The Devil Wears Okirika PROLOGUE by Kingsley Efughi

The Devil Wears Okirika PROLOGUE by Kingsley Efughi

The Devil Wears Okirika PROLOGUE – Kingsley Efughi

The rain had taken a break, leaving the sky blue with white clouds taking different shapes. Throughout the past week, the rain had fallen non-stop day after day, confining the residents of Amaife to their homes. But now it seemed the clouds had run out of cats and dogs and so the sun was out and shining brightly, birds were chirping and singing, building nests and basking in the sun. Overhead an airplane could be seen, with red wings and a red stripped tail. The low rumble of the plane drew the eyes of Ndidi and her younger sister to the giant bird.

“Aeroplane bye bye. Aeroplane bye bye.”

“Come again tomorrow!”

Ndidi and her sister shouted at the top of their lungs as they skipped towards the stream, their empty water pots balanced on their heads. Ndidi was six years old and her sister was four. Ifeoma her sister had a small pot, more like a jug balanced on her head. She would always cry to accompany her sister to the stream and so her mother always indulged her, giving her a smaller pot to carry. Ndidi’s pot was biggest.

Presently, they skipped towards the stream and Ndidi thrilled her sister with the description of other airplanes she had seen. “There was this one that was very loud and smaller, like a dragon fly…it was beautiful.”

Ifeoma’s eyes grew wide “Do you know the name?”

“Mummy said it’s a helicopter”

They got to the stream and Ndidi held her sister’s hand and moved towards the shallow part. She proceeded to fill her pot first before fetching her sisters’. Suddenly, Ifeoma let out a piercing high

pitched scream. She pointed at something in the water and Ndidi looked in the direction and also let out a blood curling scream.

The two girls abandoned their pots and took off, running towards the path they had come. The only sound to be hear d was the high pitched frightening screams

from both girls. Even the birds had fallen silent as though observing a briefed silence for whatever had frightened the sisters.

The Devil Wears Okirika PROLOGUE by Kingsley Efughi
The Devil Wears Okirika

In the stream, the body remained afloat, she was naked and her body was badly bruised. Her eyes stared up at the clear sky as the gentle current carried her body down the stream.

Chisom had just become the third girl to be raped and killed in

Amaife in the past one month.

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The Devil Wears Okirika

To Be Continued…………….

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