The next morning, Henry got to the outskirt at around 6am, I wondered what time he must have left the city.

All through the night, my phone was on fire, Mr. Gbesan was calling. I imagined him not sleeping and blaming himself for what had happened, so I decided to call.

For stepping on the brakes the previous day , he was a good man.

“Hello, Mr Gbesan…” I said

“Betty, I know you don’t want to speak to me, but I just want to apologize, I am sorry” he broke into tears….

“I don’t know why evil always follow me, Gold is too much of a precious soul for that to have happened to her because of me” Mr Gbesan said amidst tears and sobbing like a child

“It’s ok sir,I am the one to be blamed , but the good news is Gold has forgiven me, so I hold nothing against you sir. Thanks for being a good friend. I just wanted to let you know that we will be going to the city in the morning, my husband’s mistress has had her baby and my husband wants us to come back home” I said trying to end the conversation as fast as possible

Mr. Gbesan broke into tears…..

“Meaning It is all over? or are you coming back here?”

“I don’t know”

“Ok…May God be with you, Please don’t change your mobile number, please…”

“I won’t”

“My time of happiness with you was so short lived , I love you Betty, I really do”

“I love you Mr Gbesan, but God loves us more and he knows what is best for us…”

I hung up and sat on the bed. That was around 4:30am. I didn’t sleep till around 6 am when I heard the loud bang on the gate. Henry was around.

Gold jumped from her sleep

“That must be Dad”

My phone rang and Henry’s number was the caller ID…Gold knelt before me

“Mum, Please let what happened to me be our little secret, don’t ever mention it to Dad, I will be fine…it’s just one of those things that could have happened to anyone who lived in the outskirt. It is an experience I have added to my experiences of life. I will not let it control or shape my life, rather I will control it effects on me… Mum, God has started restoring your home, don’t let this be a distraction….” She said

Gold gave me a big hug and ran to the gate, though I could see she was in pains. Over the years, Gold had been a very strong girl as regards dealing with pains…

The moment Gold opened the gate for her father, he literally carried her from the ground….

“Dad, congratulations”

“Yes, Gold, you have a brother, where is your sister and mother?”

Henry saw me standing at the balcony of the BQ, He walked really fast towards me…

“My heart, Good morning, I am very sorry”

“Shush…It’s ok, Old things are passed away, Let’s go home and see our Baby” I said as I just saw life in a new way, through the eyes of Gold. Life was forgiveness…

Henry gave me a very big hug, but Emerald let the cat out of the bag…

“Why are you here now, after you let Gold to be raped?”

Henry’s body immediately became very stiff …he stepped back from me and looked at the three of us, but Gold being as precious as she was , cut in

“Emerald, don’t be a mood spoiler, it’s not Dad or mum’s fault, I was the one taking a stroll at the inappropriate time of the night, not to worry, I will heal soon” Gold said trying to make it sound very light

“You were raped? By who?, When? Betty, where were you? Henry asked as he rested his back on the wall really weak by the news…

Gold quickly covered up again

“Mum, had taken a stroll , so when I was through with my plate washing, I decided to take a stroll as well and that was when some hoodlums raped me!”…

Gold didn’t mention me going to Mr. Gbesan‘s house and Emerald didn’t say anything about it, since she didn’t know I was with him. That was between Gold and I.

“Oh God!, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought you here, I am so sorry Gold” You could see that Henry was so angry at himself, but Gold moved closer to him and said

“It’s ok Dad, bad things happen, but I don’t like to dwell on them, Let’s dwell on the good things that God does, like the birth of Diamond….I am more concerned about that, it’s bad enough I was raped, but dwelling on it is raping myself of joy and happiness”

I was just speechless at Gold’s maturity in handling the whole situation.

“So Dad, should we just pick up some few cloths” Gold said

“Few? No all your cloths, you are no more coming back here” Henry was distraught

Gold was so excited at the news of not returning to the outskirts that she screamed but Emerald was not showing any form of excitement, even when her father drew her close apologizing to her.


At about 8:30 am, we were through packing, Henry was surprised at my restaurant business, as people had started knocking at our gate as early as 7am to buy food. I told them we were parking… the news had spread like wide fire, people came out of their houses, the little friends I had made came crying and telling me how much they would miss me… Wives I had given free counselling were also around weeping. They all assumed it was because of what had happened to Gold that had caused the relocation.

As we were leaving , at a far distance, I saw Mr.Gbesan’s car, when I looked towards his direction, he flashed his car light at me. I was about to go meet him, when Gold pulled my hand. Henry noticed the move, which made him look at the executive car but he didn’t say a word…..


Margaret was so happy to see us at the hospital. An elderly woman was with her, who I later found out was her Step mum.

“His name is Diamond, just Like Gold wanted” Margaret said as she stretched the baby towards me. He was a total replica of my husband. I was so happy to carry him. I saw the Joy in Henry’s face. This had been his heart desire for a long time but I had been scared to give birth to another child, because of our genotype issue. We were both AS and one of the girls had the SS genotype and for years, I Had the fear of giving birth to another child with the SS genotype..

I didn’t know what made me ask but I popped out the question before knowing

“Genotype?” I asked

Henry answered quickly “There won’t be anything to worry about, Margaret has the AA genotype, so it’s either he is AA or AS”.

Gold took him from me…

“Welcome Diamond”..

Emerald also wanted to carry him.

As they were struggling over the Baby, I noticed something was not right with Margaret’s step Mum, I didn’t know what it was but I knew she was strange….

Very Strange…..Unfortunately I was told she would be staying with us to take care of the baby….Was she not going to be a stumbling block to what God wanted to do as regards my marriage?

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5 years ago


5 years ago

Please next episode. Maybe you should post two episodes at once.

4 years ago
Reply to  Moji

Lol that would not kill the suspense?

5 years ago

Comment:Gold really hs a heart of gold

5 years ago

Comment:Thanks Opra… next episode pleeeease..

5 years ago

Great… luv this piece

5 years ago

Amazing, can’t just stop imagining
Learning a lot

Christine Kathure
Christine Kathure
5 years ago

Gold has a heart of gold indeed, I wish the girl was taken to the hospital though… I know it’s fiction still ?