Rejected At Birth Bonus Final Episode 5 – Thessycute Ekene

Rejected At Birth Episode 1 - Thessycute Ekene

Rejected At Birth

Bonus Episode Five- Final bonus Episode

Reaching home, I called out to Auntie Kate, but Grandma was outside, so I had to wait because we had already agreed to keep everything from Grandma until we finally see my sister.

The way I screamed Auntie Kate’s name, I know Grandma was waiting for me to say something, but I left her outside.

I even forgot to greet her. I had to rush in and see Aunt Kate first.

“Auntie Kate, oh!” I called, and she came rushing out from the room.

“Come, come, oh, there is something I need to tell you.” She came out with wet hands, saying, “I was washing plates.”

I was very surprised that she was washing plates. It’s always the children’s job to wash plates.

I wondered where the other children were because we usually took turns washing plates.

It was confusing that I didn’t see any of the children, and she was washing plates, although I didn’t ask her where they were.

I stood still for a while, then I said, “Auntie Kate, there is a problem.”

I was breathing heavily when I said it, and she said, “Chinedu, what is it again? Calm down and tell me.

In fact, just sit down,” she said, pointing at a bench outside the house.

I sat down and breathed in and out, then I continued, “I went to the woman’s house, and the longest don was vomiting blood.

Then his brother said he has kidney failure, and the mother had found someone to donate the kidney.”

I was expecting Auntie Kate to scream or react, but she didn’t.

Then I knew she didn’t understand me, so I said, “It’s like the woman took Julian and wants to remove her kidnėy to give her son.”

That was when everything became clear to her. “Jesus, Jesus, that woman should be taught a lesson!” she screamed.

“Let me change up, we will both go to her house and ask her to provide Julian,” she said, rushing inside, while I held her back.

Aunty, if we do what you just said, we might not get to see Julian again.

Besides, we don’t have any evidence, and we need to find some if we want to take action and save my sister,” she agreed.

After all, I’m always the one coming up with the important ideas, right? “What do we do now?

You know we need to act fast if we want to save Julian. I suggest we should tell Grandma everything,” she said.

It was the first time I agreed with her because we needed to let Grandma know so she could stop mourning my sister’s health.

I didn’t want to lose another person in my life.

Grandma was sitting outside when we approached her, and Aunt Kate did all the talking.

I knew she wouldn’t believe me because she would say that since we’re twins, I’m just feeling my sister’s presence because of our connection.

That’s why I didn’t want to accept that she was dead. “Julian is alive,” Aunt Kate said to Grandma.

Grandma didn’t say anything for a few minutes, and then she finally asked, “Which Julian?

Are you mocking my granddaughter like this?” I knew telling Grandma was a bad idea, but Aunt Kate has a way of convincing people, maybe even Grandma too, I thought.

Aunt Kate sat down and placed her hand on Grandma’s shoulder. “That woman is up to something,” she said.

“She wants to use Julian and replace her kidnėy with her son’s. Chinedu went to her house this morning and overheard her children talking about it.”

Grandma always believes what Aunt Kate says, so she had to believe it too.

“What are we gonna do now?” Grandma asked. That’s when I jumped in with my idea, saying, “We need evidence!” I responded.

“I’ll keep going to the woman’s house until I can get proof. Then we can have her arrested for trying to take my sister’s kidney and kidnapping her for months.”

Grandma lifted me up from the bench and hugged me, saying, “That’s a great idea, little man” I reassured Grandma, “Don’t cry anymore, Grandma.

We’ll find Julian. I just hope it’s not too late when we do.”

As I thought about not seeing Julian for months and the urgency of the situation with the woman’s son vōmiting blood.

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mother would do that to someone else’s child. Some people are just naturally wickėd, I guess.

I started going to the woman’s house more often, so she got used to me being around.

I listened in on her conversations, hoping to find some crucial information. One day, I overheard her talking on the phone, thinking I had already left.

She was asking someone if everything was ready for the surgery. I didn’t know how to make her reveal more, so I went home and told Aunt Kate.

We came up with a plan for one of her sons to ask her the same question, and Aunt Kate recorded it.

When the woman came out of the house, she was shocked, acting like she hadn’t said anything.

I confronted her angrily, demanding to know where she was keeping my sister. Of course, she denied knowing anything and even accused us of lying.

That’s when I knew it was time to involve the police, even though I was scared because I heard the law doesn’t favor the poor.

I had to walk with Aunt Kate to report the case. When we got to the house with the police, the woman and her children were no longer there.

But I overheard the name of the hospital where she kept my sister – St. Peter’s Hospital.

Luckily, there was only one St. Peter’s Hospital in the area. The challenge was finding her room number.

I felt like it might be too late, but then I closed my eyes and saw my mother. She said to me, “Go to the hospital, everything will be fine.”

So, I stood up and asked Aunt Kate to come with me. When we arrived at the hospital with the police, the receptionist initially didn’t want to let us in with the police.

But after we pleaded and explained that my sister’s life was in danger, she allowed us in.

I asked the receptionist if a woman had admitted any child in the hospital. She checked the file and there it was my sister’s name, Julian.

My heart raced when I saw her name. I screamed, “That’s my sister!” Aunt Kate was speechless too. We ran inside after asking for the room number.

As we opened the door, the doctor was right there with my sister lying on one bed, asleep.

The woman’s son was lying on another bed close to my sister. It looked like they were about to start something.

When she saw us, she was shocked and yelled at me, calling me a “littlė witch” and asking why I was following her everywhere.

I pushed her aside and grabbed the doctor, demanding to know what they had done to my sister and to revive her and make sure she was fine.

Aunt Kate had to hold me back, while the doctor and the woman were ārrested.

There was a man with them who seemed like the father, and he was also ārrested.

In prison, she confessed about everything when we visited her, and we forgave her.

She said she was dėsperate because of her child. And my sister was discharged.

The End
Thessycute Ekene


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Prince Moses
Prince Moses
4 months ago

It is really an epic story
I love it

Chidera Ruleth
Chidera Ruleth
4 months ago

Thank God nothing happened to ur sister

1 month ago

I love this