This morning, I was reading the account of the fall of man from the garden of Eden. I saw it clearly that though, Adam was also in the garden but devil came particularly for the woman.

Before this day, Adam and Eve do walk together, talked together but that particular day, he went to their home ( Eden) when there was a little distance between the couple.

Devil through her friend-serpent, made her to believe that, she could act on an instruction without consulting the husband. He successfully made her to believe that, not everything as a wife, you need to tell your husband before you act on it.

Serpent told Eve, ‘I have a secret to tell you but you must promise me you won’t tell Adam.’
‘Okay,’ Eve obliged.

Eve didnt know that, that instruction she took from a friend without consulting her husband will cause havoc to her home and turn her to a fugitive.

Do you know that the devil is still using the same tactics today among couples in order to destroy families? As he used serpent, he may use friend to destroy your home or relatives. I had been in a place where mother was advising her daughter not to open up completely to her husband.
Though, some men justify this action, but that’s not God’s idea for family to operate .

There are lots of don’t tell him in homes today
Let’s see few areas in which devil do penetrate into homes with ‘don’t tell your husband syndrome’

#1. Building House

Won’t you be surprised that a woman who willingly gives herself and reveal her nakedness to her husband, could find that same husband untrustable to reveal her agenda to him?

Years ago, a woman was advised by her friend and persuaded by her mother to build a house without the consent of the husband. When she finished the house and told the husband, the husband just told her to move from his home to her new home. It took several prayers; counselling and visitations of family members and church pastor for deaconess to safe her home from crumble.

#2. Investment/finances

There were some merchandise that came to my state few years ago, I could still remember their names, when you invest in their company, first month, you have your capital and second month you have double of your capital.

It was an mouth-tearing, eyes-swollen and very pitiable pity, when the investor woke up to see the merchandise disappeared with their capitals and profits. Most of the investors were women, whom said they did not inform their husbands before patronizing this fraud merchant. They heeded to their friend’s advice and went ahead without their husband’s consent. They also suffer the consequences that followed.

#3 Your Past.

You want to marry and devil came to you in form of a friend and tell you, don’t tell that man your past, so he won’t run away, know that, devil is planning to steal your family. Because if that young man comes to know from other source, then, he will completely loose trust in you and trust is like a foundation for any lasting relationship, immediately the foundation collapse, is just a matter of time the whole building will soon follow and the marriage you want to protect will crumble before your very own eyes

#4 Harassment

Don’t tell your husband that your boss is sexually harassing you because of promotion, is a beginning of your compromise.

A lady came to counselling room, weeping profusely, refuse to be consoled. After a while, she put herself together, and told the counsellor how her boss was pestering her for just one stand.

They were on this, when the husband heard somewhere that the boss has his wife in mind and the man was confused why his beloved wife never mentioned it. ‘It must have been that she had accepted,’ the man assumed.

He later confronted his wife and she agreed that the man has been pestering her but she didn’t consent to his request. The question why didnt you tell me, as your husband when he started?

In conclusion, suppose Eve had told Adam about the proposal of her friend-serpent, the man would have averted it, being more knowledgeable than her.
Eve learnt this in a hard way.

Don’t let devil steal your home with a ‘don’t tell your husband syndrome.’

Remember, your home is a tool to better society.


Joshua Gidigbi…
Your family man…

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