LAUGH IT ALL!!! Just To Put A Smile On Your face



  • When a lady is not into you, she will do anything to end your call.. she will be like “Let me close the fridge, i will call you back.???
  • Dear ladies, a man that loves you will stand by your side no matter how many men you’ve slept with… That man is your father not me????
  • Ladies without ring on their finger, but have them on their nose . Are you trying to tell me that YOU ARE SMELLING MARRIAGE?????
  • I told a slayqueen to downloadIMO for video chat and she said “No, i prefer anambara. .” Pls where should i faint??????
  • How can i be gently drinking garri in my house and someone will come and tag me on facebook saying he/she is with me in KFC with 10 others, eating pizza… If i want to lie, i will lie. Nobody should lie on my behalf, i want to make heaven?????
  • Some girls are like internet viruses, they enter your life , scan your pocket, edit your mind, download their problems and delete your smile??????
  • How can egg be N70? did the fowl lay the egg through operation??????
  • I wanted to go for jogging thismorning but proverbs 28 vs 1 says “THE WICKED RUNNETH WHEN NO ONE PURSUETH” so i stopped?????
  • Nigerian mothers can be annoying… I told my mom yesterday that i wanted to go to a friend’s father funeral, and she was like ” U like pleasing people… How many times have they come to yours? ” WTF!!????????
  • Battery full and you expect me to remove my phone from charge when there is still light?? it’s like you don’t know we are in Nigeria???????
  • Mary was a virgin, yet she married a carpenter. My sister you are not a virgin and you want to marry a guy working in an oil company, minister, doctor, bankCEO and engineers… Please read ur bible well and stop aiming more than necessary?????
  • Guys please if you want to toast a girl, toast her with sense… I know one stupid boy somewhere is busy telling one foolish girl that he will give her the world. . Mr, man where do you expect the rest of us to stay???????????
  • When you are not fasting you can stay till afternoon without feeling hungry. But when you are fasting, even Tv remote will be looking like gala in your eyes … Is that not witchcraft??????
  • To those who bleach their skin, if on judgement day your face doesn’t match the one on angel Gabriel’s laptop, please don’t argue or delay us in the queue. Just go to HELL and don’t look back..?????
  • If you have never speak chinese in your life before, My dear today is your chance. Now repeat this words fast. MY SHOE SHALL SOON SHINE

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1 year ago

Tnx opradre

1 year ago

Haha thanks Opradre for the joke