake is fu**er?” I let a laugh. ” you have kept me alive longer than you ought to” I teased. He looked seriously at me and shook his head walking away.

I knew that was the moment for me. There was no way I was going out of that place alive, it was game over for me and i tried to imagine the guys would complete my mission.

I was lost in my pain and thoughts when I heard a loud bang and some gun shoots so many hours later. I looked up to the door ready to face either my rescuer or the man who was coming to kill me.

” i told you to stay out of trouble soldier!” I heard a voice immediately the door opened but i could not see his face as the atmosphere was filled with smoke.

I smiled when he got closer to my face.

” welcome on board sir! What took you so long?” I smiled at his face and he came to my back cutting off the ropes that were tieing my hands.

The Game Changer Episode 14

© Tisa Phiri

” stay in the back Steve you are hurt.” Ackim ordered me after unitieing me and led me out as the gun shots went loose outside the entire area. It was so noisy everywhere.

” hell no, am not leaving this God damned place without making these b****** pay for messing my face” I responded taking long steps behind Ackim who was holding his two guns ready to fight.

” i thought you could say that!” He smiled throwing me a rifle , 20 rounds long rifle he had put on his back.

” ooowoooo! This is my baby.” I shouted happily and turned to the exit shooting our way out leaving a trail of dead bodies in the long passage, Pushing forward making the other guys step behind.

” our guys are outside! Ackim shouted as he aimed at a guy shooting 12 o’clock ahead of us.

” how many?” I asked running to duck behind some vehicle outside as some fast shots came towards us.

” two” he shouted standing up and shooting ahead before coming to me.

” are you s***ting me right now?” I chuckled.

” no am not soldier, why? You scared ?” He teased running forward and shooting to avoid the shots.

” i like small groups. More efficient” he added with a laugh.

” dammit!” I screamed in pain as my back hit the wall as i tried to follow him. I saw a guy aiming at him from the other side and i stoped making sure i had a clear shot before he got to Ackim.

” stay down! I shouted to him and he bend immediately giving me chance to fire straight at the sniper.

” i thought they finished you” he teased running ahead. I sighed shaking my head and looked back.

I saw the guy who came to torture me running to the car in the back of the buildings behind.

” i see you my friend” i whispered to myself rushing back.

” Steve where are you going?, we have to go now before others get here!” Ackim shouted but i I raised my hand at him pointing to the back.

” not before i settle some idiot! ” i told him and ran back before the car i saw him run to left.

I took out both tires and the vehicle went down flat. The guy with two others stepped out and started shooting at me but i got behind the block panting as i waited for an opportunity to take my shot, my long gun pointed out. I couldn’t mind the small stones pricking my bare feet. I was not even feeling cold anymore with only a short that Ackim had got me from one of the guards. Am sure in day light it would look so funny and small.

The shots continued coming towards me and immediately it was quiet i peeped seeing the guy loading his gun. I fired straight at him and he went down without a sound.

” get that dog!” I whispered to myself and charged forward. I needed to get to my target so i went ahead to the building I suspected he had gone to.

I looked around taking steady silent steps as i got to the dark room. He made a mistake shooting before he had me clearly so i knew which direction to shoot.

One steady shot and I heard him squirm in pain.

I fired again and sure i had him, i walked towards him. Just then the lights went on and a guy came through the door firing.

” oh big mistake” I smiled mockingly and took him off in an instant.

” who the hell trains you guys to shoot Amos? You are so pathetic” I pushed the gun from near my torturer as he cried in pain. I noticed I hit his shoulder and leg.

” you you… I will…” he stattered in pain

” yeah yeah, i told you keeping me alive was a big mistake but like always people never listen to me” i smiled stepping on his wounds.

” ouchhhhhh! ” he cried loudly.

” now you are dead meat you fool! But I will have to learn something from you before you get to hell” I pulled him up.

Ackim came in running and stopped in his steps seeing me standing over a man.

” you are so…” he shook his head smiling.

“Sexy?” I teased looking at him

” full of bullets !” He responded and walked to me.

” this jerk made my pretty face messy,” i told him.

” his mistake though was keeping me alive and he wouldn’t listen when i told him so.” I chuckled

” yeah you should have listened to him ” he teased the guy and helped my lift him when I indicted we were goinng with him.

An hour later we were heading to Mumbwa after going in circles making sure no one followed us.

” am glad to see you General. You saved my life once again” I gave Ackim a quick shoulder hug. After we had put prisoner secured.

” yeah I couldn’t let you die before you teach those fools some lessons. I came in an hour after you leftthe other day. I wanted to surprise you but was told you left for some woman” he paused looking at me.

” you didn’t tell me there is a woman man, should we worry about her? Trust me having someone that close and trying to work through this type of thing will not be easy” he sighed giving me a knowing look.

” no man it’s not that kind of a woman” I shrugged leaning my head to the wall as I felt my head cracking with pain.

” mmmmm are you sure?” He chuckled narrowing his eyes at me.

” she saved my life. She’s the girl from the jungle I told you about last time. I brought her out here and I need to keep her safe. Someone knows about her now and i know She’s in danger. She needs to stay alive no matter what” i expalined to him as he nodded in agreement.

” you care about her i get it, more than you even know for that matter and i want you to get this clearly. Make sure you finish this thing man, you are not to stop until everything is done or you can forget about keeping her alive. Such people never stop man and you are the one to decide their future from now on ” he patted my hand.

” yeah you are right ” i sighed sitting on my bed.

Queen came running and banged the door open. ” Steve! Oh my God you are alive !” She cried hugging me close I winced a bit.

” oh sorry did I hurt you?” She asked with concern looking at my face her hands still around me.

” yeah a little bit” I smiled at her

” oh God look at what they did to your face. You should have stayed away Steve” she cried

” well, well, don’t worry Queen am alright. Meet my friend Ackim, he rescued me from the hands of death” I pointed at him as he watched us in silence.

” thank you so much” she looked at him

” yeah don’t worry he’s going to be Okey, he’s been through worse you know “he smiled looking at me.

” get washed up man i will be outside !” He raised his hands at me and looked at Queen one more time before heading out.

” are you Okey?” I asked her as she kept inspecting my swollen face.

” let me get something to clean your face, you are hurt and…” she couldn’t finish her statement and i pulled her back as she tried to look around for something to use to clean my wounds.

” i will be Okey, alright?” I smiled at her with assurance.

” it’s just that i was so scared the past two days. I, I…i.. thought you were..” she paused crying.

” oh please let’s go away from the city. We need to go back to grand father it’s dangerous out here” she cried fear in her eyes.

” what’s going on Steven? Who are these men around here? Who are those guys after you? What do they want? What are you people doing?” She asked without giving me a chance to respond to any of her questions, her face wet with tears.

” calm down Queen, please calm down. You are safe here no one will hurt you atleast as long as am alive” I held her face.

” now give me some minutes I wash up and put on something decent then I will tell you what you want to know. Is that cool?” I asked smiling at her.

” yeah” she responded nodding her head continuously and wipping her tears.

” good, wait for me here ” i placed her to sit down and walked into the bathroom which was right inside my room.

Minutes later i sat on my bed feeling better. She was disinfecting my wounds and covering them gently as I went through the whole story.

” so like i told you, these guys need to be stopped. ” i added.

” I knew it, the first instant we came here i knew you would go after those people. Please stop this already it’s too dangerous and there are a lot of them out there like you said yourself. How are you going to defeat them with only a handful of men you have around here?” Queen shook her head.

” well, i will die trying my dear. Even if I wanted to quit now it’s too late, they will come after me and every one I care for as long as am alive. The only way out is to need this war my dear. That’s how it is going to be” i frowned closing my eyes.

” you are stubborn Steve,My God you scare me so much with this your courage” she said almost in a whisper her soft voice soothing my very soul.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was looking straight at my face her eyes watery.

” what are you scared of Queen? Is it that I will die or i will finish those Vilians?” I teased

” stop jocking about this Steve, am serious ” she spoke now tears spilling off her eyes.

” stop crying for me lady, i signed to die in this war the moment I decided to start it. It doesn’t matter what happens in the end. Whether I live or die but i will have to finish it. ” i sighed sitting up and wiping her tears.

” so you only care about yourself? You are so selfish Steve, you don’t realise how hurt those who love you would get as long as you achieve your dreams” she cried and I looked at her puzzled.

She sat back a bit and sobbed silently as my hand hanged in the air above her shoulder realising what she was driving at.

” oh God, Queen” I whispered pulling her to face me.

” you didn’t fall in love with me did you?” I shook my head worried.

She looked straight into my eyes. ” even if you don’t see me as i would want to, i still care so much about you and sometimes I want you to see that and try and live Steven.” She spoke with tears.

I looked at her lost of words. I never wanted to envoke what i was feeling for her. I needed her to stay safe and continued living. There was no way I was going to tell her my feelings when my future was not guaranteed.

” look at me Queen” I spoke finally after minutes of silence. She looked at me, ” listen, i care about you so mucc more than I would want to. But i want you to forget about me. Am not the man for you my sweet lady, you deserve a decent good life with a decent sober man. Am just a junky filled with s***” I let a small laugh shaking my head.

” i get high to calm my nerves, i act impulsively and above all am not sure of my tomorrow. No no no, i will not subject you to that. ” i sighed

” So please forget I exist and live on okey?” I tried to smile but she didn’t answer, she instead stood up and looked at me, this time i noticed she was upset.

” you are full of s*** for real and selfish” she spoke and ran out crying I remained stunned by her last words.

“What was that?” Ackim asked walking right through the open door.

” dammit I fu*ked up” i shrugged

” eheee ” he chuckled

” yeah” i frowned.

” okey welcome to the world of women soldier they will twist your mind and make you feel like s*** when you mess things up, they are like guns, you master a good way to use them they will give you some good satisfaction, handle them bad and you get injured” he smiled sitting besides me.

” that is what i have avoided my entire life man, am better at guns only” I giggled.

” okey so tell me what’s been going on. I couldn’t stay away I felt you could use my help I had to plead with my woman to let me come and finally she said yes, so here i am. That’s if you will have me to help…”

” yeah you bet I need you. Or what? You thought I would fight those Vilians without the help of a legend?” I teased making him laugh a little bit.

…to be continued



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