JUST FOR LOVE Episode 44 – 45 by Azeemah Salami

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JUST FOR LOVE Episode 44 by Azeemah Salami

(Zeemah writes📝)

🌹Mara’s POV cont’d🌹

“Reiya” I screamed in excitement and rushed into her open arms.
We both hugged tightly and it took some minutes before we disengaged from the hug.

She’s so beautiful and flawless,with a rare complexion which shone without the aid of body lotion..just like Bryan’s skin.
Her her is packed in a simple ponytail and damn! It’s touching her slender waist.

She’s so beautiful and admirable in person.
I held her hand and smiled..

“Hi Reiya..I’m Tamara” I said.
“I already know that… Mara how are you?” She asked with a bright smile.
“I’m fine Reiya and you?”
“I’m good,how was school today?”
“Fine,you look so beautiful” I said.
“Ohh… thanks darling,you too” She said.

We both sat together on a couch.
Wow! Her fragrance is nice but made me wanna feel like puking.
I tried to hold it but couldn’t anymore.

I quickly dropped my backpack and ran into the nearest bathroom.
I opened the water closet and released my puke or rather vomit.
I felt so weak after vomiting.
I flushed it and rised up.

I wash my mouth and face in the sink, pulled back my hair and sighed.
My reflection in the mirror is noticeable different.
My face has gone pale and i think i feel weightless.
I shouldn’t feel weightless if I’m carrying a baby.
Well the baby isn’t grown yet.

I rubbed my stomach and glanced at it.
It’s still so flat like my normal stomach.
How many weeks did Doc Mart said it is.
I need to check that result.

I turned and was surprised to see Mum, Liam and Reiya standing by the door.
I should have known they will follow me.
Well..it’s time to talk.
They wore confused look except Mum whose face was void.
She already know! Mum is so sensitive and i greatly admire that.

“Let’s go to the living room” I voiced out since no one was willing to talk.
They all turned and walked to the living room,i followed them, planning how to put down my words.

We got to the living room and they all sat.
I remained standing.

“Mara you are pregnant?” Mum asked but it was more like a statement.
I nodded “Yeah…I’m pregnant”
“Who raped you!” Liam yelled and banged the table in anger.
I flinched and guarded my stomach with my hands.
“Tam who raped you? Just tell me,I’m gonna tear his head off i swear” Liam threatened.
“Liam..let her her talk” Reiya said gently and i almost smiled.

“No one raped me,i should rather say i raped someone” I said.
“What!” They exclaimed.
“Yeah… Kelly got me pregnant” I blurted.
Liam stood up and picked his car key….”Give me the address to his house” He barked.
“I don’t know his house cause I’ve never gone there” i lied.
“You think you can lie to me? You should know me better than that” He said..

“Sit and listen to all i have to say,then after that,you decide if you want to leave for Kelly’s house or not” I said.
“Of course i will!” He sat down and rubbed his palms together.

I breathed out before glancing at mum..she’s looking so disappointed but eager to hear what I’m about to say.
“What I’m about to say will break your heart,I’m sorry for keeping this away from you but i thought it was the best not to see you both sad…we all thought i won’t die anymore but we were wrong,i still have less than a year to live”

“What!” Mum and Reiya exclaimed.
“What thrash are you saying? You won’t die anymore cause Quilah is gone..oh..you are trying to avoid the punishment for getting pregnant” He said.

Tears were starting to build up in my eyes…”Will you just shut up and listen to me” I yelled and the tears rolled down my cheeks.
They all looked at me, noticing how serious i am.

Mum bursted out crying…”Not again”
“Few days after Quilah was defeated,i was in my room when a God appeared to me…he’s kimpthud the god of peace,he said he’s Quilah’s friend….”
Liam adjusted from his seat in fear,i could have laughed but im not meant to right now.

“He said he’s to tell me that i still have less than a year to live so i won’t keep chasing shadows and keep hoping that I’m gonna live forever.. that was the reason i became cold until recently when i rethought things”

Reiya dabbed her face with her hankie, sniffing tears.
Liam’s eyes was bloodshot and i know he’s gonna tear up anytime from now.
Mum is as well crying.
I sobbed as i continued my narration;

“He told me to do something worthy and worthwhile before i leave cause there’s no cure for anything Quilah sealed,i thought of things to do before I die and finally came to the conclusion of getting pregnant,if hopefully i give birth before my day on earth elapses then you are gonna look up to the child after I’m gone…I know it’s gonna affect you both greatly and i don’t want you both to feel my absence…my baby will be there for you. You are the reason i did it” I said in tears.

I felt nauseated and closed my eyes.
I felt a hand on my back leading me to a chair.
My eyes was still closed and i was trying hard to control the nausea.
I could still hear sobs and more tears flowed out of my closed eyes.

“I thought this is all over…why did this have to pop up again” Mum cried.
“I..I’m tired of all this,I’m tired of hearing death,I’m fed up.. Mara why did you meet Quilah in the first place” Liam said with pain in his voice.

“I was so happy when Liam told me you won’t be dieing anymore,one of the reasons i came here is to celebrate that with you but getting here and hearing you’re still gonna die saddened my heart” Reiya said beside me and patted my back.

“I’m sorry” I said.
“No..no you’re sorry for what? All these aren’t entirely your fault and it’s a good thing you’re pregnant” Reiya said.
“I thought the necklace on your neck is powerful,can’t it freaking save you from death?” Liam asked.

I shook my head… “it only prevents one from wicked goddesses like Quilah” I said.
“You mean the lucky fan necklace?” Reiya asked.
I nodded.
“Besides the god of peace said there’s nothing to do…i want to the hospital to retake a test and Doc Mart confirmed that the portion is still in my body, spreading faster than he expected,he said i have some months to live” I said.

“He couldn’t tell me you cane for a test” Mum yelled..
“Mum,i begged him not to” I said.
“So, Mara you’re gonna be leaving soon again?when i thought everything was over” Liam said sadly.

“No! My daughter is leaving to nowhere,to hell with all the gods and goddesses…Mara you are not dieing” Mum said strongly and stood up.
“I wish.” I said..
“Mum, let’s accept the fact that Tam is going soon.. let’s accept it. My sis is gonna die!” Liam said and let out tears.

“Oh..no” Mum sobbed.
Reiya was patting my back in a comforting manner.
“Tam…i fail to believe,you are gonna leave me. What do you want me to do with the rest of my life without seeing you” Liam said in tears and held my hand.
“M..my baby will be here for you” I said.

“Your baby not you!” He said.
“I know but you’ll learn to love him or her just as you love me.. please Liam” I said.
“Mara,you are weeks pregnant and you have just months to live,what if the months you have are not up to nine months,does that means we’re gonna lose in both ways?” Mum asked.

I never thought of that!
Another fear!
What if i die with the pregnancy? That will be worse and we’ll all truly lose in both ways but i have to assure mum.

“No mum,the months i have are up to nine months” I said hopefully.
“You sure?” She asked.
“Yes Mum” I lied.

Reiya passed the sobbing Liam an hankie.
He wiped his face and turned to me..”Have you told Kelly about the baby?”
“We went for the test together” I said.
“Where’s the result?” He asked and i unzipped the smaller part in my backpack and brought it out.
I handed it to him and he glanced through it.

“Three weeks pregnant” He said aloud.
Oh…so it’s three weeks!
Awwwn…my baby.

“Let me have a look at it” Reiya said.
Liam passed it to her and she took some minutes in examining it.
She handed it to mum after she was done.

“Congratulations Tam even though i never thought you could pregnant at this age” Liam said sullenly.
“It isn’t her fault, she’s trying to leave something behind after she’s gone and that’s so thoughtful of her.. congratulations Mara” Reiya said.
“Thanks” I said and looked at Mum.
She already dropped the result on the table.

“I won’t believe you will be gone soon cause believing that would make me sad till you’re gone,I’m gonna keep to my belief that you are not gonna die. Congratulations on your unborn baby and we’ll all support you as we always do … Come here angel” Mum said and i went to sit beside her.

I placed my head on her shoulder and cried while she comforted me.

“Just like Mum said,i won’t also have that belief that you will be gone soon. I will support you during your pregnancy till you give birth and till you live forever” Liam said and i smiled between tears.
“I will support you too mara,you are just the younger sister i never had … Come to me if you need anything and i might extend my stay here just for you” She said.

“, Thanks so much Reiya, thanks everyone for making feel so loved..I love you all, thanks for wanting to stand by me,i appreciate and if you don’t know i gat the best family on earth” I said.
“Good! Go freshen up and eat,we were waiting for you to arrive from school before eating” Reiya said…

“Yes darling” she said.
“Oh..you must be starving,let me quickly go freshen up” I pecked Mum and picked my backpack before standing up.
“You can go set up the dining..i will freshen up real fast” I said.
I felt their gazes on my back as i climbed the stairs before disappearing into my room.

I dropped my backpack and sighed.
Finally I’ve told them.
I should be sad but I’ll not be cause I’m carrying a baby.
A baby!
I can’t believe im pregnant…i mean that’s totally crazy but it made me happy.
I’m gonna give birth… haha what a wonder!
I hope i will live to see my baby..
I smiled and stood in front of the mirror,i untucked my shirt from my skirt and raised it up a bit to reveal my stomach.

No difference! But all i know is that a baby is in there.

Now how do i break the news to Bryan and Ellen.
They might think we’re trying to do the same thing as them. Meanwhile I’ve been planning this for long.
I had wanted to use Bryan but Ellen popped up with her pregnancy.

I never thought i could ever get pregnant at sixteen but what do i do when i have just months to live.
Will i just die without leaving anything on earth…that’s not fair cause i know Liam and Mum would never survive my death but me leaving.y replica to replace me in their hearts will be the best thing and I’m proud of myself for making this decision.

I pulled off my shoes and pop socks then walked into the bathroom.


“Whooh” I sighed as i walked out of the bathroom in my towel after freshening up.
I feel so refreshed but still a little bit sad.

I opened my wardrobe and selected a pink knee-length gown,I put it on after wearing my undies and i love the freeness.
I picked black flip flops and slide my feet into it.
I left my hair unpacked and walked out of my room.

I climbed the stairs gently till i got to the living room.
I only met Liam staring sadly I space.
I heard some sounds from the dining room and concluded Reiya and mum are setting up the table.

I walked to Liam and sat beside him.
“Hey, you’re still sad?” I asked.
He turned to look at me.
“Why on Earth should i be happy,Tam I’m loosing you soon”
“My baby is gonna be there for you,i know you’re gonna love him or her” I said.
“What if the limited months elapses before you give birth just like what mum said”
“No it can’t…I’m very sure i have more than nine months to live. Please Liam, don’t be sad”
“I can’t help it” He said.

“I’m happy Reiya is here,she can help me keep your mind off it,now let’s go eat” I said and took his hand.
We both walked to the dining room.

They were done dishing out lunch and we all sat down to eat.
There was silence, everyone was pushing through their meals and no one was willing to talk.

“Reiya how was your flight?” I asked.
“Ohh…it was good”
“I’m sorry we weren’t able to do proper introduction before i started with my sad story” I said.
“No, I understand perfectly and i believe God will see us through”

“So I’m Tamara,Liam’s sister as you already know. I’ve been longing to see you and i guess Liam was so silly not to let me know you’re coming today” I said and they all smiled.
“It was meant to be a surprise” Liam said.
“Yeah… Reiya is worth the surprise,do you know when i came in i was like ‘who’s this?’ Your face was not very familiar,I’ve only seen your picture on Liam’s phone but as the smart girl that I am,i quickly figured out this is Reiya and i couldn’t help but jump into your arms” I smiled.

She chuckled..”Mara you’re so funny and beautiful i love you already”
I blushed a little…”Thanks Reiya and you’re also more beautiful than in pics and i can’t wait for you to be Liam’s girlfriend” I teased.

“Tam!” Liam scolded but i could see how happy he was beneath his frown mask.
I giggled and winked at him,he secretly winked back and that made me laugh.
Reiya didn’t say anything, she just continued her meal but i was determined in talking.

“So.. how’s Mexico?” I asked.
“I’m missing Mexico already,it’s the best place I’ve ever seen” She smiled.
“Really?” I asked.
“But i can assure you that once Liam take you to everywhere in Paris,i bet you won’t want to leave anymore. Paris city is rated the 2nd most beautiful city in the world” I boasted, proud of my city.

“Wow, really?” She asked.
“Yeah, Liam take her out please,she needs to confirm all I’ve said” I said.
“I will but that will be after some days when she’s fully settled” he said.
I nodded and continued with my casserole.

Reiya is just so beautiful,i wish I was as beautiful as she is then i wouldn’t have gotten to meet Quilah at all.

“Do you stay with fallen angels?” I asked.
“No…I stay far from them,fallen angels are not based in Mexico,they are based all over different countries cause they organise concerts.
They have a house in the countryside of Australia where they Normally escape to whenever the press are on their necks” She said.

“Wow have you gone to the countryside with them before?” I asked.
“No it’s their private place and besides we’re not very close,I’m just a distant cousin of Vinnie” she said.
“Wow,I’ve always wished to meet them. I love them so much,they are my role models and I’m always amazed of their beauty”

“Yeah…their beauty surprises everyone” She said.
Everyone has finished eating,we all listened to Reiya.

“I’m proud to be a relative of theirs,they are kindest people I’ve ever seen,i know rich and popular people to be very proud but mehn! Their case is totally different,if one has a beauty of theirs i bet that person would be so proud..Migvin’s personalities are just too great”
“I can’t wait to meet them, please can you let me see them” i said to Reiya.

“She smiled “Of course but like i said earlier they are busy people,they go from one country to another, right now they are in Venice. I call them often but their manager pick up most times but i promise, you’ll get to speak with them” She said.

“Really!” I screamed.
“Damn! You wanna block our ears” Liam said.
“You don’t scream much,your baby is still at stake” Mum said.
I smiled and cleared my throat.

“R-e-a-l-l-y?” I said so slowly and softly.
They all bursted out laughing but i didn’t find it funny.

“So should i go on with the gist?” Reiya asked cheerfully after the laughter.
“Yes!” I replied eagerly.
“Okay.. Miguel has a younger sister by the name Fleur,she’s a drama queen,she’s so funny and entertaining..the days i spent with her can never be forgotten. She nearly punched a cop” She laughed so hard and we joined her.

“Really?” Mum asked amidst laughter.
“Yes,shes a lovable woman and does not tolerate any form of nonsense, she’s married to Braun Mortimer who is one of the youngest billionaire and they have two beautiful kids” She said.

“Wait…did you just said Braun Mortimer?” I asked trying to process that name.
“The owner of the delivery company?” I asked.
“Exactly” She smiled.
“Wow..mum that’s your best delivery company” I smiled.
“Yes it is,they deliver so fast and courteously” Mum said.
“I’m impressed” Liam said.

“And there is Vinnie’s younger sister also who goes by the name Dianne,she’s married to a Michael who’s a Korean,he owns an hospital and also manages some other business,they have a child and she’s expecting her second child”

“Wow,such a successful family” Mum said.
“Yes Mum..I’m so impressed” Liam said.
“Me too,i just can’t wait to speak with fallen angels but are you sure they will wanna speak with me?” I asked.
“Of course” Reiya said.
I grinned happily.

“What a sweet gist…Tam go wash the dishes” Liam said.
“I’m gonna wash it” Reiya said.
“Wash what?” Liam asked.
“The dishes” She replied.
“Hell no! Don’t bother Mara will do it” he said.
“I wish to do it” She said.
“You can’t, Mara will do it” Liam insisted and i felt like plucking his eyes.

“We shouldn’t allow her to stand for too long in her condition,the pregnancy is still very fragile and can come off any minute” She said.
Liam glanced at me and i grinned.
“Okay I’ll do it” Liam said.
“Let’s do it together” Reiya said.
“You just arrived today Reiya” Liam said.
“I know but i wish to do it.. please” She said.
Liam shrugged and they both stood up and started packing the dishes to the kitchen.

I kept grinning until Liam landed a spoon on my forehead.
“Ouch” I fumed.
“That’s for escaping to washthe dishes” he said and ran after Reiya.
“Mum did you see that?”
Mum laughed…”Let’s go was a movie” She said.

I pouted and stood up after her,we walked to the living room and sat down.

“If you’re gonna be watching a kdrama then i should just go back to my room” I said.
“We’re gonna be watching a US drama,can you believe Reiya also have a thing for US dramas” Mum said.
“Really?” I smiled.
“Of course”.
“Wow thank goodness i now have a partner in the house”
Reiya and Liam were done washing the dishes and we all sat down and started watching a the US drama i selected.

###. ***

We finished eating our dinner and Reiya offered to was the dishes again.
After much argument,she allowed Liam to wash to wash it.
Ain’t i enjoying?
Reiya being in this house means no work for me…. yaaaaay.

I sighed sleepily waiting for Liam to be done in the kitchen so we can all say goodbye and go to sleep.
“Good night Everyone” I said sleepily immediately i saw Liam emerging from the kitchen.
“Will you be okay?” Reiya asked.
“Yes Reiya..thanks” I said and started climbing the stairs to my room.

I got to my room and almost felt like not having my night bath.
Seeing how well spread my bed is,i felt like just jumping on it but no,i can’t do without a night bath and brush.

I pulled my pajamas from the rail and walked into the bathroom.
I hanged my pajamas on the towel rail and took my toothbrush and paste.
I walked to the sink and started brushing.
I brushed so fast, wanting to have my bath and leave.

I rinsed the toothbrush before rinsing my mouth and then i got under the shower.
The bath was quick also.

I dried my body with a towel and put on my pajamas right there in the bathroom.
I hurried back to my room and yawned.
I wanted to jump on the bed like i normally do but i have to consider my baby henceforth.

I switched off the light before sliding under the blanket,i switch on the bedside lamp and yawned widely.
My hand was on my stomach and i kept patting it gently before falling asleep.



I was done dressing for school putting on my shoes when i suddenly felt nauseated.
I ran to the bathroom and quickly opened the water closet.
I puked and sat there for a while trying to catch my breath.

I stood up and flushed before walking to the sink,i turned on the faucet and rinsed my mouth and face.
I sighed and started walking back to my room.

I woke up twice in the midnight to vomit and craved for freshly baked cookies.
Mum and Reiya had to quickly make it for me and i munched it like that was the first time i was munching cookies.
I didn’t know pregnancy would be like that.

I stood in front of the mirror and contemplated if to repack my hair.
I decided to leave it that way.
I picked my backpack and walked out of my room.
I got to the dining room and heard some sounds in the kitchen.
Oh.. Mum is making my breakfast.
I dropped my backpack on one of the dining chairs and walked to the kitchen.

“Good morning mu…Reiya” I said.
I thought it was mum!
She turned to me with a smile..”Good morning Mara how was your night?”
“Bad!” I frowned.
She laughed. “Yeah i know”

She was wearing a sexy night wear and her hair is well packed in a hair net.
She look stunning even without any form of make up.

“I’m so sorry that i disturbed you at midnight but i just couldn’t control that stupid craving”
“It’s nothing,your breakfast is ready” She said.
“Wow! You made breakfast for me?”
“Thank you” I hugged her.
I’ve seen the elder sister I’ve always wished for.

“It’s nothing Mara” She smiled.
She won my heart already…I’m gonna kill Liam if he doesn’t marry her.

“Pancake and omelette…Wow,it looks yummy” I said and picked up the tray.
“It taste yummier” She joked and i laughed.
“Thanks Reiya, I’ll go eat now” I said and headed out of the kitchen.

I dropped my breakfast on the table,sat down and started eating.
I felt a tap on my back and i didn’t turn cause i already knew who it was.
Who else but Liam!

“Reiya is in the kitchen” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah,she prepared my breakfast” I said.
“Wow! No wonder the aroma is different,let me have a bite” he stretched his mouth forward.

Great opportunity!

I wiped my hand on a napkin and slapped his mouth.
“Ouch…Tam!” He half yelled.
“That’s for hitting that spoon on my forehead yesterday” I laughed.
He made to hit me but i know he won’t even if Reiya had not call him.

He adjusted his pajamas and walked to the kitchen.
I laughed and continued eating.


“Bye Reiya, Liam” i said as i dropped my tray of breakfast on the kitchen sink.
Reiya was teaching Liam how to make pancake and he was just grinning like a jolly panda.

“Bye Mara,have a nice day at school” Reiya said.
Liam glared at me as goodbye and i couldn’t help but chuckle before walking out of the kitchen.
I wore my backpack and walked to the door.

I opened it and stepped outside.
Fresh air hit my face and i sighed sweetly.
Max was discussing with James and they both smiled as they saw me.

“Hi James,hi Max” I greeted.
“Mara how are you?”
“I’m fine” I said.
Max unlocked the car and got in while James went to open the gate.
I got into the backseat.

He turned on the ignition and started driving out of the compound.
He got to the road and sped offffffffff.

**Fast forward**

“Hmm…. Kelly,i promised to date you once I’m pregnant,and it will be so bad not to fufill my promise” I said to Kelly who grinned at me.
We were seated on the grass in the garden after lunch break.

I already told Bryan,Laura and Ellen the news while we were having our lunch and they didn’t took it well.
They are still shedding tears till now.
The news that I’m pregnant combined with I’m dieing soon made them so sad.

I also cried,i couldn’t help it.
Good thing they loved the decision i took.
Ellen was excited that we’ll both be having babies.

Bryan was sad,so sad he doesn’t want to believe I’ll gone soon but I’ll be gone.

I brought Kelly to the school garden after lunch break,i had to fufill my promise to him.

“So Kelly,I’ve accepted your proposal cause i promised you and not because i love you,i don’t love you” I said and noticed his face changed immediately.
“Y..you don’t love me?” He asked.
“Uh! .. Kelly you should know i don’t love you” i said.

“What..wh..what happened to the weeks you spent with me,you don’t love me at all?” He asked and i could hear the sadness in his voice.
“Kelly..i was only close to you cause of what you did for me,no strings attached..I’m sorry but I’m ready to date you,i don’t have to love you” I said.

“You wanna date me because i got you pregnant?” He asked.
“Yeah” I smiled.
“Not because you love me?” He asked.
“Aaarg! How many times are we gonna talk about this, Kelly I’m sorry for keeping your hopes high but i dont love you and i can’t love you”

I was surprised when a tear dropped from his eyes.
He slowly stood up from the bench.

“Kelly what’s all this? Why are you crying?” I asked and stood up after him.
“You were only closer to me cause of what i did for you? You are so cruel!” He yelled and i flinched.
More tears dropped from his eyes.
He turned and started walking away.

“Kelly but this isn’t the first time I’m telling you i don’t love you,why are you so pissed now! I don’t love you but I’m ready to date you cause i promised to” I said.
He didn’t stop nor turned,he just walked away.

What have i done?
But i don’t love him!!

(Love made her)🥀

Episode 45

© Azeemah Salami✓

(Zeemah writes📝)

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

“Bryan it’s okay,Mara won’t die” I said to Bryan who wouldn’t stop crying after Mara broke the news.
We were in the class waiting for the next teacher to come in.
Kelly and Mara went to thr garden and they aren’t back yet.

“She won’t die? Yet she went ahead to get pregnant. Even Mara is so sure she’s gonna die. I don’t want to lose her,you know how much she means to me” He said.
“Not only you but everyone of us,let’s keep believing she won’t die and our belief might just change her fate” She said.
“Fate can never be changed” He said sadly.

I heaved a sigh.. I now get the reason she said we should name our child after her.

I’m glad Mara is also pregnant,our children will become close friends like us.
I’m two months gone and my bump is starting to be visible through clothe.
If my school shirt wasn’t so thick and free,the students would have found out that I’m pregnant.

Today is Friday, today is the last day I’ll attend school.
I’ll be at home for seven months.
Haa! It’s gonna be so boring and tiring but Bryan promised to always check on me.

I had been so glad when he accepted to support me through the pregnancy,i didn’t expect it cause I’m the main cause for the pregnancy yet he wants to keep responsibility.

Kelly walked into the class and i could see how puffy his eyes are.
What happened?

“Bryan is anything wrong with Kelly?” I asked Bryan who glanced up and also saw how puffy Kelly’s eyes were.
“Did Mara said anything to him again” Bryan said watching Kelly walked towards his seat.

I was expecting Mara to also walk in after him but I didn’t see her.
“Ask him what the matter is,let me go meet Mara” I said and stood up.

I walked out of the classroom and headed to the garden,she should still be there.
I got there and met her sitting on the bench pulling a long face.

“Hey Mara” I sat beside her.
“Ellen how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine,what happened to Kelly?” I asked.
“Did he told you guys anything?” She asked.
“No he didn’t,we just noticed how puffy his eyes were and knew he cried.. I expected you to walk in after him but you didn’t so i decided to come meet you here” I said.

“Oh… anyway,i told him i don’t love him” she said..
“Why did you tell him that after all he did for you” i said.
“Should i have lied to him?” She asked.
“No you don’t have to say you don’t love him, com’on Mara you know that hurts” I said.

“Yeah,just like how hurt i was when Bryan said he doesn’t love him, Bryan was been honest and i was also honest with Kelly,i don’t wanna keep his hopes high”
“That’s good but did you said it in a way that hurt him?” I asked knowing how Mara can be mean.

“Not really,i was just being blunt,i actually promised to date him if i get pregnant” She said.
“Yeah,it was yesterday we went to check my pregnancy status and it turned out to be positive so i thought it’s best if i fulfill my promise…I called him here and told him I’m ready to date him even if i don’t love him at all”

“Aw! That was harsh” I said.
“But i was just being sincere” She said.
“You shouldn’t have told him you don’t love him. Better still, you could have only said you are ready to date him and that’s all” I said.

“You think so?” She asked.
“But i thought it will be better to be honest with him,i don’t know that truth hurts”
“Of course truth hurts” I said.
“So what should i do now?” She asked.
“You apologise to him” i said.
“Is that necessary?” She asked.

“Of course it is, apologise to him and tell him you’re ready to date him, don’t mention anything about love” I said.
“Okay” She sigh.
“He might think you used him to achieve your aim” I said.
“That’s the truth,i used him” She said.

“Com’on Mara, that’s unfair. How would you feel if you were used?” I asked.
“Hmm…I’ll feel hurt and forget it later on” She said.
“Damn! You’re so unbelievable” i said.
She laughed…”okay I’m gonna do as you said”

“You won’t know how excited i am to be pregnant” She smiled.
“Really?” I asked.
“Of course,this baby will replace me,i don’t want anyone to feel my absence” She said quite sadly.
“I believe you won’t leave” I said.
She shrugged and stared at my stomach.
“Wow..your bump is getting noticeable” She said.
“Really? Does that means other would have noticed it too?” I asked in fear.

“No,you know i gat sharp eyes and besides, you used your arms to push back your shirt while sitting so it got obvious” She said.
“Okay..do you know i wasn’t happy with this pregnancy at first?”
“Really?” She asked.
“Yeah…I asked the Doc to remove it”
“Wow!” She exclaimed.

“But my mom reprimanded me and insisted that i was gonna keep it..did your mum yelled when you told her about yours?” I asked.
“I didn’t told her,she knew herself and she didn’t yell but Liam did” She said.

“I know he will” i said and we both laughed.
“We now have a visitor in our house” She said excitedly.
“Really? Who is it?” I asked.
“Reiya, fallen angel’s distant cousin” She said and i exclaimed.

“Yeah shes a friend and a soon to be girlfriend of Liam, she’s just so nice and friendly,how about i invite you all to my house tomorrow” She said.
“That will be great,i can’t wait to meet her” i smiled.
“You are gonna love her totally,she’s beautiful” She said.
“I can’t wait…let’s go tell the others” I said.
“Yeah,class would have started” she said.
“Geez!” I exclaimed.
“What?” I asked.
“Mrs Hampton is our next teacher” i said.

We both stood up and started running to class.

🌹Reiya’s POV🌹

I’m so happy to be here,these people are so lovable and kind,it would have been so perfect if Mara wasn’t gonna die soon.
It’s a pity…

That girl doesn’t deserve death,she’s so funny and down to earth.
I just hope everything can change to good.

I can’t believe i broke up with Dan because of Liam,i never thought i will break up with him at all even with all the the beatings and all,i loved him then but not until i set my eyes on Liam.
His handsomeness terrified me and i just had to pretend i wasn’t moved by it.

The feeling he do give me is indescribable,i just can’t describe it..I’ve not gotten that sort of feeling in a while.
I’m ready to date him, infact i was ready to date him the moment i saw him.

Liam loves me so much and he shows it.

I was sitting alone in the living room watching a movie after Mum left for work.
Liam is in his room and i know he’s gonna join me soon.
Such a sweet guy!

I glanced at the wall clock..
‘3 o’clock’ Mara will be home soon. I already prepare lunch,I’m just gonna microwave it for her once she’s back.

I perceived a familiar fragrance followed by footsteps.
I smiled when i realised Liam is coming to join me.
I quickly held that smile and pretended to be concentrated on the TV.

“Reiya” He called and sat beside me.
Damn! I’m melting.
I turned to him with a smile and it’s obvious he just finished bathing,his lips looks so fresh and red.

“I hope you are enjoying the movie?” He asked and licked his lips.
I shivered…
“Are you feeling cold?” He asked and i shook my head in embarrassment.

“Okay so are you ready to tell me about your past relationship?” He asked.
I was expecting this.
“Yeah,you wanna know about Dan?” I asked.
“Yeah i wanna know the reason you chose a huge guy like him,he slapped me and the next place i saw myself was inside the pool” He said and i laughed so hard.

“S..o..rry” I laughed,he also laughed.
“Okay, I don’t look at guys stature or anything before considering their proposal,i look at the way i feel for them” I said.
“So,you loved Dan?” He asked.
“I thought i loved him but realised it was only infatuation,my eyes was covered with the gifts he was showering me then and i thought i love him” I said.

“Wow,so how did he reacted to the breakup?”
“He only laughed and said he has gotten what he wanted, that i should go meet that small crap I’ve always wanted” I said.
“Am i the small crap he’s referring to?” Liam asked and i nodded.
“Dan can be so abusive so don’t mind the word he used to describe you” I said.

“I know he’s crazy but do you think of me as a small crap?” He asked and i found myself laughing.
“No,i don’t! Liam to be sincere,you are most handsome guy that have ever asked me out” I said.

He grinned “Thanks babe”
“So,tell me about you also” I said.
“Okay, the thing about my past relationships is that ladies do ask me out theirselves and I do the breakup,i rarely propose to a lady except you, who took my breath away” He said and i almost spanked myself for blushing.

“It’s not surprising that girls ask you out…just look at how handsome you are” I said.
“I’m handsome?” He asked.
“Of course” I said.
“But you seems not to be moved by it,other ladies would have started melting by now” He said.

If only you know how melted i am already.

“Well…I’m not other ladies,a lady should know how comport herself” I said.
“Wow,you impress me a lot” he said.
“Is that a compliment?” I asked.
“Thanks” I said staring at his lips.

We were both silent for a while until he spoke up.

“So what about what i discussed with you?” He asked and i smiled inwardly.
I’ve been expecting him to say this.
“What?” I feigned ignorance.

“Com’on Reiya,you know what I’m talking about” He said and i smiled.
“About the relationship?” I asked.
“Yeah … please Reiya,i love you so much. Don’t turn me down” He said.
I sighed. “I won’t turn you down but can you just give me few more days to think about it”

Damn! Reiya what do you wanna think about again!
You love this guy! Say yes immediately!

“Of course,i will give you more time to think about it,you are absolutely different from others,in beauty, intelligence and other things.. Reiya i greatly admire you” he said and OMG.
My heart pumped twice.

“Thanks Liam” I smiled still staring at his lips.
We were both silent again and i didn’t know how our heads got closer, making our lips inches apart,his hot breath was against my lips and we were about closing the distance between our lips when Mara entered.
We quickly jumped away from each other.

“OMG! I’m so sorry to interrupt your moment,I’m gonna turn now,kiss all you want” Mara said and turned, facing the door.
She stood like that for some minutes and i couldn’t help but laugh.
I glanced at Liam,he was glaring at her back.

“Com’on Mara, turn back” I said.
She turned “Have you kissed?”
I shook my head.
“Please kiss, Liam is gonna hit me” She said.
“He won’t,we will kiss some other time” I said and i think i saw Liam smile.

“Oh…my manners! Good afternoon Reiya, Liam” She greeted.
“Welcome Mara,how was school?” I asked.
“It was great and my friends are coming to see you tomorrow” She said excitedly.
“Yeah…i told them about you. You are gonna love them” She said.
“I can’t wait to meet them” I said.
“They can’t also wait to meet you” She said.

“Go freshen up, I’ll help you microwave your lunch,i prepared Pizza rolls” I said.
“Thank youuuuu” She rushed to hug me and i hugged her too.
“It’s nothing” I said.
“It’s something Reiya, thanks so much, I’ll go freshen up now” She smiled.

She dragged Liam’s hair and whispered “I’m sorry” to him.
He nodded and smiled.
“Reiya i love you” She shouted as she climbed the stairs.
“What about me?” Liam shouted after her.
“Liam,you need to rest from ‘i love you’ for now.. Reiya owns it all now”
“I love you too Mara” I called after her and laughed at the look of hurt on Liam’s face.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I walked into my room and dropped my backpack.
I’m so lucky to have Reiya here,such a loving lady and damn! I interrupted their kiss.
Liam would be so mad at me… haha.

I’m glad i invited my friends over tomorrow.
Kelly didn’t wanted to come but i guess Bryan persuaded him.
I’ve not apologised to him cause i did not see any wrong in what i did.

I pulled off my shoes.
I gotta freshen up real fast..the pizza rolls is on my mind.
I ran into the bathroom and quickly took my bath.
I was dressing up and the next minute i was descending the stairs to go devour the pizza rolls.


I opened the wardrobe with a loud hiss..I’m in my towel after bathing.
I just finished vomiting and it was so tiring.
I’m fed up of craving for food in the middle of the night.
Isn’t that weird?

I selected blue tank top and black leggings.
I put it on and adjusted the tank top to be free round my stomach.
I removed the hairband on my hair making it pour down my back.

I combed it and quickly repacked it.
I picked black slippers from the shoe rack and slipped my feet into it.

I picked my phone and walked out of my room.


I sat in the living room waiting for breakfast to be ready.
Reiya is the one making breakfast and i offered to help her but she refused vehemently and told me to come sit here in the living room.
Mum has gone early to work and Liam is in his room.
He’ll come down soon once he perceives the aroma of breakfast.

I was right cause i heard his footsteps immediately Reiya said;
“Breakfast is ready”
I dropped the remote control and stood up.
We sat round the dining table eating our delicious breakfast.
Reiya is just good at everything.
“Thanks Reiya,this is delicious” I said before gulping my coffee.
“Thanks” she said.

“Reiya you are not washing the dishes today” Liam said.
“Why?” Reiya asked.
“You didn’t come here to work as a maid..I’m gonna wash the dishes myself” He said.
“But you guys are not forcing me to do any work,i offered to do it myself” She said.

“I know but leave the dishes to me today” Liam said.
“I wi..”
“Please” Liam interrupted her.
She nodded.

“So Mara,let’s go watch movie” She said and stood up.
I smiled and stood up after her,we both walked to the living room and this time she selected the movie.
We sat beside each other and started watching the movie .
“My friends are coming this noon” I said.
“Wow I can’t wait” She said and i smiled.

I yawned starting to doze off.
Reiya shifted me closer to her and placed my head on her laps.
“Thanks” i muttered slowly and closed my eyes.


I heard chatters and laughter behind my closed eyes.
I yawned and opened my eyes,i noticed my head was no longer placed on Reiya’s laps,it was on a throw pillow.

“She’s awake” I heard a familiar voice said.
I sat up in confusion and smiled when i saw my friends.
“Sleeping beauty” Bryan shouted and my smile widened.

He’s sitting beside Kelly who was not smiling and looking in another direction.
Is he still pissed at me?
Ellen is sitting on a separate couch,she waved at me and i waved back.

“Where’s Laura?” I asked.
“She’s helping Reiya in the the kitchen” Bryan said and i widened my eyes.
“You guys met her already?” I asked.
“Yes..mehn! She’s so beautiful and nice” Bryan said.
“I love her already” Ellen smiled.
I looked at Kelly expecting him to say something but he didn’t.

Why was i expecting him to say something though.

“Kelly, won’t you talk? You were all over her while she was asleep and now she’s awake you aren’t speaking” Ellen said.
Bryan laughed…”Ellen you gat a big mouth,just let the both of them be” i said.

I glanced at Kelly and caught him staring at him.
He quickly removed his gaze and i smiled.
He’s looking cute in his white t-shirt and brown shorts,damn! He gat sexy hairy legs..his hair is brushed to the back just the way i like and i think he’s handsome.

Bryan is on a blue shirt and white pants,his hair is styled in curly waves and he’s looking more handsome than ever.
My heart raced just by looking at him.

Ellen,she’s on a white flay gown which stopped at her knees,her hair is in the normal pontsplait and i observed she has added more weight but she still looks beautiful.

“Lunch is ready,come to the dining darlings” Reiya said from the dining.
I smiled and got up,the rest are also up.
I entered the dining and saw our lunch already dished on the table.

“Mara you’re awake” Reiya said.
“Yes Reiya” I said.
I saw Liam already seated,he winked at me and i smiled.
We all sat down to eat.

***. ***

{Camera sounds}

We smiled as we all posed for selfie.
We’ve been taking several shot since we finished eating and it was fun..

Everyone was happy..my arm touched with Kelly’s and we both stared at each other.
He removed his gaze again and turned to the camera.

I dragged his arm and started pulling him upstairs to my room.
I’m getting pissed that he’s avoiding me.

I opened the door and we both walked in.

“Why are you avoiding me? Does that make any sense to you” I said.
“What do you want?” He asked.
“Okay..I’m sorry” i said.
“Alright” he breathed.
“I’m sorry,I know i hurt you with my words but please forgive me I’m sorry” i said.

He nodded and smiled..
“I’ve forgiven you babe,how are you and the baby?”
“We’re fine” i smiled.
“So will you please still be my girlfriend?” He asked.
“Yes I will i said”
“Thanks Tammy,i love you” he hugged me.
I hugged him back and smiled.

“Can i kiss you?” He asked and i nodded.
He placed his kiss on mine,i imagined it was Bryan before responding.

JUST FOR LOVE Episode 44

his Mara’s obsession with Bryan ehn..only God can take it away.
do you think Mara is starting to like Kelly?😋

Please don’t hesitate to comment and share😉

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Mara likes Kelly but her illusions towards Bryan makes it hard for her to think


I don’t think so!
Kelly is just on the receiving end…. Although it’s so very unfortunate 😰