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ALL IN A CIRCLE Episode 144 by dy9ty7

As Ngozi drove out of Ajayi estate with two other police officers and Victoria at the backseat, her phone rang. She checked the caller and discovered it was an unlisted number, she decided to pick it hoping it was Tobiloba. She was the only one who slept at home the previous night and every attempt to put a call through to him were futile.
“Hello.” she said.
The moment she heard Kelvin’s voice, she wanted to press the ‘end’ button and switch off her phone but she just couldn’t locate the button. After all he did to her, even if he wanted to apologise, he should have called the previous day.

“Kelvin, please don’t call me again. After all you did to me, you still wanted to see me, so you can continued from where you stopped right?” She asked.
She listened for a while before she spoke again.
“You want to see me concerning my job?” She asked.
“yeah. Concerning the case you are handling, Khal corp.” He said that loud enough that the other two officers could hear him.
“I’ll try and fix a time for us to meet.” She replied.
“Ngozi, we are almost hitting the road, if these LASTMA people catch you making call while driving, I hope you know what it means?” One of the two officers asked.
Ngozi swerved the car off the estate road and switched off the ignition.
“I’ll call you when I want to see you.” She said.
“Ngozi, it is very important that we meet before twelve noon. Please, carve out time to meet me.” He pleaded.
“Okay, I’ll still have to call you when I am ready.”
He wanted to say something, but she had already hung up. Is she still feeling something for the guy? She couldn’t place it, but she should have hung up the moment she heard his voice, a force heightened her curiousity up to a point that, all she wanted to do was listen to him.
Maybe she still felt something for him. But she was sure she wasn’t feeling a thing for him after all he had made her go through.


Benson just finished his morning drill as he was getting dressed for the day’s work, he could percieve an odour as if something was burning. Then he remembered, he was cooking noodles before he went in to take his bath. How could he be so foolish? Under normal cricumstance, a noodle should be done under five minutes, but he remembered putting the pot of the gas stove about ten minutes ago.
Its forty-eight hours now since his wife packed out of his house. He felt empty afterwards, but there was nothing he could do. Every attempt at trying to stop her earned him more beating as she hit him on the head with one of her leather bags.
Now that she was out of his house, he needed to know the way forward, he had tried reaching her but her number wasn’t connecting. But he knew she might have travelled abroad because she was a citizen of Belgium by birth.
Assuming his wife was with him, she’d be in charge of the cooking while he prepares for work, but in her absence, he was doing a whole lot of things on his own. But the most suprising aspect of her packing out was the fact that she didn’t collect the forty million naira she gave him a few weeks ago to pay his blackmailers unknown to her and to upgrade his law firm.
Maybe she would be back in the near future to collect her money. By then she must have became a very rich woman who would be willing to take the case to a whole new level with him. Or could she still be in love with him? Maybe she left to get her broken heart back to one whole. It was evident from the way she cried as she left his house two days ago. As he could remember what she said before driving off.
“God, you know, it is not my wish to leave my husband’s house, but this is too much for me to bear. I married him with a sincere heart but he was doing a double dealing with me. God forgive me.” She had said that morning as she was getting her bags ready while he stood at the doorway looking like a fool.

“Have your seat.” Ngozi said to victoria who quickly took her seat among the tens of chairs arranged into waiting room while Ngozi disappeared into where Victoria concluded to be an office.
Clement was discussing with Matilda who was all smiles as they chatted.
“Its good to have faith, because someone without fait will definitely be at the loosing end. See how my faith in you has finally paid off. I wanted you to keep tabs on a suspect and one way or the other, the suspect will be here in few minutes, all thanks to you.” Clement said and watched the reaction of the lady before him. Matilda only smiled.
“I can’t imagine myself keeping surveillance on a suspect while I am working on a more bigger case, but with the brains around me, I believe success will be ours at last.” Clement continued.
Just then a knock sounded on the door.
“Come in.” Clement said.
The door opened and Ngozi walked in.
“Hope, I am not disturbing anything?” She asked.
“Not at all, we are just discussing.” Clement replied.

Ngozi walked to her table, on her mind was her proposed meeting with Kelvin. She wanted to hear him out, she wanted to know what he meant by the fact that he had something concerning her job and the case at hand.
“The girl Victoria is in the waiting room.” Ngozi said.
“Okay.” Clement said re-arranging his table as he picked his notepad and a ball pen, he walked out of the office.
“Can I come with you?” Matilda asked.
“Sure.” Clement replied.



He had been praying that his fears wasn’t confirmed because since it has been confirmed that the suspect they were keeping a watch on lived in house 25, Ajayi estate which happened to be his mother’s duplex which she bought after the seperation with his father over a decade ago. He had hoped that the lady suspect should be his sister, but his fears was confirmed when reports reached him that the lady’s name was Victoria. He knew she must be his sister, but the confusion that rocked the Obi Patrick family a decade ago was that Mrs Alice Obi Patrick was infidel and unfaithful in marriage, and the time which she committed the act coincided with the year little Victoria was born. Chief Obi denied the paternity of the girl who was then fifteen years old. He sent both mother and daughter away and restricted his two boy from ever visiting them. Which was why in the last decade, Clement only say Victoria and his mum once, Kelvin who was the bad egg in the family and their father’s favorite hadn’t set his eyes on both his mother and kid sister in ten years.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw Victoria seated innocently in the waiting room. He could remember the few times they had spent together as kids, he ever glowing face and her smiles, the fear in her eyes when things go wrong and her fragile heart that made her cry over little things. Even though he didn’t know much about her because in a year, they only meet twice, during the summer vacation and Christmas holiday. And on both occassions they are always like strangers. Apart from her name and the fact that she was his sister, he knew nothing else about her.

Victoria froze on seeing Clement, she knew it, he was her brother. There was not much change in his looks, still that hadsome guy that only smiled when things are in his favour. She could remember the few times they fought as kids, she remembered the first and the only time they fought, how he had beaten her for tampering with the wire connecting with the huge christmas tree in the living room and how she had ran to the kitchen to grab a knife, something she learnt from her friends in the hostel. This only earned her more beating as he beat her to a pulp. She never had the chance to apologize to him, because two days later, she left the mansion with her father and the following week, she learnt Clement had left the country for a two years course in criminology. He was twenty years old then.

“Victoria.” He said.
She gave him that ever beautiful smile which gladdened his heart.
“Do you know her sir?” Matilda asked.
Just like being influence by a battery remote, she stood up slowly and moved close to him, still contemplating as she closed in on him before enveloping him in a tight hug.

“So Victoria, tell me, do you know why you were attacked?” Clement said. This time they were both in the interrogation room which was brightly lit with large halogen bulbs that could render once sight useless if starred at for a long time.
Victoria knew their was no point lying or hiding anything from her brother.
“I can’t point the main reason why I was attacked. He only came with his boys and the next thing they were molesting me.” She replied.
“But, it was evident that you two had things in common. He knew you and you know him too, he is a criminal and you are what?” Clement asked.
Victoria looked at Matilda who gave her an encouraging smile.
“What?” Clement asked.
“Tell her to excuse us.” She said.
“What for? She is an officer just like me, she has every right to be here.” Clement replied.
“Please, there are some things I will like to tell you that no third party must hear.” Victoria replied.
“That’s impossible. She is no third party….” He was saying.
“Sir.” Matilda called.
Clement turned to face her where she stood at the door.
“Let me just excuse you two.” She said and walked out of the room.
“so tell me, what’s your relationship with Rahmon?” He asked.
“I don’t know why he attacked me.” She replied.
This was not the question he asked her.
“Do you even know why you are brought here?” Clement asked.
She shook her head in the negative.
“Everyone knew you were attacked, but to our suprise, we discovered that you single-handedly took out two of your attackers. Not only that, you made use of a gun. Everyone agreed that it was a means of self defence which was justified by the law. But the main reason was how you have a gun in your possession.” Clement explained.
She heaved a sigh of relief, afterall, no one is yet to know about her ugly past, but there was no way she was getting out of the guns caught in her possession charge.
“Where did you get a gun?” Clement asked.
She wanted to open up to him, but she felt there was a way she could get herself out if she played her way out.
“The guns belonged to the men. The first one I killed, I didn’t use a gun on him, I strangled him to death and I picked the gun from his pocket. I only used the gun on the second one when things threatened to go out of hand.” She lied.
“No one is blaming you for killing those men, but according to Matilda who was an eye witness, she said something like you and Rahmon talking about a business. Just last week, you were spotted with a guy called Don. Yes or no?”
Then she knew it, the police had been on her trail for a very long time, how could she be so stupid that she didn’t keep an eye on the rear mirror as she drove. But she remembered she had only seen a car on her trail once before the Matilda’s scenario, which was when she went to arrest Janet from her apartment. She waved it off since she wasn’t going for something illegal.
“I am not convinced by your explanation that you took the gun from the men because Matilda said there was more to it. Rahmon knew you, you know him and it seems you have a common business.” He said and watched her reaction.
There was nothing different about her reaction, she still wore that fazed look.
“A search team will go to your apartment now to get anything inplicating and otherwise.” Clement said.
She thought for a while trying to picture her room if there was nothing incriminating in there.
“Why would they search my room?” She asked this time with an alarmed look.
“Guns were caught in your possession, you spoke with Rahmon like you know him. Victoria, tell me, what job do you do now? I believe you should have graduated.” He asked.
That was the question she wasn’t expecting, how on earth does he expect her to open up to him, “I am an assassin?” How does it even sound in the ear? Not even in just any policeman’s ear, but his brother. This should have been a perfect reunion, but it is turning out to be something else.
“Sir, your attention is needed with the Rahmon of a criminal.” A police officer peeped in and said.
“Is he ready to confess?” Clement asked.
“I think it has to do with his health. He is almost dying sir.” The officer replied.
At once, Clement sprang up and ran out of the room.
A prayer point on Victoria’s mind, was that Rahmon should die so that he won’t live to tell the police what they had in common.

About an hour later, Clement returned all sweaty and tired.
“Welcome.” Victoria said as soon as he entered the interrogation room.
“Yeah, thank you.” Clement replied as he took a seat opposite her.
“How is he now?” She asked.
“He has been taken to the hospital.” Clement replied.
She was disappointed that he didn’t die, because she knew sooner or later, her secrets will be in the open.
“Bro Clement, can I tell you something?” She asked.
He was suprised to hear her call him by the title ‘Bro’
“You can trust me.” Clement replied.

“Bro, it was after I left with my mum then that my friends introduced me to what they do in the school. The first time some senior boys bullied me in the school canteen, but since I had no means to defend myself, I was bullied. The second time, it was after a sport session in the school, then we were changing to our school uniforms in the locker rooms. I was the last person to change because I was very secretive about my body, then I forgot to lock the door as I changed, when the senior boys came in and asked me to remove my uniform and they all had fun looking at me, but they couldn’t go beyond that.

A few days later, I confided in one of my hostel mates who happened to be my bunk mate. She agreed to introduce me to what she does as well as other girls to defend themselves. I was initiated into a group known as ‘water ladies.’ We virtually ran the school, even the boys feared us, I became untouchable. For the last one year I spent in secondary school, I was the most feared. We left school at will, skip classes, go head-to-head with teachers. I thought everything will stop after secondary school.
But unfortunately for me, I gained admission into UNILAG with most of my secondary school mates and therefore we maintained that clique, no one dare step our toe in school, but we were not cultists.”
Clement knew where this was heading to, he already got where she was coming from.
“How does that concern the case at hand?” Clement asked.


“I met Don in my second year and subsequently met Rahmon. I dropped out at the begining on my third year and teamed up with Don who had also been rusticated.”
“To do what?” Clement asked already on his feet.
“I am an assassin.” She replied.
“What!” He exclaimed.
That minute, he could feel his world crumble before him. His sister whom he last saw many years ago. Just when he thought she was back with him, things had already gone wrong.
“But, believe me, I have stopped being an assassin for a very long time. I don’t know why Rahmon is after me.” She added.
“Victoria, but why? Don’t you have teachers to report to when you discovered that some set of boys were bullying you? Don’t you have councellors to talk to?” He asked.
“You won’t understand. The pressure was too much then that reporting to anyone was the last thing on my mind.” She replied.
He looked at her one last time and walked out of the interrogation room.
“Lock her up.” He said to the policeman standing at the door.
He could hear Victoria’s screams and cries as he walked back into the waiting room where he met his mother.
“Clement.” She said like she had seen a ghost.
“Mum.” He replied prostrating for his mother.

She wanted to talk, but no word came out. She opened her mouth but couldn’t join letters to form a word.
“Where is your sister?” She asked.
It seemed like she knew the kind of job she does, because from the look on her face, it seemed like she knew she would be locked up.
“Let go to my office.” He said leading the way.
The two officers behind the counter were watching their boss in awe, first the suspect brought in for interrogation was his sister, now the mother is here. Why is this happening to oga clement? Was the question making the rounds.

Ngozi was deep in thoughts when Clement led an elderly woman in her late fifties into the office.
“Ngozi, please excuse us.” Clement said.
She picked up her phone and walked out after exchanging pleasantries with the woman. On getting outside, she realised this is the best time to go see Kelvin just like he requested.
She walked back into the office.
“Clement, please I need your car.” She pleaded.
“Its somewhere over there.” He replied pointing to a shelf at the far end corner of the room. It was not like she needed to plead before she took the key or even ask him, but she only saw it as something neccessary. He had aready lost the trust he had in her, right from the night she ran away from home. And she was on a mission to regain his lost trust.
She unlocked the car doors and hopped behind the wheel.
“Hello Kelvin, where are you?” She asked.
“I am at work and you?” He replied.
“Can you come and see me now?” She asked.
“Definitely. So where do we meet?”
“The eatery along Bode Thomas. How about that?” She said.
“How about if we go to the hotel we lodged in the last time?” He asked.
“No way am I going to an hotel with you. So you can have your way with me all over again right?” She asked.
“Fine, so what do you want? I am not going to an eatery with you.” he replied.
It did not work.
“This is it, I’ll be waiting for you at the police headquarters bus/stop. All you need to do is join me in the car.” She said and hung up.


Maleek was seated as usual in the hall which served as his office and meeting place with his high ranking officials in the Khal corp.
Kelvin walked back into the hall, he went to recieve a call outside.
“So what did she say?” Maleek asked.
“I am meeting her in thirty minutes.” Kelvin replied.
“Do you need backup?” Maleek asked further.
“Its me Danger-kelv. I don’t need distractions?” He replied.
“Now that you are meeting the lady, when sheould we strike her fiancee?” Hakym asked.
“I’ll tell you. First, I need to get everything that she knows, then we look at the threat she poses before hitting her or her fiancee.” Kelvin replied.

Since Kelvin resumed for work this morning and he briefed the attack on the underground and the masterminds to Maleek, an emergency meeting has been called and they had gone into series of debate in the last one and a half hours. She told them about a certain detective Ngozi discovering the underground, the corporation most strongest defence but quickest means of downfall. And subsequently, about thirty members of the khal corp had been killed, meaning, the underground was now a safe place to walk into and land directly in the room opposite Maleek’s office. Maleek together with Kelvin had agreed that Ngozi must also be punished, and therefore they had decided to kill her morale and desire to work by killing the person closest to her, which is her fiancee, Tobiloba. It was part of the working ethics of the corporation that they would try as much as possible not to kill top police officers who were actively involved in bringing Khal corp down. Their aim was to weaken everyone in the police force, kill their morale, ridicule their actions and forcing them into surrendering their arms and in the end grant Nigeria as a country amnesty and not the other way round. According to Maleek, killing policemen shows how weak they(Khal corp) were, but it would be a perfect scene to watch if the police decides to surrender their arms and seek peace from the corp.

“Get as much informations from her as possible. We need to know how far they have gone, becuase since we sent letters to Clement, he had withdrawn into his shell, Sylvester didn’t even report to work this morning. These exactly are the things we want to achieve.” Maleek said.
“Goodluck man.”
Kelvin walked out of the hall. He had no choice other than to work for the corporation who had done a lot for him, but one thing he would never join them to do was attack his brother’s family.


Kelvin opened the door from outside and hopped into the car.
“Hope I didn’t keep you waiting?” He asked.
She ignored him and kept starring at her hand which was placed on the steering wheel.
“Ngozi!” He called tapping her.
“Don’t you ever touch me.” She screamed.
Kelvin knew she was still hurting from how things played out between them because no sensible lady will decided to hang out with a guy that forcefully had the carnal knowledge of her. But when one’s thinking has been beclouded by either of love or lust, then you could invite someone who tried to kill you a few days ago to dinner with you alone in the house.
Kelvin knew better not to ask questions from her, because he knew it will further ruin his chances of getting anything from her.
“Tell me what you have to tell me and leave.” She said.
He weighed his chances and decided to play the game of capturing hearts with her.
“Ngozi, I was listening to the news yesterday and I heard something about how a police team invaded an uderground situated in Mr Ayo Okorie’s compound.”He began.
“How does that concern me?” She asked.
“It concerns you baby. Your name was mentioned, we were made to understand that you were the officer that discovered the underground.”
“So?” she was now getting impatient.
“Don’t you think your life is in danger? Considering the fact that this terrorists listen to the news too, they may want to get back at you.” He said.
“And why will they attack me? Its not like I was the one who led the police troop into the underground.”
“Its because I care about you, that’s why I am telling you this.”
“You care about me and you molested me? Kelvin you made me look cheap. Kelvin you hurt me.” She cried.
Now he was getting his desired result, the next thing to do now is to buy her trust.

“Baby, I still regret my actions, which was why I have decided not to call you. I am left wondering how you’ll feel, a whole me, that was in the position to protect you, make you feel loved and never lack support, I am the one that made you feel insecure, I am the one that hurt you.” He said soberly.
The trick was working, she was crying the more he talked, the tears were flowing freely.
“But I am here now to protect you. No terrorist will come near you or harm you. I ought to be in my office now, but I sneaked out without permission just to speak with you and I am sure I’ll face the panel as soon as I return. But I am ready to face the damn consequence provided it is because of you.” He said like he had crammed them.
She heaved deeply as her eyes finally fell on him.
“What gives you the impression that the khal corp are after me?” She asked finally.
“I didn’t say they are after you. All I am trying to say is that they may be after you, you know how these people work don’t you? We watch them in films.” Kelvin explained.

She looked into Kelvin’s eye for a minute without blinking trying to see lies in what he just said.
“And what if they are not after me?” She asked.
“We are lucky then. But I’ll want you to be very carefull.” He said.
She smiled for the first time, but the next second, she was frowning.
“According to newsmen, we were told that the underground was located in one of the most secretive place in the house. How were you able to discover it? And how did you know it was an underground?” Kelvin asked.
“I saw a map lying carelessly in the living room and out of curiousity, I saw it there.” She replied.
Kelvin could vividly remember Mr Ayo Okorie’s reaction the moment news reached him that the underground in his house had been discovered.

“There is only one way to see the underground. The map.” He had said.
“But, how can you be so careless to let such a secretive material fall into the enemy’s hands?” Maleek asked him.
“That was a huge mistake, but to stop further disasters, we need to get the map as soon as possible. Anyone with the map will find it easier when locating the Khal corp, but without the map, they will find it difficult, then we can attack them and keep them at bay.” Mr Ayo explained.
This had prompted Maleek to send Kelvin on the assignment to get the map of the police force, most importantly, Ngozi.
“The map? Where is it?” He asked.

“No one is talking about it in the office, so I guess it should still be there in the house.”
Kelvin knew how bad he needed to get the map back to Mr Ayo, but the problem is how to get into the house.
Ngozi should be able to do this for him, but won’t he look desperate? He’ll have to device another means.
“What’s that tattoo on you chest?” She asked.

ALL IN A CIRCLE Episode 145 by dy9ty7

In preparation for Wednesday’s naming ceremony, Rachel had instructed Chidinma and Akpan to do the cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the house. And since the naming of the baby would be a sitting room thing, as it has always been in the Obi-Patrick family for many decades now. Even though Rachel didn’t instruct Dolapo to do anything, she still volunteered to help. And since Rachel’s mum was out of the house, Dolapo was free a bit, even though one look from Rachel is always enough to make her withdraw into her shell.
“Aunty, can I clean your room?” Dolapo asked.
Rachel who was seated in the living room gave her a are-you-out-of-your-sense look.
“And why will you help me clean my room? Did I call you to do the cleaning at all?” Rachel asked rudely.
Dolapo knew this was the only time she had to speak with Rachel.
“Aunty, since yesterday you have been acting somehow like you suddenly hate me. Did I do anything wrong?” Dolapo asked going down on her knees.
“Go and clean my room.” Rachel replied.
“Aunty, you’ve not answered my question.” She reminded.
“Dolapo! Go and clean my room.” Rachel said.
Dolapo walked out of the living room elated that Rachel was finally talking to her, but for how long? Even though she knew she was allowed to clean the room so that she(Rachel) won’t answer her question.
Immediately she entered the room she started cleaning the room, even though she admired everything in the room, from their wedding frame, the king size bed and so mny other interesting things in th room.
She walked towards the cloth basket and emptied the dirty clothes on the floor, some papers were stuffed within the clothes and on checking one or two of the papers, she realised they were cash deposit slips or withdrawal slips. She swept all the papers out of the room into the living room and packed them to a side while she returned to the room to clean the electronics and other dusty appliances in the room.


Chief Obi Patrick whose car had just parked inside his son’t compound. He headed for the first day of the father chrsitman, otherwise known as Santa.
Chief Patrick was urshered into the living room by Rachel was was looking super sexy and strong like she was when she just got married to Clement. Her curves were well visible, that from the other side, one could describe them from the other side.
“Where is my baby?” Chief Obi asked.
“Your baby is somewhere in our room, let me first get you something to drink.” She said as she disappeared into the kitchen and returned a few seonds with a bottle of red wine lying on a plastic tray and a wine cup. She set the tray on a nearby stool and made to walk out of the living room.
“Let me get your grand daughted for you.” Rachel said walking towards the bedroom.
Chief Patrick in his ever inquisitive state saw a heap of papers parked to a side inside the living room. His curiousity gor the better of him as hepicked the first paper and discovered they were all mostly bank statements. But a particular paper cauhgt his attention. On the frontpage was him seated in a round table with top politicians and terrorists which said at all about his involvement with terrorism in the country. He could see so many shocking revelations about himself in the paper. He quickly tucked it inside his jean pocket.
Rachel returned a few seconds later and handed the baby to him, but all the while, his mind was far away, deep into thoughts.”
he knew within him that Rachel was in the best postion to get these shocking
He will have to uncover whoever was trying to put him in trouble.

Janet was sitting down all alone in the living room watching a kiddies programme when Don walked in.
“Hey.” He greeted.
She looked at Don and smiled before adjusting her sitting position, such that she was now facing him.
“You are leaving.” Don said.
“To where?” She asked.
“Sandra wants you back.” He replied.
She shifted uncomfortably on the couch and with a defiant look on her face.
“I am not going anywhere.” She said.
“Why?” Don asked.
“She ordered you people to r*pe me till death which your boys tried doing, if not for your intervention…” Her voice trailed off.
An heartless man is always moved by the tears of a woman. Either the tears pummel you in a positive way or it made you do negative things, research showed it that eighty percent of men hates to see women cry.
“Believe me Janet, she called me and asked me not to order my boys anymore.” Don replied sitting down on the arm of the chair.
God created humans in a way that women are to believe everything that a man says. A woman will always be brainwashed by a man which is why the rate of heartbreak is high.
“Janet, it is evident that Sandra loves you and only over-reacted because of what you did. Just put yourself in her shoes and tell me what you would have done.” Don explained.
“I am not going anywhere. All I want you to do for me is get me transport fare to leave Lagos for Ibadan.” She said.
“You are going back to Sandra’s house.” Deoye said as he walked into the living room. At once Don rose up and walked out of the living room.
“Sandra wants the best for you. She wants you back so you can make things right and live like sisters. She is starting to feel lonely.” Deoye said.
Research has it that women believe men with whom they were attracted to or crushing on faster than any random guy. Janet was falling in love with Deoye but Deoye was not ready for commitment of any sort and therefore, he wanted nothing with him.
“Deoye, are you sure about this?” she asked.
“I am very sure, give it a try and move in with her. Get a reunion with her, your safety is guaranteed with her.” Deoye explained.
“What of here or somewhere else?” she asked.
“You are safe here too, but not hundred percent.”
She understood what he meant by saying she is not safe.
“What job do you guys do?” She asked.
“I am not permitted to tell you. So will you get your things now?” He asked.
“I have nothing to take with me.”
Deoye removed his wallet and removed wads of naira noted, he handed it to her.
“I will miss you.” She said.
He wanted to laugh out loud but he knew that will make her look embarrassed. But why would she miss him? It was not like they shared anything in common, maybe because he once gave her a listening ear to know why she teamed up with Rahmon and once gave her clothes to wear.
“I wish you a safe trip.” He said.
She inched closer towards him and held his two hands. She was a feet shorter than him so it was quite difficult for her to initiate the kiss. She went on her tip toe and planted a kiss on his lips.
“Bye.” She said.
“I’ll tell Don that you’ve left.” Deoye replied.
And with this she walked out of Don’s apartment.
She was at the bus-stop waiting for a cab when a man ran up to her. She thought he was coming to ask her out or something related to that.
“Hi.” Mike said.
“Hi.” She replied.
“I saw you come out of that two flat apartment.” He said.
Afterall, he was here for something else.
“Please, don’t be angry because of my questions o.” He said.
“No problems.”
“Do you live there or you just came to visit them? Are you a girlfriend or a what?” Mike asked.
“My boss was out of town so I decided to spend those days with them.” She replied.
“Who is your boss?”
Mr Man, your questions are getting too much. She felt the urge to say to his face but decided to stick to the decision to save her a+s as well as that of her boss and that of Don and his boys, most especially Deoye. She can’t imagine herself saying, I blackmailed my boss and got eight million from her, my boss Sandra sent someone after me and I was abducted and taken to Don’s apartment where I have been locked up. She knew everyone is in trouble if she said the truth.
“You must have been very close to them for you to come and live with them.” Mike retorted.
“We are just friends and they are willing to help.”
“Anything suspiscious about them?” He asked.
“Nothing at all.”
Just then, the cab she had been waiting for came to a halt before them.
“Where?” The cabman asked.
“Dolphin estate.” She replied.
Mike stood as she entered the cab and helped her shut the door.
“Thank you for your time.” He said.
She smiled at him as the cab zoomed off.

Kelvin looked at her for a few seconds in silence before speaking.
“What are you talking about?” He asked.
“The tattoo on you chest. What does it stand for?” She asked with a straight face.
“Only occultic tattoo have what they stand for. I only drew it because I love it.” He replied.
“I think I have seen it before somewhere.” She said, further throwing him into confusion.
“Maybe something that looks like it. If I may ask, where did you see it?” He asked.
“I saw it on my brother’s chest, even though he didn’t tell me what it meant. But he is somehow connected to the Khal corp and Danger-kelv.” Ngozi replied.
Kelvin readjusted himself on the seat and looked at Ngozi intently.
“Your brother? Is he a terrorist?” Kelvin asked.
Ngozi nodded in affirmation.
“What’s his name?”
“Nwankwo.” She replied.
All his life, he had only met one person who goes by the name Nwankwo, and that person is either in the mortuary by now or six feets under the earth surface.
“He is popularly known as Jay.” She added.
“But I thought he is dead?” He had blurted out before he caught a grip of himself, but words spoken can not be taken back.
“How did you know?” She asked.
He ransacked his brain for a while, the failure to come up with a convincing lie will only present a bad picture before Ngozi.
“We heard he outsmarted the police team led by Sylvester in Benin city and a few days later, he was shot at a restaurant. The headline news said he is dead.” He explained.
“He has since been taken to the hospital. He is in custody as we speak.” Ngozi replied.
“He is your brother?”
“Yes.” She replied as tears rolled down her cheeks. He pulled her head and dropped it on his laps while he allowed her to cry. His mind drifted off in a very long journey out of the car. If truely Jay is alive, then he(Kelvin) is a few steps away from arrest. Unless Jay decides to let it pass which is most unlikely because after he had tried to kill him, he’ll want to hit back at him.
“Sorry dear.” He said as he played with her hair.
He raised her head up and placed it a few inches away from him, and slowly, he had his lips enveloping hers as they kissed.
“Get off me.” She screamed as she pushed him away.
“Am sorry.” He said.
“Get out.” She said igniting the car.
He alighted from the car and she angrily zoomed off leaving him stunned and suprised.
“Mum, there is nothing I can do about this case. Victoria is guilty of the offence and she’ll be punished.” Clement said.
“I know, but you can help her, she is your only sister. You’ve been apart for many years and now that you are back together, she is going to jail. Clement, do something.” His mother said.
“Mum, the only thing I can do for her now is not really helpful, but if we can pray, it will work.” He said and watched his mother’s reaction.
“No one at present knew Victoria was a wanted assassin. All she is being charged for is the fire arm in her possession. Lets pray no one digs or uncovers her past deeds, then she’ll have a linient jail term. If you can get a sound lawyer, I think its a major advantage.” Clement explained.
Mrs Alice Obi Patrick tried to process what her son just said.
“Are you saying she will still go to jail even if we get a sound lawyer?” she asked.
“Mum, she will go to jail. The only reason why she won’t go to jail is if the procecutors(the police) didn’t present their case well. But from what Matilda told me, no doubt, those guns belonged to Victoria. Get a good lawyer and he should be able to tune the case to her favour.” He explained.
“How can I get a lawyer?”
“I have a lawyer friend, he could be of help.” Clement replied.

Chief Obi Patrick had since returned back home in anger but he was able to hide it from Rachel as they conversed a few hours ago when he was with her. He wondered how many people Rachel had showed the paper to, but he knew whoever had seen the paper was either bidding his time to attack him or too afraid to make a move. But whichever way, he surely must make Rachel pay for tampering with his privacy just because he gave her the opportunity to enter his study to read the numerous books he had in his library.
No wonder he saw a page showing him details of the ‘Eagle group’ a few months ago, so Rachel was trying to play the smart one by getting as much informations about Eagle group, now turned Khal corp.
He picked up his phone and dialled a number.
“Hello Maleek.” He said.
“Hello Chief Pat.” Maleek replied.
“I want Rachel killed before the end of next week. I want your best man, Danger-kelv to handle the case and execute it without trace.” Chief Patrick began.
“Any problem Pat?”
“She has everything possible nail me and the president. She has the pictures we took when we signed a contract with you guys, she has some other materials which had been put into writing in her possession.” Chief Obi explained.
“I am on it right away.” Maleek replied.
He dropped the phone and his mind drifted off beyond the four walls of the study. Is this the best of ideas? Will killing Rachel solve the problem? What if she had shown the paper to Clement, it will definitely make no difference. Maybe he would have to order his death too. Isn’t he getting to desperate to clear his own name?
“Rachel must pay for this.” He said with gritted teeth.


Clement just saw off his mother to her car and he was walking back into his office with a heavy heart.
“Sir!” A young coporal saluted him as they met at the doorway.
“What are you doing now?”He asked.
“I want to go and eat sir.” He replied.
“Okay. Get me a less busy officer from your end there, he should meet me in my office immediately, we are going out.” Clement said.
“I’ll go with you.” The coporal replied.
“But I thought you wanted to go and eat. Why the sudden change?”
“Food can wait.”
Majority of the junior officers in the station are always striving to be in Clement’s good books because it guarantees you a risk-free service years. It is the dream of every young officers to go out with Clement, either to question a suspect or make an arrest. They learn a lot from him and their preparedness to work will further endear them to him, a trick which has worked for the likes of Sergeant Mike, Sergeant Charles and Detective Okoro over the years. When you become Clement’s favourite, you chances of being transferred are slim, if at all such officer would be transferred, it would be within the state of Lagos or within the south-west region of the country.
“Wait for me, I’ll be with you shortly.” Clement said and walked away.
On getting to his office he put a call through to Mike.
“Hey Mike, send me Sandra Oselu’s residence address.” He said immediately Mike answered the call.
“Right away.” Mike replied and hung up.
Just then Ngozi walked into the office.
“Hi.” she said dropping his car key on his table.
“Oh! I almost forgot you went out with my car. And I am going out now, thank God you returned at the right time.” He said.
Ngozi ignored him and sat down behind her desk. Her conversation with Kelvin was still ringing in her head, she felt the urge to share it with Clement, but she concluded she was matured and experienced enough to handle it.
She could see some uncovered loopholes from what Kelvin said to her, everything pointed to him as probably being a member of Khal corp, but he looked so innocent than to be involved in such.
Clement smiled immediately the anticipated message flew in.
“See you later Ngo.” He said and made for the door.
“Clement.” She called.
He stopped in his tracks and turned to face her.
“Jay asked that you see him. He has something important to tell you.” She said.
“I don’t listen to people like him. They add no value to the society, how will what he wants to tell me improve my living condition?” He asked and walked out of the office.
Ngozi knew Clement replied that way just to make her feel bad because she was the one related to a terrorist. She knew he was still hurting from their last conversation on the night she ran away from home.

Proceedings at the upper chamber of the National assembly otherwise known as the senate was on recess. Several lawmakers can be seen in twos or threes as the case may be discussing various issues that has to do with the Nation or their personal interest.
The president of the senate was seated on his seat while his deputy and other top lawmakers from the ruling party were discussing a few metres away from others. As stipulated in the Assembly ethics and modes of operation, during every sitting, there will always be an hour recess during which side issues can be discussed, during which men of the press can be granted permission to interview any lawmaker of their choice.
A man walked into the hall that moment dressed in a white flowing gown with a cap to match. Everything about his dressing smelt influence, he seems to be an influencial politician because, as he moved closer to the senate president’s seat he exchanged pleasantries with almost every lawmaker in the hall.
“Mr President.” The man said shaking hands with the senate president.
He shook hands with other lawmakers he met around the senate president.
“You asked to see me?” The senate president asked.
“Yes, Mr president.” He replied.
“Go on.” The senate president urged.
The man cleared his throat and began.
“I have been working with the president of this great nation for many years now, and as a loyal servant, he has used me the way he pleases, sent me on errand which he himself can not do if he were to be in my shoes. I did them all, afterall I am working with the number citizen of this country for the good and benefit of the masses. As his special aide, he had taken his time and confided in me, told me many things which ought not to be heard of a president. Even an autocratic ruler can’t do such things, not to talk of a democratic ruler.” He began.
He could see the look of impatience on the faces of his audience, he couldn’t be blamed, he worked with the president as a special assistant on media and publicity, so his long speeches were mostly expected. Afterall he was an orator.
“We have less than twenty minutes before proceedings resumes?” The Deputy senate president reminded.
“I have the list of those sponsoring khal corporation.” He blurted out.
The Senate president gave him a are-you-out-of-your-mind look.
“The list of what?” The president asked.
“Those sponsoring terrorism as a weapon of insurgency in Nigeria.” The man replied confidently.
The senate president himself knew those sponsoring Khal corp, even though he was not a part of the game plan, but as the number three citizen of the country, the president briefed him about it, but expected it to be kept a secret.
“How sure are you?” The deputy senate president asked.
“I have most of the recordings with me. He makes strategies with the chiefs of the army and other security agencies and later sell out the strategies to Khal corp who will in turn take the advantage of knowing the next move of the Nigerian millitary even before and average soldier knew about it. The only part of the country where the president is not making headway is in the South west, Lagos state to be precise. You know Lagos is governed by an opposition who directly work with the police as the strongest security agency in the state. The plan of the president now is to declare a state of emrgency in Lagos, then appoint a millitary administrator. Meaning, the soldiers will have the ultimate power and all existing office holders will be powerless, same with the police.” The presidential aide explained.
This is a shocking revelation and the senate president knew if this should get out of the few of them discussing presently, if the opposition by chance get this piece of information, it means the end for the young president who at fifty is currently nursing his second term ambition. He needed to find a way to discharge this man and make sure the next sitting immediately after recess which will mainly be about the emergency rule deliberation.
“Drop all evidences with the clerk of the house.” The senate president said.
The man gave a brown envelop to the clerk who was also part of the listening lawmakers.
The presidential aide exited the hall and headed for the senate president’s office.
Sitting resumed a few minutes later and as expected, the senate president adjourned the sitting as supported by the majority.

Clement parked his car in front of Sanra Oselu’s bungalow. In company of the junior officer, he walked up to the gate and pressed the ring, alas, it wasn’t working. He knocked the gate lightly and he could hear approaching footsteps.
“Who be that?” A masculine voice asked.
The gate was yanked open and it revealed the face of a young man with tribal marks, his intonation sounds like that of a notherner, but that’s not what brought him here.
“Is this Sandra Oselu’s house?” Clement asked.
“Yes sir. How may I help you?” The gateman, Sabur asked.
“My name is Inspector Clement from the police headquarters. We need to ask her some questions.” Clement replied flashing his ID card which he quickly tucked back in his breast pocket as it seemed the man before him believed him, so there was no need showing his ID card.
“You ai(are) a policeman? Inspector.” Sabur asked.
Clement nodded affirmatively.
“come in.” Sabur stepped aside and opened the gate wider for the two men to enter.
“Wait here, let me go and inform my madam.” He said and in a flash, he had disappeared into the main house.
A few minutes later, he returned.
“Come with me.”
Clement followed the young man who only showed the trait of a gatekeeper and not a security, because under normal circumstance, he should first seek permission from his employer before allowing them entrance into the compound.
“Thank you Sabur.” A young lady of about twenty six said.
Clement and his partner walked into the living room proper and came face to face with the international model and another young lady who was kneeling before Sandra with tears in her eyes.
“I am Inspector Clement Patrick and with me here is…” Clement said, then he realised he didn’t even know the name of the officer beside.
Seeing his boss predicament, he quickly chipped in.
“Coporal Olawale.”
Sandra smiled and mtioned them to a seat.
After the two officers had taken their seats, silence enveloped the living room and Clement continued looking from Sandra to the other girl who by now was seating beside Sandra.
Sandra knew what it meant and put it into action.
“Janet, excuse us.” She said.
Oh! Janet is her name? What a nice name. Not like he cared about her name in the first place, but he loved the way ‘Janet’ sounded when Sandra spoke.
The girl stood up and greeted the two officers once again before walking out of the living room.
“How may I help you guys?” Sandra asked.
“Yeah, thank you. Like I said earlier, we are policemen and we have some questions for you.” Clement began.
Sandra nodded and just then, Janet returned into the living room with a 1litre pack of fruit juice.
“Please manage the drink for me. I stock my fridge with fruit juice an nothing else.” Sandra said smiling.
Clement smiled. If we still have fearless citizens in this country who in the wake of getting a suprise visit by the police could still serve them with drinks, then he was convinced, such citizens had no skeleton in their cupboard, but it could all be pretense or a ploy to get them killed.
But he knew, Sandra was confident because of her status as a public figure and a celebrity.
“On thursday, last week, you were spotted at an apartment in Isolo, belonging to one Mr Oloyede.” Clement began.

She remembered visiting Don who lived in Isolo, but the Mr Oloyede in this context is unknown to her. Maybe Don’s real name was Oloyede.
“What’s your relationship with him. The man is on the police wanted list and seeing a young and respectable woman of your status and class with such criminal, wee can not but wonder what could be going on.” Clement added.
Sandra looked at the two policemen and decided to open up to them. Afterall, she hadn’t done anything illegal or unlawful.
She explained everything from the onset but refused to include Janet’s name in the narration. How one of her former employee had sneaked into her room and took a picture of her and a certain lawyer. Then blackmailers came into the picture, she was made to cough out eight million naira, but on the long run, she got to know who was responsible for the act.
She was not a serial liar, but she was sure with what she just said, it will be difficult for anybody to see through it. Unless they get Victoria, but she made sure she didn’t mention her name. It is only Victoria who could tell them she personally went to get Janet from her house. But first, Janet had to return her own share of the blackmail money back to Rahmon.
“You said you knew the person behind the act. Could you please tell us.”
“His name is Rahmon.” She replied.
Clement exchanged looks with his partner who stared back blankly. He had no idea of who Rahmon was.
“He is in our custody.” Clement said.
“Really? I am coming with you.” She said and quickly ran out of the living room.
But who told her they were ready to leave?

Rachel carried her baby in her hands and walked into the room. She was feeling dizzy and therefore needed to take a quick nap.
She was happy with the latest development she saw in her room, everywhere was neat, the dirty clothes had been taken to the backyard for washing and the bed spread has been changed. She felt grateful to whoever did this, then she remembered it was Dolapo. Could this girl be after my husband? She asked herself.
Then her eyes struck something. The empty cloth basket should not be this empty, even if all the dirty clothes has been taken out for washing, there should still remain some papers among which were some bank statement, electricity bills and above all, the most important thing, Chief Obi Patrick’s secret.
“Dolapo!!!!!” She screamed her name.

In twenty seconds, Dolapo was standing before her. Visibly afraid that she had committed another crime.
“When you took the clothes off that basket, did you see any papers in there?” She asked.
“Yes ma.” Dolapo replied.
“So, where are they?” Rachel asked.
“They are in the waste bin.” Dolapo replied.
Immediately, Rachel ran out of the room, knocking her down in the process.
This time, Chidinma had left whatever she was doing and was closely on her elder sister’s heels.
Rachel ransacked the waste bin but saw nothing that interest her. Every other papers from the cloth basket were present in the waste bin while only Chief Obi Patrick’s secret was missing.
Everything all pointed at the possibility of her father-in-law, having already gotten the paper and left with it. It was no coincidence that the moment Dolapo was sweeping her(Rachel) room was when her father-in-law arrived. There is every possiblity that he saw the secret paper before Dolapo could pack the dirts to the waste bin outside and had already kept it.
“Rachy, what are you looking for?” Chidinma asked.

This time Dolapo had joined them outside and was lost from the way she looked. She wasn’t lost in New york, neither was she lost in the jungle. But lost in Clement’s house, all thanks to Rachel’s outburst.
“Aunty, what are you looking for?” She asked innocently.
“Are you mad?” Rachel asked inching towards Dolapo who stood rooted to the spot in suprise. Even if she needed a home to rest her head every night, must she be treated like an outcast or something?
Chidinma mouthed something like she(Dolapo) should run away, but it was too late, because Rachel had already closed in on her and had pushed her to the ground. But all thanks to the quick intervention of Akpan who was able to prevent any cat and dog fight between the two ladies or better still put as, before Rachel started beating and hitting Dolapo.
“Madam, please don’t beat her.” Akpan pleaded.
Rachel stood up and adjusted her cloth.
“Rachy, seriously I don’t like the way you are behaving. What are you looking for that warrants you hitting Dolapo?” Chidinma asked.
“The paper I told you about last week. About my father-in-law, this stupid girl swept it out of my room and the hold man had alread gotten it.” Rachel explained.
Chidinma’s face fell that moment, she had planned to defend Dolapo all through, but hearing what she did wrong, she concluded that Dolapo deserved more than mere beating. But on a second thought, she realised that Dolapo knew nothing about the paper in the first place, and without checking it, she might have just swept it out.
“Did you tell her about the paper or what it represents?” Chidinma asked.
Rachel shook her head weakly in negative.
“You see, assuming you told her about the paper, she would have kept it for you. Maybe she just swept everything without checking them.” Chidinma explained.
Rachel’s face dropped. Did she just react without thorought thinking again?
Dolapo just stood a few metres away from them crying while Akpan tried consoling her.
Just like it happens in films, Rachel started going down like she wanted to collapse.
“Rachy!” Chidinma screamed.
Everyone’s attention was diverted unto Rachel as they all squatted beside her.
“The stitch had loosed.” Dolapo informed as she saw blood oozing out from where she was operated on in the hospital during her delivery. The screams and the struggled she had with Dolapo were too much to handle for her.
“Get the car key.” Chidinma screamed as Dolapo raced into the house in search of the car key.

ALL IN A CIRCLE Episode 144

–to be continued–

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Pls let this khal corp comes to an end..this endless killing is too much