The Brilliant Wife 1 – Ndukwe Ularinma

The Brilliant Wife 1 - Ndukwe Ularinma

The Brilliant Wife 1 – Ndukwe Ularinma

Stepping into the hotel room seeing her husband naked with another lady, made her mad. She was both confused and understanding about the matter. Life has been so fair to her so why now, why now did it have to be her. Why did he cheat on her?

Henry went about his business. He was a multi billionaire who was well known in the business world. He was every woman’s dream but he had just her, only her in his mind and head. She wasn’t very beautiful but she was pretty. She wasn’t rich but she was generous. She was his one and only and he had vowed to protect her till death and make her happy.

Today as usual, he had bade his wife goodbye and left for work. At work he had a business meeting with an influential businessman and he had called her that he will be late. He was sure going to miss her and she had told him to take his time.

Stepping out of the office, he entered his car heading to the hotel where he was to have a discussion with Mr. Lip. Arriving there, he stepped out of his car, closed the door and arrived at the reception desk.

At his back, a woman with a hood was closely following him. She smiled and entered the hotel to the room where the deal was going to be done.

She had been his secret admirer for years and she had him at every corner of her wall. She was mad when she heard he got married but nonetheless she still admired him and hoped one day she will take him once during her ovulation period and make him hers.

“Settled,” said Mr. Lip to Henry shaking his hands, “to celebrate this, we need to drink,” he added pressing a button and immediately the hotel staffs brought drinks.

Henry had a zero alcohol tolerance and Mr. Lip knew so he ordered for soft drinks not after intoxicating it. As normal thinking it was soft drinks, he began taking one after the other discussing other things with Mr. Lip until he became drowsy and passed out.

He was dragged to another room by two hotel attendant where the hooded lady kept arranged. She had that joy in her heart, a crazy joy and she was delighted that her wish came true.

After setting everything, she wanted to do what she wanted most but an unusual drowsiness followed which made her fall asleep right there on the spot.

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