HER BABYs SECRET Episode 49 – 51 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

HER BABYs SECRET Episode 2 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

HER BABYs SECRET Episode 49 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Theme: The psychologist driver

Arike’s POV

“Dayo has refused to talk to anyone even his lawyer. His silence is beginning to stir an uproar that he is really guilty of the crimes.” He said.

“Close to four count charges..” I repeated.

“It might be more..”

“What is the..sentence for..the ones charged against him?” I asked shakily.

“Maybe a life sentence or serving his jail terms for each count charge against him.” Bamidele replied.

“No..no..Adedayo can’t go to jail. We have to do something, Bamidele.” My voice pleaded.

“Arike, calm down..there is nothing I can do because I am not his lawyer.” Bamidele said.

“Bamidele..can I ask you to take up his case? Even if he is guilty, there must be a reason..please you have to help me.” I pleaded tearfully.

“Arike, I am not sure Adedayo would want me to defend him.”

“Bamidele, it is me making a request for you to take up the case. Please forget about about what Dayo might think, I will pay you whatever amount you want just make sure Dayo doesn’t go to jail.” I pleaded.

“This is not about the payment. Don’t worry I will try to get in touch with his lawyer to see what I can do.” He said.

“What do I do now?” I asked.

“Let me find out the address of the police station they will take him in for questioning.” He replied.

“Okay..thank you.” I hang up the call.

I cried for a few minutes before I calmed down and cleaned my face.

“Madam, I am sorry and I don’t mean to prey..please are you related to Mr Adedayo Awosika the husband of that Nollywood actress?” The driver asked.

“I know him.” I mumbled as I looked down at Adedayo’s picture on my phone.

“This case is just getting bigger day by day, different news everywhere that we don’t even know what to believe. Mr Adedayo doesn’t seem like someone who would commit such crimes. And to me, I feel the wife is the beater in this case.” He said.

I torn my gaze away from the picture and looked at the man. “Why did you say so?” I asked.

“Come to think of it, there was time we heard the rumor that she cheated on her husband with one upcoming actor. Now my instinct tells me that Mr Adedayo must have heard about it too and probably asked for a divorce, you know no man will ever stay calm under such situation. And over the years we have heard news of people seeing her in hotels with actors she has acted with in films..many scandals about her. So what if he had asked for a divorce but she refused and one thing led to another..and she tried to hurt herself.” He explained.

And somehow I found myself reasoning with everything he just said to me. Shalewa was always known for cheating even before she got married to Adedayo. That sly hasn’t even changed, she still goes about sleeping with co-actors.

“I don’t take his silence as someone who is guilty or remorseful. Madam I have a degree in psychology, one look at a person then I can tell what is going on in the person’s life. Each time I look at Mr Adedayo Awosika’s pictures in the news, all I see is pains in his eyes..like he is not happy, whereas I can also tell that Mrs Shalewa is trying to play victim. I don’t know maybe you understand what I am trying to say.”

“Yes..I understand.”

“But this country, police only follow whatever evidence they find and punish innocent citizens. Hmm..that was how they almost put my brother to jail two years ago for a crime he didn’t commit, if not for connection. See my sister, it is only God that will save us in this country.” The driver prayed.

What if he was right? What if Shalewa has really tried to hurt herself when Adedayo asked for a divorce? It would have been a shame om her and confirmation of the rumor that she had cheated on her husband.

I thought deeply as I kept reading articles about Shalewa.

“Nollywood Actress suspected to be cheating on her husband with an upcoming actor, Dele Balogun.”

And this had only happened some months to when this case started.

A message came on my phone from Bamidele. It was the address to the police station Dayo was taken to be questioned.

“Excuse me sir, I won’t be going to that address again.” I said.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Idiagbon police station.” I replied.

“Oh! I know that place, is that where Mr Adedayo was taken to for questioning?” The driver asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Eh! I wish that I could be of any help o, ah it is only God that can save him now o.” The driver made a turn.

Another message beeped on my phone. “I already contacted Dayo’s lawyer so we will work together on the case.”

“Will they let me see him?” I texted back.

“No but don’t worry I will be on my way soon, just wait for me outside the station.” He said.

“Okay, Bamidele..thank you very much.” I said.

“Madam, I am not sure you will be able to see him.” The driver said.

“His lawyer is on the way.” I muttered.

“Very good if it is Lawyer Bamidele, he hardly lost a case.” He rattled on about popular cases Bamidele had won in the last five years while I texted Busayomi to let her know about my whereabouts.


Theme: The brutal police station

  Arike’s POV 

When we arrived at Idiagbon police station, there were some representatives from media houses which would make it hard for us to push our way through. Everyone was interested in the case simply because Adedayo Awosika was a wealthy businessman while Shalewa was a popular famous actress.

“Omo! All these busy bodies are here again, they don’t get tired of feeding citizens with false news..look at them.” The uber driver scoffed.

A man I suspected to be the Assistant Commissioner of Police was talking to the representatives from media houses as they questioned him.

I should wait for Bamidele’s arrival, it would be easier to get in with his influences.

“Sir do you mind me waiting in your car till my friend comes around? I will pay you an extra fee for waiting.”

“Madam that is not a problem, I can’t even leave you to go in there all by yourself. The police in this station are merciless which makes me feel bad for Mr Adedayo Awosika. I hope they don’t torture him till he confessed to crimes he didn’t commit.” The man said in a pitiful tone.

I became extremely worried and scared that I found it hard to sit still in the car. I reached out for my phone to call Bamidele. He needed to be here on time before the police does something bad to Adedayo.

I dialed Bamidele’s number and he picked on the third ring.

“Bamidele, where are you?” I asked.

“I went to see a colleague of mine concerning Dayo’s case.” He answered.

“You have to come now, Bamidele.”

“Why is everything alright? Are you safe?”

“Dayo is not safe, I heard the police at this station are brutal and I am afraid that they might do something bad to him.” I said.

“Arike, calm down they won’t lay a finger of him.” He said in a soft tone.

“How sure are you?” I asked in a worried tone.

“His lawyer is there with him.” He answered.

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Should I call the lawyer to come and take you in to see him?”

“No..no..the media houses are here.”

“Ehn yes the commissioner of police wants them to vacate the station so Adedayo won’t feel pressured.” Bamidele explained.

“I just hope he is fine.” I mumbled.

“Everything will be alright.” He said in an assuring tone.

“Okay..I will be waiting for you.” I said before hanging up the call.

I prayed silently that Bamidele should find something that would help Adedayo out of this case.

Bamidele arrived one hours after I called him. The police station was free of media houses now. I watched Bamidele slide out of his car and looked around the environment.

“I have to go now.” I said.

“Oh! Lawyer Bamidele is here.” He pointed out.

I brought out six thousand naira from purse to pay the driver. “Thank you for waiting.” I said.

“Ah no madam this is too much, your fare is just four thousand naira.” He counted two thousand out of the money.

“Yeah I am paying you for waiting for me.” I slide out of the car.

“Madam you don’t need to pay me, as a matter of fact I am happy I waited because I get to see Barrister Bamidele plus you are trying to help a man I like so much.” He offered me the two thousand naira.

“Please ma, take it from me.” He begged sincerely.

I reached out to collect the money from him. “Thank you sir.”

“Madam, God will shed more light to this case.” The driver prayer before he drove away.

“Bamidele?” I called as I walked up to meet him.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting.” He apologized.

“You don’t need to apologize, I am just glad you accepted to help Dayo.” Then we started the walk into the police station.

“Maybe this would help me make up for everything I did to him. I hope he forgives me.” Bamidele sighed.

I pat his back. “Did you find anything that might help with the case?” I asked.

“I am not sure if what I find will help us.” He responded.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Dayo tried filing a divorce against his wife because she cheated on him. But I don’t know why he didn’t push through with the plans of divorce.”

Suddenly I remembered the drivers words. “Bamidele-“ I stopped walking to think again.

What if everything the man said was actually what had happened.

“Are you alright?” Bamidele asked.

“Yes..yes..but I think-“ I paused.


“What if Shalewa tried to hurt herself after Dayo asked for divorce?” I said.

Bamidele sighed. “I have thought about it too and it is possible being that Dayo was the one who took Shalewa to the hospital after she got hurt. But at the same time we can’t be sure of anything until we hear from Dayo.

I nodded in agreement. “I hope that is the case.” I muttered.


Theme: The Plan

  Arike’s POV 

“Arike, I have requested for an audience with the suspect so you have to brace yourself up for the next few days till we can solve this case.” Bamidele said.

“Thank you, Bamidele.”

“You are going in with a recording device but the police must not know about it.” He said.

“Sounds like a plan…”

“At this point we can’t trust anybody..even the police, I am afraid that they might be working to favour Shalewa’s father. So the plan is to go into the interrogation room and make sure Dayo tells you the whole truth. That is the only way to get him out of this mess.” He explained.

“Okay that won’t be a problem.” I said.

“Arike, if perhaps Dayo did all these things to Shalewa then we have no option than to plead guilty in the court so they can reduce his sentence and later file in an appeal.” Bamidele’s expression conveyed the message of his words that I should prepare for what was to come.

“Let us hope for the best, Bamidele.” I said.

“Okay.” Then we walked into the station.

“Mr Bamidele-“ a tall man dressed in a fine black suit approached us.

“Barrister Prosper,” Bamidele exchanged pleasantries with him.

“Arike meet Barrister Prosper, Dayo’s lawyer.” Bamidele introduced us.

I shook hands with the lawyer. “Thank God you are here, they have refused to let me see my client.” Barrister Prosper complained in anger.

“I have a court note that will allow us see him.” Bamidele said.

“They even apprehended him without an arrest warrant.” Barrister Prosper added.

Bamidele went ahead to request for a presence with the Commissioner of Police and a sergeant left the counter to help us after he screened the court note.

We discussed as we waited for the sergeant to get back to us on our request.

Barrister Porpser moved closer to us. “Shalewa’s dad is the force behind all these, I have tried to let us settle out of court but he has refused saying that my client must pay for hurting his child.” Barrister Prosper said in a whisper.

Looking at him, one wouldn’t doubt his ability as a lawyer – he was good just like Bamidele had painted him but I needed to to be sure if he trusted his client.

“What do you think about your client?” I asked cutting him off his intended sentence.

A muscle in his jaw tightened. “Do you also think that Dayo committed the crimes charged against him?” I asked again.

“Why did you ask?” He sounded like he was offended by my question.

“I just want to know…” I said and he purses his lips.

“My client is innocent.” He answered.

But that doesn’t answer my question, in court cases all clients are always innocent and it is the duties of a lawyer to defend his or her client even when they are guilty.

“So why try to settle out of court when you should have worked on finding evidences that would prove his innocence?” I requested.

Barrister Prosper jaw went slack before he cleared his throat. “Are you trying to doubt my job?”

“Not really.” The corners of my mouth turned up.

His mouth set up in a hard line. “So I am not too enough.”

“Well it seems you also think Dayo is guilty.” I said.

I was starting to feel annoyed by his negligence and neglect of duties as a lawyer.

“He has refused to talk to me or anyone.” Barrister Prosper said.

“So that makes him guilty?” I said in a slightly raised tone.

His eyebrows drew together. “Don’t get me wrong, it was his dad who asked me to request for a settlement. He was willing to pay about forty million to Shalewa.”

I sighed in frustration. “I can’t believe this.”

“He thinks that his son is capable of doing these things just to get out of the marriage because my client never wanted to marry Shalewa in the first place.” Barrister Prosper explained.

I nodded in agreement. “It was an arranged marriage.” Tears shimmered in my eyes.

“Which turned out sour.” Bamidele said.

“So you only did what Mr Awosika asked you to do?” I asked.

“Yes on the condition that he would let me do my work as an attorney if settlement doesn’t work. I am also doing my best.” Barrister Prosper pointed out.

“At this point, let us just stick to our plan of -“

“Barrister Bamidele,” a voice interrupted Bamidele and we all turned to face the person.

I recognized the commissioner of police. He looked at me trying to figure out where he had met me.

“I think..I know you. We have met before right?” His brows snapping together as he waited for a response.

“Yes five years ago on a murder case of a senator’s daughter.” I answered.

He worked as an assistant commissioner of police back then in another station when I took up the case of a senator’s daughter who was murdered.

Recognition dawned on his face. “Barrister Arike! I can never forget your face! You kept all of us on our toes at the station I worked that time.” Commissioner Akpan laughed.

He had been really good to me and he even pressured his boys to work and cooperate with me because he was also determined to find the killer too. I guess that case got him to where he was now – a commissioner of police.

“Good to see you again, Barrister Arike.” His eyes burned with happiness.

“Likewise sir.” I managed to smile.

“So what happened? I didn’t see or hear from you again.” He asked.

“I relocated to America.” I responded.

“Oh so you have been out of practice?” He asked and I nodded yes.

“Nigeria Judicial system has lost a very skilled barrister. I am not happy o because we need more lawyers like you who are always hungry for justice for citizens. Please how may I help you?” His eyes flickered with sincerity.

“I have taken on Mr Adedayo Awosika’s case, so I am going to work hand in hand with Barrister Prosper.” Bamidele explained.

“Oh that is very good but the suspect is refusing to see anyone even his lawyer.” Commissioner Akpan said.

“I thought it was an order from you.” Barrister Prosper said.

“No, I never gave out such order but I am only following the suspect decision.” Commissioner Akpan said.

“That is because he doesn’t trust anyone with the truth.” I said.

“But I have a letter from the court of law that allows me to see my client.” Bamidele handed the commissioner the letter in a brown envelope.

He read it and sighed. “Well I was just on my way out for a meeting. You can go ahead to see your client.” He said.

“Thank you.” Bamidele said.

Commissioner Akpan instructed one of his boys to take us to Adedayo. “Please let them see Mr Adedayo, and treat them well.” The sergeants then countered saluted him before he said his goodbye to us and walked away.

“Now I know the reason for your questions.” Barrister Prosper said to me.

“You should have met her when she was in practice.” Bamidele chuckled.

“I know about that senator daughter’s case, you should indeed get back to practice.” Barrister Prosper said as we made our way towards the interrogation room.

“Arike, don’t forget to try to get him to talk to you about everything.” Bamidele said.

“Okay.” I nodded and rubbed my palms together.

I have to admit that I was feeling nervous but I have to do this not only for Adedayo but also for the sake of my child.

I placed my hand on the knob and twisted it before opening the door.

“Good luck.” They both mouthed before I stepped into the room.

There was only a dim light that provided brightness in the room. Then I saw a figure, he had his head bowed on the table.

My heartbeat accelerated as I moved closer to him. I can do this! I told myself. I dropped the recorder into my handbag and left the zipper opened so it could take everything we would be discussing in this room.


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3 months ago

why is this just having three episodes while the rest has been five.??

Joseph Aniedi
Joseph Aniedi
3 months ago

I know from the very first start that something is fishy and there is more to this shalewa’s case, she and her Dad are after the wealth of Dayo’s Dad

3 months ago

More please🥺🥺