The Choice I Made Episode 1 – Amaka Ember

The Choice I Made Episode 1 - Amaka Ember

The Choice I Made Episode 1 – Amaka Ember

Look Preye, you have to get rid of that baby you are carrying because there’s no way I’m going to be a father now. I need to prepare myself but right now I’m not. Godwin said to Preye his girlfriend who just told him she is pregnant.

No Godwin, I can’t abort my baby. In my family, we don’t abort a pregnancy. Anybody that does that will die in the process. I told you this the first day you were trying to make love to me you said if it enters you will come and see my people now you are telling me to do an abortion. Aaah no I can’t. Preye said.

Preye, forget about all those stories they told you about dying when aborting. They told you that to scare you from getting unwanted pregnancy. Please my love, just do this one for me if another one enters I promise you we will keep it. Don’t worry, I will take you to a good hospital that will do it perfectly. Godwin assured her.

I will not do it, Godwin. Preye said looking straight into his eyes.

How old is the pregnancy? Godwin asked.

You should know it’s a month and two weeks. Preye answered.

You see na! It’s still removable. Why can’t you do this thing na? You will be happy and I will be happy too we will continue our relationship happily again. Godwin still insists.

Leave me alone I will not! I will not!! Preye screamed.

Okay, okay fine stop shouting. I will come and see your people… Preye smiled. Godwin continued. Prepare and travel to your village and inform your people that I’m coming. But when you travel you will stay for a month in the village.

Why stay a month? I’m doing a sales girl for my madam. I don’t think she will give me the grace to stay that long. Preye calmly said.

If she can’t permit you to stay that long then quit. After all, you are now pregnant there’s no way you will continue working with her forever. I will also travel to my village and get my people informed. Godwin said.

A few days later Preye traveled to her village. She handed her Mother things Godwin bought for her and broke the goods news to her. Her mother was excited singing and dancing. All through her stay in the village Godwin was caring enough to check up on her and speaks with her mother too.

Mama, it’s okay na. If you pack all your periwinkle and fish for me which one will you be eating? Preye who is traveling back to the city asked her mother.

I’m in the village I will get another one for myself but you people in the city buy them expensive. Please, carry them and be cooking them for my in-law let him be looking healthy for me. Preye’s mother happily said.

Mama let me be going and get to the city on time.

Journey mercy my child.

Preye arrived late in the night. She couldn’t go and see Godwin and extend her mother’s greetings to him. She slept and gists with her roommate Blessing who is of the same age mate(22yrs) with her. She told her how her journey in the village went.

Chai! I missed you o. Ehe, your madam sent somebody to come and collect that key you hung on the wall just this morning. I gave the girl the key sha it seems the girl is her new sales girl. Blessing told her.

Yes, is her new sales girl. I told her I will stay long in the village and won’t continue working with her. Preye explained.

The next morning Preye went to Godwin’s house to see him with lots of foodstuffs she carried but she got there and met another big new padlock on the protector. She knocks on his neighbor’s door to ask him about Godwin.

Good morning Sir, please I don’t know if you are aware Godwin went far. He knows I’m coming this morning but I got here I met another new padlock. I’m calling him now but his number is switched off.

Does he know you are coming this morning? The neighbor asked.

Yes Sir. Preye answered.

Hmmm, Godwin packed out about a week ago.

No, you are not sure sir. We spoke last night and this morning we talked again before I started coming. He can’t pack out na.

My dear, another person has rented that house. Be here by the weekend to check if he has packed out or not. The Neighbor said and entered his house.

Preye stood helplessly while tears rolled down her cheeks.

To be continued…

Written by Amaka Ember

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