Afraid To Love Episode 33 – 35 by Patience Ahworegba

Afraid To Love Episode 2 by Patience Ahworegba

Afraid To Love Episode 33 by Patience Ahworegba

“I’m leaving now. Bye papa.” she said and found her way out of her dad’s office.

“Tricia,” David called to her retreating figure. He sighed sadly as she did not respond to his call. It was really devastating. He shook his head, he must work now, then get home to his daughter. He hoped she’d not do anything stupid to herself.

“So, lets hear your case. We have enough privacy already.”

Myles was the first to speak. “Its a kidnap case. For some reasons, it was hidden and now it has to come to light.”

“Hidden? I don’t understand you.” He turned to Allan, “Why was it hidden?”

“So many reasons,” Myles answered, regardless of the fact that he was not spoken to. “It was the best option.”

A frown creased David’s face. What sort of stupid explanation was he gonna listen to? “I’m getting impatient.”

“We have all evidence, sir. I knew about it all,” Myles answered.

“Show them to me,” David demanded.

As Myles reached out to hand the evidence to David, Allan said, “Take a deep breath, sir. What you’re about to see might shock you.”

David’s hands steadied for a shile. He shot Myles a questioning look.

“We’ve got a whole lot of explanations to do.”

“I’m listening.”




Purity was led into a dynamic mansion. Everything she saw reeked of wealth and power. The black gigantic gates, the inter-locked ground, streams of the latest vehicles parked chronologically, a tennis lawn, a swimming pool……. she snorted. They weren’t new to her. Her father could afford more of what stared at her. The big question still crossed her mind – what was she doing there? Was this another of Ernest’s plot? Or was it Jeremy who had done it? He actually had her at heart? She couldn’t help but wonder, Jeremy was stinkingly rich and so was Ernest. The more she pondered over it, the more perplexed she became. She heaved a weary sigh. Following their orders could provide the answers she needed. They were even too strong for her – the men. She resigned to doing so.

As the door to the mansion opened, she was greeted by five young maids, in their uniforms, ready to recieve her. They took her from the bloody looking men, leading her to a room. She got confused. Where to now? She didn’t give protesting a single thought, it wouldn’t save her.




Jeremy exhaled, looking out the window. Silence filled the moving vehicle. The silence was only broken when Ernest gave further directions to the place Purity was taken and after that, they relapsed to silence. He was glad it was thay way. Hearing Ernest speak to him was repulsive. It only ignited the feeling of anger and hatred he felt for him. Keeping his d–n mouth shut was good for them. Something else was of importance to him. He needed to get to her, to see her. He wished she was okay and that it wouldn’t be impossible to help her out by the time they find her.

“I wanna call Allan,” he said to Darren. “I need to know the situation over there.”

“Go on,” Darren replied absent minded. His thoughts were far away. He hoped they wouldn’t fail, he wouldn’t fail his friends.

“Allan,” Jeremy breathed out when the phone was answered. “What’s up?”

“Its not that easy,” Allan drawled in a disappointed tone.

That response made Jeremy’s heart lurch, “What’s happening? It should be easy.”

“It happens that the cop to help us out turns out to be Tricia’s dad. We’re tryna convince the old man to be on our side.”

Jeremy sighed, “That’s one hell of a job.”

“We’re working on it. Will get back to you when we’re ready.”




“What do you want with me? Why bring me here? Who are you all?” Purity asked the maids when they were finally locked up in a room – a very beautiful one at that. But her mind wasn’t settled. She had to know.

None of them agreed to speak up. They just looked at her and exhcanged glances among themselves. It looked as if they communicated with their eyes, reading eachother’s minds. And they tried reading hers. They had no idea if they were to carry out their duty or not.

“Please,” Purity insisted. “I don”t know what I’m doing here. Make me feel comfortable.”

A sigh came from one of the maid, probably the oldest. “We just want to dress you up. The boss gave us that order.”

“Who is your boss?” she questioned, her hope lighting up, “Who wants me dressed up?”

“Please, ma’am. We don’t want to get to trouble. Let’s do our jobs.”

Purity frowned. Who is the boss? Could it be Jeremy? Musing wouldn’t get her anywhere.


Tricia lay lazily in the bathtub. Her body covered with soapy water and her left hand hand out, dripping slowly with water. She closed her eyes, thinking deeply. The soapy water kept dripping off her hand at intervals making a soft noise as it touched the tiled floor.

The bathroom remained still except for the little drops of water that decreased each time one fell off. She laid still, motionless. Silence. Silence. Beats of silence.

“Nooo!!!” she shrieked suddenly, lifting herself off the tub. She placed both hands on her ears frantically. “It can’t be,” she whispered to the air. “It just can’t be,” she cried out again.

With quivering hands, she covered her nudity; wrapping a white cotton towel around her body. “They won’t let me be,” she muttered, stepping out of the bathtub, “Please, go away,” she sobbed.

And they wouldn’t just listen. They just continued speaking at the same time. Tricia felt her head was gonna split into two. She really couldn’t take it anymore. She covered her ears with her hands a second time and found her way out of the bathroom. On getting to her bedroom, she sank into her bed, weeping. “I’ve got to be her. If I’m not her, they’d never leave me.” More determined, she repeated, “I’ve got to be her. Tricia Cayson no more exists. I am Purity Theodore.”




“Give me a name,” Purity persisted. She was sure it’d get a good result. Without anymore whinnings and protests, she wholeheartedly submitted herself to the maids. They had done whatever they wanted, and she smiled at the perfect reflection of herself in the mirror. She never believed she’d be as pretty as she was after all that Ernest put her through. She exhaled, “I’m really curious to know,” she flashed the maid who had earlier answered her questions a broad smile, “Please…..”

The maid was between crossroads. A part of her wanted to jump right at the miss’s offer and tell her all she wanted to hear. The other part declined, and for good reasons. She had to keep her job and talking would do no good, it might cost her her job. Then, she’d be out on the streets with her son – begging. It was something she never wanted to happen. She closed her eyes, inhaled and exhaled sharply as she weighed the outcomes of her intended actions in her head. “Miss,” she called out softly, opening her eyes, “I can’t do it. As much as I want to, I can’t. Please, don’t ask any further questions.”

A frown curled Purity’s lips. She thought of a better idea. “Um, why don’t you give me the letter his name starts with. Trust me, if you were in my shoes, you’d be dying to know as much as I am.”

She felt sorry for her. She knew that feeling too – being kept in the dark while everyone else was aware. Its unbearable. This wouldn’t hurt, right? “Its a J.”

Purity grinned. “A J.” she repeated. “Its a J,” she said again. She felt her stomach flutter. “A J.” It was Jeremy. He was actually the one behind the facade, just to show how much he loved her. She felt loved. “Um, does he by any chance have a Y in his name?”

“Uh…..yes, he does.”

That’s it! Her guess wasn’t hazarded. It was a good guess. Jeremy, Jeremy. Oh, how she had missed him. She was finally gonna see him and determinded to love him back. Nothing was going to deny her of being happy, especially with him. She wasn’t scared anymore, she was more than willing to love him and have him as hers.

“Miss, its time. He awaits your presence,” the maid informed, breaking into her reverie.

Purity smiled dreamily. Excited she was. She couldn’t wait to lay her eyes on him. The only man who had succeeded in breaking the walls around her heart. Staring at the mirror, she said, “Lets do some finishing touch.”




“Two turns at your left,” Ernest directed. He was going to help get Melisa back. He was sure of it. Good thing he realized his mistakes, but it was a little late. Despite that, he was determined to be a good guy and love enough to let go, just like Jeremy.

Darren felt the piercing silence eating him up. He decided to take advantage of it. “Ernest,” he called out, exhaling. “Are you sure you’re taking us to the right place? If this happens to be a set up, I’d personally put a bullet to your skull,” he threatened.

“Its the right place.” He thought for a while, “I’m not wrong. If we don’t get to find her, they might have moved.” He looked scared. They shouldn’t move, he prayed. “I swear it-”

“Don’t you f—–g swear!” Jeremy exclaimed, irritated. “Do not swear in my presence,” he warned.

“Relax brother, he’s tryna convince -”

“I think we’re here,” Ernest cut him off.


Darren forgot he was about to chide his friend on hearing Ernest’s statement. Without a thought, he hit the brakes and slewed the vehicle off the road and shut the engine. “Sure this is it?”

“It sure is,” Ernest confirmed.

Jeremy did not utter a word. He just stared at the big black gate. “Whoever did this must have a lot of power,” he mumbled.

“Ernest, you’re gonna go to jail. Why do you even wanna help us?” Darren asked.

“Its not in anyway gonna reduce your sentence,” Jeremy curtly said.

“It could.”

Ernest sighed. “I know all of that. And I’m not doing this just to get out of prison or escape it. I deserve to pay for my crimes. But I wanna do something good before ending up there.”

“Are you sure about this?” Darren questioned.

“I am.”

Jeremy was not interested if Ernest had changed or not. It didn’t appeal to him. He just did not give a d–n about that. Saving Purity was of more concern to him. “How do we get her?”

“I have an idea.” Darren smiled.




David Cayson sat behind the wheels of his police car, driving to a street he never knew existed in New York city. Three other vehicles of similar brand trailed behind his. Riding with him were Myles and the doctor he just met. They were on a rescue mission.

“Forgive me, Tricia,” he whispered bitterly. The pain he felt at his heart could not be compared to any physical pain. The pain was doing a lot of damage to him. He was unable to accept the fact that his daughter – his very on little girl of yesterday had become something else, someone he does not recognize. Hearing it from the two gentlemen sounded ridiculous. But they convinced him, it was true. Now, his daughter was not just a shadow of herself but an imagination of her own self. She lived according to her thoughts. Her new self was merely of fantasy.

He sighed, wringling those thoughts out of his head. He’ll figure out a way to save her later. Now was the time to save Purity. Purity Theodre – his daughter’s role model and arch-enemy.

“They’re at his place,” Allan broke the silence, interrupting David’s thinking as well. “The place of the guy who had her kidnapped.”

“Have they gone in yet?” Myles asked.

“Um… It seems so.”

“We gotta hurry.”

“No,” Allan refused. “They’ve got a plan. Lets not burst in there and ruin it! Spoil their show.”

David chuckled. “Is this what it means to you? A show? Its live and direct boy.”

“I know. I-”

“Lets hope his mighty ‘plan’ of theirs doesn’t get them into trouble.” He breathed deeply. “I’m gonna step on the accelerator and the rest would follow.”




They led her gently out of the room she had just changed in. She was going to meet with Jeremy. At last! Acting like a baby was what she thought of doing. Screaming excitedly, jumping exhilaratingly and scurring off to find him. She just had to act cool and bottle up those feelings inside of her. She wasn’t gonna let people wonder if she had gone crazy.

“Do you speak French?” the maid inquired.

“What? What did you say?” Purity asked. She hadn’t quite heard her vividly.

“French? You know it?”

“Nope. I do not know. Why should I?” Purity asked, bewildered.

“The boss does. Just got back from Paris.”

They stopped right in front of a massive door. “This is it.” the maid finally said and they left Purity standing by herself.

She did not have the chance to reply the maid. Jeremy speaks French? She had no idea he did. Or was it not Jeremy? Was it someone else? The happiness she felt slowly crept away. The feelings of anxiety, fright, nervousness found their way back into her. Purity groaned. “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” she whispered. “I’m gonna know what this is about.”

Shuffling towards the door, she pushed it open and it gave way easily. That added to her fears, but she wasn’t gonna back out. She quickly stepped in, hoping to keep the door open. But it jammed itself right after she got in. That did not make her comfortable. Sighing, she turned her back to the door. She looked around; it was study room, but it wasn’t her business.

“Bonjour Mademoiselle,” a masculine voice greeted.

“So it was never Jeremy Broderick.”

Afraid To Love Episode 34 by Patience Ahworegba

His smirk could be heard, it filled the entire room. “Always Jeremy Broderick. Why did you choose him?”

Purity s—-d in a breath. The voice – she had never heard it before. “Who are you? Why don’t you show your face?”

He wasn’t going to, not yet. He’d remain hidden in the dark till he was satisfied. “Don’t you think its too early to start questioning me?”

She scoffed. “I don’t think so. I’m outta here. Can’t speak to an invisible person.”

He had no reply to her taunt. He only watched as she began to head for the door. She tried opening it, it wouldn’t respond. He smiled pleasingly as she continued her struggle with the door.

“Stupid door,” she cursed and stamped a foot on the marble floor. “What do you want from me?” she demanded, turning to face the direction of the voice.

“I love your guts,” he complimented, still in the dark. “You are just as I imagined.”

She was getting impatient. “What do you want with me?” she demanded, standing akimbo.

“Its simple,” he felt it was time to come out of the dark.

She heard his footsteps coming at her direction. Her heart began racing. Was she ready to face the man who had locked her up with him? Only time could tell. She took a deep breath.

“I only want revenge,” he admitted, completely facing her.

Purity scanned him. He was hefty and tall. He had brown hair, grey eyes that never stopped staring at her with lust. The Armani suit he was clad in matched his eyes. He was somewhat attractive. She rolled her eyes. Disappointment. That was the feeling she got. She’d expected a different person. One who smelt dangerous. But this guy didn’t look like it. “I’m astonished.” She chuckled. “A guy like you wants revenge? Hmm. Totally unbelievable.”

“This is my house,” he reminded her, getting upset.

“So?” she folded her arms. “Doesn’t give you any right to prison me in here.”

“I guess you haven’t changed.” he pocketed his hands. “Your ordeal with Ernest didn’t that teach you anything?”

“It didn’t,” she answered moving backwards. “I was unharmed. And that gave me more guts.”

“Hmm.” he sighed. “He failed then.”

“It was you behind it?” it was more like an accusation that a question.

“Are you surprised?” he was smiling. “Then I’ve amazed you.”

“Just tell me, what do you want me for?” she demanded again. She wasn’t moving.

He took a step forward, and another and another, he was advancing towards her. “I just want my revenge.”

Purity walked backwards till she was pinned to the wall. “What f—–g revenge do you want?”




“Hey,” Ernest confidently greeted.

“What is it you want?” the guard asked, holding a frown on his face.

That disapproved face wasn’t gonna intimidate him. “Uh… I’m Ernest. Remember?”

“I remember you,” the guard replied, still frowning.

“Jayden wants to see me. We had an agreement. We have to see eachother.” Ernest sounded as sincere as he could, looking very harmless.

“He doesn’t wanna be disturbed,” the guard insisted.

“I’m gonna call him right now and let him know what you just said,” Ernest threatened.

“All right. I hope this is true.” He gave way for Ernest to pass through.

Ernest made his way into the compound swiftly, smiling devilishly.

“What?” the guard was alarmed. “You didn’t tell me there were three of you. I’ll-”

And there was a punch from Darren. It made the guard shut up and was sent to the ground. He was knocked out.

“Quick! Hurry in,” he whispered to Jeremy.

Jeremy hurried in. In no time, the guard’s body was pulled into his little home. All three were in there.

“This is the control room.” Ernest informed Darren.

“And why would a control room be in here?” Jeremy asked.

“Jayden’s too smart. One would never suspect. Its right there,” Ernest pointed at it.

“Really smart,” Darren concurred. “You talk as if you know all about his Jayden. You know much about him?”

“Yeah. My buddy. Till he betrayed me.”

“He’s gonna wake up any time soon,” Jeremy said, referring to the guard.

“I’ve got this,” Darren held up a bottle and administered it on the guard. “Cyanide. He’ll be unconscious for long.”


“Jeez!” Jeremy exclaimed. “Isn’t that gonna kill him?”

“It might, might not.” Darren replied. “Come on, I’ve got to shut down the security cameras.”

He trotted to the control center and the others trailed. He got busy to work.

“Jeremy,” Ernest blurted out. “You’ve got to forgive me. I really am sorry. Please, let it go.”

Jeremy looked up at him. He was hurt, really hurt. Still, he had to let it go. Pride and ego wasn’t gonna get in his way. He smiled sincerely, “I forgive you. It was difficult, I mean it is. But I do.”

Ernest was relieved. He felt happy. He smiled in return.

“All cameras down.” Darren informed.

They turned to him.

“The house is ours now. We’re gonna split and search for her discreetly as we can. Allan would soon be here. Lets move it.”




“I can’t breathe,” Purity whinned, “Move back. You are just too close.”

“Do you know how long I’ve waited and wanted to be alone with you? Let me enjoy it!”

“Annoying jerk!” Purity cursed. “Let me go!” she screamed.

“Wild as a horse. You’re exactly the same.”

“Let go!” she shoved him out of her face with all the strength she had.

“I’m Jayden Cristiano, you b—h!” he yelled at her, stepping back.

“Don’t you dare call me names,” she warned, panting. “Wait, did you just say Jayden? Jayden?” The J and Y. It did not mean Jeremy, it meant Jayden. She’d been a fool to think only the name ‘Jeremy’ had a J and Y. “What the heck are you? I don’t know you!”

“You know who the hell I am! I need my revenge.” he stared murderously at her.

She did not like his gaze. It was dangerous. It seemed his eyes were gonna stop her from taking in more oxygen. “What silly revenge have you been ranting about?”

“You remember the guy you hit in the presence of the world? You slapped me on the face for the world to see. Now, you claim you don’t know me?” he explained. It was embarrassing recalling that event.

Yeah. He was right. Now, she knew who he was. A guy who wouldn’t let her be. Who pried into her private life and wanted to force his way into her heart. She never gave him that permission and he wasn’t gonna break her rules. “You were embarrassing me. I couldn’t take it anymore.” she paused, rubbed her forehead and then continued with her defense. “You just wouldn’t let me be. Believe me, I never wanted to. I was pushed to the wall by you. I had to bounce back.”

“By hitting me?” he snarled.

“You wouldn’t listen to my words.”

“I loved you and just wanted you to be my girlfriend.”

“And I said I wasn’t interested,” she folded her arms and her lips pouted.

He ran a hand through his hair roughly, “Well all that’s over now. You’re gonna pay.”

“That is the reason you disappeared into thin air?” she asked brusquely.

“I’m gonna have my revenge,” he repeated firmly.

“How the hell am I gonna pay?” she retorted.

“You’ll feel the same pain I did.”

She twisted her lips. “You’re gonna hurt someone you claim to have loved?”

“I did love you.”

“Hell no, you didn’t. It was an obsession and it was getting on my nerves. I had to do something. And I did!”

“An error on your part. You’d regret it.”

“How?” she rolled her eyes.´

“I’ve got a private plane waiting for us. We’re leaving for Paris.”

Purity scoffed. “You can’t do that. I am not going anywhere with you!”

“I can, my darling,” he replied softly.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she ruffled her hair. “How’s that gonna make me pay?”

He roved around her, circling her with each step he took. “In Paris, you’d be my lover. I’d take away your virginity and later on, break up with you for the whle world to see,” he smiled wickedly. “I can be cruel if I wanna be.”

“You are cruel!” she spat out.

“Move it!”

He grabbed hold of her hand, yanking her to his side without being considerate if she was gonna hurt. Securely holding her, he unlocked the door easily.

Purity groaned. The d–n door that had refused to open when she wanted to run away. She struggled with Jayden to free herself. It wasn’t working – just like all the other times. She was weak in power when it came to men. But she wasn’t gonna let him humiliate her that way.

Jayden pushed the door open, pulled Purity out and closed it behind him.

“Don’t move!” a voice ordered, stopping him from taking any step.


“Jeremy,” Purity gasped, totally amazed. “What is Jeremy doing with a gun?” she rhetorically asked. The shock on her face soon melted into a smile of appreciation. Jeremy had finally come! He was to save her. She was relieved and felt happiniess. She never did stop hoping he’d come for her.

“This is the Jeremy?” Jayden taunted with disgust on his face.

“Shut up!” Jeremy yelled, pointing a gun at him. “One more word and you’d be in hell.” He was trying to be calm. To keep his cool. Seeing Purity brought this feeling of joy, contentment in his heart. The feeling of emptiness and being incomplete withered away. A warm feeling took root in his heart.

Pure hatred, disgust and anger were the feelings he had for the b—–d who had taken his princess away from him. He also betrayed his cousin. He was so gonna pay for his crimes.

“Are you alright?” he asked Purity.

“I’m…. I’m……okay. Um, I’m not hurt,” she replied, stuttering. Getting out of Jayden’s arms and being with Jeremy was all she could think of.

“Release her at once!” Jeremy demanded.

“What are you gonna do?” Jayden retorted.

“Shoot.” Jeremy answered sincerely. In reality, he didn’t know how to use a gun. He’d never held one his entire life till Darren handed him one that afternoon. It was his and Purity’s protection. He figured out he had to keep his finger on the trigger, and that he did. Jayden was never gonna find out he was naive when it came guns. Practicing on him wasn’t a bad idea. The desire to kill him increased as each second rolled by.

“Please, don’t shoot,” Purity whimpered. Honestly, she was scared. She had no idea what Jeremy was going to do.

Jayden tightened his hold on Purity. “You can’t do that. You’re not a killer.”

“I could become one.”

“Please,” Purity begged.

“Shut the hell up!” Jayden screamed at her.

“Don’t you talk to her that way!” Jeremy shot at him. Livid with anger, Jeremy thought he was gonna murder him. Put a bullet into his head, sending him where he belonged.

Jayden was unarmed. He had no weapon to fight back with. Regardless of that, he was confident nothing was gonna happen to him. He was still going to achieve his aim – revenge. “My boys will soon send you to the grave. They should be here any moment.”

Jeremy chuckled. “I don’t see any of them. And I’m afraid they won’t be coming. Cyanide. You’re not as smart as they say.”

A look of shock and horror replaced the smiling face of Jayden. At that instant, he regretted not having any weapon.

“If I were you, I’d repsect myself and let her go,” Jeremy exhorted. “You’ve lost this battle. You can never have her. She belongs to me.”

“Never!” Jayden bellowed. Furious, his hands found way on Purity’s neck. He was going to strangle her. No one was going to have her. She’d better die being a virgin.

Purity coughed and put her hands on Jayden’s. She was running out of air, gasping for breath. Water ran out of her eyes. Fear consumed her. Was she gonna die before Jeremy? She tried to speak, it was impossible.

Jeremy lost control of himself. Aggressively, he cocked the gun and pulled the trigger.




“My love,” Jeremy called out, worried. “My darling, are you alright?” he brushed her hair affectionately.

Purity clung on to Jeremy. Gripping him tightly. Letting go wasn’t an option. She was right were she belonged – in his arms. “I’m fine. I missed you. Missed you so much!”

“Missed you too. More than you could ever imagine.”

Purity smiled gleefully. “You’re my hero, Jeremy Broderick. You saved me. I’m never letting you go.”

Jeremy laughed as he listened to her remarks. “You are my sweetheart. I’m not letting go either.” He fastened his hold on her.

“Ahem,” Darren cleared his throat.

Purity and Jeremy freed themselves. They turned to him.

“Just want you all to know that everything’s cool. Jayden’s in the vehicle, Ernest would soon follow. His men too are arrested. You’re not in any danger. Feel free to go home and celebrate.” He grinned. He had just accomplished a mssion. It was a great job.´

Purity threw herself into Darren’s arms, “Thank you, for all you’ve done.”

“You’re welcome.” He let her go. “And Jeremy, that was a nice shot.” He patted him on the shoulder, “See you at home.”

“Thank you, Allan,” Purity said with gratitude. Jeremy would never have rescued her without any of their help,

“Sure. Anything for you,” he winked at Jeremy, “And him. I think I’m gonna be a detective and a doctor.”

They all laughed at Allan’s joke.

Afraid To Love Episode 35 by Patience Ahworegba


“What’s going on here?” a familiar voice questioned.

The laughter ceased.

Purity stole a glance at the intruder. She’d seen that face before. It was the same woman who had created a scene at her office. What was she doing here? “Who are you?” she demanded.

“I am you!” Tricia fired at Purity.

“What the hell does she mean by that?” Purity asked Jeremy.

“It cant be,” Jeremy muttered. “Tricia don’t-”

“Don’t what?” she interrupted, pointing a gun at Purity. “Hell, I’m gonna shoot her!”

A ton of police officers pulled out their weapons and pointed at Tricia Cayson. They did not mind the fact that she was the daughter of a cop. She was breaking the law and needed to be reprimanded.

“Don’t shoot!” David warned. “I’ll talk to her.” He watched them drop their guns. Sighing, he moved towards his daughter. “Tricia,” he whispered.

“Don’t you call me that!” she yelled. “I am Purity. Purity Theodore. This s–t standing right here isn’t Purity. She’s a gold digger that needs to be dealt with. She doesn’t deserve to answer ‘Purity.’ She isn’t pure. She deserves to die! I alone will be Purity.” Tricia ranted, sending Purity murderous looks.

“You can’t be someone else,” David rebuked.

“Yes, I can and will be,” she insisted. “That’s why I’ve got to finish her off.”

“What do you want?” David asked.

“To be her.”

David exhaled. “Purity,” he couldn’t believe he’d call his daughter that. It really made him sad. “You are Purity Theodore. Tricia Cayson does not exist.”

Tricia turned to her father and had the gun pointed at him. “You called me that,” she mumbled.

Purity heaved a sigh of relief. The gun wasn’t pointed at her anymore. She was curious and watched the unfolding drama.

“My ex,” Jeremy whispered.

“Oh.” Purity smiled in a silly way. His ex was still crazy about him and wanted to be her at all cost. Men were still going nuts over her. They were a special couple indeed. She clutched to Jeremy. There was no way she was ever gonna leave him.

The scene continued.

David’s idea had worked out. He called his daughter a name he did not give her. The gun was pointed at him and she was already weak. He felt it. He continued, taking advantage of that, “Jeremy Broderick is your fiance, right?”

Tricia’s lips quivered. She knew it was a lie. It wasn’t true. She couldn’t say so. She had to lie. And live by the lie. The way she’d always imagined. “Yes,” she blurted out. “I am. She’s tryna steal him away from me. She doesn’t want my happiness,” she lamented.

He took a step forward, “I’m your father, I always want you happy.”

“Then get me Jeremy!” she yelled.

There was a smile on his face, “As long as you put that gun down.”

“I can’t,” she whispered.

“Trust me,” David assured her.

He took slow steps, gradually getting to her. He exhaled sharply, “Nice and steady.”

Tricia thought someone finally understood her. Finally! She’d have what she always wanted – to be with Jeremy. Now, she’d be Purity and Jeremy would love her more than he loved that witch. Her dad could get Jeremy to do anything. He was a cop and Jeremy could get married to her on gun point. “I do trust you,” she breathed out, putting the gun down. There was no reason to hold it anymore.

“Good,” David said, taking the gun away from her. His heart was heavy. He really had to do this. Swiftly, he grabbed hold of her hands, placing them at her back.

She struggled to be free. “What the-”

David didn’t let her complete her statement. He handcuffed her. It was the right thing to do. She’d become a criminal and had to face the law. But before that, she needed to be taken elsehwhere.

“You betrayed me!” she accused, pain in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, honey,” he apologised. “You also betrayed me. We’re taking you out.” He signaled some cops to put her at the back seat of a police car.

“I hate you! My father doesn’t love me! You s–t, I’ll be back for you-”

She was forced into a car and locked in. Her rantings continued in there.

“Jeremy, Purity,” David said, “Forgive my daughter. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. We’re taking her to a mental institution. An assylum. She’s completely out of her mind.”

“We’re sorry about that, too,” Jeremy sadly expressed. He could understand David’s feeling.


“Thanks.We’re off,”David finally said and walked away.

“I can’t belive that just happened,” Purity said in a state of confusion. “I nver knew it’d get to this.”she paused and smiled,”As if I had known.”

Jeremy watched her with a smile on as she expressed her feelings. Great!He felt alive again.He’d so much longed to see her pretty face,feel her skin,her touch,hear her rant.Thank goodness he finally found her.Who could have known he’d ever fall in love,especially with his enemy?

“When she pointed the gun at me. I was really scared.All I felt during my stay with ErnestandJayden returned to me.But it wasn’t that overwhelming,it was different.”

“How?”he asked.

She had a big grin.”You were right beside me!”

Jeremy winked at her.Drawing her closer,he ruffled her hair.”ILoveYou,Purity Theodore.”

A beautiful smile appeared on her face as she heard Jeremy profess his love for her.She felt her heart lurch with excitement,her tummy;butterflies danced in it.This was what she’d wanted to hear and the words finally found their way into her ears.Words were not enough to describe the pleasurable feelings surging through her.Unable to withhold her excitement,she raised her toes on the tip.”Guess what I wanna do,”she cooed,leaning on Jeremy.

He gripped her waist firmly.”You tell me.”

Purity slowly pushed her head forward.Wrapping her arms around Jeremy’s neck,she reached for a kiss.

Understanding what her aim was,Jeremy bent his head and covered her lips with his.


“What do you wanna do?” Jeremy inquired,grasping Purity’s hand softly.

She blushed.”I don’t wanna do anything.Justwanna be with you.”

“Come here,”Jeremy pulled her for an embrace.Having her that close,he felt electrified within himself.”Do you know how my life was within these days you disappeared?”

“Let me guess.Horrible,”she giggled.

“Not just horrible.I was terrified thinkingI’d never see you for the rest of my life.If things had gone worse,I’d have never for-”

“Darling,”Purity cut in,”You shouldn’t worry about all that.I’m right here,by your side.”

“Right.Come on,I wanna see your parents and my father.”

“Before that,I want something else.”

“What?”a glint of happiness was in his eyes.

“I love you,Jeremy.”she admitted, feeling shy all of a sudden.Staring at her fingers,she linked them together,twisting them.

Jeremy smiled,then chuckled. Those words warmed his heart and got him all excited.”Baby,”

She slowly lifted her head up.

“Do you know what that word means?”

“Gosh!Jeremy,”Purity feigned anger.”I know what it means. Love is love.To love a person. Uh-”

“Are you ready for that?”

“I am.”she couldn’t understand his questions.”What about you?Are you ready?”

Jeremy flashed a smile.”You are no more scared?Afraid to love?”

She nodded,smiling.”Yeah. After all I’ve been through,I figured out something.That is,I want to spend the good and bad times with loved ones and family.Don’t want to hold any of these good feelings in.I want to be happy and being with you makes me happy.I deserve to be happy.”

“And you’re completely happy with me.”


“My princess, lets go get married.”


Purity took a deep breath as she took an unsteady step out of the bathroom.She took the next,then she was walking into the bedroom. A feeling of shyness hit her. She was simply wearing a lingerie. It was blue,perfectly fitting her.It complimented her unique feminine shape,showing off all her features. Her hair was damp with water.

As she walked further, she felt nervous.Her heartbeat increased. She was about to do a thing she had never done before.She was excited and nervous as well.It wasn’t a bad thing.Its meant for only married couples and now she was one.And ready.

Soon enough,a large king-sized bed appeared,Jeremy was on it.He was not fully dressed as she was.Laying her eyes on him brought her to a halt.

Jeremy saw his love, playing with her fingers. He understood what she felt.He couldn’t even stop staring at her.She was so pretty and sexy in that lovely underwear.Wow!

“Mrs Broderick,” he called out softly. “Come on.”

Purity took another deep breath and trudged forward,she got to Jeremy.

“You’re elegant,my wife.” He was excited.

“Thank you,”she answered shyly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked,concerned.

“Nothing… I…um,” she stuttered off.

“You wanna back out?”he teased.


“Thats good.’Cause I wouldn’t even let that happen.”He pulled her closer,”I’d teach you everything you need to know.Its something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Purity’s eyes widened.”You do? Since when?”

“When you stepped out of that bathroom, swaying your hips,seducing me.”

She laughed shyly.”You’re kidding.”

“Do you wanna talk more?”

With the peaceful and romantic setting at hand,Purity thought it wasn’t proper to talk.It was to do something.”I don’t think so.”

“Where do we begin, my love?”he asked,placing a kiss on her left hand.

She was beginning to shudder,the feeling was different,she’d never felt it before.”A Kiss?”she wasn’t sure.

“Ask for it.”

She smiled, the best ever, “Kiss me,” she asked, shamelessly.

Jeremy smiled at her. Kiss her and he did, laying her on the bed. “i love you, Purity Broderick.”

“I feel the same way,” she replied, between moans.

Afraid To Love episode


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Nice one, so happy the two end together,