Beauty ???? And The Beast ???? Episode 1 – 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast ???? Episode 1 - 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty ???? And The Beast ????

Ebunoluwa Ademide

???? Episode1 ????

Theme:Knowing Cassidy Moore.
????Cassidy’s POV ????

“Good Morning Class,” I greeted the children cheerfully.

“Good Morning Teacher-Cassidy!” They screamed.

The stretching of the syllables only makes me smile as I take a seat at my desk. The kids are super-excited because it was Friday!

“Who did their homework?” I asked.

“Me!” They all shouted and raised their hands.

I got out of chair and collected their homework. Soon I noticed the kids exchanging glances. What’s going on?!

Suddenly a whistling sound filled the air!

“Happy Birthday Teacher-Cassidy!” They screamed and began to bring wrapped up gifts to my desk.

“My dad asked me to give this to you,” Noel said. “Thanks for everything Teacher Cassidy.” He grinned, revealing his missing front tooth.

What was he thanking me for?

Noel was the most brilliant boy in the class. He was absolutely good in maths, always helping out his classmates. But he was struggling in English.

Most times he wasn’t able to finish his homework. And from what I can understand about him, Noel doesn’t have a mom. He was being raised by his dad who was not always around.

Noel was been watched by his old nanny. I realized he needed help. So I decided to always tutor him after school before his driver’s arrival.

I became pretty close to Noel over the short period of time. I tutored him privately and Noel became better. He was doing fine in English Language now.

I smiled at the huge brown eyes that stared at me.

“Thank your daddy on my behalf,” I said.

He replied with a quick nod. “But how about you come by at our house, so you could talk to him about tutoring me on Saturdays,” Noel said.

I bit my lips. “I’ll try Noel.”

I said thank you to all my tiny humans that gave me presents. They are so adorable!

“Now let’s get through with today’s work.” I cleaned the board and started on today’s work.

My name is Cassidy Moore, I turned 25 today. I have a light brown skin, hazel eyes and short but wavy brown hair being that my mom was black (a Nigerian to be precise) and my dad was white. I was Biracial.

My mom had relocated to America with her parent when she was 12. My mom’s side of the family are nice people. They had beautiful brown skin color and grey eyes which people think was an odd combination. But I love it!

My mom met dad, 3rd year in college. They started dating and they got married one year after graduation but it was short lived.

My dad’s side of the family were against the union because mom was black.

Basically dad had beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair so I had his traits passed into me.

They had me and dad didn’t give in to his parents request to divorce his wife. Well that was mom’s thought until dad came from work on a sunny afternoon and tendered a divorce letter to her.

He asked her to sign it and leave.

Mom had been shocked and she asked him why he wanted a divorce when he had promised her “forever and till death do us apart” at the altar. He didn’t say anything, he just insisted that she leave immediately.

I had been barely four years old and they ought to celebrate their 5th anniversary by the end of that year.

Mom insisted that she would take me with her but dad refused. She pleaded tearfully but he didn’t give in to her request to take me away.

And in the end, I watched him beat her up and throw out her belongings. Mom left in tears and pain but she had promised to come back for me.

I cried for days, expecting my mom, holding on to her promise to come back for me. I refused to eat or drink which annoyed my dad. He got tired of persuading me to eat something.

“Listen to me, she’s never coming back for you!” He snarled at me.

And I was so scared because he’s never yelled at me. He neglected me and I had to do things myself at a tender age. I bathe myself and dress up for school every morning.

Each passing day, he would wait for me outside our home to drive me to school. We ate our meal in awkward silence with me missing the presence of my mom.

Days turned into weeks,
Weeks into months and my mom didn’t return as promised.

I was so sad and I wished she had fulfilled her promise. I cried myself to sleep every nights wishing she would just show up in my bedroom and take me away but it was only a wish that never came to pass.

I cried my ass out for a long time until there had been no tears left for me to cry.

“She’s never coming back for you!”

I accepted dad’s words even though I knew it was not her fault. She wanted me. She didn’t want to leave but dad compelled her to after a stern warning.

“Don’t you ever show your face to me again Bimpe!” He had yelled at her.

Sometimes, I wondered if he ever loved my mom eveb though they had displayed their love right in front of me. He would wrap his arms around her waist in the kitchen and make an attempt to kiss her but she would hit him and say. “Our baby is watching,” She would tell him to be cautious of my presence.

“She’s learning,” Dad would say with a deep chuckle. And she would hit him again.

They were so sweet together and I wished they never broke up.

Six months after mom’s departure, I accepted my fate and moved on with life. Everything got better for dad, financially and he also remarried. A white woman!

“I promise to make things up to you. Cassidy just accept Juliet as your new mom,” he said.

“I’ll take care of you like my own Cassidy,” Juliet said at our first meeting.

Well I didn’t understand the whole drama as a kid until I clocked 13.

My cousin had always bullied me because of my skin color. They mocked me and no one accepted me in the family.

Grandma blurted it out that I had been a mistake. And she hated having a black woman’s child in the family. And that made me sad. I felt like an outcast in dad’s family but I never told dad about what Grandma said to me.

“Did you know that your mom left you and uncle to be with a black man?” Said Betty during one of the family gathering.

Betty and I were about the same age just that her parents had her three months before I was born.

They all laughed at me. I knew I would never be accepted by dad’s family because they never liked my mom.

“No, uncle James divorced her mom because she wasn’t good enough for him. And so he chose money over her.” Sindy, my eldest cousin countered Betty’s words with a mock smile.

Dad chose money over mom?!

“Oh! That’s true! No wonder uncle James seems rich now, even than my dad.” Betty eyed me.

Sindy reached out to knock my head and Betty did the same too. The other children laughed at me as i hit the ground.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I listened to them talk bad about my mom.

I felt like hitting them back, I wanted to scream at them for treating me like a shit but I couldn’t do anything to defend myself or my mom. I couldn’t stand against all of them. And if I dare hit Betty who I could handle then that would spell deep trouble with Grandma. She would beat me up and side Betty or the other children.

I stayed quiet and listened to them say all sort of things to me.

“She’s a piece of trash.” Betty said and they laughed.

“No she’s a complete trash and she should be called Ug-lee!” Sindy scoffed and they all laughed again.

“She looks like a pumpkin!” Another cousin mocked me. I ran off when I couldn’t take it anymore.

On our way back home, Juliet noticed that I wasn’t happy because I didn’t play with my step brother – Jeremiah. Juliet had him two years after she married dad. And Jeremiah was barely six years old around that time.

Juliet pestered me to let out what was bothering me – and I did. Trust me anything Sindy says about any family member always turns out to be true. And I wanted to know the truth.

I wanted my dad to admit it and Yes! Sindy was right!

“I did it for you Cassidy.” He admitted as he pulled up into the private driveway in our home.

I wasted no time in getting out of the car. I bounded up the stairs and ran into my bedroom. I was extremely heartbroken.

He chose money over his love and marriage!

He came into my bedroom and tried to play the good guy. “We need to talk Cas.”

“I want to be alone.” I pulled the blanket over my head.

“Don’t you want to know the reason why I made such decision?” he asked.

“I’m not interested,” I grunted.

“Cassidy, I couldn’t afford to lose a contract worth millions of dollars. So your uncle Tony offered to help me but on one condition” he explained.

I fixed things up in my head. “Divorcing mom?” I said in a sad tone.

“Yes,” he answered.

Tears streamed down my cheeks when I sensed no feeling of regret in his tone. And I could hardly believe he divorced mom because of a contract.

“I made that decision because of you. Cassidy all I want is to give you a good life,” he said.

Don’t tell me such nonsense! I wanted to scream but I bit back my words.

“Go away,” I muttered.

“I want the best for you Cassidy,” he said finally before moving out of the room. And I sobbed.

I distanced myself for dad, Juliet and Jeremiah when I found the truth.

Years went by, For my high school, I graduated from a Catholic boarding school. And I went to a teaching college because I wanted to be a teacher.

I was fine with the profession probably because I love children and having them around me makes me happy and I don’t feel lonely too.

I love my job and the kids in my class even though I just started a year ago. The third graders accepted me immediately since their old teacher Nelly went into retirement.

About my family, I haven’t been in close contact with my dad since my second year in teaching college. He never liked the idea of me becoming a teacher. Actually, he wanted me to be a medical doctor or a business person like him.

I must admit that dad was totally disappointed with my choice of profession. He didn’t even make it to my graduation. He gave me the excuse that he was too busy at work.

For missing my graduation, I made a decision to never reach out to him again. It was such an important day in my life but he didn’t show up because of work!

Gosh! My mom wouldn’t have missed such a day for the world!

And it was really sad that she wasn’t here anymore. Yeah I know she left a long time ago but I can’t seem to forget her completely.

I tried finding her on the internet but all effort proved abortive. I found nothing!

And somewhere deep inside my heart, I still wished my mom would find me someday. Funny or wierd? It’s one of my weirdest dream.

Would she recognize me if we bumped into each other?

I have just one picture of my mom. I had picked it secretly the day dad wanted to burn mom’s pictures in the furnace.

I hid it in my safe for while and later framed it when I was in high school.

Each time I stare at her image, I often feel like she was right beside me.

Over the years, I’ve dreamt of her reading me bedtime stories and singing me her favorite lullaby till sleep eludes me.

But I realized that it was All a dream that may never come true.

And I cry each time I’m all alone in bed wishing that my life didn’t turn out this way.

I was alone – No family or a friend to share my thoughts with. All of these wouldn’t have happened if dad hadn’t chose money over mom.

And if I could turn back the hands of time, then I would one way talk some sense Into my dad’s coconut head and stop him from making such decision.

Loneliness was just a bit of my problems. What problems?. Well I still have bigger things to deal with as a lady who was trying hard to love her body and accept who she was on the inside.

And I always wonder if I would ever be free from these problems.


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Beauty ???? And The Beast ????
????Episode 2 ????
Theme: My Mommy Body

????Cassidy’s POV ????

My head snapped up to look at whoever just opened the classroom door and I found Cecilia my colleague at work standing at the entrance with a smile on her face.

“Can I come in?” She asked. I rolled my eyes. She should have asked that question while she was outside. Gosh! She didn’t even knoxk before coming into my class.

“Never mind I’m in..” she was already at my desk before I could say another word.

“How are you children?!” She said loudly.

“We’re fine Teacher Cecilia!” They chorused before turning back to their meals.

“So you wanna have lunch with me?” She asked.

“You can go ahead CeCe..”

“Why?” She arched her brows.

“I still have to finish up these books.” I pointed to the pile of notes on my desk.

“Don’t you get tired of working out your fingers on books?”

I glanced up to see a huge frown on her face. “Opening day is around the corner,so I have to look at these books to know about each Students intellectual ability.”

“But haven’t you been with them long enough?”

“No,so I have to finish up.” I reminded her again. “Have you finished up your register?”

“Oh my God! No! I haven’t even finished half of my books.” She rubbed her temples.

Don’t picture a lazy Cecilia in your coconut head! Lol! To be honest, Cecilia is a good teacher. She is capable of handling the kids in her class but sometimes she gets tired of work and prefers to have a chat for a while before getting back to work.

“I’ll take the notes home and finish up later.”

“So you’ll come to school tomorrow with dark eyes and big eye bags looking like a zombie. Please don’t come and scared the kids!” I joked and she giggled.

“I’ll get sunglasses to cover it up.”

I rolled my eyes at her response. “Why don’t you just go now and finish up before the close of the day.”

“I’m hungry,” she pouted.

“Okay…” I shook my head.

“Oh that reminds me!” She snapped her fingers in the air.

“What is it?” She leaned on my desk.

“Guess what?” She smiled.

“Help me out..”

“Okay.. I’ll help you since you don’t always guess right.”

“Life of a bad guesser..don’t blame me.” I breathed out heavily.

Don’t blame me while growing up I didn’t have anyone to play the guessing game with me. I felt neglected after mom left me on dad’s request.

“Anyways,my boyfriend made reservations at the biggest club in town,so he asked me to bring my friends. Would you like to hang out with us at the club tonight?”

I stopped abruptly to look at her. I didn’t see that coming if not I would have just tell her to leave politely.

“I don’t think -“

“I can make it.” Cecilia interrupted my intended statement.

Exactly! I don’t have anything doing tonight but I can’t make it! And this isn’t the first time am turning Cecila down. She always asked me to club with her every friday but my response has always been a big NO and why is that? I would rather lay in my bed and have a good night rest and possibly dream of my mom reading younger me a bedtime story than partying all night in a dark room.

“Come on Cassy! Today is your birthday so I thought we should party at the club!” She exclaimed.

And I still don’t think it’s a good idea to celebrate my birthday at the club after the good day with my students. Moreover Cassidy doesn’t club or even celebrate birthdays!

Cassidy doesn’t have anyone to send her a greeting card,no boyfriend to take her out on a date. In a nutshell,she have always had a boring birthday.

Every year I wake up,sing myself a birthday song in the shower,(the same one mom would sing to me at the first light of the morning with a cake and teddy bear as a gift.) before setting out to have a good day at work. My life has been like a routine. Wake up,pray, shower,prepare for work,eat and then head out.

“Loosen up a bit Cassy!” She snapped at me.

“Cecilia -“

“Why do you always turn down my requests of hanging out with me? Retreats, Concerts…you say No all the time. Why?”

I am simply hiding from the world because I am biracial whose family despised when she was young. The hatred from my family towards me shut my self esteem out completely. I became used to the fact that no one wanted me. I shut myself out of “association” completely and embraced loneliness. I took solitude in Me, Myself and I.

I can’t tell all these things to anyone so I said the next word that came to my mind. “I don’t have the perfect body to club.” Hoping that would discouraged Cecilia but it sounded dumb.

“Gosh! Your body is perfect!” She exclaimed. “You’re gorgeous Cassy! I wish I have your figures so I would be able to cause traffic on the highway!” She added.

I shook my head in disagreement. My body is what you can describe as a “mommy body” Big boobs and ass that is as big as a truck! I was the striking image of my mom. I assumed that I constantly reminded Grandma of my mom that’s why she hated me even as a little girl.

My friends in high school called me all sort of names because I was the biggest girl In class. At 12,I was already looking 16 and at 16 I was looking like a lady in her twenties. I was called a Pumpkin,fatty, tractor and so on just because of my big size. So I started working out and eating less just to be like one of those slim girls you see in beauty magazine,a girl any boy would be willing to call his own. I lost few pounds by just eating once a day but trust me Starvation didn’t take away the fact that I was called names. I hate being called an old baby dollface by the school bully because I have the body of a big woman and a facial look of a young child.

At some point, I started to hate myself for being odd so accepted the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be born into this world.

“Listen I have planned this evening..and you must come Cassy!” She coaxed.

One look at Cecilia,I knew she would get angrier and never talk to me again if I turn her down and I don’t want that to happen. Cecilia has been a good friend to me even though I have built this strong walls around my life. She wants to get to know me but I constantly shut her out. I don’t want to trust her too much because I know she would end up leaving me like everyone else.

Having such a rough childhood, I’ve learnt to not expect too much from people and I don’t trust anyone.

“It is not bad to have fun.”


“You’re coming?”


She jumped in excitement. “So what are you wearing?”

“I can’t say now…” Cecilia eyed me suspiciously because I sounded like I wasn’t going to come.

“Swear to God that you’ll come Cassy.”

“Fine..fine.. I’ll come..I don’t need to swear to stop being dramatic.”

Cecilia smiled deviously and I pictured what was going on in her small head.

“No hookups!” I pointed out and she laughed.

“When was the last time you got laid?” She asked.

“The kids are here..” I cautioned her with a glare.

“Ok..okay..but I might get you laid tonight.”

“You’re joking right?”

“I’m serious.”

“No you won’t do that..”

“What about a threesome?” She mouthed.

“Then I am not coming.”

She laughed out. “You’re disgusting Cecilia.”

“I think I am cute.” She winked. “I’ll come pick you up by 7..” She walked out of the class.

I heaved a sigh of relief. She’s such a talker..but also adorable.
Cecilia and her boyfriend Liam showed up at 7:00pm. Cecilia rolled her eyes when she took in my outfit. I had opted into a casual Jeans and purple top that I recently bought at the mall. She had me wondering if a casual jeans and top isn’t meant for a club. Cecilia said I should have wore something more revealing which I don’t have in my closet. Safe the lectures!

Cecila wore a crimson knee length dress that made her look sexy and amazing! She’s doubt about that.

We stopped at two different areas to pick up Cecilia’s friends. She introduced them as Emily, Nicole and Matilda. They each looked amazing in their cirisom dresses. I don’t like dresses because they make me look like an old lady, My thoughts! So I prefer to wear Jeans,slacks,shirts and tops to look normal.

Right now,I was in a dark room a loud club with way too many people in it. We all sat at the table for five while Liam sat with four of his friends we met at the club. I listened to the girls making a conversation over the loud music..something about boys and sex talks.

Nicole was already undressing one of Liam’s friends, throwing seductive looks at him and he also had eyes on her too.

Cecilia shouts at the Waiter to bring more drinks to celebrate my birthday. The girls wished me before Matty suggested a dance. The part I don’t wanna hear because I don’t even know how to dance.

“I’ll just wait here.” I said.

“Come on,loosen up girl!” Emily tried to pull me up but my weight won’t let her have her way.

“Don’t force her…” Cecilia said. They let me be and walked to the dance floor.

What time are we to leave this club? I totally forgot to ask Cecilia before agreeing to come here. The time was already 11:20pm Geez! I haven’t stayed out this late in my life. I don’t keep late nights! 5:00pm,I am back in my apartment preparing dinner if there was no teacher’s meeting at school or traffic on the highway. My life is boring…you don’t need to tell me..I know.

I looked at the dance floor,the girls were enjoying themselves. Emily,Nicole and Matilda already hooked up with three of Liam’s friends. Good for Nicole she got her dream man tonight.

I was thirsty so I motioned towards the bar to get water.

“Water please..” I said to the bartender. He nodded and handed me a cold bottle water.

“Thanks..” I opened the cap and gulped down the whole bottle as I leaned against the bar.

“You smell so fucking good and your ass is so hot!” A masculine voice whistled behind me. I turned my head to see the last of Liam’s friend.

“It looks like peach emoji and I love peaches Gorgeous!” He leaned in and placed a kiss at the side of my neck.

Did he just do that?! I froze on the spot when he leaned against the counter with a smirk on his face.

“I love what I am seeing..”

“What?!” His eyes did a slow crawl on my body before looking at my face again.

I slapped his hands away when he began to trace my lips lightly with his fingertip.

“This is a bit rude Mister..” I said.

I figured what sort of guy he was by his flirtatious gestures. He was tall and handsome but definitely not my type.

I am used to men falling for my body instead of me. All they ever wanted was to get down with me and I don’t feel loved by such attitudes. Every soul I knew always end up leaving me,making me feel like I don’t deserve to be loved.

“My name is Jack.” He smiled.

Blockhead! He should have introduced himself before laying his filthy hands on me.

“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked.

A gentleman should have asked for that before touching a woman.

“No thanks,I have had enough.” I stopped his hands before it touched my thighs. I should get the hell out of this club.

“Don’t tell me you’re leaving..” he grabbed my upper arm.

“Yes, I’m leaving.”

“You didn’t tell me your name.”

“Joanna..” I lied.

He chuckled. “Your friend over there told me Cassidy.” He pointed to Cecilia.

“Oh really?” I said feeling embarrassed.

I thought I made it clear to Cecilia that no hookups! Shit! I should have expected it Tonight.


Beauty ???? And The Beast ????
????Episode 3 ????
Theme: Bloodsuckers

????Cassidy’s POV ????

“Dance with me,” he said.

“I don’t dance..” I tried to move away from him but he grabbed me again.

“Come on, it’s just a dance..” he coaxed. I jerked free already getting irritated by his stupid guts.

“I’m not interested!” I snapped at him. He gave me a surprised look before releasing me.

“I was only trying to be a gentleman and friendly too.” He spread his arms, trying to prove a stupid point.

“If you are really the description of a gentleman then there are no gentlemen in the world. I don’t need a gentleman like you and I don’t want to be friends with you!”

A gentleman wouldn’t go about touching any woman in clubs. I made an attempt to walk away but he grabbed my wrist.

“How dare you talk to me like that?!”

“You should have acted wisely! Just so you may know,a gentleman won’t hold a woman against her own will just to make her listen to him.” I winced in pain as he tighten his grip on my waist. I knew I would have a bruised wrist later on.

“A gentleman won’t hurt a woman!” I struggled for my release.

“You aren’t even pretty like the other women I’ve met in my life. You got stupid mommy body that doesn’t suit your baby doll face!” He spat angrily.

His words felt like knife in my chest. He released me and I walked away. I shouldn’t have agreed to come to the club if I had known someone would crush the little self esteem I had built since I finished high school.

“You aren’t my ideal type of woman! I only wanted to take the chance because women like you don’t always have a choice!” He said over the loud music.

Fury and anger crashed over me at his words. I turned to look at him and he gave me a devious grin. A satisfied look on his face that his words had gotten to me. I went to him and made a hit for his face.

His face turned sideway and I could see the redline of my palm on his cheeks. Everywhere stilled with everyone staring at us.

“What the hell just happened?” Liam demanded.

“I’ll get you!” He gritted before his hand rubbed his cheeks gently.


“Do you know who I am?!” He snarled.

“I don’t give a damn about who you are! You go back to third grade and take moral lesson class again!”

I’m sure I just taught him a lesson! He should never underestimate any woman again.

“She’s crazy!” Someone said before I walked out of the club in a close run.

“Cassidy?!” Cecilia called at me. “Wait up Cassy!” She grabbed my upper arm and whirled me to face her.

“Why did you hit Jack?” She asked.

“Didn’t I make it clear that no hookups?!”

A shocking look appeared on her expression. “I..I..know..but Jack only wanted to be friends with you.”

“Friends? Friends?”


Tears leak from my eyes as I looked at Cecilia. “If touching me meant that he wanted to be friends..then I am not interested in being friends with anyone!”


“CeCe you have no idea what that guy said to me! Everything he did and said doesn’t sound or look friendly to me.”

Cecilia tried to touch me but I avoided her.

“Thank you for bringing out here.” I turned and walked away at a close run.

“Wait up Cassy! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I swear -” she screamed behind me.

I raced as fast as my chubby legs could carry so Cecilia won’t catch up with me.

Finally I got to the bus station but there was no bus. The time was 12:10am too late to even get a taxi. Slowly I began to trek,blaming myself for saying those words to Cecilia.

My tears flowed again when I recalled Jack words again. “I only wanted to take the chance since women like you don’t always have a choice.”

I gave way for my internal banter,and also allowing tears to flow freely never making an attempt to stop it.

Every man I have met doesn’t want a proper relationship with me. In the past,some made it clear that they wanted to stay for a commitment just a fling and then leave. A one night and nothing more.

At 25 I haven’t been in any relationship,just men who wants to have sex with me and leave the next day.

Will I ever find someone who’ll love me? And not just because of my body?

I wondered if I was just meant to be a fling material to men. Cassidy don’t you deserve a man of your own? Can’t I have a proper Relationship like very other women out there?

It’s really frustrating and annoying as to how men treat women like me! Just because I am a bit fat doesn’t mean I don’t have a choice! Just because I have got a mommy body doesn’t mean I have to give myself to any man just to feel loved.

A long time ago,I made a decision that I wouldn’t beg any man to love me. I wouldn’t give myself to any man just because I wanted to feel loved. All I wanted was just to live my life and have a good family of my own but with all these I don’t see myself getting married soon. Maybe I will not be getting married then my students will end up calling me Old Teacher Cassy when I grow old.

After a long trek of about forty five minutes I finally got to my location. I crossed the dark alley giving me the sight to my street. I stopped Midway when I heard voices in the alley.

“You thought I won’t find you!”

Reasons why I don’t keep late nights. There are always bad boys lurking around dark alleys to harrass women. Sometime ago they found a dead body of a teenage girl in the alley far off and news had it that she was raped to death.

What have I gotten myself into tonight?

“Please I promise to deliver the items soon!” A voice pleaded fearfully.

I should turn back and leave but no! I wanted to satisfy my curiosity. What if person needs helps? should call the cops?

I moved closer to take a look even though a warning bell rang in my head. I caught a glimpse of three huge men in a circle and there was man in the middle,his head bowed to the ground. Drug dealers? I thought.

“No,you failed me Draco! I don’t give second chances!” The biggest of them snarled at the man.

“Please give me another chance..” he pleaded.

“Too late Draco!” Two men grabbed the man.

My panic rises oh God what do I do? My inner man asked me to leave. The man groaned in pains when they all punched him.

The biggest man smiled as his men picked Draco up. My heart thud in my chest as I watch them hold the man down, putting his neck in place.

“Please….” He pleaded.

What do I do?!

The man pushed his head to the side completely exposing his neck. I watched not sure of what to do as two sharp fangs came out of nowhere in his mouth.

I watched in horror as he sank his fangs into the neck. The man shook in pain, struggling to be released. Bloodsucking humans! I screamed in realization and scrambled backwards.

“Someone is out there!”

Oh my God they saw me! Why did I scream?! My heart beat fastly in my chest as I try to control my shaking body.

“Find her!” He ordered!

I used my shaky hands to slip off my sandals before taking off. I can’t let them find me or else I will be dead. I went through another alley to get to my apartment. I’ll just slip in and then act like I didn’t see them. I could imagine what they would do to me if they find me. Hang on Cassidy….you’ll be home soon!

Finally I reached home breathing heavily. I have never ran this fast in my life. I fumbled with the lock,the keys dropping to the ground.

A small scream tumbled from my mouth when someone touched me. A hand clasped over my mouth to shut me up. Damn it! They found me!

“Stay quiet and don’t try to scream or else I won’t hesitate to suck out your life.” The voice whispered into my ear.

My heart is beating like it was going to burst. My palms are sweaty and all in all I was scared of these people.

I froze immediately he sniffed my neck. “Sweet and rich scent my lady…” He chuckled wickedly.

Tears streamed down my cheeks at the feeling that something bad would happen to me. “Please..please..don’t kill Me…”

“You saw everything right?” He asked.

“…I..didn’t….see anything..” I lied.

“You did gorgeous..and maybe I will spared you if you speak the truth.” His hands dropped to my waist. He bite my earlobe and grinded me from behind as I could feel his bulge.

“No..I.. didn’t see you..”

“Are you a Christian?”


“Then you must have heard about ten commandments?”

“Yes..yes..” I replied.

Growls filled the air but he silenced them with another growl.

“Thou shall not lie..” he swirled me and caged me to the wall,his face close to mine. I could feel his breathe on me. He smiled at the horrified expression on my face.

“Please..dont do this…” I begged when he touched my breast. I couldn’t fight him if he decides to attack me. “please..”

“I can’t let you go..every human who gets to see us must die.” He tried to kiss me but I avoided him.

I sobbed as it registered to me that he would rape me and probably kill me too. And I was afraid of being raped or even dying too! Dear God please save me! I promise never to visit the club again.

“You want money? I can give you alot of it..please don’t kill me..”

He stopped smelling me like an hungry lion awaiting to devour its prey.

“How much do you have?” He asked.

“I..I..I am a teacher…so..I don’t have too much…” I admitted.

I have some money which I have save up from my monthly salary. I hardly spend my salary since I don’t need much except to pay bills and buy groceries.

“How much?”

“$1000.” I replied.

I wanted to use part of the money to pay my rent by the end of the month.

“Just get rid of her boss and let’s leave before the cops finds us.” One of the men said.

“Please..don’t kill me…”

“I don’t need your money but..we need your kind in our world.” He grazed my cheeks with his knuckles.

“You have to kill her or she would tell on us.”

“ won’t say anything..I promise…”

“I’m sorry…I can’t let you live.” He said with a serious tone.

The man smiled but it is not friendly. The smile sent frightening chill down my spine. In a swift movement he grabbed my neck and sank his fangs into it. The pain was horrid and sharp,too much to bear and he let me go.

I tried to stand but fall to the ground. I touched my neck,blood dripping and my Vision became blurry. I knew this was my end.

Maybe it’s a good thing for me. At least I won’t be lonely anymore. I will finally rest in peace and be free from this world where no one wanted me.

“Pack her up boys so the cops won’t find her.”

I heard the man’s voice before my eyes rolled to the back of my head.


Beauty ???? And The Beast

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8 months ago

Interesting but vampires

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
8 months ago

Oh Cassy should not die or turn to vampire

8 months ago

Hang in there Cassidy ????
Don’t leave me…????
My thoughts and prayers are with you at the moment ????????

7 months ago

Loving this ????