The Bodyguard Episode 14 – 15

The Bodyguard Episode 2 by tisa phiri

The Bodyguard Episode 14

Written by Tisa Phiri

I slowly closed the door and walked back to my room, feeling bad about Paula. I couldn’t bare seeing her cry but I couldn’t really understand what was going on with her.

” was she crying because I didn’t pay attention to her or there was something she really wanted to tell me and i played a blind eye?” I wondered as I sat on my bed .

I knew how I felt about her but I also knew I wasn’t her type nor class.

I recalled her asking me if she wasn’t beautiful and what came to my mind first was that someone had disappointed her and she was feeling less of herself. I even thought of the possibility she wanted me but then, I shook my head..

“no way.” I was nothing close to what she could probably want being her body guard and practically her employ didn’t give me so much courage to place myself to her level.

“No Ackim forget it” I shrugged trying so hard to suppress the urge of going to her room and hold her in my arms.

Moving out of my clothes I took a quick bath, as I wiped the water on my head, my Phone rang.

“Hello !” I answered carelessly, it was Lisa , Paula’s Secretary..

“yes babe are you coming tonight? ” she asked her voice excited..

“oh no!” I screamed in my head. I had forgotten I had a date with her.

” oh sorry Lisa” I told her honestly .

“I completely forgot we planned to go out today.”

She lashed out her temper shouting..

“I knew it Ackim. I don’t even know why we are in this relationship. you always forget the most important things for both of us it’s not fair.!”

I was just listening on as she talked.. she was too loud for me I don’t even understand why I had to pick a noisy woman out of all the women I saw around. I actually thought she was funny and cheerful. someone who would help me calm my feelings for Paula but I was wrong. Instead of being funny I realised she had a large mouth and that got to me. I was however not the type to easily give up What I started so I tagged along the past month.

“It’s okay Lisa” I calmed her down.

“I don’t say am not coming am actually preparing to come there right now.” I heard her sigh. I knew I got her, for some reason Lisa could do anything for me. I bet that’s the main reason I was still with her.

I quickly dressed up in my causal clothes and grabbed the keys to the car I was given to be using if I was going anywhere alone.

Just as I switched off the light and turned to head outside I met Paula standing by her bedroom door, which was opposed my room. I was given that room so that I could of course keep an eye on her and get to her if anything went down unexpectedly.

“Where do you think you are going this late?” she asked almost in an intimidating voice like to let me feel she was the boss..

“Am going out but will be back before 22” I told her looking at my watch. It was slightly past 19 hours..

“well, am going out too ” she said bluntly.

“but if you are busy it’s okay I can just drive myself” she added walking back in her room.

“Oh no.. you can’t!” I quickly walked to her.

” you know i won’t let you go out alone especially in the night. Remember your father said…”

I couldn’t finish my sentence and she barged in.

“well my father should know that am woman and not a child to be escorted by some body guard everywhere” she responded her facial expression serious..

I felt she was still upset with me but letting her go out alone was out of question I would never allow myself do that, risking her life. So I walked to her and grabbed her hand.

“Am sorry you feel that way but it’s my job to protect you. I won’t leave you alone. so if you are going out I am coming with you.”

She looked at me and sighed deeply

“you know what? since you are going out too then we will go where you want to go in that way I won’t make you cancel your outing ” she smiled.

I knew what she was asking would make Lisa uncomfortable and myself too. But if I had to put her safety first it was the best thing to do. besides, I could at least keep the promise to be with Lisa that night.

“Okay then” I told her finally

“let’s go am having a date with someone though, so if you are ok with it then we can go” I added..

She looked at me and ignored my last sentence..

“whatever..” she shrugged..

“let me change then..”

She came out a few minutes later wearing a red dress reaching up her knees exposing her light and soft thighs. It was tight too and very sexy, her black heels added to her height and she was now slightly taller than me. she looked perfect with her hair falling on her shoulders, covering part of her cleavage but I still could see the skin of her round breasts.

I swallowed hard as she walked towards me. she really did her best to punish me that night. my mouth went dry and I let her lead the way and followed without saying anything.

I opened the the door to the Range Rover and she hopped in leaving her dress moved up wards. She made no effort to pull it down and my brain was scattered.

I drove in silence to some place where they were playing live music by some popular band in town. she then cleared her throat as I was parking the car.

” who is your date Ackim?” she asked me. Realising i had not told her about Lisa.

“Lisa.” I answered not looking at her..

“oh I see” she said in a low tone.

“so you decided to pick on my Secretary of all women.” She accused sadly.

“Am sorry I didn’t take it that way” I tried to defend myself..

” it’s just that am..”

I couldn’t complete my word and she interrupted again..

“do you love her?” She asked looking straight into my eyes like trying to ascertain if I was being truthful.

I felt bad I had to discuss that with her but i had to answer..

” I don’t know” I said honestly .

” we started dating a few weeks ago and am not sure about us so far.”

I saw her smile and shake her head..

” mmmn you are complicated Soldier” she said in her father’s tone. which he used when referring to me as soldier, As she opened the door and stepped down.

I walked close to her my eyes searching everywhere for any signs of danger, satisfied nothing seemed unusual, I walked behind her as we entered the reception of the hotel hosting a live band.

Lisa walked towards me with a smile. she too looked great in her silky short dress outlining her well shaped hips. But for some reason I felt Paula had nailed it more than anyone in that room. even some other guys stared at her as we walked and I couldn’t help feel jealous.

Lisa’s smile faded when she saw Paula. i knew that would happen so i had no choice but to escalpate myself. Paula was greeting some elderly man it seemed he was some manger for the mine at that point Lisa grabbed the opportunity and pulled me aside.

“What is she doing here Ackim. ? ” She asked furious..

“calm down Lisa I had no choice but to come with her, she wanted to go out and you know i can’t let her go alone. so instead of cancelling my date with you i thought it’s better I come with her” I explained to the now mad Lisa..

“It’s always about her Ackim” she scolded..

“you never have time for me but you can go anywhere, anytime with time her.”

“Don’t tell me you are jealous of the person who pays both of us.” I told her my eyes watching Paula who seemed not to mind my absence. I then cut Lisa off as she almost said some more.

“Let’s sit down already” I suggested leading the way to the table..

Paula was calm all the time and she and Lisa said less to each other. I was so uncomfortable I almost ran out to get some air, but leaving Paula without guard was risky so I played it cool and tried to bring up some small talks. Paula was drinking heavily and by the time it was 23 hours she was drunk. i had a couple of wine glasses and didn’t take any more. I had to stay sobber.

At exactly 23 30 i told the ladies we had enough for the night. Paula staggered and almost fall but I was quick and grabbed her. she let a laugh and held my neck..

“I cant walk Soldier” she whispered in a drunk voice.

I could see the rage on Lisa’s face but I ignored her, lifting Paula she Leaned her head on my shoulder closing her eyes as we walked to the car Park.

I had to drop Lisa first since she was just brought by her friend on her way to the hotel after i told her i would delay a bit.

All the way Lisa was quite and I knew i will pay for that the following day. Paula fall asleep in the back seat where i placed her.

After dropping Lisa I drove back to the mansion..

I lifted Paula to her room, removed her shoes and put her in the sheets to sleep. before I could stand from her, she opened her eyes..

“Ackim.. !” she called me.

“What is it Paula?” I asked..

“don’t leave me alone here” she whispered closing her eyes.

“please am scared” she added.

” I will sit there then” I told her pointing at the small couch besides her bed.

When I noticed she had fallen asleep I tip toed to the door to escape, then she lifted her head slightly..

“hmmmmhmmmh dont” she shook her head

” sit there..”

I walked back defeated and sat on the couch. she raised her eyes to look at me again and in a few seconds fall asleep.

I watched her quietly wishing I could crawl in and sleep besides her, but i dared not. Dozing off, i too fall asleep on the couch.

The Bodyguard – Episode 15

By Tisa Phiri


I woke up about some hours later, realising I had fallen asleep in Paula’s room. Rubbing my eyes I looked at my watch. It showed i had been in Paula’s room for over 4 hours. It was 4am.

I looked at the still sleeping Paula. she had pushed her sheets one side, the dress was lifted high up almost showing off her pants. Quietly, I pulled the cover and placed it on her body leaving just her head out. she didn’t make a move so I just watched her beautiful face for a couple of minutes and left to my room.

Mr Benson had gone out of the country that week so I had to pick him. He called me he was coming back that very day at 10 am and asked me to be in Ndola at the airport so I pick him up.

Mr Benson had other drivers but lately he had trusted me more than his old drivers.

I Decided to have a quick bath. I was to started off at exactly 6 hours if I had to make it on time. After I was done preparing myself, I went to tell Paula I was leaving.

She was already up ..

“Good morning” I greeted her.

“Morning Ackim.. slept ok? ” She asked.

“Yeah.though I spent the whole night on the couch ..remember ?” I asked giving her an eye to indicate she told me to.

She smiled shly..

“Oh yeah? That sucks” she giggled. “sorry I was trouble I was just too wasted. I gues I had too much to drink” she added as she combed her hair.

“it’s okey”

“though it seemed you drunk to purnish yourself for something, good you are okay now, I guess.guess”

She looked at me and smiled.. nodding her head.

“yeah am fine now ” she said almost like trying to convince herself.

“Well good, I just came to let you know am going to pick up your father from the airport..”

“Oh no.. !” she screamed.

“I forgot he’s coming back today. what the hell! oh my God Ackim am going with you, i promised dad I will be there.”

I looked at my watch..

“unless we start off now we will be late” I informed her looking at her still in a towel.

“Of course..” she stood

” let me just dress up.” she took a step and the towel fall down leaving her complete nude body exposed.

Instead of looking away I looked at her and I was frozen,

“oh my!” I heard myself scream inside. she just stood there also storned, for some Seconds none of us did anything.

Coming back to my senses I rushed to pick it and cover her and my move startled her too, we both bent down to pick the towel and I caught her hand.

The moment was like time had stopped. I followed her hand as she lifted the towel without letting go of her and part of the towel I was holding.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I set my eyes on hers and she didn’t look away either, slowly I moved my hand up from her palm to the shoulders. I touched her neck and she gasped.

My mind was like it had been switched off. I can’t even remember what was controlling me but I pulled her close to myself my eyes still focused on her. She stood there like waiting for me to do something or maybe say something..

slowly and in a gentle way I pressed my lips on hers. I kissed them and she just let me without responding, a few Seconds later I withdrew..

“Oh my God! Paula am so sorry, i i. ..” I couldn’t finish my setence i felt so ashemed of myself. I failed to control myself and I felt terrible not knowing what she was thinking about me.

I apologised again and ran when she just stood there saying nothing.

I went outside not looking back, reaching the car I put hands in my pockets and paced around.

“Damn it! Ackim!” I cursed myself. “self discipline and control.” I reminded myself of some of the military virtues. I paced around waiting for her so we start off. I knew I was in trouble.

“how could I.. oh God!” I frowned still confused my heart was pumping fast I could feel it in my palm.

When she can out about 15 minutes later, I couldn’t let myself look at her. I even wished the trip was concealed. How was I going to drive with her seated so close to me for hours.

“It will be a long day” i thought to myself as i opened the door to let her in..

She said thank you and hopped in walking round to the driver’s seat and wiped my sweaty hands.

“Forgive me Paula” I managed to say when I gained courage about 20 minutes after we drove in silence.

” I don’t mean to. am trully sorry I did that” I spoke softly.

She looked at me.

“what did you do?” She asked like she wasn’t there when it all happened.

I struggled to mention the word and when I finally said..

“I kissed you..” it came out more like a wimp and not a sound.

“It’s okay” she sighed casually.

“am sure you were just caught up in the moment” she added camly….

I was glad she wasn’t mad at me. so i tried to relax and fastened my seat belt as i increased the speed.

We had moved for almost an hour and where minutes away from Chingola town when I spoted a car following us.

I didn’t tell Paula anything but i tried increasing the speed, the black Noah following us also increased speed.

My instincts warned me something wasn’t ok. So I that moment i warned Paula to fasten her seat belt.

“I think someone is following us” i told her..

“What?” She asked looking at the side mirrow. I steped on the accelerater and increased the speed to 180. few minutes later a Grey Pajero came from behind the Noah and I saw he was catching up, coming direct at us.

“s*** !” I shouted. I let him get closer because I couldn’t go beyond my speed unless i was alone.

“Hold on Paula!” I alerted her and swayed to the other side of the road as i stepped on the brakes, the tires screeched making a sharp noise.

The Pajero passed us at great speed leaving us behind and I quickly turned into the bushes, luckily the range rover would pass easily even in rocky grounds so I drove through the bushes at 120 km/hour, leaving a clear path where the vehicle passed.

I saw a clearing ahead and drove past it, thankfully the place was rocky. It meant if our persuers where following us they would not know which way we went from that spot.

I drove in cirles for an hour just to make sure we lost them and finally decided to stop in the middle of the bush.

“Are you okey?” I asked Paula who was still holding on to the seat scared.

She nodded.. “yeah am fine” she breathed out loudly.

“was just scared we would die” she said panting..

I moved out to her side and opened her door..

“you are safe now” assured her holding her hands.

” take deep breaths” I instructed trying calm her down.

A few minutes later she was calm. i removed the phone from my pockets and text her father about the incidence. He didnt respond and i decided to tell the driver from ndola where he had some other businesses to go and pick him.

“What happened out there ? Paula asked.

” why are people trying so hard to kill me Ackim, what have I done?” She cried.

I felt for her but I couldnt get close and comfort her, for fear of repeating my mistake for that morning.

“it’s alright Paula, soon all this will be over.” I tried to assure her..

” if my plan works, within a month I should be able to know the cause of all this. Am on yo something that I trust will give me a solution and help me put a stop to all this”

“Are you sure Ackim?” She asked looking at me.

“Am really fed up of not having the freedom to move about and do my own things, am even thinking of going back to Austrilia and live there away from all this.” She complained..

“but i cant just leave my father alone here” she added crying..

To be continued

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