Episode 14


I dragged him outside the gate as fast as I could, I was holding his hand very tight so that he won’t easily pull it out.

“Why are you here, do you want to put me in trouble? You could have at least respected my wish and keep your distance… showing up like this means you don’t regard me at all…” I said to him angrily immediately we were outside…”

“What exactly are you afraid of April? I told you that I hate hide and seek relationship, I want to be transparent and make my intention known to your uncle and the entire house. This has been the way I run my life and I intend to keep it that way. I saw how afraid you were yesterday, hiding in my car because you don’t want to be seen by some guy that happens to know your uncle… you’re afraid he was going to snitch on you. I wasn’t happy sincerely. I came here to end such drama for you… for both of us. I love you April and ready to go the extra mile just for you… but you have to let me do it. You have to let me April…”

“Now isn’t the perfect time for such, please Phil…go. I will see you on Monday. Go away from here… don’t come back because it won’t be safe for me…I will be in deep trouble if you show up here again unannounced..”

I said and rushed back inside before Louise will come out.

As I was rushing back to the house I was thinking of the lies to tell Louise if he happens to ask.

And I was just in time because Louise was just coming out of the room and heading towards the door.

“Where were you? I thought I heard a knock.. who was that? He asked

“Oh that, It was the sho..e maker…I actually asked the woman selling down the street to direct anyone she happens to see to the house. One of the shoes I usually wear to work is bad, the leather is pulling out…so I needed to get it fixed. Is the shoe repairer that was knocking, so I went out to see him…”

“So has he fixed it? where is the shoe…? He asked looking at my empty hands.

“Yes… the shoe. I…I left it with him. Yes, he took it to his workshop to get it done because is not something that he can easily fix. It was the price that we were negotiating outside that took me so long…” I stuttered.

“You have to be careful with those set of people because most of them are thieves. They shouldn’t be coming to knock on somebody’s door… instead they should have remained outside the gate. Coming directly to the house to knock is suspicious. Beside there’s a cobbler shop down the street. Which you can easily take your footwear to and he can easily fix it…I don’t know why you choose the service of those hawking from street to street. I just hope he won’t disappear with your shoes because is obvious you don’t think before doing things…”

I walked pass him and heave a sigh of relief.

It was Indeed a relief because I was almost caught.

By Monday, I didn’t see Philip after work and when I try calling him he said he was busy.

I sent an apology message to apologise for what happened over the weekend.

I really don’t care who was at fault but I just don’t want him to be angry with me.

He truly cares about me but he needs to give me time to think of what to do.

Louise is with my money and I have to make sure i play along in order not to also make him upset.

So that whenever I want my hard earned money he will give it to me.

Louise can also be dångerøus.

I need to apply wisdom by playing along with Louise and Philip.

Philip replied that he wasn’t mad at me he was just busy and will get back to me whenever he was free.

He truly didn’t sound angry rather cold.

All through that week I didn’t get to see him but we were communicating fine.

I make sure I send message every hour, checking up.

At my work place, I was among the five workers that won the most hardworking, punctual, customer friendly and neat staff of the year.

Each of our salary was doubled and I received few other benefits.

My monthly salary was almost a 100k now and I was so happy.

It was a great feeling and a perfect time to start processing my University school form.

when I got home that day, I asked Louise if he got alert but he denied getting alert.

I told him that I was among the workers that won the best staff of the year and all our salary were sent to our bank accounts in double which was about 70k plus extra bonus, which sum it to about a 100k

He still denied seeing such credit alert.

I was confused and immediately I got to work the following day, I went to the account office to complain that my own money haven’t been sent to me.

The accountant said that he had sent everybody’s money.

My colleagues said that they have gotten theirs.

I asked Louise again that evening but he said nothing was sent.

I asked him to check the account if the money was already there and he said there was absolutely nothing.

He said the money was probably hanging due to service error.

He said it sometimes happens and is not a new thing.

He probably thinks I’m a fool or somebody without brain.

What kind of lame talk is that? money hanging due to service error? That’s really funny.

By next month I plan to start processing my school things and need my money in tact

I don’t need this story that Louise was forming.

I decided that I will take excuse at work the following Monday to go and open another account without Louise knowledge.

After I open it with my personal information, I will tell Louise to transfer all my money to me.

I will give my new bank account details to my office accountant. He will be sending my money there.

Philip asked me again if I will like to come work in his company, I told him yes.

If I can work for extra two months or three months, I will add up the whole money, it will be huge to run my school expenses.

Since he had said the salary will be attractive, I can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

The following week, just like I planned, I opened another account and gave the details to the accountant.

I told them that I was changing my salary account to the present bank details.

I got home and thought of a way to break it to Louise without upsetting him.

I told him that I want to open another account because I want to be getting my own alert. Since I have come of age I don’t see reason again for him to still be in charge of my money.

He didn’t know that I have already opened the account.

I also told him that secondly, he haven’t received the double salary that was paid to me with the rest of other staff

I’m the only one that haven’t gotten mine yet.

“You want to open another bank account? What happened to the one I’m managing for you? I can see that you are making bad friends… they’re obviously influencing your young mind…”

I told him it was solely my decision and that’s what I want because I want to start processing my school..

Before I could finish talking Louise slapped me hard, twice across the face.

He threatened to do worst to me if I ever try to open another account.

If at the end of the month he didn’t get any salary alert as usual he will skin me alive and throw me to the street.

If I still want to get my money I have to play by his role.

I have never seen such evïl in his eyes and voice. It really scared me to the extent I have to go back to our office accountant and plead with him not to use the new account again. I told them the old one is more legit.

Philip asked me when I will be resuming my new office, I wasn’t sure again after my encounter with Louise

I asked him to give me more time let me think about it.

I will have to play along whatever game Louise was playing to be able to recover my money.

I really don’t know how that will happen but I was ready for anything.

Philip informed me that he will be traveling urgently and will spend three weeks or even a month.

He asked me to send my account details so that he can transfer little token for my upkeep.

He said I shouldn’t turn his offer down again.

I wasn’t even thinking of saying no, I was rather grateful and quickly send my new account details to him.

In no time I got an alert of 50k

It was unexpected. The amount was huge for just an upkeep. I thanked and made it well known that I was grateful.

I don’t intend telling Louise about it, that will be my little secret until I decide what to do next with Louise and all my money with him.

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17 days ago

I hate people with gullible mentality and such people irritates me