Episode 59

I walked into the compound, is smaller than expected.

There’s no security guard at the gate and the compound and house appears small compared to our old house.

No car packed, my Dad used to have his long time blue BMW
And is always parked within our compound back then
But no bicycle, no car and nothing fanciful about the house, not even flowers.

I’m not sure I’m in the right address

Mario must have given me the wrong address
The thought of my parents and siblings living in this kind of place makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

I thought when they sold their house, they planned moving into somewhere bigger

The compound is very neat and there’s a beach resting chair outside the door right in front of me.
Could this be part of the dïsgúise, maybe they thought that buying a smaller house will make people not to put too much interest in them.
This could be my mom’s idea, maybe she thought whatever that took me will not come back if they make few changes to their lives.

But I had my doubt, if this is even my parents place

I breathed in and was about to walk up to the door and knock when somebody walked into the gate.
I quickly turned to check.
It was a young woman, holding lunch bags with two kids in uniform.
She obviously went to pick them up from from school.

I don’t recognized her, this only means I’m in the wrong house.
I said it, I was in doubt that this can’t be the house my people moved to.

They can’t go from “very comfortable” to a lower standard.

Why will Mario give me the wrong address,? so I will have to go back to him for the right address?
This is too much unexpected trøuble for me.

I stepped down and greeted her.
Is mid afternoon and the sun was scotching.

“Yes, good afternoon… can I help you..? She asked

“Probably! I was given the wrong address. I was searching for somebody and the address I had led me here..”

“Oh! Sorry about that. Are you from around here?

“Well, I’m not really from here..”

“Okay, your face kind of looks like Mr James, your facial physique. He’s the tenant that lives in this front apartment with his wife..”
She pointed towards the house facing us.

“Wait, did you say his name is James..?

“Yes, we call him Mr James. His an elderly man, not so friendly though but he’s nice. Everyone keeps to their business in this compound. I live behind the main house, at the mini apartment with my family and there’s another tenant at the back too. Mr James and his wife occupies this front apartment..”

“Wow.! I exclaim loudly.
“…the person I’m searching for, his name is also James but not too elderly. What of his children..?

“You should go ahead and knock, he may end up being the one. Beside, you have some resemblance with them. I hardly see his children, Maybe once in a long while. I think he has only two and can’t tell anything about them..”

“That’s great then, thank you! You’re very helpful. My name is April..”

“I’m Lydia. Take care and good luck..”

She and the kids walked away, I watched as they passed through a small passage way, at one side of the compound.
Her daughter looked back and waved at me, I smile and waved back at her.

I guess the small passage way will lead them to their own apartment which she said is at the back of the compound.

I breathed in slowly and exhale out quietly.

Could Lydia be right, that the tenants living here are my people?

Tenant? Why will my parents sell their house only to become tenants in this place, this house that’s not even up to the standard of their sold property.

That’s ridiculous
I doubt if the occupants are even my parents. Is not possible.
Coincidentally, the man’s name is James and we kind of share resemblances, that’s according to Lydia

It’s all a coincidence and deep down, I’m prepared to start throwing another apology at whoever that lives here.

After knocking and they come out, I will as usual apologize for disturbing them and let them know that is a wrong address.

I need to hurry up so that I can return back to Mario and let him know that is a wrong house.
I forgot to collect his mobile number that day, I could have called him right away.
I’m just a bit worried about his wife that will start accessing me from head to toe, to know the worth of my attire.

I gasped out rapidly.
I felt really nervous as I climbed up the few steps that leads to the front door.

I raised my hand to knock but immediately drops it back, i breathed in again and then out
I need to get myself together and focus.

I decided to wear a black shade, I don’t know why I thought of using an eye glass,
I guess is to disguise and to get my confidence back.

I raised a hand to knock again after another long breath and immediately, the door swings open.

“Yes?? Who are you…?
“…we noticed that somebody have been standing here, in the front door and feeling reluctant to knock. Who’re you…?

He asked again with a frown, it seems he was in the middle of something and I just distracted him
He was acting impatient, I guess he wanted to go back to whatever he was doing before I interrupted.

I néver thought anyone could see me.
The door was made with metallic products and glass.
They must have seen my shadow standing at the door.

I watched the wrinkled line on his face with grey hair lined up on his trimmed mustache and also on the short hair on his head

I was standing face to face with my Dad.

This feels so unreal, I don’t really know how to react

I felt frozen to the spot as I watched him.

The changes is too much for me to take in

My Dad has aged so sudden. Just five years interval and he aged this much.

He looks like he was in his late seventies but I know my Dad should be in his early sixty’s

He still maintained his trade mark look of short hair and well trimmed bears.

Except that he slimed down and appears more aged than normal.
Every other thing is still the same with him.

“…Young woman, who do you say that you are here to see? I have things doing inside and don’t have all day to wäste..”

He paused all of a sudden and looked at me closely this time.

“…Apri!..April? is that you..?

“Dad…is me..” I replied quietly.

He looks confused as I gently removed my black shade from my face, it was indeed like a dïsgúise but I guess my Dad still figured out that I’m the one.

“April!..” his voice breaks as he called my name again while looking at me straight in the eyes.
His face was expressionless
I can’t really tell if he’s happy or sad.

This is too emotional than I ever thought.

Seeing my Dad after all this years, makes me want to burst into a loud cry but I blinked back tëars severally as I stood before him
Awaiting judgement of either condemnátion or acceptance.

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