Powerful Prayer and Fasting Mp3 Songs Download

Powerful Prayer and Fasting Mp3 Songs Download

Powerful Prayer and Fasting Mp3 Songs Download

In this season, every believer should press tirelessly in Fasting and in Prayers to receive the Word God has for the remaining days of the year.

(Spirit Nerds) has strategically put together a playlist of powerful Prayer songs, worships, and chants to help you in times of Labour in the place of Prayer.

To get the most out of our Prayer Playlist,

Play these songs before Prayer time to prepare your Spirit as you are about to fellowship with God.

Make a commitment to not stop praying until a particular song ends, add up a lengthier song the next day.

Try this and watch your Prayer life transform in the year, 2023!

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

Luke 18:1The human mind is always busy and cannot afford us the possibility of the above Scripture, and so you will need to depend on the Spirit of God to help you pray always, Spiritual songs are a great way to set your atmosphere for the Spirit of God to find expression through your mind. Consciousness is key and so, you will need to stay for long under the intense atmosphere of these songs to fix your mind on things above…

One of the significant ministries of Worship is that it is designed as a system of invocation, a spiritual system designed not just to honor God, but a system to invoke the presence of God in a territory and also to help men capture a dimension of God. God by his Spirit defines a dimension of himself that He wants to reveal to His people and begin to cause the worshipers to invoke that dimension through their songs.

Download Prayer Playlist below:

Songs/ChantsClick Here:
Prayer Chant [Live] – Minister Theophilus SundayDOWNLOAD MP3
The Anthem – Dunsin Oyekan x Pst Jerry EzeDOWNLOAD MP3
Aya o Aya Adullam – Min Theophilus SundayDOWNLOAD MP3
3 Hours Soaking Worship Collection
Apostle Joshua Selman
Adua Ke [LIVE CONCERT] – Min Theophilus SundayDOWNLOAD MP3
Now That We Are Married – Min Theophilus SundayDOWNLOAD MP3
Adua Ke – Min Theophilus SundayDOWNLOAD MP3

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