The Enemy Within by Madera | A Tale Of Love, Lust & Betrayal

The Enemy Within by Madera | A Tale Of Love, Lust & Betrayal

The Enemy Within by Madera

Episode 1

The tension in my living room could boil water up to 100°C within a second, the look on everyone’s face does not seem friendly at all to put it mega mildly and the quietness almost feels like you could hear the movements of the ants.

I’m sitting here wondering why we have to gather this much people before my wife’s 27 years old younger sister tells us who owns her pregnancy. I mean for crying out loud she could have done that over the phone and even if she had to still gather this much people why is my house the venue? At least my father in-law’s house is more central. My wife had asked me like gazillion times if I had anything to do with the pregnancy given my close relationship with her sister but honestly she almost got on my nerves before she ended the conversation. She almost made me spill the beans.

The Enemy Within

See, the truth is I knew Abigail was pregnant even before Jide my best friend who impregnated her knew about it. I was the first person she told and had begged me not to tell another soul except for Jide. Jide happens to be a high ranking staff at my work place. We met when my father in-law who happens to be the CEO of the company introduced me to him as the heir apparent to his throne. Since then he has been showing me the ropes and honestly he has been a very good friend to me both in need and indeed.
Despite the fact that Jide had been at the firm for over six years, he never got to meet Abigail until I introduced them to each other and ever since their love for each other has waxed stronger. The only problem is that my father inlaw have higher plans for Abigail in terms of her educational career and is just not ready to hear anything about his beloved daughter settling down just yet. As a matter of fact the news of Abigail’s pregnancy broke him down completely and I just wonder what Jide’s fate will be when my father inlaw gets to know that Jide is behind his current predicament.

My mother in law is the calmest of us all. She really doesn’t care if her second daughter marries right away as long as the man is decent enough and I’m sure the news that Jide is responsible for her daughter’s pregnancy will be a welcome idea. Her only concern in the matter is how her husband is taking the matter too seriously.

The Enemy Within

The look on my mum’s face is that of confusion and hope. She happens to be a part of this meeting mainly because she has been with us ever since my wife gave birth to Caleb our son three months ago. She hopes everything goes well. Like my wife, she has her doubts too but once I told her I didn’t do it, she believed me. At the same time, like me, she wonders why Abigail has to create this much fuss over who owns her pregnancy. My mum and Abigail too are very close. Their relationship goes way back when Abigail’s parents had to move abroad and she was left with my mum in order for her to complete her WASCE examinations. She lived with us for over a year and she has been a very close friend of my family since then.

As a matter of fact, my mum always chided her as my wife back then in her teenage years even up to her early twenties though I am like 4 years older. I think I used to fancy her but she has always been firm that she couldn’t date me. I used to think she was trying to form class for me until she introduced me to her sister………

The Enemy Within

That was the day I knew she had only respect and adulation for me. Her sister was and still is the finest thing I’ve ever seen. I like my woman endowed appropriately in the right places and that is exactly how Andral is. ‘Hello I’m Andral and I’m sure you are Benjamin, right?’ She said when we first met. My heart melted and I was immediately lost in her gaze. I quickly gathered myself together to give her an answer ‘yes’ I said. That was our first conversation and that was how we hit it off until this very day.

My father in law had always thought it would have been my wife that will bring in an unwanted pregnancy to his family. She had been the black sheep of the family. There was a time she eloped with a man for over three years. She had just returned home when I met her. She told me everything about her past and I told her I didn’t care. I married her and my father in law has been grateful to me ever since then for turning the black sheep into a good mother. When the news of my wife’s pregnancy got to him, he bought me a house in Gbagada in Lagos to show his appreciation. Fast forward to today: it is the golden girl that has now made us have that gathering.

The Enemy Within

Abigail came in alone without Jide the main culprit in the matter. She looked dull, remorseful and scared. She greeted everyone and went straight to sit beside my mum. My mum held her hands as if to tell her that everything will be alright. In my mind I’m like let’s get this over with ASAP, Chelsea versus Arsenal match will soon start.

Abigail rose up and said ‘good afternoon everyone, I called this meeting today because of the gravity of the sin I’ve committed………’ In my mind I’m like ‘gravity…..sin…ah, na wa oo. Ordinary pregnancy!!!’ She continues ‘ I hope everyone affected by my actions will find it in their heart to forgive me……..’ ‘ my friend will you cut to the chase and tell us who owns this shameful thing you call pregnancy!’ My father in law cuts in abruptly.

‘Haba! Calm down now, at least let her finish what she has to say, she will get there’ his wife interceded. ‘Ok…..ok oo! Oya continue’. He retorted. By this time tears had started pouring out from her eyes and I was just stunned at how she was making this look like we were dealing with a murder case. She continued her speech ‘the owner of my pregnancy is someone close to this family, someone I’ve know for sometime now and that person is seated among us today.

The owner of my pregnancy is Ben…Benjamin!’

The Enemy Within

To Be Continue….


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