MANSA 2 Episode 14 by Elton Nana Amoah

MANSA Season 2

MANSA 2 Episode 14

In no time she got back home. As soon as she opened the door leading to the living room, she was stunned by shock upon seeing Kuu, Mansa and the lady who claims that she is the biological mother of Kuu.

“What are you doing here woman? Mrs Amposah who was already in a state of shock and frustration asked the lady.

” Seems you already know each other. This makes it more easier then” Kuu said. He had begun feeling hatred for Mrs Amposah for hiding all these from him.

“Kuu, whatever she told you is a lie,”Mrs Amposah said.

“It’s a lie? How did you know that she had already told me something, unless of course, there is something you’re hiding from me. Perhaps you’re not really my mother” Kuu said.

Mrs Amposah realised that she had already dug a pit for herself that she couldn’t hide anything more.

“Look, before you begin yelling at me, you owe me a big gratitude. She may be your mother but i have raised you up all this while and i deserve an appreciation rather than you talking to me like this” Mrs Amposah said.

“You really don’t know how it feels, do you? Of course i am grateful to you for being there for me, but the fact that i have lived under a lie for all this years is what i can’t compromise” Kuu said.

Mrs Amposah saw the rage in his voice so, suddenly she busted out.

“Yes she is your mother for Christ sake, are you ok now?” Mrs Amposah yielded and walked out on them.

Mansa came behind Kuu and held his shoulder, giving him a gentle massage.

“Its alright Kuu, its alright” Mansa said.

Kuu’s mother immediately knelt on her knees and begun asking for forgiveness from Kuu.

Kuu helped her up, looked straight into her eyes and without saying anything, embraced her.

It was an emotional moment where both of them shed tears.

“Mum, lets go to my room, we need to talk more” Kuu said.

“You should join us Mansa” Kuu said to her.

“No, this is the time you need to clear up things alone with your mother. I will be there when you need me” Mansa said.

Kuu and his biological mother went to his room to catch up with old times.

It was about this moment, that the church board had a meeting. Mr Asare, the church’s financial secretary, gave an account on the Church’s financial position for the period of last six months.

After the report, it was clear that the Church’s money was being embezzled. Almost all withdrawals were made by Mrs Amposah without any requisite receipt.

The board however decided to summon her for an immediate meeting.

Kuu on the other hand was getting along with his mother in his room. He was now beginning to understand her and the actions she took many years ago. She just didn’t have the money to take care of him.

Kuu even had the opportunity to see his biological father’s picture which her mother had brought along. Indeed he really looked like his father.

They got interrupted when Kuu had a phone call from an unknown number.

“Meet me at ‘Eddys’ in 45 minutes” said the caller and hanged up the phone.

Kuu had no idea of who that could be, but he had no option than to honor it.

“Mum, would you like to spend the night here? Kuu asked

“No, i won’t be safe here” She said.

“Oh, why won’t you be? Kuu asked “no one is capable of harming you”

“You really don’t know my son. I will go and come back tomorrow so we can talk more” She said.

“Lets go together, I’m on my way too” Kuu said and they both left.

He alighted his mother at her house. The house looked old and was uncompleted. His mother indeed lived in poverty.

Kuu vowed to take care of her as a son should.

After taking her to the house, he went straight to Eddy’s and to his surprise, he saw Riri sitting on a table of two.

The call came from Riri. Indeed, from where she sat, she looked disturbed and worried. Kuu wondered what Riri really wanted to tell him.

He then went and sat beside her. Without wasting anytime, Riri begun talking even without welcoming him.

“Kuu, My name is Riri Delali, a professional nurse and I’m responsible for the death of your father” Riri revealed.

To be continued


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God of mercy

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Enny Pat
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Jesus! Lord have mercy on us