Episode 30


It does not matter anymore, Louise twisted everything, he was supposed to be the one given an award for lying. He is very manipulative.

Phil didn’t believe me in my first explanation before Louise started speaking, he won’t believe me now no matter what I say.

Nothing I say will ever matter. I know that I was supposed to tell him the truth when Louise was trying to blackmail me, I really wanted to be free from Louise claws.

My mind was totally made up, Phil is a good guy and deserve to know the whole truth but I couldn’t.

I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him.

He was going to hate me and never want to have anything to do with me.

I can’t live with that, I can’t loose him.

Phil was the only human that truly cares about me in this big city. If anything happens, he’s the only one I can run to, I couldn’t jeopardize all of that. well, I thought one day I will muster courage to tell him the whole truth.

I wanted to be free from Louise first, just in case Phil turn his back on me, I will have a home to go back to, a place far from Louise.

I wish I had told him, is too late to do anything.

Atleast I have already rented a place to go to once all of this is over. That’s the only joy I have right now.

“… you ran away from your family? Louise isn’t your cousin but a..a..”

Phil paused, he couldn’t wrap his head around whatever Louise was to me.

I watched as he shakes his head sadly and continued.

“…So everything you ever told me is all lies? About your Mom, yourself and everything that has to do with you and Louise…They were all lies? I can’t believe this. April? Why…i.. you supposed to tell me the truth no matter how it hurt. I deserve to know. I explained to you how much I hates lies. I wanted you close and that was the reason I employed you in my company. I thought I have actually found a woman for me . Woah… in my wildest dreams I never expected any of this. I trusted you and that’s why I didn’t do any background research on you. oh my God, April? Hmm..i can’t do this… this is way too much to take in one night. I’m out of here…”

He kicked off the bag containing the food items I got from the market which was on his way.

He walked to the door and pause, I remained at the spot where I was.

Maybe he is having a double mind, probably reconsidering.

This was my opportunity to apologise.

“I’m sorry Phil, I’m deeply sorry…I never meant for you to find out that Louise wasn’t actually my cousin. I was really scared of loosing you and that kept me bound. I wish I have summon enough courage and come to you with the truth. You’ve been nothing but a blessing to me, I dreaded this moment and have live in fear ever since after meeting you and you picked interest in me. I’m so sorry Phil, I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me some day…”

He chuckled a little, gave a deep breath and said.

“Return every of the company’s properties in your possession by Monday. Hand it over to the HR for proper documentation. Wait in the reception until you’re paid off before leaving. After then kindly keep a good distance from the company and it’s environ. If you try to trade close to my properties, I will get you arrested. This is the first and final warning. Goodbye Apr..il”

He took a final pitiful look at Louise before opening the door and walking out.

It’s well expected, I wasn’t expecting an embrace or flowers after all.

Louise began to laugh.

“At the end he dumped you in the trash. This girl, you’re more deadlier than I imagined. So you were working in Phil’s office, wow… all this while and you kept mute. You were afraid that I will collect your pay again, I know the salary will be way higher than your former place. What exactly are you doing with those money he has been paying you?

“…I knew it, I just knew that you were up-to something. I should have thought deeper or followed it up. Your work clothes changed, all the office look and vibes you kept giving me, I thought it was just nothing, maybe you wanting to change your dress sense, I never knew that God has indeed prepared a big wide table before you. You kept it hidden and thought I won’t find out, now you’re back at my mercy. I will make you suffer for every crumbs that you get….”

“…If you don’t bring the money or tell me what happened to it, April you will suffer. I don’t care if you just started last month or this month, I need the money, all the salaries that you were paid, every dime. You can never escape from me. since I can no longer get anything from Phil, I will get it all from you…”

“… I don’t care if you decide to start sleeping with different men for money, all I’m certain is that if you must live in this house then the house responsibility falls on you otherwise, you will grind your teeth for every crumb of food you get. You try to shame me, forgetting that before you were born I have been existing. Is a good thing Philip dumped you because soon, once I get tired of your useless body, I will also kick you out, straight into the street. You will see how street life taste like, by then you will come to realize that am actually a nice guy but it will be too late when realization hits you…”

Louise is talking nonsense. Saying that if he gets tired of me he throws me into the street?

That’s laughable because I have had my fill of his bully and molestation and will be leaving by tomorrow.

I don’t have to beg for every crumbs because I will be in my own comfortable space from tomorrow.

He underrated me alot, by the time it dawned on him I will be far gone.

I hurt deeply, the pain is just too much but I will not cry in front of Louise.

Loosing Philip is like important part of me disappeared with him.

I hate myself right now, the look in Phil’s eyes was terrifying as he said those things at the door.

He did not only dump me, he also kick me out of both his life and office.

Phil sacked me and still willing to pay me the days I have worked for this month.

I loosed an angel because of Louise, this is exactly what he wants and he is expecting me to break down and began to weep.

But I will never give him something interesting to watch or taunt me with.

I have lost everything again, I’m starting my life on a clean slate, this time around I will be doing it alone, far from Louise.

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14 days ago

Better be wise
This story is a suspense to my bone