Episode 57

“Any luck..? I asked impatiently

He shakes his head in response

None of the neighbors have been able to give us any positive reply yet.

Denis and I have gone round the neighborhood and we even have to do it separately so that we will be able to cover up more houses but so far, no one knows where my parents moved to.

Some after introducing myself, they became surprise and start throwing different questions

Asking me where the kidnappers took me to, how did I escâpe, why I changed so much within few years.
They said I was a small girl the last time they saw me and now I’m a thick Madam.
I did not only grow more tall, I grew bigger too, they said.

I even started wearing a face mask and glasses when the whole questions and onlookers where getting too much.

Denis said I looked suspicious with the mask.
I had to remove it.

I remember some of my parents pals, brothers friends and Rachel’s too
One out of many might have heard something

Denis drove me to different shops and houses.
I will first of all introduce myself before asking of my people.

They will leave the second question and focus mainly on the first

I was asked all manners of things, even where the kídnâppers kept me and what they were feeding me all the years that made me look so fine and fresh.

One woman even asked if I was being abúsed while under the custody of the kídnâppers because my bréâst size is big for my age.
She mentioned that her daughter is same age with me and her own bréâst is small and she still have lots of learning and growing to do but I look overgrown already.

After going around with no positive feedback, I had three people in mind before I can retire for the day.

It was the second person who used to be my family friend.
The man has a big thrift store where my parents used to sometimes shop for us.

He runs the shop along side his wife.

When I stepped in, the wife who was the first person that saw me, obviously didn’t recognize me.
She assumed that I was a customer, greeted me respectively and asked me what I wanted to buy with smile written all over her face after probably weighing my worth from my outfit.

My parents calls him Mario.

Immediately Mario turned and saw me, he seems so surprised and told his wife that I was the missing daughter of James.

I was surprised that he even recognized me, he was the only one that have been able to identify who I was just by first glance.

“You have a striking resemblance with your father, is your younger sister that looks so much like your Mom. I recognize people easily and can dictate a thief just by a mare look…”

I smile and greeted him.

“When did you return, your parents no longer live in this area or you came visiting someone..?

“No sir, I thought they were still here..”

“Which means you’ve not even seen them and you obviously don’t have their mobile number. But where have you been, the news was that you were kidnapped or probably ran away with a man..” Mario’s wife asked with displeasure in her eyes and tune

She continued immediately
“… you girls of this day are always desperate to move in with a man. Your Mom mentioned that you dropped a small written note but she refused to tell us the whole details. My instinct tells me you were not kidnåpped rather you ran away because you felt too big to be under your parents..”

“… Look at how big you’re just within few years, looking like you’ve reach twenty five or even thirty years when you’re just a small girl. Or were you into hookup, I mean did the kidnâppers gave you extra pampering while making money out of you. Your looks speaks opposite of suffering, far opposite of being kídnapped. The rumors is that you were kidnåpped but those who stays in the kidnâppers den appears pitiful, mentally and emotionally broken. But you look like you were enjoying yourself there, looking all fresh and becoming a classy big girl. Just look at how fresh your skin is, your expensive handbag and designers cloth. you’re looking real good that’s why I have my doubts…anything is possible in this case and..”

“That’s enough..” Mario interrupted his wife
“.. you know she was kidnâpped and we should be happy and thank God that she’s free now. My friend, James is a disciplined man, him and his wife raised all their children well. You can’t be saying that kind of thing in front of her. No empathy or humane in your choice of words. You really don’t know what she has been through..”

Mario turned to me and apologies on his wife behalf.
I told him that I was trying to locate my parents, if he has any idea of where they moved to

He said he has but is a long drive from his shop
He said is only my Mom that changed her number recently but my Dad is still using his old mobile number and also the new one.
He told me how to locate the place and also gave me my Dad’s contact.

Before I left, he asked me to wait a minute as he went around, packaged some thrift wears for both my Dad and Mom.

He gave me another separate bag and said that was for me.

His wife said she doesn’t think I wear thrift, he shouldn’t have given me because I’m going to dispose it or turn it into rag.
Looking at the expensive designer cloth and bag I was putting on, she already knows my type of girl.

“Let her do whatever she like with it, is hers to do as she pleases..” Mario replied her.

I thanked him and his wife who also apologized for her precious statement but I know deep down she only wanted to please her husband
She didn’t mean her apologies and I didn’t care.

As I turned to leave, I saw Denis coming inside.
He had been waiting outside in his car.
He must have been wondering what was taking me so long and decided to come and check me.

Mario’s wife thought he was a customer and greeted him kindly as she asked him what he will like to buy.

I told her that we were together and started walking away with Denise after he greeted them

Mario said I shouldn’t forget to extend his greetings to my Dad.

Immediately he was done talking, I heard his wife say something like a whisper to him.
“Maybe That’s the guy she ran away to meet or maybe he’s the one that she eløped with, this girl was not kidnåpped. I told you she’s looking too good for someone like that …”

“Stop talking nonsénse..” Mario said out loudly.

I stepped out and straight into Denis car.

I wondered what my parents will also be thinking with my sudden disappearance.

I remember dropping a note that I was leaving because I can no longer endure the way that I was been treated.

Even if my Mom went about worrying and telling everyone that cares that i was kidnåpped
I doubt it if my Dad even care

They decided to move on to a different location because they knew I may probably return.

I was seventeen when I left
I felt strongly convinced that I no longer want to stay and be treated like a garbage in my house.
Unfortunately I didn’t know my parents number off hand and it never bothers me until now.

If not for Phil, I would have been looking worst than a sick patient.

None of the people’s gossip really matters and does not affect me in anyway

Atleast I know where to find my parents, that will be my next stop by tomorrow

Let me return back to my hotel, relax think and speak with Phil

By tomorrow, I will start my journey to my parents house.
Whatever the outcome maybe, I think I’m ready to face it.

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