My Iron Woman Episode 7

My Iron Woman Episode 1 Written by Abike

My Iron Woman Episode 7

Written by Abike

Writer’s POV
Jamal came back from his work, David opened the door for him to get down, Aside from David and Daniel four other bodyguards escort Jamal inside, As Jamal was entering his living room his eyes met with one of his maid’s eyes who was busy working, the moment he saw her he put his head down,

the maid greeted him but he only answered her by waving his right hand to her,He entered his room he saw Bella staring at the TV with some popcorns in her hand beside her was a Pepsi, he gretted her

Jamal:Hi(No response from her) B.. Bella is everything ok? (Asking her in a gentle way, Bella stood up to where his land phone was, she dialed the living room number while the lady Jamal greeted awhile ago picked up the call, before the lady could say Hello, Bella cut her short by saying)
Bella:I want Bunmi in Jamal’s room right away!(She hanged up the call, she sat down shaking her two legs,

Jamal was only confused on what is going on, not too long Bunmi knocked the door, she came in when Jamal told her to come inside, after Bunmi came in Jamal said..

Jamal:This is Bunmi, what’s going on
Bunmi:(Who was already filled with anger said immediately) Sir, I think she called me here because I refused to use the word Ma for her
Bunmi:Oh! So you can’t use ma for me, right? (She yelled at her while Jamal could feel the screaming in his head, he said)
Jamal:look Bunmi,You see about that, Am sorry!
Bella:(Stood up) Sorry? Did you just say sorry to her? Jamal!
Jamal:Bunmi you can go
Bunmi:Yes sir
Bella:If you step out of that pla.. (Bunmi walked out angrily)Oh my God, did she just walked out on me again? Jamal what’s the meaning of all this? (Jamal removed his jacket and tie, he removed his shoes, he sat down and said slowly with patience that)
Jamal:Bella please sit down
Bella: What?
Jamal: Please Bella just sit(She sat down angrily, Jamal said)First of all, I want you to know that I owned this house and I am the one paying all the 38 workers in my house, and they have the right to follow my orders,and one of my orders to them is this, they can only respect just three persons in this house and that is me, my mom, and my Best friend unless if Maybe my business partners came for a meeting,

of course they have the right to respect them, and besides my business partners hardly come here just twice in a year, Daniel, David and Bunmi are the ones collecting the highest salaries from me in this house,Bella I am paying you 200 thousand naira and am paying Bunmi also Two hundred thousand naira, Sorry what’s the difference, you are both collecting the same amount of money, I am not using this as an insult, I just want you to know that, You know where you stand in my life and you should please try and maintain that, and if I have hurt you with any of my words right now, I am sincerely and deeply sorry (Bella almost shed tears,

She went to where her clothes are to get her clothes, she wear them with her shoes, Jamal was only looking at her, after she is done, Jamal said)Bella I am sorry about that, and if you insist that you wants to go, it’s ok, I will asked David to transfer you 150 thousand naira before you get home (She walked out angrily, while Jamal just put his head in his palms)

Jamal was watching the TV in his living room when Daniel comes in and said
Daniel:Boss, She is here
Jamal:W.. who is here? (Confused)
Daniel: Niniola is here(It was like Daniel threw him the biggest bomb, before Jamal could call the name again, Niniola came in with tunmise, Niniola was wearing a yellow gown but Indian wears,A black high heels,Her natural hair was packed up in a ponytail, Her make up was not heavy, but She is still the true definition of a beauty, Jamal couldn’t help but to stare at her because he never knew that she was that beautiful and elegant when he saw her that day)
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My Iron Woman Episode 7

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Enny pat
Enny pat
1 year ago

Repeated ooo… Interesting