Empire High School Episode 2 by Ademide | Writer of RIA

Empire High School by Ebunoluwa Ademide | Writer of RIA

EMPIRE HIGH SCHOOL Episode 2 by Ademide

It was the beginning of a new term and new class. The students of Empire High School are on the assembly ground. The principal, Mr Joel, small, pot bellied and full of good looks was chewing gum even though he had purnished many students before for chewing gum. Mr Joel himself was a gifted mathematician and though now the principal, he still enjoyed teaching mathematics in top class.

Mr Joel happened to be inspecting every student on the assembly ground. And it was caused by a letter which he had received from the proprietor of the school. And the last few sentences of the letter read:
“And I am directed to convey to you that no Empire Students should be seen wearing chains, bracelets or any other socks aside the school sock and any rough haircut. It would be appreciated if the principal would take disciplinary action against all these things”
This amused Mr Joel, the proprietor had allowed these things before.. Why now?
“Good Lord” he said softly.
“Good Morning Students ” he greeted.
“Good Morning Sir” They chorused
“How was your holiday?”
“It was fine Sir”
He gestured to the headboy and other prefects to fix themselves to their rightful positions . And they did. He addressed the students again.

“There are new rules in the school” he told them about the letter he had received from the proprietor’s assistant Mr Bade. He ordered the prefects to begin inspection on students looks and dressing. After the inspection, they sang the marching song and went to their respective classes.

Katherine’s POV
A young lady on cream skirt and white top was already waiting outside to bring us to the principal’s office.
“Good Morning Sir ” she greeted cheerfully
“Morning” Dad replied
“Mr Adebowale Right? “
“Yes Miss.. “
“I’m Rose” she said
“Please come with me” she said again. And we followed her.
“This is your new school, try to be a good girl. You need to be very careful. And i don’t want you to make the same mistake here again. Remember we did alot of things before you got admitted here.. “
My dad’s words echoed in my head. I made a promise to him that I would be very careful in this school.
“Mr Joel is waiting inside Sir” she pointed towards a door. Then I knew she was a secretary.
“Thanks Miss Rose” Dad said
I followed him Into the office.
“Good Morning Mr Adebowale” the middle aged man said. My dad shook hands with him.
“Mr Joel this is my daughter Kate” he said
“How are you doing Kate?” He asked
“I’m fine Sir.. Thanks”
“You are welcome to Empire High School. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay here” he said
I nodded slowly
He cleared his throat
“Your dad told me everything that happened in your ex school”
I avoided his gaze. I was too embarrassed to look into his eyes.
“And I want to believe it won’t happen here right?”
I nodded slowly
“Please don’t hesitate to come to me anytime you need anything”
“Okay Sir” I answered
“She will get her ID by the end of today”
Miss Rose stepped into the room with a file in her hands.
“Your signature Sir” she said to my dad and he signed some papers .
“Anything else?”
“No.. That’s all” Mr Joel replied
“Thank You Mr Joel” My dad stood up
“You’re welcome Sir” he stood up and shook hands with dad
“Rose please take Kate to her class” Mr Joel said
“Take Care” Dad said to me.
And I followed her. We both walked down a long hallway. Miss Rose stopped and turned to face me.

“Empire High School is a nice place to be and the students are nice too. So you don’t have to be scared of anything”
She continued walking but soon stopped in front of a white door. She opened it and stepped in. I didn’t follow her in because I was already nervous.
How do I introduce myself if am asked to?
What if i start stammering again?
“Excuse me Sir.. You have a new student” Miss Rose Said
She turned to face me.
“Come in” she said softly
“Feel free gorgeous” she said again. Miss Rose opened the door wide for me to walk in and I did. All eyes were on me. And I couldn’t bring myself to look up at them.
Oh My God! What do I do?!
“Take Care Kate” Miss Rose whispered before moving out of the room.
“So won’t you introduce yourself?” The man said
I didn’t respond. I felt like the ground should open up..But I have to say something so they won’t think am a fool.
“Do you intend to stand there the whole day?” he asked again
“I.. I.. Am..Sorry” I stuttered in a low tone
“What’s your name?” He said
I looked at him
“Ka.. Ka.. Katherine Adebowale”
I can’t be doing this.. They might think I’m a dummy or a fool.
“Please be bold Miss Kate” The Man Said again. I swallowed hard and refilled my lungs with a handful of air.
You can do this Kate! I reassured myself.
“Are you ready? ” he asked
I cleared my throat and looked up finally. Pairs of eyes on me.
“Good Morning. My name is Katherine Adebowale but you can call me Kate for short”
I looked back at the teacher. He was grinning, his set of teeth on display.
What do I say again?
“Okay.. Everyone please be nice to me” I bowed slightly
“So class what do you say to princess Kate?” The teacher asked
Princess Kate? I didn’t add that title during introduction.
“You’re welcome to CLASS 3”
They chorused
“Thank You” I replied with a half smile.
“So what department?”
“Art department”
“Okay Princess Kate you are welcome to Empire High School. I am Mr Daniel, the mathematics Teacher” he introduced
My eyes was quick to count the numbers of students in the class. 29 students in total.
“So everyone be nice to Princess Kate” he said
A black boy raised his hands
“Yes John.. “
“Where is she going to sit?”
He asked
My eyes scanned the room again. There were two empty seats at the back now.
“Princess Kate will you sit with Empire biggest boy or Jamal the Genius?” A girl at the front row asked.
I looked at the two boys. The biggest boy has broad shoulders and muscular arms. No doubt he must be a regular at the gym. That name suits him. The Genius looked small. He had a fat baggy cheeks, small eyes, ears and well shaped pointed nose. There’s no way I’m going to sit with the school biggest boy.
“I’ll seat with Jamal the Genius” I said
Everyone laughed
What’s so funny?
“Okay Princess Kate” Mr Daniel said
Then i started the walk to the seat. All eyes still on me. My gaze fell on this girl on my right side. She was beautiful. Long thick braids, large brown eyes, tight cheekbones, a nice nose and ebony skin. She was absolutely gorgeous. Our gaze met but I looked away quickly. Her stare made me uncomfortable.
I settled down in the chair and brought out my book.
“Welcome Kate” a voice said behind me. I turned and saw the biggest boy grinning at me.
“Hi” I greeted
“Thanks for rejecting me” he said in a sarcastic tone that I almost laughed.
“I am sorry” I apologized
“You’re pretty”
His voice so soothingly low and gently. I flushed hotly.
“Thanks “
“I am Cullen”
“Nice -“
“Cullen you can do that after class” Mr Daniel interrupted me
“Pardon me Sir” Cullen apologized
Jamal passed a note to me. It reads:
“Cullen can be funny. Anyways its nice to meet meet Kate”
I looked at him and Jamal grinned sheepishly. I knew he was someone like me.. Shy and timid.
I avoided looking at the girl I saw seconds ago. I focused on the Board and prayed that she won’t be another “Cynthia” in my life.

Joseph’s POV
“Oh Boy! This girl make sense die!” My silly friend Emeka wrote down at the back of his mathematics note.
I shook my head.
“I don’t want to get into trouble with Mr Daniel” I replied on a piece of paper.
“You no feel the girl? She be like Miss Universe”
I stiffed back a laugh after reading his note.
“I no feel the girl.. one bit. Concentrate on mathematics class boy”
“Okay we go discuss after class”
Thank Goodness! That note would have continued if I had said otherwise.. ‘Like I feel the girl’.
I looked at the new girl in the third row. She’s incredibly beautiful! I sat back and looked at her. Kate turned and our gaze met but she looked away. She had a dynamite body, large brown eyes, high cheekbones, a perfect nose, perfect skin. A very much uplifted pair of breasts on a narrow quiet body. Absolutely Gorgeous! And the shyest, most nervous girl I’d ever encountered. I smiled at myself. It was hard to concentrate in class. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. And I wondered what Cullen was saying to her.
Silly Boy! Always introducing himself to new girls before anyone does.
My name is Joseph James. I am the first child of my parents. My father is the principal of Empire High School. I am the captain of the Basketball Team. I am tall, bright with intelligent eyes and charming smile. And I am a nice person. All the girls are drawn to me. And I’m fond of the girls too. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Angella Benson.

Angella is the most popular girl in Empire High School. I just hope she doesn’t bother Katherine. I know my girlfriend, she’s nasty and Angella does crazy things just to make new girls stay away from me.
And Kate being beautiful and the new girl then I think she’s up for a challenge with Angella Benson.

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