Shinning Crystal Episode 29 – 30 by Nicky

Shinning Crystal Episode 2 by Nicky

Shinning Crystal Episode 29

“Hanna are you OK?”Clara asked holding her as she staggered back. She jacked off her hand looking at Charlie then walked away leaving her friends behind. “I told you guys to go easy on her”Clara said to Mina.
Justin left the scene with Charlie, leaving Lucia and the girls behind.
“Won’t you guys leave or you want me to show you the way to go”Lucia said moving closer to them. The girls moved back slowly as she went closer. “Let’s go guy”a girl said and they all left.
Justin took Charlie to a more quiet place. He dropped her hand looking at her. “Is that true?”he asked staring at her. “Yes. I plan to tell you but…but.. But”Charlie stuttered.
“No matter what the situation is. My love is still there for you. Charlie, that can’t stop me from loving you OK”Justin said looking at her. “Am sorry for that”Charlie said not looking at him. Justin moved closer to her and hugged her. “It’s OK. Don’t be sorry, and don’t keep anything from me again. I love you more than that”Justin said strolling her hair gently. “Thank you for understanding me. I love you too”Charlie said hugging him back.
Hanna was standing at a corner still pondering over what happened. “That girl is just too much. What does she have that I don’t. Beauty? Wealth? Or what? what does she possess that I don’t?”Hanna said aloud looking angry.
She brought out packet of cigarette and took a stick from it. She was about lighting it when she remembered what Daniel said to her.
” *Pretty girls use to like this instead of that*”
She dropped the cigarette and bent down slowly burying her face down. “What should I do now? Am seriously boiling in anger”she said roughing her hair with both hand.
She noticed someone’s feet before her and she raised her face up. “You’re here again”Daniel said looking down at the cigarette she left. “Just ignore me”Hanna said not looking at him. Daniel took out a stick sweet from his pocket and bent down beside her”here”he said stretching it to her. Hanna collected it not looking at him. “Thanks for this”she said opening the wrap.
“Are you like this because of Justin?”Daniel asked. Hanna looked at him wondering how he knew that. “How do you…”
“I noticed that ever since we were lost in in the forest”Daniel said not looking at her. Hanna dipped the sweet in her mouth holding the stick. “You noticed that sooner. But justin does not even blink an eye over it. That’s so bad”she said squeezing her face.
Hanna took out the sweet from her mouth looking at Daniel”why are you always with sweets? Are you a kid or what”she asked looking at him.
“Well I have a lot of that because of someone”he said looking at her. “Who? Your friend? Who’s it?”she asked wondering who could have love sweet so much. “She’s a friend I don’t like seeing her engage in bad acts that can hurt her later”Daniel said smiling. “Oh does she love sweets that much?”she asked again. “Am not really sure she like them. Because. But I hope she could drop that bad practice and take the sweets instead”Daniel said looking at her. Hanna stared at him wondering who he’s talking about. “OK. I think the sweet taste better”Hanna said nodding her head to him. Daniel smiled looking at her”good thing she like the sweet”he said and stood up to leave. “Did she really like it?”Hanna said silently to herself. “Bye I’ll be going for now.”Daniel said looking at her. Hanna also stood up dusting her dress. Daniel turned to go but turned back and moved to Hanna’s ear”and she’s so pretty too”Daniel said smiling then he left Hanna and walked on.
“Jeez. Pretty my ass. Why telling me that? Am more prettier than her”Hanna said rolling her eyes. “Wait. Did she really like this sweet because she’s pretty?”Hanna said to her self. “Whatever, I don’t care”she said aloud and left the scene.
Justin dropped Charlie home at their gate. “Goodbye. I’ll call you when I get home”he said. “OK bye”Charlie said waving at him. Justin waited until she went through the gate before leaving also. Charlie got to the compound and saw her mum. “Mum”she called looking at her. “Welcome dear”madam Susan said hugging her. She noticed Justin was the one that dropped her.
They both went inside. Charlie dropped her bag and sat on the sofa. “Charlie what’s the relationship between you and Justin?”madam Susan asked with a serious face. “Mum. Actually, I have want to tell you that a long time but I don’t know what you’ll say about it”Charlie said twisting her fingers looking guilty”What did you want to say? What are you guys up to?”madam Susan asked looking at her. “Mum. I love him. We’re dating already. Sorry for not telling you earlier”she said looking at madam susan. On hearing that, madam Susan rose on her feet not looking happy about it. “What? You’re dating Mr Henry’s son?”she asked looking at her. “Yes mum. I love him so much. And I think it’s time you know about it.”Charlie said looking at her. “Never. That’s impossible. That can never happen between you guys. Charlie it’s 100percent impossible”madam Susan said looking at her. Charlie rose on her feet staring at her in confusion”why mum. Why are you acting this way? I love him more than you thought mum”Charlie said with tears streaming down her cheek.
She never saw her mum go against her decision so strongly before. She wondered what the problem is.

Episode 30

“Mum. Why are you against it? Am not too young to date who I love. Can you just tell me what’s wrong with me dating Justin”Charlie said with tears rolling down her cheek. Madam Susan moved closer to her wiping her tears with her hand. “I understand you my dear. But you guys can’t be together because of many hidden reasons. Why not another person?”madam susan said with a calm voice. “Mum. You can’t say that. Our love for each other has gone far than this. Mummy why? Just tell me a good reason for going against it. I want to know”she cried looking at madam Susan. “I don’t have anything to tell you than it’s impossible. Charlie you have to obey me OK. Please am begging you to stop now before it’s too late.”madam Susan said looking at her. Charlie sobbed looking at madam Susan”I can’t do that. I won’t”she said crying loud. She moved away from madam Susan’s present and walked out of the room in tears.
She was walking down the street heading to an unknown destination still crying. She got to a coffee shop and went in to sway time faster before she’ll return back home.
She bought a cup of coffee and took it to a table. She sat down on the chair holding the cup in her hand.
She thought of the way her mum reacted back in the room. “Why will she say that? What’s wrong with us dating?”she thought to herself and tears began to form again. “And where did she know Mrs Henry? Is mum keeping something from me?”she said trying to hold back the tears. She buried her face down on the table and tears dropped down her eyes.
“Hey. What’s up with you”she heard a male’s voice. She quickly wiped off the tears before raising up her head.
Before her was a young guy, he has a bright blue eyes which makes him look more handsome and charming. He was sitting on the chair opposite to Charlie.
Charlie was staring at him wondering why he came to her.
“Who are you?”she asked looking at him. “Oh sorry for that. My name is Jack”he said smiling revealing the dimples on his right cheek”I saw you were crying on the street a couple of minutes ago. I was so surprised to see a grown up girl like you crying on the street. Since then, i followed you here wondering what the problem was”he said looking at Charlie. She brought down her face not looking at Jack. “You don’t have to worry about that, it’s a private matter. I didn’t realize someone could see me in that state.”Charlie said looking at him. “Am sorry for asking this but you can’t keep a problem to yourself. You have to share it. A problem shared is a problem half solved. I will like to know the reason if you don’t mind.”Jack said looking at her. “I can’t tell a stranger my problems”Charlie said. “OK I understand you. Thanks for giving me audience at least.”Jack said standing up.
“It’s so heartbroken for someone to say you can’t be with the person you love. I mean how can that be possible? It will hurt both of them seriously because the loved each other. the reason behind that can not be reveal no matter how she asked her mum. That’s so bad and cruel”Charlie said not looking at him.
On hearing this, Jack sat back on the chair looking at her.
“Oh that’s so bad. But no matter what, their love shouldn’t be stopped like that.
The reason has to be complicated I think.”Jack said looking at her.
“I wonder what that reason could be. We can’t just end it like this just because of a stupid reason. I mean I can’t live without him. What should I do? It’s like my heart is chattered into pieces.”Charlie said looking sad. “It’s OK. For every problem there must be a solution. You have to ask for the reason. If she can provide it, you guys would know what step to take next”Jack said.
“I think that’s what I should find out now. Thanks for your concern and advises” she said looking at him.
“You’re welcome. So from now on don’t cry on the street again OK?”Jack said smiling. “I won’t.”Charlie said also smiling.
Justin was sitting in the living room with his mother.
“Mum, I have something to tell you”Justin said. Mrs Henry eyes were fixed on the screen watching a program. When she heard that, she adjusted and faced Justin. “What’s that?”she asked. “It’s true that we’re dating”he said not looking at his mum. Mrs Henry smiled nodding her head positively. “I knew it. But why keeping that from me when I first ask? Are you scared of my words?”Mrs Henry said looking at him. “So did you approve it?”Justin asked looking at his mum. “She’s a pretty and respectful girl. I like her from the first day I saw her.
Her nose, eyes, face, everything just remind me of someone. They have same thing in com…..”Mrs Henry stopped thinking of another thing. “That’s not possible. She can’t be Sarah.
Could madam Susan have done that? No I hope that isn’t the case”Mrs Henry thought to herself looking shock and disbelief.
“Since you tell me the truth, can you invite her here tomorrow? Just to exchange few words with her”Mrs Henry said smiling.
Justin wondered what his mum have to tell her. “OK I’ll try telling her”he said looking at his mum.
“OK son. I’ll be expecting her”she said smiling.
She stood up taking her phone from her side. “I’ll be right back. I need to make an urgent call”she said and left the living room.
“Good thing there are no much interrogation”J
ustin said smiling.
Mrs Henry dialed a number and placed it to her ear. “Hello I need you to check something for me right this moment”she said to the her PA on phone.
“Yes ma’am” he replied.
“Check every details about Charlie and madam Susan.
Especially Charlie. I want to know everything about her”she said to him feeling suspicious of something.



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