Beauty And The Beast 👺 Episode 7 – 8 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast 👺 Episode 1 - 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast 👺

Story by: Authoress Ademide.
🍏 Episode 7 🍏
Theme: New Life

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

The direct ray of sunlight on my face made me open my eyes slightly, realization hit me – I was alive! I caught a glimpse of someone walking around as my hands reached out to itch my eyes. Where am I?! I thought for a second.

I was on a soft surface, somewhere warm and comfortable. Then I realized that I was naked beneath the sheet..who undressed me?! How on Earth did I end up on a bed?!

“Good morning,I am glad you are awake!” A feminine voice said.

I yelped in surprise at the presence in the room. Who is she?! I forced my shock under control. The girl was younger,she had a round face,brown colored hair and pretty hazel eyes. What’s happening?!

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!” She said.

I fell back on the bed as Images flooded my mind…The Emperor’s face kept filling my mind’s eye.

I grabbed the sheet to cover up my body as I tried to sit up again. Wait?! My back doesn’t hurt anymore!

“I’m so..sorry..” she twisted her hands together and looked down.

“’s alright…but..please where am I?” I asked in a confused tone.

“You’re in the Emperor’s Suite.” She replied.

My eyes widened in shock. “The Emperor’s Suite?” She nodded Yes. “But why?!”

“You’re..You’re…” She stopped.

“What?” I asked.

She shook her head. “My name is Kira,I will be attending to you.”

“I am Cassidy..Moore..and it’s nice to meet you.” I said.

She smiled. “But what do you mean by attending to me?” I asked.

“Oh,I will be taking care of your needs.” She explained and pointed to a basket of toiletries on a table close to the king-sized bed I sat on.

“Emperor Caden has already had some things delivered for you.” She said.

“Kira,I still don’t understand what’s happening -” I turned back towards the basket before examining the room.

The room was large and well decorated. “Why am I here?”

“I don’t think I am the best person to explain things to you. The Emperor just assigned me to attend to you.”

“You’re human?” I asked.

“Yes..I am a you.”

Slowly I wrapped the cover around my body. I hopped out of bed and turned towards the basket and was thrilled to find a toothbrush, toothpaste,soap and even a hairbrush. I exhaled in relief,at least I would have a good bathe today.

“I will show you around after we are done with changing you.”

“Kira,did the Emperor really assign you to me knowing well that you are a human.”

She didn’t reply. “It’s alright,you can talk to me. I don’t have anyone to talk to here…” I said.

“Well..are you aware the Emperor doesn’t like humans?”

“Yes..I know about the unfair treatment of Vampires towards our kind.”

“Most humans are used as a food source,pets or slaves.” She said in a sad tone.

“I was in the cell..” I explained to Kira.

“I am fortunate to be employed because I am mated to a Vampire. But this is really rare in this imperial.” Kira said.

I gaped at her words, remembering the meeting with the High Council. My panic rises again. “I… I heard..No the Emperor said that I am his mate.” I rushed out my words.

“Yes..You’re the Emperor’s mate.”

My heartbeat accelerated. “ that’s Impossible!”

“The Emperor already declared it..that’s why he chose me because he felt you would be free to relate with me as a human.”

“It doesn’t make sense…” I sat on the bed,trying to control my body.

“The Emperor offers to pay me well now that I am assigned to you.” She smiled.

It wasn’t a dream after all, everything truly happened in that room.

“I will help you get dressed before the Emperor’s arrival.”

She tried to help me up but I stopped her. “No, it’s okay..I can take care of myself. I just need you to tell me more about the Emperor and why I am mated to him.” My eyes held a pleading look.

She nodded in agreement before I let her lead me into the bathroom.

I wonder what they did for the deep wounds to close up quickly. Wait! I thought for a second..and then realization hit me straight in the face.

“She needs your blood…” I closed my eyes to recall what I heard in subconscious state.

Damn it! He feed me with his blood! His blood healed me! Oh my God! I have another fucking Vampire blood running in my veins. But should I call it miracle? I mean his blood healing me! Something I wouldn’t have imagined to happen is actually happening to me!

I slipped to the ground slowly, thinking how much changes would occur in my life, knowing fully well that I am mated to a fucking Vampire who rules an Imperial! It breaks my heart to accept that I won’t be leaving here anytime soon because I belong to the Emperor! Someone who doesn’t like Humans!

Oh God what have I gotten myself into? Tears streamed down my cheeks. I shouldn’t have agreed to club with Cecilia and her friends.

No doubt they would have reported me missing when I didn’t show up at work. What about the students in my class? Everything…I have worked to build alone! No! I don’t want the Life here!

I’d rather live alone all my life than stay here where no one will ever accept me! I have to find my way out of this place. I made a decision to mark out my escape plan before settling down in the bathtub.

I didn’t know how long I stayed in the bathroom but I enjoyed the warm bathe. I thought of how Old Felicia and Sophia are fairing in the cell. What about Natalie who is now a pet?! I wish I could help them all.

Kira already arranged a dress on the bed for me. She came to me when I stepped out of the bathroom.

“I can do it myself..” I collected the body lotion from her. “Please can you excuse me?”

“The Emperor ordered me to attend to you.” She looked down. She can’t stand here and watch me dress!

“It’s alright Kira,I can take care of myself.” I replied.

All my life I have been alone and taking care of myself isn’t a new thing. But someone suddenly taking care of my needs doesn’t sit well with me.

“I will be waiting outside to serve you breakfast and then show you around.”

Breakfast I want but walking around I don’t want to!

“ don’t think I want to step out of here,” I said.

“But why? Is there any problem?” Kira asked.

I am not ready to meet any Vampire. And just the mere thought of bumping into Mikel again scares me to death. I should be thankful am mated to the Emperor because it saved me from being Mikel’s pet.

“Yeah.. I’m fine. I just don’t feel too well..that’s all.”

“I should call the doctor..”

“’t call the doctor. I’ll be fine after I have a good rest.”

Kira nodded. “Okay…let me change the dress into something comfortable.” Kira disappeared to a small area before coming back with a short and top.

“Who owns these clothes?”

“The Emperor ordered them for you. There are other outfits too.” Kira responded as I took the short and top from her.

“I’ll take my leave now..”

“Thank you Kira.” I said before she walked away.

The short and top fitted me perfectly. How on Earth did he figured my mommy size? I motioned towards the area Kira had picked them from. My jaw dropped completely when I saw the closet. It was filled with brands of clothing – shorts,dresses,tops, shoes,jewelries and perfumes. The closet was stalked full of attire,making me wonder how much Emperor Caden paid for everything here.

I am stucked in this world till God knows when – I wish this was all adream so I could wake up to my normal life.

The Emperor’s Suite was like a mini five star hotel if there’s something like that! Should I count myself lucky that I am mated to the Emperor? I pondered as I walked to a beautiful living area. Pictures I assumed to be the Emperor’s Family hanging on the white walls.

“Good Morning Empress!”

My head snapped up,my eyes meeting two men who are identical except for the fact that they have different hair colors. Twins!

“I am Samson.” The man with brown hair spoke up.

“I am Lawson!” The other one on black hair introduced himself too.

“The Emperor assigned us to be your personal bodyguards.” They said in unison.

I rose my eyebrows in confusion. “What?! Bodyguards?!” I asked and they nodded Yes. Why do I need bodyguards?!

“Are you humans too?!” I asked.

The men exchanged glances and smiled. “We are Vampires. One of the best duo warriors in the Imperial!” Lawson said.

“And we already swore to protect you!” Samson added.

I managed to smile back at them. They seems friendly than the other Vampires have met.

“Your Highness -” I heard Kira’s voice.

“I am Cassidy, but you can call me Cassy.” I corrected her.

“I’m sorry, it’s Impossible to be informal with you.” She answered.

I rolled my eyes. “I am not An Empress! I am Cassidy Moore!” I reminded.

“You’re mated to our Emperor. It is a tradition to accord the same respect to you.” Lawson said.

“Damn all the traditions!” I muttered.

“Please come with me, breakfast is ready.” Kira announced.

I sighed in frustration before following her to the dining section.

“Can you tell me why I have bodyguards?” I asked Kira as she served me bacon and eggs.

“To protect you..” Kira replied sharply.

“Oh!..” I mouthed.

Maybe I really need protection against Mikel and some other vampires who aren’t happy that a human is mated to their Emperor.

Fear gripped my walls at the thought of a vampire popping out of no where to kill me. I shouldn’t think of bad things.

“Eat with me Kira,”

“No Empress, it’s not allowed.” She stepped backward.

“So you’ll remain standing?” She nodded Yes. “Oh no! Please I don’t want that! You’re not a slave.”

“No,I am a slave to you.” She looked down.

“No,I am a human like you. So I am asking you to sit down.”

“The Emperor would rip off my head.” She said fearfully.

“I’ll tell him that I asked you to sit with me.”

As if I can utter a word in his presence but if he wants to punish Kira then I would take the whips in her place. I also can’t possibly leave her standing and watch me eat.

Kira didn’t make an attempt to sit down. Whatever threat the Emperor gave must have been a death wish to Kira.

I shook my head in pity and ate in silence.

“There are book in the library since you don’t want to take a stroll around the imperial.” Kira said after clearing up the dishes. Thank God there are books! At least my life won’t be extremely boring!

Kira led me into a mini sized room with shelves filled with books and it looked like an office too because there was a swivel chair and desk in it.

“It’s the Emperor’s personal library and study but he’s sharing it with you as his mate.” Kira informed me.

I didn’t like the idea of Kira acting like a slave around me. I found myself wanting to be friends with her which is very unlike me. I was never the type to walk up to someone wanting to be friends.

“Kira do you like books?” I asked trying to create a conversation and stop the discussion about the Emperor is this and that.

“Yes,I love books!* She exclaimed but the excitement in her tone faded quickly and was replaced with sad smile.

I went close to her. “Kira,I want you to be free with me. Look don’t see me as an Empress but.. as a friend.”

Slowly her smiles came back. “I love reading books.”

“What sort of books do you read?”

“I love supernatural books..Witches,werewolves and Vampires. I have read a number of books but I never imagined that I would be in a world like this…” Kira said.

“Do you want to tell me how you ended up here?!” I asked.

No response. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.” I moved away to the nearest shelf,never wanting to Kira to feel pressured.

“I met him in college…” She spoke up after some seconds and I turned to look at her. “My mate..his name is Gabriel.”

I nodded and sat her down gently on the couch in the room not far to the desk.

“On that day he walked up to me and asked to be a friend. He was so hard to resist that I had fallen for him at first sight. He found out about my love supernatural books especially Vampires. I should have suspected his identity the day he asked me if I believe Vampires exists,or a human mating a vampire was real but I told him none of it existed. It was hard to figure his identity…” Tears dropped down her cheeks.

“I was deeply in love with him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I asked him to introduce me to his parents if he wanted something serious and he said he will after I agree to his proposal.”

“He proposed to you?”

“Gabriel proposed to me and I said Yes.” I held on to Kira’s hands to comfort her.

“I didn’t know what he did to me but when I woke up I found myself here. At first I was placed in the human cell where I found out that I was in a vampire world. But later on,Gabriel came for me and explained that the Emperor gave his consent to our marriage. I told him I wanted to leave but he got mad and said if I turn him down,then I would be a pet to someone in the High Council. And I didn’t want that so I agreed to stay with him.” Kira sobbed.

“Does Gabriel loves you?!”

She looked up at me. “Yes..he loves me and I love him too. But I found it hard to accept that the man I love is a Vampire.” She managed to smile.

“Gabriel knew I was his mate that was why he came to me. And he didn’t tell me about his identity because he knew I wouldn’t marry him as a Human.” She wiped her tears. “I’m sorry..I shouldn’t be doing this -” she stood up quickly.

“Kira,it’s alright. I want us to keep talking…”

She nodded after a second. “So what about your parents?” I asked.

Kira sat back on the couch. “Gabriel took me to my parents after we did a small wedding here. My parents were angry that I got married without inviting them but I gave the excuse that I was carrying Gabriel’s child.”

“Gabriel is nice to have taken you to your parents.”

“Yeah..I asked him to let me see them for the last time.”

“How long have you been here?”

“Three years..” she answered.

I rubbed Kira’s hands gently with mine. “The Emperor assigned me to you because Gabriel is his personal guard and because I am the nearest human he can call on.”

“Oh…at least you’re lucky to be mated to a vampire. It’s better than being a pet.”

“Yes.. I’m happy but I feel bad for the other humans. You’re also lucky to be mated to the Emperor.”

“Maybe…” I muttered. “I need you to tell me more about this place. How the mating works? Basically tell me everything I need to know.”

“Sure.. I’ll tell you everything.” Kira smiled and this time it was a bright one.

I was glad that Kira was able to open up to me.

Beauty 💇 And The Beast 👺
Story by: Authoress Ademide.
🍏 Episode 8 🍏
Theme: Mated to an Emperor

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

Kira sat comfortably on the couch,happy to have a discussion with me. She looked excited to tell me everything I wanted to know about this bloodsucking world.

“How is it possible for vampires to recognize their mates be it human or their kind?” I asked.

“A Vampire can recognize his mate by her blood scents. It appears to be sweet and enticing to him.”

“Does the same rule apply to a female vampire?”

“Yes..but sometimes a female Vampire can choose her mate if she falls in love with a human.”

“Do Vampires fall in love like humans too?”

“Yes,they love like humans but a bit differently. A male vampire becomes possessive and overprotective of his mate.” Kira answered.

Oh! That explains the Emperor’s action when Mikel wanted to claim me as his pet.

“Once a vampire finds mate,his life becomes different.”

“In what way?”

“His thoughts about her gets stronger day-by-day. He finds himself thinking about her all the time and at some point it becomes more of a sexual nature. He’ll want her more than anything in the world if she’s truly his mate.” Kira explained further and I listened attentively not wanting to miss a detail.

“Things will get worse if his spirit doesn’t accept his mate. Basically distance doesn’t help him,so he’s going to spend more time with his mate.”

I think this type of mating affect the vampire more than the human. What does the human have to do in this case?

“The Vampire-Human mating Is like a burning fire beneath the skin and they can’t put it out except when they are around the human.”

“And why is it like that?”

“The human doesn’t understand the vampire feelings so he’s greatly affected.”

“But what does the human have to do?”

“Fall in Love with the Vampire like he’s human.” Kira responded.

I sank lower into the couch.

“That’s why most Vampires pray to never be mated to a Human.” She added.

“Seems like the vampire to vampire mating is easier.”

“Yes..they understand their tradition.”

“Does that mean the Emperor would have to be around me more than expected?” I asked.

“Yes..if he hasn’t mark you and it becomes stronger after he marks you.”

“Mark me? What’s that?” I asked with a confused look but no response came from Kira.

“Kira?” She stared into space, completely lost in thought.

“Kira?” I tapped her gently and she jerked back to life.

“Yes..sorry.. what were you saying?”

“What are you thinking?”

“Me? Nothing…” Kira avoided looking at me. She looked bothered.

“The Emperor hates humans,so do you think he’ll ignore his tradition and try to accept me as his mate?” I asked the question that has been at the utmost of mind. I couldn’t give a specific answer to the question in my internal banter.

Kira stood up from the couch and began to pace to and fro with a worried look on her face.

“Tell me what’s bothering you?”

Kira stopped pacing. “I..I..don’t know if I should discuss it with you.” She said.

“Kira,I already told you to see me as a friend.”

She nodded and came back to the couch. “I hope you won’t be mad at me for saying this to you?” She looked down and toyed with her hand.

“Sit down Kira and talk to me.” I said.

Kira heaved a sigh of relief before sitting back on the couch. “Vampires have super senses making it easy for them to hear things beyond our own sense of hearing.” She said in a low tone as she pointed at the door.

I nodded know that she was talking in a shushed voice because of the Vampire bodyguards.

“I..I..think your presence here would set our kind free. It has been a great news to the humans here that our kind is mated to the Emperor who hates us.” She whispered.

“How is it good news?”

“I feel the Emperor would be lenient on our kind now,knowing that his mate is a human. Should I call it fate or destiny?” She mumbled.

I tried to reason with Kira,maybe she’s right. Should I blame destiny for bringing me here? What if destiny really led me to set my kind free as the Emperor’s mate? If I can have my way with the Emperor then I can convince him to stop the maltreatment on humans. Oh God this is it!

“You’re right!” I gasped out in realization.

“I’m..sorry to say this…but I feel you should use this chance of being the Emperor’s mate to help our kind.”

I nodded in agreement but it was easier said than done.

“The Emperor established a tradition hundreds of years it possible to change it?!”

“It is possible..” she replied.

“Please I need to know why the Emperor established such tradition.”

“No Vampire is ready to tell you the reason for their hatred towards humans. But Gabriel told me because I am his mate.”

“Mikel said the betrayal of a human led to this hatred.” I said.

“Yes a human betrayed the Vampires and sold them out to their enemies.”

“Who betrayed the Vampires? Why? And who are the vampires greatest enemies?” I questioned frantically.

“Hundred of years ago,Human and Vampires coexist and lived peacefully together with Emperor Alexander ruling this imperial.”

“Emperor Alexander?”

“Yes.. Prince Caden’s father. He had a best friend who was a human. His name was Xavier and he was the special adviser to the Emperor. So many Vampires envied his closeness to the Emperor.”

“Was there food source or slavery?”

“There was food source but humans donates blood willingly to the blood factory. Prisoners convicted of a crime were used as slaves. The Vampires controlled their feeding at that time and there was no cruel killing or maltreatment of humans.” Kira narrated.

“So what happened?”

“Xavier betrayed the Emperor.”


“The Emperor didn’t grant his request to let humans dwell in a separate environment. The Emperor wanted them to be together.”

“What did he do?”

“He formed alliances with a group of deadly Vampire Hunters who attacked on the day of Prince Caden’s wedding to his choosen mate.”

“He once had a mate?” I asked with a wide eye.

“Yes..he had mate..” Kira nodded. “The Vampire Hunters defeated the Vampires because they had dangerous weapons that could disarm all vampires in a minute. So many Vampires died that night including Emperor Alexander,the Empress,Princess Clara and Caden’s mate.”

“She died in the war..”

“Yes she died trying to protect the imperial but Prince Caden’s managed to escape with few Vampires.”

“This is sad…” I mumbled.

“Xavier killed all the Vampires they captured that night and ruled as an Emperor over Humans.”

“Humans accepted him?”

“Yes..but those who were mated to Vampires and didn’t want him to rule were killed.”

I could picture how heartbroken Caden must have felt at the lose of his family members especially his mate. Geez! Everything had happened on his wedding!

“Xavier ruled for many years while Prince Caden travelled far away to rebuild his kind. They became stronger and came back to take over the Imperial.”

“What about the Vampire Hunters?”

“Xavier made them chiefs but Caden killed them all. Emperor Caden ascended the throne and established the tradition of humans being used as food source,slaves and pet. His hatred towards humans knows no bounds.”

“What do I need to do? How is it possible to change the Emperor’s hatred to likeness?”

“I think wining the Emperor’s trust will change his heart and if he loves again because he hasn’t been with any woman since his mate died years ago.”

Is that even possible?! Can I succeed in letting the Emperor trust me?! Even if he decided to accept me as his mate will Emperor Caden trust me as a human and love me like he loved his ex mate?! Oh God! I need you to help me! If gaining the Emperor’s Trust and making him fall in love with me would free my kind then am willing to take the risk.

“Okay..okay.. I’ll take the risk but you also have to help me too.”

“I’m willing to help you as long as we get to be free again.” Kira held my hands.

“I..I..can work on winning his trust but…I..I..I..” I stopped to think of my next words.


“I..don’t know how to love a man or even make him fall in love with me.”

Her eyes widened a bit. “Are you saying you haven’t loved any man in your whole life?!” Kira asked in a surprised tone.

I stood up from the couch feeling a bit embarrassed. “Yes..I haven’t been in a relationship with any man.” I avoided looking at Kira.

I felt too ashamed to even say it. At my age I haven’t been with any man! My life was such a bore!

“Do you mind telling me your age?”

“I clocked 25 the day Mikel abducted me in front of my home.”

Kira shook her head in surprise. “Oh!” She mouthed. “So why? No suitors or you weren’t ready to settle with any man?” She asked.

“Ever man I have met doesn’t want commitment.” I replied sharply.

“If you don’t mind..can you tell me about your old life?” Kira said with a small smile.

Old Life? Is this really a new life? I wondered. Oh maybe it is a new life which I need to embrace if I really want to save my kind!

I sighed before taking my seat on the couch again. “My old life was a boring one. There was nothing fun about it because I lived family or friends. I have always been subjected to bullying since I was a little girl. I was mocked and called all sort of names at school because of my big size and no one liked me in my father side of the family because of my skin color,I was the child of an unacceptad black woman. Everything about me looks odd!” I narrated to her.

Thinking about it now, I began to wonder if the Emperor would ever accept a woman like me aside from being a Human? What do I do if he realized that I was too fat and too awkward for him?

“ about you is off. Everything about is beautiful! Your hair,eyes,nose, lips..down to your skin color,they are all Beautiful in their own way!” Kira smiled.

I managed to smile at Kira. “In my next life,I’d rather be your size than be a small lady.” Kira said sincerely.

“Please tell me more about yourself..I want to know my Empress!”

I chuckled and told Kira about my background and everything that concerns me. And it was really a long chat because it lasted till late in in the evening.


Beauty 💇 And The Beast

I hope the story is going well?!😄
So do you think Kira is right about how to change the Emperor’s mind by winning his trust and falling in love with him?

Do you also think that Cassidy is up to the task knowing that she doesn’t know about love?!
Lemme know your views via comment section!❣️

Please ghost readers at least try to comment after reading

Comments means a lot to me,it makes me feel the strong urge to continue updating!
Thanks for reading my story! 🙏

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21 days ago

I don’t think she’s up to the task and the emperor have not even come to see her and he’ll be able to know what she’s thinking due to their ability as vampires. And it’s only one scene you wrote today. Try to update more. Lovely story and unimaginable. Vampires and humans

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The story is super best I don’t even know how to put it. Seriously am enjoying every part of the story.
I wish Cassy the best….
God bless the writer

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Hope judith
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Lovely story am really loving it, more episodes please.
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I agree with Kira on this,
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