Shinning Crystal Episode 38 – 39

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Shinning Crystal Episode 38

She walked slowly towards him as Justin stood still on a spot staring at her as she came. She walked pass him heading to class without looking back. Justin stood there for a while before he finally left. Sarah stopped at a corner leaning her back to the wall. She quickly went back to the spot looking around for Justin but he was no where to be found.
After morning lecture, Hanna and her friends were preparing to go out of the class packing their books. Hanna was still angry due to what Sarah said earlier.
They were about moving out when a girl bumped into Hanna thereby making her bag fell to the ground. “Oops my bad. Sorry”the girl said in a laughing way. By seeing her laughing, Hanna got more angry. “If you’re sorry, then pick it up”she said looking at her badly. “When someone say they’re sorry, you should just forget it and accept”the girl said trying to walk out on her. She pulled her arm and dragged her back to her face. “If that’s how people do saying sorry every time they commit a crime, there won’t even be cops in this country. Stop this nonsense and pick it up now”Hanna yelled at her angrily. The girl looked At her face and started laughing again. “Do you think that looks scary? No that won’t work on me”the girl said and jacked her hand off from her. “OK then I’ll show you something scarier then”Hanna said raising her hand trying to use her power. She tried but it wasn’t working. The girl looked At her and started smiling again”you’re a funny type. What the hell are you doing with you fingers up at me. “Are you a witch? Do you want to cast a spell on me?”the girl asked laughing.

She laughed till she left the class. Hanna was so surprised her magic power was not working anymore. She picked up her bag and quickly rushed out of the class leaving Mina and Clara behind. They both wonder what has came over her. “Why is she like that?”Clara asked Mina. “Don’t ask me that please”Mina said also leaving. Hanna headed to her usual place, the back of the basketball field. “What happened to my powers?”she asked herself looking at her hands. “Are our powers gone?”she asked herself. “Let me try it again”she stretched her hands forward looking at an empty soda can on the ground. She tried the first time, it wasn’t working. She then closed her eyes and tried again, when she opened her eyes, the soda can was flying up in the air. It began moving unsteadily, it was about falling on her head, but something stopped it. She looked up at it and saw it was frozen. “Did I do that?”she asked herself looking up. “No, I did”Daniel said looking at her.

He walked up to her with his hands in his pocket. “Why cant you control this small light can? I had been watching you from there”Daniel said looking at her. She was so embarrassed by that. She looked up and the frozen can was still there. Daniel brought it down with his hand and continue talking. “Did you lose those powers?”he asked again looking surprised. “I don’t know. I think I can’t use it anymore. Why? But yours is working”Hanna asked looking at him. “Why? What did you do with it?”Daniel asked her.
Sarah and Justin never exchange words ever since she got back to school. Justin tried approaching her many times but all she did was ignore him.
After school, Sarah got home and met his brother in the living room watching TV. She walked straight to her room looking tired and worn out. She got to her room and dropped her bag on the bed sitting beside it. She remembered all what Justin had been doing to get back to her in school. Each time he got to her, Sarah would feel like talking to him and be back together again but she find herself ignoring him at last. She got really tired of it as she forced herself to do this everyday. Sometimes, when they both were in class, she’ll find herself staring at him at times of lecture, When he was about looking her direction, it’s either she stare off or start pretending she’s writing something on her note.
Sarah brought out her phone and started browsing through it. She opened her gallery and was looking back at those pictures they took together. She was smiling as she looked at those pictures.

She remembered the promise they made to each other back then at the movie. She remembered all the promises she made to him. “No matter what happened, we’ll never be apart” she remembered all those promises and started crying. “Am sorry mum. I don’t think I can do this anymore. I miss him so much. Am dying of heartache each day I set my eyes on him. Please forgive me mum”she said crying. “I don’t think I can live without him anymore. I hate seeing those looks on his face anytime he looks at me. Am sorry. Justin am so sorry”she cried placing her hand on her chest.
After crying for a while, she went to the bathroom to wash her face so that Jack won’t ask her why her face is swollen. After washing her face, she went to join his brother in the living room. Jack saw her face was different. with that, he can quickly tell she was crying again. She sat gently beside him not looking at his face. “Were you crying again?”he asked looking at her. “I never cry unnecessarily before. So, stop joking around with me. I don’t have enough strength to shout today”Sarah said looking at the screen.

Justin was with Jack before Charlie came out. He has asked of her when he came and Jack told him she’s inside. He excused himself to use the bathroom for a while.
As he was coming back to the living room, he heard Jack’s voice talking to someone.
“How long would you put on those acts? I think it doesn’t make sense for you to just pretend you can’t remember him when you do. I never understand or know your reasons for doing that. Please stop now”Jack said looking serious. Sarah looked at him and felt like a bad person by his word.
Justin heard this from where he was standing and couldn’t believe his ears.
Sarah saw a phone on the table. Immediately she saw it, she knew it’s for Justin. She wondered what his phone was doing there. She turned to Jack looking at the phone. “Why’s his phone there?”she asked Jack looking shocked. “Oh he was here a while ago. He went to the bathroom. I think he should be here by now”Jack said and concentrated back on the tv. Sarah looked back and saw him standing there looking at her the expression on his face was Unknow. “Justin”sarah called his name looking at him in surprise. He ignored her moving to the center table to picked up his phone. Jack was also surprise he was there listening. “Hey”Jack called but he left them and walked towards the door. Sarah stood up from the couch and went after him. Jack didn’t move from where he was. He watched both of them as they left. “You guys should sort your problems yourselves. Am tired of butting in”he said and sat back on the couch enjoying the program.

“Justin! Justin wait”Sarah called his name going after him. But he didn’t stop or did as if he heard her. Sarah ran up to him and blocked his way spreading out her hands. “Please let me explain”she pleaded looking at him. “What do you have to explain? Did you enjoy playing around with me? Was it fun doing that?”Justin asked in anger. “Justin please forgive me. I never mean to do that. Please let’s sort this out together”she said holding his hand. “You never mean to ignore me or you never mean to pretend you can’t remember me. Charlie what have I done wrong to you? Why do you have to ignore me like a stranger all this days? Oh now I get. Do you find me irritating now that you know your true identity? I look so worthless to you right. I don’t worth been seen with you. Fine you should have said that earlier instead of playing and joking around with me. I never knew you were this kind of a girl”Justin said angrily looking at her. Sarah felt so hurt by his words, she left his hand looking at him”Justin do you think it was because of that? Do you think I am that kind of person? Why won’t you listen to me? Do you think I also enjoy doing that to you? No. Am also not feeling good inside me. Am so disappointed in you for what you just said. You never know my reasons for doing that.”Sarah said but Justin cuts in again,

“The more I think about it, the more I see you as a bad person. You never knew what I went through each day seeing you act like that. You took my love for granted and chose to play with my heart. Fine I will never appear before you again. The Charlie I once know is not here anymore. You’re a new person. You’re Sarah not Charlie. Don’t ever act like you know me in future.

And let’s not bump to each other if possible.”Justin said and walked out on her feeling hurt and betrayed.
Tears started dropping from Sarah’s face uncontrollably as she watched him leave.

Episode 39

She couldn’t hold herself back anymore but to cry out. “Am so sorry for everything.”she said crying. Justin was staring at her from his car as she cried. He looked away and tears also dropped from his eyes. He started the engine and drove out of the compound.
At royal hour school, Charlie got to school early searching everywhere for Justin. She never get a good sleep overnight, she kept thinking about him. She promised to apologize to him properly hoping he would forgive her and forget about what happened.

When she searched everywhere and was not able to find him, she saw down on a bench under a tree. “Why is he not here yet?”she asked looking around. students could be seen in the, compound walking about. Someone came sitting beside her and she quickly looked at the person hoping it’s Justin, But who she could sew was Daniel. “Hey Daniel”she called feeling disappointed. “hi miss”Daniel replied with a smile. Sarah’s expression went bad again. “Did you guys had a fight?”he asked looking at her. By not replying him, he took it as a yes. “I noticed he was not himself yesterday. Even though I asked him why he was like that, he never said anything to me. He kept drinking and drinking the whole night before I left his place. I guess that was why he is not yet in school by now”Daniel said looking at her. Sarah was surprised by what he said. “He really drank too much yesterday? Oh no”Sarah said feeling bad. “I don’t think he would be in school today. Since Mrs Henry went back to Malaysia yesterday morning, he has no one to force him here.”Daniel said. “So what would he be doing at home all alone?”Sarah asked looking at him.

“He would probably be drinking again or still sleeping I guess”Daniel said looking at her. “What have you do to him to make him that way? It has been long I saw him like that. Did you breakup with him?.”Daniel asked.
“It was my fault. I think I need to see him now”Sarah said standing up. Daniel also stood up looking at her”where are you going to?”he asked. “To justin”she replied and walked away before Daniel could say anything again.
“Why did she have to go when classes were about starting?”Daniel said Checking his wrist watch. He saw Hanna going to class and he quickly walked up to her smiling.
When Sarah got to Mr Henry’s house, she greeted the maids on her way in. When she got to the living room, One of the maid stopped her when she was about going into the passage leading to his room”he doesn’t want to see anybody for now. Please ma’am it’s better you come back later or call him before going in.”she said in a polite manner. “Don’t worry about that. Am not anybody. Please let me see him”Sarah begged her. “If I allow you in, I might lose my job. Please it’s better you call him or come back later”she said in a pleading voice. “OK”Sarah said and reached for her phone. She called his phone but he wasn’t picking up. She called it again, it was ringing but he refused to pick it. Sarah now thought he might have done something bad to himself. “Please let me in. You can’t be fired. I guarantee your safety OK?”Sarah said and walked towards his room not waiting for her to say anything again. When she got to his door, she took a deep breath before opening it. She peeped in still standing by the door but she saw nobody in his room. He was not there. “Where could he be?”she asked herself walking into his room.

She has no idea of what happened in his room. It looks messy and rough. Some stuffs were displaced from where they are before. Everywhere was so messed up. “What in the world happened here? Did he do all this?”she said looking around his room. She dropped her bag and started arranging the stuffs to where they are before. After putting them back in place, she wanted to lay the bed properly, but something shining in a small black box caught her eyes. She picked up the box and brought out the necklace in it. She hold it in her hand staring at it. “It looks pretty. But why is he having a girl’s stuff?”she said still staring at it.
Justin came in from outside and saw her standing there with her back on him. She didn’t hear the sound of the door when he came in, so she didn’t notice he was there already. Justin stared at her for a while before he finally spoke”what do you think you’re doing in my room?”he asked.

When Sarah heard his voice, the box and the necklace fell from her in shock and she quickly turned to him. “ here.. Because..”she stammered not knowing what to say. Justin looked at the necklace that dropped from her and looked back at her face”You’re here because of what? How can you come into a guy’s room carelessly and start toughing his stuffs without his knowledge?”he asked moving closer to her. “Am sorry. I think I went too far coming all the way here.”Sarah said looking at him. “You don’t need to be sorry to me this time again. Am tired of that word already.”Justin said as he moved closer to her. When he got to her, Sarah could still perceive the odour of the wine he took. He picked up the necklace on the floor beside her and dropped it back on the bed. “Get out now, If you have no reason for coming here”he said not looking at her. “I want to know the reasons you were not in school. Why? Have you really been drinking since yesterday?”Sarah asked looking at him. He took off his shirt not minding her questions or her words.

Now only a white singlet could be seen on him and a small short he was putting on. Sarah’s eyes went wide as he saw him undressing in her present. She don’t know what else to say anymore. She kept staring at him wondering what he was trying to do. But he went ahead and took of the singlet also. By now, his sexy Abs were smiling at Sarah. She swallowed hard still staring at him. “Wh…what are you doing right now? Why are you undressing?”she asked looking at him. Justin looked at her with an unknown expression”what do you think am doing? Please leave now. I need to shower”he said looking at her. “OK. Please just spare a minute.

Just hear what I have to say for a minute”Charlie said. Her eyes can’t just stop staring back at his body as she try to talk. Justin kept staring at her expecting her to say whatever she have to say.”Em..ehm…am sorry for…ev..everything”she said staring at him. After that statement, her lips were tightly shut not knowing what to say again. The more she tried to talk, the more her eyes kept staring at those Abs. She was carried away by his amazing six packs. Of course Justin was aware of that.

“What do I have to say next? How does he expect me talk looking at him like this? No no no! Sarah wake up. Your time is running out!”she thought to herself looking at him. By hearing the word sorry again, Justin moved closer to her. Sarah quickly stared off not looking at him again”I..I…”
Justin got close to her and looked straight into her eyes”I said no more of that word again. The more you say sorry, the more it got me really upset. Charlie…

I mean Sarah please just stop this already. Am tired of it please. Just leave my room since you don’t have any other thing to say. Please I need to be alone for now ok”he said looking at her. “Am sor…”she wanted to repeat it again but quickly stopped looking at him. “Sarah please leave. Do you want me to take you out myself?”Justin asked in a little harsh voice.

“OK I will leave for now. Sorry for breaking into your room”she said and left his room closing the door behind her.
After she left, Justin leaned his back to the wall staring at the door. “Sorry,sorry,sorry. All the time. When will she stop saying that word to me? I can’t just understand her anymore”Justin said to himself staring at the door.

He moved to his bed and was about taking off his short to go into the bathroom. Just as he was about taking it off, Sarah came in again. And he quickly stopped staring at her.




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