KARMA by Ademide

KARMA by Ademide

KARMA by Ademide

 It was on a cool evening, Mr Steven Michael lay on the couch reading his Bible.

“Orò nlà le da è

Orò nlà lè dà

Eyi te pa Cynthia

Ti e je o dagba

Orò nla lè da.”

Mr Steven heard a loud cry coming near his home. It was a familiar song of sorrow. He stood up from his couch and pulled at the curtain before rushing out of his home. He saw a large number of people outside his home, wailing as they sang the song of sorrow. Some hefty men carried a brown casket on their shoulder.

His heart skip a beat as he watched them drop the casket gently to the ground.

“No! This can’t be happening again!” His wife rushed towards the casket. And she threw herself to the ground when she saw the corpse of her last child in the coffin.

“Wh.. What happened to my child?!” she screamed.

“Sh… she… was raped to death by unknown men on the campus. We found her body this morning,” a close friend to Cynthia explained.

Mrs Michael yelped in pain while Mr Michael shut his eyes as he clenched his fists. She’s gone, the words registered in his mind. Cynthia died while he was yet to get over the death of his older children.

Mr Steven Michael had four children, three females and one male child. Vivian was his first child, she died in a fatal car accident on her way back home from Youth Service. John, the second child and only son was hit by a Dangote truck on his way to school, and he died instantly. Jessica, the third child, a 300 level student had an abortion at school. She came back home and bled to death. Cynthia, the last child who just gained admission into the University of Lagos was now dead too. And just when he was still mourning the death of his late children, Cynthia died too.

He lost his four children within three months. Lord why is this happening to me? he thought painfully. Mr Steven reopened his eyes and all of a sudden, he caught a glimpse of a young girl about seventeen years old. And he recognized her immediately as she stood with the sympathizers. But she was dressed in a white garment instead of the usual black garment for mourning a dead soul.

How did she get here? she died a long time ago, he pondered, his mind going in circles.

She shook her head. “Karma,” she mouthed and disappeared into thin air just as fast as she had appeared.

“Karma! Karma! Karma!” those words rang in his ears, his heart pounding so hard it was like marching footsteps in his skull.

“Karma, the total effect of a person’s actions and conducts during a successive phase,” his mind informed him. Tears pooled in his eyes as realization hit him straight in his face.

“No! No!” He hit the ground with a thud as he recalled his past deeds when he was a secondary school teacher. He took advantage of young girls while he was a teacher at a public school. He was the mathematics teacher of Majekodunmi Community High School.

The girl who just said Karma was one of the girls he took advantage of back then. And his affairs with her had ruined him completely.


Twenty-five years ago…

Jadesola paced to and fro in front of Mr Steven Michael’s office. Her heart beat at a fast rate as she pondered if what she was about to do was right—asking the most feared teacher in school to help her. A part of her was against her decision of meeting Mr Steven for help while the other urged her to go ahead with the plan, giving her the idea that he would be willing to help since she was a very good student.

Jadesola knocked on the door. “Come in,” Mr Steven replied. She stepped into the office with her head bowed and gaze fixed to the ground. “Yes how may I help you?” Mr Steven asked. He noticed the fear in her expression as she glanced up to look at him. “Sit down,” he said.

Jadesola settled in the chair facing him directly as she held her script to her chest. “S… sir… I just collected my test script from our class captain,” she mumbled.

“So?” He raised his eyebrows.

“I… I… failed the test sir.” Jadesola scratched her neck and avoided his gaze.

Mr Steven sat back in his chair. “What class are you?”

“SS3 B,” she said sharply.

“Your name?” he asked.

“Jadesola Sanya,” she answered.

He clearly knew her identity and was also aware of the fact that she was one of the best students in school.

“You’ve never failed my test.” He glanced up from his book of record.

“Yes sir.”

“So what happened?” He arched his eyebrows. Tears pooled in her eyes.

“Actually… sir… I didn’t study for the test,” she said honestly.

“And you know failing maths test means you’d have to repeat this same class at the end of the term.” He rubbed his stubble.

Jadedola went on her kness immediately.

“Sir please I don’t want to repeat this class,” she cried.

He watched as tears fell down her cheeks but he didn’t feel pity for her. “There’s nothing I can do,” he said.

“Sir please,” she pleaded tearfully. She couldn’t bear the thought of repeating this class when she was already a step close to finishing up her secondary school education.

This is a chance to get down with this girl, he thought listened to Jadesola pleas. Mr Steven couldn’t deny the fact that he had his eyes on her before now. She was beautiful and he had thought of a way to have her but he couldn’t come up with the perfect idea to lure her because she had never failed his test.

“Let me see your script,” he said.

Jadesola handed him her script. “18/40, so you need just two marks to reach average.”

“Yes,” she said immediately.

Two marks would save her from repeating this class… just two marks.

“Sit down,” he instructed.

“No sir let me remain this way,” she objected.

“I’ll help you” he said.

“Really sir?” she asked again to be sure of what she heard.


A glint of hope stirred up within her as she settled down in the chair again.

“I can give you 10 marks,” he replied with a shrug.

Jadesola’s face brightened. Then he knew he had her in his lustful web. Getting other girls wasn’t an hard task because most of them weren’t good academically.

“Thank you sir!”

“But you have to help me too,” he said.

“I’ll do anything sir,” she said with a smile.

“Really?” He gave her a devious grin. She had no idea what help she would do for him.

“Yes sir… I can help you clean your office till the end of term. I can clear up the weeds in your farmland,” she said.

Mr Steven chuckled. Exactly, he wanted her to clear up the weeds in his farmland!

“Stand up Jadesola,” he instructed and she obeyed. His eyes did a slow crawl on her body. “Can you come closer to my desk, I need you to help me search for a file in this drawer,” he said with lust in his eyes.

“Sure sir.” She went to him.

It was a trick to get her close to him. Soon other girls who failed the tests would start coming to him for help. And he would gladly do it.

“Which file sir?” she asked as she leaned a bit on her toes to reach the drawer hanging on the wall.

“The blue one.” he stood up from his desk and strode towards the door and locked it.

She jumped in fear when he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I need you to help me satisfy the little man down here.” He grinded on her from behind as she could feel the heavy bulge in his trouser.

“Sir… you… promise to… help me,” she said shakily.

“Yes in exchange for sex.” She gasped in shock when he bit her earlobe gently.

“Sir this is not right.” She pushed his away.

She saw the anger in his expression as he grabbed her upper arm.

“So you know what is right? Then why did you ask me to help you after failing your test when you should have studied hard?!” he spat angrily as he released her.

Tears streamed down her face as she thought of the reason why she had failed the mathematics tests.

“If… only I was born… into a rich home, then I wouldn’t be hawking while my friends were at home studying—” She cried.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I am being raised by my mom and I have to hawk petty fruits to make ends meet. I was hustling for my WAEC fees when I was supposed to be studying for the mathematics mock test. I had been too stressed out from the day’s work therefore I had drifted off to sleep when I picked up my note to study,” she narrated tearfully.

Mr Steven sat on his table with his arms crossed. “So have you paid for your WAEC fees?” he asked.

“No,” she muttered.

“Well I can pay your WAEC Fees, just say yes to me and its done,” he said.

She looked up at him. “Can’t you help me without having sex with me?”

He stood up from his desk and went to her. “Jadesola, in this life you have to use what you have to get what you want. And you should be happy that I’m willing to do this favour for you.” He placed his hands on her shoulder and she flinched. “Do you want to spend an extra year in this school?”


“You know I can make that happen even if you end up paying your WAEC fees?” he threatened.

Her friend had adviced her to come to Mr Steven. Bola gave her the assurance that he would give her more marks if she was ready to help him in return. But she didn’t disclose to Jadesola what sort of help she would be doing for Mr Steven.

She was already regretting her decision of coming to him. She had an idea of what Mr Steven was capable of if she dared to say no to him.

“Listen it’s not a big deal.” He caressed her cheeks as she looked into his eyes. “Look, I’ll give you good grades till you leave this school and I’ll also help you pay your WAEC fees. See, I can even get the JAMB form for you and sponsor your education through the university,” he cajoled her.

She thought of his words, he would pay up her fees… all of it. Something her mother couldn’t afford.

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes.” His reply was sharp.

Saying yes to him would give her good grades, allowing him to sleep with her would save her from the stress of hawking, and her mother wouldn’t have to worry about her education too.

“I’ll do it,” she mumbled.

He gave her a huge smile but she pressed her thighs together when he shifted her skirt up. He saw the fear in her eyes and he knew that it was her first time.

“Don’t worry I’ll do it gently,” he whispered.

“What if someone comes in?”

“The door is locked.” he grinned.

Now the ball was in his court. He kissed her and then she let him do it.


Two months later…

Jadesola rolled on her wooden bed as she held her stomach in pains.

“Jadesola what’s wrong?” her mother rushed to her, concern in her tone.

“Maa…mi, ah! My stomach!” she cried in pains.

“Kilo se e nikun?” Mrs Sanya asked in her native language. (“What happened to your stomach?”)

Hot tears burned down her cheeks as the pain was too much for her bear.

“Ehn what is this?!” She gasped when she noticed the blood on the bed. “Eje ma re!” she shouted. (“This is blood!”)

Blood trickled down Jadesola’s thighs, her mother knew that a menstrual flow couldn’t be as much as this one.

“Jadesola talk to me,” she panicked.

“Maami… I’ve offended you,” she sobbed.

“No, Jadesola, you didn’t offend me.” She was confused.

“Ah! Ah! Aye mi o! Maami!”

“Jadesola please tell me why you are bleeding like this?” She helped her sit up on the bed.

“I… did something wrong Maami. Please forgive me.”


“I had an abortion,” she blurted out.

“What!” her mother gasped in shocked.

“I’m… I’m—” she gasped.


“I was eight weeks pregnant,” she confessed.

“No… No… No…” her mother said unsteadily.

“But I used a pill this morning to get rid of it,” she continued

“Jadesola! You’ve killed me.” Tears slid down her cheeks.

“Maami I had to do it! I had to say yes to—” She stopped.

“Say yes to what?”

“Ah! Maami!” She groaned in pains.

“Talk to me Jadesola! Who impregnated you?” she asked.

“I’m… I’m… ” She stopped.

“Tell me.” She hugged Jadesola.

“Mr… Mr… Mr… ” She went limp in her mom’s arm and gave up the ghost.

“Say it..” She pulled back to look at her daughter but her eyes were closed. “Ehn Jadesola!” She tapped her. “Stop this expensive joke, Jadesola.” There was response. “Jadesola! Talk to me!” She panicked.

“Look at me Jadesola! Please don’t do this to me!” She shook her violently. There was still no response. She raised her hands and it dropped aimlessly. She wasn’t breathing too.

“Jadesola o!” she shouted. “Who this to me! Oh no!” she wailed at the lose of her only child.


Jadesola kept seeing Mr Steven at every call he made. Few weeks ago, her period didn’t come as expected, so she told her friend Bola.

Bola helped her get a pregnancy test done and she found out that she was pregnant.

She informed Mr Steven and he bought an abortion pills which he gave to her yesterday.


The incomplete word, “Mister” echoed in her mind. Mister? who was the Mister who impregnated her daughter? who gave her the pills to abort the baby?

Her only child was dead!


Mrs Sanya placed curses on “Mister” as she weeped over her child.

“Whoever did this shall not reap the fruit of his labour! The moment you are to relax and enjoy your children, you shall weep! Men would do unto your female children the same thing you did to my child! My only child, even if you have thousands of children they will all die before you!” she cursed as people comforted her.

Bola broke the news about Jadesola’s death to Mr Steven. She told him about the curses her mother placed on him and he rejected it. He yelled at Bola when she adviced him to confess the truth so Jadesola’s mom would pray for him and reverse the curse.


Karma! Karma! Karma!

Mr Steven remembered the curses Mrs Sanya placed on whoever had been involved in her child’s death. He had killed that innocent girl!

Karma! Karma! Karma!

He recalled the words of a prophet who stopped him on a sunny day two months after Jadesola died.

“Young man, you’ve did so many things that are capable of destroying your future. So seek forgiveness of an innocent soul to avoid the dangers ahead.”

His future was his children but he didn’t realize it back then. He had ignored the words of the prophet and moved on with his life.

Karma! Karma! Karma!

Three years later, he gave his life to Christ but even at that, his past deeds caught up with him. He thought genuine repentance had taken away the curses but he was wrong!

Karma showed up to make him pay for his deeds, losing four children—his future!

He realized that he was now reaping the harvest of the evil seed he sowed twenty-five years ago, the innocent girls he took advantage of when he was a teacher came back to hunt him down! And his own children paid for his horrific sins, and it broke his heart completely.

“It’s all my fault, I killed my children!” he cried out loud.

Everyone gasped in shock, his wife looked at him with a wide eye.

“Teachers, students are like our children. We should watch, teach and nurture them like we would do to our own flesh and blood but I realized this late,” he said.

“What are you saying?” his wife asked.

“When I was a public school teacher, I destroyed many innocent girls’ lives,” he confessed. Everyone began to murmur. “I took advantage of them whenever they asked me to give them more marks. It was something I should have done without asking for anything in return. And unfortunately, a girl died because of me.”

They all gasped. He went further and told them the story of Jadesola.

“My children paid for my sins! If I had known this was how it would end for me then I wouldn’t have done it. When I thought no one was watching me, I totally forgot that someone up there was seeing me. Everything I did, God saw me. And even though I already gave my life to him and served him truthfully, paying for my sins is unavoidable,” he cried.

His wife was silent. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Listen up, if God has placed you in a position to help others, please do it willingly and don’t expect anything in return. Teachers and lecturers don’t take advantage of students. Learn from my story so you won’t end up like me,” he said finally.

Slowly, Steven stood up and made his way into his house.

“He deserved whatever he’s getting now!”

the crowd said hateful comments to him. Some cursed him, some felt pity for him. But one thing was certain, They all learned from his story.

Steven knew that he deserved whatever Karma did to him. And since there was nothing left for him in this world, his children—his future, his happiness and joy, everything was gone, so there no point in living too.

Mr Steven tightened the rope around his neck and moved the stood beneath feet. He didn’t fight death as he let darkness overshadow his vision.


What goes around comes around. Karma!

Be careful of how you live your life today!

Karma! Karma! Karma!

Whatever you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow.

Son of man, sow good fruits today and reap bountifully in tomorrow’s harvest.


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11 months ago

Wonderful story

Kikelomo Oni
Kikelomo Oni
11 months ago


11 months ago

Hmmm we learned something in this and it’s what we should think about
Karma is not just a word or a term use in scaring people because some didn’t believe it
Thanks for sharing Opradre, God bless

11 months ago

Very touching and impactful

11 months ago

What goes around comes around!
Such is life ????