“okay, that’s strange, I’m always the hug-ger not you” Erick said, I know he’s way surprised by my hug.
“there’s nothing strange about me hugging you” I said shyly as I let go of him and walked inside my room and he followed me and closed the door behind us.
“so… What was that for?” Erick asked as I walked to my bed and sat down.
“what was what for?” I said as I turned to him.
“the sudden hug” he narrowed his eyes.
“oh that was just—why are you dressed in all black. This isn’t what you wore in your interview” I said and he glanced at his clothes.
“Oh I had to change into these to get here so I won’t get recognized by fans” Erick said and I nod.
“I know you changed the subject, so just tell me now, why you suddenly hugged me?” he smiled folding his hand.
“cause I just wanted to” I gulped.
“you can’t just hug someone like that.” Erick said walking close to me.
“of course you can, I hug Augie all the time”.
“not true, either you give him a hug because you’re comforting him or you love what he did that moment, you miss him or you’re sympathizing with him” Erick explained and I sighed and straightened my back.

“see Erick… I really like you but I just–
“couldn’t find yourself to say it” Erick finished for me with a smile while I paused and then nod.
“I knew, all along” he smiled
“huh? You do?” I asked.
“yeah, I could see it”.
“that’s absurd” I rolled my eyes.
“It’s not, I really saw it, I mean the way you started to look at me was suddenly different from before and whenever you’re with me you’re always avoiding to make eye contact with me.” Erick expound…
What is he saying I always make eye contact with him… Do I? I can’t remember.
“but I am making eye contact with you now”. I said and he smiled even more.
“that’s because you’ve told me how you feel about me, you’re free and comfortable making eye contacts with me”.
“oh” was all I could think of.
“so what does this mean?” I asked.
“what does what mean?” he replied.
“us! Confessing our feelings to each other—
“it means we’re going out–
“going out as in how?..” I asked standing up.
“we’re dating! And you belong with me now”. He said and gave a charming smile. My head almost burst from his words but I had to calm down.

“so… Are you hungry?” I asked breaking the brief silence .
“yeah so much” he nods.
“uh.. Oh okay, why didn’t you say so earlier I could have prepared an instant meal”. I said with a grin.
“no! I don’t want food…” Erick laughed
“what are you talking about, don’t people always eat food when they’re hungry?” I asked and he laughed again taking two steps forward.
“food is not the only thing people get hungry for?” he breathed out.
“if not food then what else?” I asked and he tapped his lips two times.
“huh? I don’t understand?” I said and he tapped them again.
“you’re touching your mouth Erick! If not food then what else?” I said trying to control a sudden hastiness in me.
“think” he winked at me and tapped them again.
I looked at him wondering what’s up with him, and then I glance down at those baby Lips he was tapping and I suddenly wanted to kiss him but I paused and gasped loudly getting his message.
“ar–e y-ou tal–k–king ab-out a ki–kiss?.
“don’t say it like its a bad thing”. He grinned and moved closer to me.
It’s not a bad thing but he’s making me want to turn my good side bad.
His head started to lean down towards mine and I slowly moved back but he grabbed my waist, making me unable to move. His head continued to move closer to mine, while mine moved back, but then he stopped.
why are you backing away, you can tell me, If you don’t want me to kiss you I understand, I’m not forcing you” he said slowly sliding his hands away from my waste but I quickly put them back.
“no… I-i d-do” I stutter biting the inside of my cheek to avoid myself from dying of embarrassment.
“Oh… You were playing hard to get. Look June you don’t have to do that to me, maybe to Travel but not to me, I’m your boyfriend now”. He said, smiled and before I knew it our lips locked.
Kissing Erick was like sitting on top of a flying plane ready to fall but he’s just there not letting you go cause he belongs there with you, and suddenly in the heavy breeze the both your lips starts to interact with each other’s… we’ve kissed before but this time around it felt different, like I was flying, soaring high… His hands crawled up to my nape and then my head. I didn’t know when My fingers landed on his hair and started to pull and dig my fingers in it.
My breath was seizing but I didn’t want to stop, it was so blissful, and so heavenly that I couldn’t stop, but I had to or we’ll both loose our breath and die.
Slowly Erick broke the kiss and smiled contentedly.

I shyly pursed my lips together and Erick laughed.
“so… You contented?” I asked and he nods.
“I’m gonna go?” Erick said
“why?. Are you busy with anything”. I asked not wanting him to leave.
“I didn’t say I was going to leave like leave! I mean I have to go, to get us drinks to celebrate”.
“celebrate what?” I twitched my head head.
“celebrate our coming together and being a couple.” Erick smiled.
“please Erick that’s dumb” I said and his smile faded.
“c’mon we’ve been dating for ten minutes don’t you think that’s an achievement for me, I haven’t dated anyone before”.
“neither have I so don’t be such a dramatic boyfriend and just forget about any silly celebration” I laughed.
“can you say the word boyfriend again? I like hearing it from you” Erick said and I laughed.
“you’re more extra than I thought” I said and he laughed too.
“c’mon just say it!”.
“that’s more like it” he breathed out and I rolled my eyes with a smile.
We both hung out together that afternoon in my room until he got a call and had to leave, and after a brief hug, he left.
Finally… I feel like I’m on top of the world and instead of a heavy heart my heart feels more lighter than ever. I had a wonderful dinner with, Augie, grandma and Ella…
Since there was no competition I decided to sleep late by listening to Erick’s music. “beautiful world”
But later then I decided to watch his music video again on YouTube cause I just love it.
Checking my history in YouTube, I found his music video and I played it over and over again till my phone buzzed and the video paused.
I sighed as I minimized YouTube and checked my message. I smiled as I saw Erick’s name on the notification box, I tapped it and it suddenly opened.
ERICK: hey love, what are you doing.*
My heart jumped at the words and I smiled and texted back.
ME: love? That seems strange…*
I was about to head back to YouTube when he suddenly replied back and I smile and forgetting YouTube.
ERICK: love… It doesn’t sound strange..*
ME: no you won’t understand the way you wrote it.*
ERICK: the way I wrote it? But I spelt it correctly or you think it sounds cheesy, Look love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. So don’t say it sounds strange.*
I sighed after reading that thinking of what to write.
ME: I don’t think it sounds cheesy, it just made my heart jump.
ERICK: really….?? :O
I laughed pretty hard seeing surprised face emoji.
ME: yeah.
I waited for his reply but he called instead.
“looks like my text message made your heart jump, what will your heart become If you hear my actual voice say it”. His voice echoed through the other line.
“I’ll die” I said and we both laughed.
“well I want you alive so I’ll keep it to myself then.” he said and I could feel him smile.
“good…” I said. “what did you have for dinner then?” I added
“well I had pizza” he replied.
“oh okay” I smiled.
“I know you’ve had dinner too, and you always have healthy dinner so I’ll be wasting myself asking.” he said and I smiled.

“so June.” he called
“hmmn” I replied softly.
“I’ll be totally free tomorrow and I was wondering if..”
“if what?” I urged.
“if we could go on our first date tomorrow” He said and suddenly there was this fluttering feeling in my stomach.
“yeah sure. I’m free too” I said with a smile.
“great” he replied.
Suddenly making revisions of all the clothes I have… I don’t have any fancy dress or skirt, oh what am I going to do.
“and… You don’t have to wear anything too fancy!” Erick suddenly said.
“Er.. Why?” I asked, feeling relieved a bit, it’s like he’s reading my mind which is under panic attack, but still I have to know why he doesn’t want me to wear something fancy on our first date.
“cause our first date isn’t going to be like normal dates” he replied.
“normal dates? Really? You know this is my first relationship and first date, and I don’t know what normal dates are like!”
“you don’t? It’s more like this, the girl gets more prepared than the guy, getting her nails and hair done before the date and putting on a lot of makeup and wearing the most amazing dress and shoes that’ll get her uncomfortable through out the whole meeting, they’ll meet in a fancy restaurant where they’ll talk about their backgrounds to each other, their favorite food colours and then order expensive food no one’s gonna eat, and by the end of the day they’re both exhausted cause the guy had to walk slower than ever when escorting his date whose High heels had given her bad pains around her feet and her dress had given her itchy and uncomfortable body, and then after that day they both go home thinking how nice the date has went when they both know deep down it’s not that nice”. Erick explained and I blinked rapidly.
“how do you know all this?”.
“I watch a lot of movies I guess” he laughed
“but still our life isn’t a movie”. I stated.
“I know, so just put on normal clothes and let’s go on a different date unlike others.” he said and I smiled… I love the way he thinks.
“okay is uhm… A pair of Jean trousers and canvas good to go?” I asked.
“they’re perfect” he stated and I smiled.
“okay, so what time tomorrow?” I asked.
“I don’t know yet, we’ll both know tomorrow” he blurted.
“so there’s no specific time? What kind of date is this?” I said laughing a bit.
“like I said its not a normal date, it’s an E-J date” Erick said and my cheek start to hurt and I realised I’ve been smiling since forever.
“so you mean we are not normal?”
“June, babe… No one is.” Erick said in a calm voice.
“babe?” I laughed.
“hey don’t laugh at me I’m just trying to be a perfect flirt, for my prefect girlfriend”. My heart raced at his words and I gulped down.
“I’m… I’m sleepy” I lied.
“all of a sudden?”
“yeah!” I laughed nervously.
“so June, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while it’s been on my mind since and I just want you to know” Erick said calmly and I stick my head head out.
“what is it?” I asked and he became quiet before finally letting out a chuckle.
“so you’re not sleepy anymore?” he asked.
“are you gonna tell me or not?” I sighed.
“I wasn’t going to tell you anything, I was just lying and making sure you aren’t falling asleep, cause you know, I’m not ready to hang up cause your voice is like a music that will never get old in my ears” erick remarked huskily.
“can you stop being a pert” I tell him, he’s going to make my head burst.
“isn’t that a good thing, being a pert, at least my words are having great effect on you” he said and I tried my best not to smile.
“good night Erick” I said and hung up.
Bringing my phone to my chest I smiled and bit my bottom lip.
Yeah he’s my boyfriend. A funny, handsome, smart, diva, talented and jealous boyfriend.
I like him so much. My phone buzzed against my chest and I looked at the message to see it was from him.
ERICK: goodnight… forever ♡
I didn’t leave a reply cause he’ll know I’m not asleep yet. So I just stayed up a little thinking of what he meant by forever, before falling asleep. Waiting for our not normal or too fancy date tomorrow.
The E-J date…


ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ JUNE ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
My Loud annoying phone woke me up from my deep slumber and I couldn’t help but grab it, answer the call and stop it from disturbing me any further.
“hello” I said with a croaking voice. And then I had to cough out that voice.
“hey June it’s me Travis…” his voice said cheerfully and I looked at the screen to confirm if it was Travis.
“oh hey good morning…” I said sleepily
“good morning to you too” his voice said jovially.
“hmmm…” I mumbled, my eyes closing on its own.
“so I just decided to call and see how you’re doing and also ask if you could come and hang out with us for a while?” .
“us?” I repeated
“yeah, c-cassie and i” he said.
“uhm… I wish i could but I can’t, I.. I.. Am busy” I said lying back on my bed.
“busy? Really?” he asked sarcastically,
“yeah! I have a date” I said not realising I said that.
“with who Erick?” he asked suddenly.
“what! Are you guys dating now?” he asked.
“yeah” I replied.
“finally…” he breathed out “I’ve been waiting, you just kept pretending he’s not your boyfriend when he has since all this time”.
“hmmm” I said.
“why are you sounding like that?” Travis asked.
“cause I’m still asleep” I replied tiredly.
“oh, well sorry for disturbing you have a great date with your celebrity” He said and I could feel his smile before he hanged up the phone.
I dropped my phone and my eyes closed…
Finally I could sleep.
凸 ERICK. 凸
“so where are you taking her?” Daniel asked as he leaned over the dining table to grab a waffle from my plate.
“none of your Business” I replied dryly.
“c’mon I was there when you were making the phone call about taking her on a date, smiling from ear to ear when you even hang up the call”. Daniel said taking a big bite from the waffle.
“that’s because it’s between June and I and you never told me where you took Emilia for dates” I said and he sighed. “that’s because we had our dates either at my penthouse or DH, cause going on a date outside will cause too much chaos, there are paparazzi-es everywhere you know”.
“I don’t care if there are any paparazzi or paparazzo, I’m taking June out and no ones gonna know the place” I smiled
“wait! Is it the jordic waterfall?” Daniel asked and I looked up at him, he knows me too much.
“it is not!” I said hesitantly.
“yeah I got you, it is!” Daniel smiled deviously.
“do you have to know everything” I said dryly staring at him.
“yeah, we’re twin remember, I know everything about you, and the jordic waterfall is your favorite place in Mahnline city or should I say the entire world and it would be useless for it to remain your favourite place If you don’t take your favourite person there, June” Daniel expound and I rolled my eyes at him.
“just eat!” I said apopletically and got down from the dining chair.
“are you angry cause I found out your little surprise for our June?” Daniel asked with one his most teasing smile and I sighed.
“when are you going to leave! It’s hard living with you”. I said walking to the living room.
“or you think it’s hard cause I just keep knowing more things about you” daniel said and laughed after it.
I plopped down on the couch in the living room and grabbed the television remote.
Switching stations for a while and finally stopping at a channel where a Documentary about fishes is being shown, I mean I like water so it’s best I watch this.

“I thought you’d be getting ready by now for your date” I heard Daniel’s voice behind me.
“It’s too early stupid, and why are you getting all excited for “my” date?” I glowered at him.
“isn’t that what brothers do? Get happy for each other?” he asked.
“It’s not!”
“well you don’t expect me to get angry, jealous and unhappy for you, cause I won’t”.
I looked at the waffles in Daniel’s hand and then a drink in his other hand.

“you’re totally going out of shape, you’ve been eating like hell for the past few days”. I tell him.
“well my concert In Mahnline is tomorrow night, and after that I’m gonna have my two other concert outside Mahnline, so don’t you think I should enjoy myself a little bit?”
“whatever suit yourself!” I said and suddenly got a call from manager Charles.
“hey Charles?” I said.
“that’s me” He replied
“so what’s up?”.
“you have another interview to–
“today???” I almost yelled.
“tomorrow…” he said calmly and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
“good, cause I’ll be pretty busy today!”
“what… What will you be busy with?” Charles asked.
“do you have to know?” I retorted
“yes because I’m your manger”.
“okay well I’m going on a date… With um… my girlfriend.” I said slowly.
“oh! Your girlfriend… Where are you taking her?”
“see… Charlie… That’s kind of a secret”
“let it be a secret to me and every one else okay! You just debuted and paparazzi are looking for fresh artist like you to pin a tale on, so watch out and after the interview tomorrow, we’re both going to sit face to face and talk about you and your girlfriend” Charles said and I smiled.
“sure thing Charlie”.
“just so you know, only my wife calls me that”
“and that’s why I do too!” I said with a smile.
“whatever, be careful with your girlfriend okay?” Charles said before he hanged up.
I dropped my phone and Daniel walked in front of me with a bowl of ice-cream in his hand and I shook my head negatively.
“I feel sorry for you fans”.
“well don’t, I love them so much cause they love me no matter what I do” he grinned and walked away.
I fixated my eyes on the TV again not really watching the fishes but daydreaming of how my date with June must be.
I glanced at my wall clock and smiled. It’s half past eleven.
“I should get ready”. I tell myself stood up and walked up to my room
Taking a black hoodie from my shrank, and a pair of black jean pants and black boots. I placed them all on my bed and head to the bathroom.
After taking my bath, I looked at the time again to see it was 12:00am…
I smiled and called June. And she picked up at the second ring.
“hello!” her tired voice said making me heart beat happily.
“hey, babe” I said holding my laughter.
“seriously! Please not today” she said her voice cracking.
“what’s wrong you sound… Off” I tell her.
“oh, I’m just waking up from my deep slumber” she replied.
“good, I’ll be picking you up in about thirty minutes.” I said.
“really?” her excited voice made me smile
“yep really, and I’ll be picking you pretty soon, so get ready.” I said

“hey June…” I heard Daniel’s voice behind me yelling on the phone.
“what the hell!” I half yelled.
“is that Daniel” June’s curious voice asked.
“yep, it’s him” I replied.
“yeah it’s me” Daniel added
“oh hey Daniel… Hi…” June said happily, and Daniel pressing his ear at the back of my phone.
“getting ready for your date?” Daniel asked.
“uhm… Yeah” June giggled.
“June, I’ll pick you up later” I said and hang up.

“what the hell! Why did you do that?” I yelled at Daniel and he sat down on the bed.
“I just wanted to say hi to her?”
“say hi to her really?” I arched my brows at him.
“sorry…” he stood up “I’ve taken a lot of sugar and it’s making me act real weird” he smirked.
“well I have to get dressed” I said and he sighed, shrugged and walked out.
Feeling ready with my all black clothes, I placed my face cap on top of my head and then my hood on top of my face cap to cover my blue hair.
I walked out of my room and to the living room to see Daniel fast asleep on the couch.
I sighed, who could believe this is the world most popular youngest artist.
I walked out of the house and stepped into my car, yeah I got a car yesterday a Mercedes Benz…. And a private white van too..
Wearing a sunglass I turned the ignition switch of the car and start to drive, turning on the ear bursting stereo in the car, I drove to June house.
Getting to June’s house, I parked my car at a quiet corner of the street and called June.
“you’re here??” she said immediately and I could feel her excitement .
“yep, in a car beside the house that looks like–
“are you in a black car beside the building that looks like a boat?” she interrupted me and I smiled
“yes I am”. She’s been waiting for me.
“okay” she said, cutting the phone call.
Waiting patiently, I suddenly saw her walking towards the car, dressed in a black Jean pants, black shirt and black sandals…
Her long dark hair Gave her a body a clung as she she walked to the car, she looks dashing.
She slowly knocked lightly on the window glass and I rolled down the glass and quickly leaned closer to give her a small kiss, but she noticed and moved back.
“no…” she smiled.
“seriously… You’re boring” he rolled his eyes.
“B-boring… Excuse me!.. Sorry for trying to protect your reputation, what if someone sees us, you’re not just Erick now you’re Erick-J” June said sternly.
“I don’t care, and didn’t you listen to yourself “Erick-J” you’re the J, I’m incomplete without you” I smiled and she paused, sighed and rolled her eyes.
“just let me in” she said and I smiled, as I watched her walk to the door of the passenger seat and I opened the door for her to walk in.
She sat down and shut the door pretty hard.
“nice car” she said looking around.
“is it Daniel’s?” she asked.
“seriously? So you don’t think, this would actually belong to me?” I blinked at her and she laughed.
“I was just joking, I mean you’re now a busy person and you’ll probably need your car to go places, but your dad is like a millionaire, why didn’t he just buy you a car all these while?”.
“he did, he got me the same type on my seventeenth birthday but three months after, Daniel and I sold it, to a man who scammed us” I explained and she gasped.
“whoa… You guys must have been pretty dumb” .
“no kidding and my dad promised never to get me a car, ever again, not until now” I smiled and smiled too.
She’s really making me want to kiss her.
“wait!” I said and she paused giving me a look
“are you putting on lip gloss?” I asked my hands slowly raising to touch her lips.
“what no…” she said flinching under my touch.
“really?” I leaned closer.
“I don’t even have lip gloss, how can I put on what I don’t ha—
I shut her up with a light kiss on her lips and smiled.
“that was just what I wanted to do” I said but she stared at me blankly before I started the car and she suddenly gained consciousness.
“Oh looks like we’re the black and black couples” I said and she laughed.


T. B. C

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