Princess Amarachi Epilogue by Okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu

Princess Amarachi Epilogue by Okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu

Princess Amarachi Epilogue by Okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu

The wedding of Amarachi and Dave, Chisimdi and Oduenyi was a great wedding that really shook the nation; even the people in the Diaspora felt the impact. Ubulu became a great kingdom devoid of war and calamity but characterised by long-term peace.

Akilika was buried in a grand way even more than expected. Ogbuoja became a renowned flutist that ended up being a powerful musician that didn’t just attract people’s attention but healed their emotions with his sweet melody.

Amarachi graduated with first class hours; not just that but she became the best graduating student of the year. She became a lecturer with many talents that she travels far and wide to give seminars that are heavily paid for. She became a national asset in no time.

Princess Amarachi Epilogue Princess Amarachi Epilogue Princess Amarachi Epilogue Princess Amarachi Epilogue Princess Amarachi Epilogue Princess Amarachi Epilogue Princess Amarachi Epilogue

Just as it never expected, the friendly friendship between Akunna and Chibunna became a hidden love that later birthed a marriage that got everyone surprised, making the two best friends end up being the best couple.
Osisioma married to the son of the governor of Anambra state who sighted her during the Amarachi’s grand wedding in Ubulu.
Uremma later inherited the money left for her by Ozo Odenjinji but never used that money for anything personal except for building orphanage homes all over the country. She later married and lived happily ever after.

Ego Oyibo’s life changed completely when the king sent huge cash to her to thank her for his motherly role she played in making life bearable for Amarachi when she was suffering in life.

Ozo Odenjinji had five years of jail term but died out of anguish and regret in his second year.

Mkpulumma delivered to two cute and handsome male children whose naming ceremony attracted even the president of the country who couldn’t wait to visit the Eke Ubulu stream that he renamed the holy land of the East. Ugochukwu and Ikechukwu grew into wise children; making the King and the queen so proud to have such wonderful twins.

Amarachi delivered to a bouncing baby boy; that was two days after Chisimdi gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl.
Olaedo gained admission into University of Ibadan and became exceptionally intelligent that she garnered lots of scholarship during her school days.

After everything, Amarachi took her time to think over the entire story and how it began, smiled and said: “At least, this had been my story and every other person, my helper, making this long-awaited destiny to be fruition. Chisimdi had been right by saying that the story had been mine. God I thank you for this day and I wish that people would be inspired by my story,” Standing and ready to dance, she said to herself: “Ogbuoja gbupurum oja (the flutist, play the flute for me),”

She began to whistle and dance while Obialubeze (the guest to the royal home), her eleven months baby joined her mom in the royal dance as he watched her mom dancing and learning her dance steps too.

Dave Handsome came home from a royal function with his dad, king Akajiaku, and met the dance ongoing. The two happy men dropped all they had with them and began to dance too while laughter and merriment stole the moment; attracting the palace guards, maidservants and all in the king’s palace to be their audiences.

Okporo kingdom became totally transformed and blessed because Amarachi was welcomed into the palace.



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Cynthia Orokumo
Cynthia Orokumo
15 days ago

What a sweet ending.
Thank you 💝

15 days ago

What a happy ending..Thank u sir okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu for this wonderful story.

14 days ago

Happy ending.

8 days ago

Happy ending