Life in The Womb by Mummy E | A Short Pidgin English Comedy

Life in The Womb by Mummy E | A Short Pidgin English Comedy

Life in The Womb by Mummy E

Episode 1
Written by the writer of the story THE COMPLETE WOMAN

A baby had just died on earth and returned home to heaven. The angels gathered and the other children yet to be conceived. Angel Michael decides to know why the baby Andrea decided to die and return home.

Angel Michael: Andrea, our daddy send you go earth to go make Paul and im wife happy, to go bless their home, but you do finish, you run come back to heaven. Wetin be your excuse?

Andrea: Angel Michael, when I day go meet them I be happy before o, but when I reach there nor be wetin I expect I see.

Angel Michael: Andrea, na wetin you see.

Andrea: That time when Paul and him wife day find pikin na so them day pray together, day plan together na that one even make me over throw my brothers and sisters sef run go enter Mrs Paul belle, when I day belle, na so I day enjoy, different things naim Mrs Paul day give me, ice cream, suya, rice sallad, anything when hungry me, gbam them don give me. Na so I happily jump down when e reach 9months. In getting there now, na only the first month them take care of me. After that time, if I shit, my daddy go throwway me for ground say make my mummy go clean me. Sometimes my mummy go clean me, sometimes mummy go say if daddy nor fit clean me make I day there, na there I go day with the smelling shit day cry ooooooo till mummy go manage come clean me. If my food finish, daddy go complain say I too day chop say money nor day na so I go day hungry day suffer. For night self them two go sleep leave me nobody to play with. I go cry cry cry nobody go answer me. Abeg the matter plenty, I nor go fit count am, I just decide to die jeje make I come back home.

Angel Michael: But your brothers and sisters when still go earth with you same day. Them nor return o, them day happy na. Why you nor come day happy.

Andrea: Michael if na me go where Juliet my sister go, I for day happy because na enjoy she day enjoy, once she just make pim, e mama don run carry am, as she just mess, them go just carry am change her Pampers, clean her up. Even if the mama nor day the papa go give am food to eat. Abeg Michael nor compare me to Juliet at all. I go find another belle go base. For now am done with the Paul’s.

Angel Michael thought for a while before responding.

Michael: But our daddy will not be happy with this.

Andrea: I go explain to am, he go understand so nor worry yourself.

She walks away from the angel and joined the millions of babies waiting to be conceived!

To be continued!
Written by the writer of the story THE COMPLETE WOMAN

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